S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (WMS)   Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
USA: (TWMIX)   Amer Cent:Em Mkts;Inv
USA: (ENY)   Claymore/SWM Canadian Energy Income
USA: (CPWM)   Cost Plus, Inc.
USA: (WMW)   ELEMENTS Morningstar Wide Moat Focus ETN
USA: (ENDIX)   Endowments Growth and Income
USA: (FWM)   Fairway Group Holdings Corp.
USA: (HWMIX)   Hotchkis and Wiley Mid-Cap Value Fund I
USA: (EWM)   iShares MSCI Malaysia Index
USA: (IWM)   iShares Russell 2000 Index
USA: (WMEAX)   Ivy Capital Appreciation A
USA: (WMGAX)   Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (MBWM)   Mercantile Bank Corporation
USA: (DWMT)   Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
USA: (NWMO)   New Motion, Inc.
USA: (NEU)   NewMarket Corporation
USA: (NEM)   Newmont Mining Corporation (Holding Company)
USA: (SWMXX)   Schwab:Money Mkt
USA: (SWM)   Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc.
USA: (RWM)   Short Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (TWMC)   Trans World Entertainment Corp
USA: (TADAX)   Transam:WMC Dvs Eq;A
USA: (TADBX)   Transam:WMC Dvs Eq;B
USA: (TADCX)   Transam:WMC Dvs Eq;C
USA: (TDEIX)   Transam:WMC Dvs Eq;I
USA: (TADPX)   Transam:WMC Dvs Eq;P
USA: (TWMCX)   Transam:WMC Emg Mkt;I2
USA: (ITQAX)   Transamerica WMC Diversified Gr A
USA: (UWM)   Ultra Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (TWM)   UltraShort Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (WMT)   Wal Mart Stores In
USA: (WMG)   Warner Music Group Corp
USA: (WMICX)   Wasatch Micro Cap Fund
USA: (WMCVX)   Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (WMI)   Waste Management, Inc.
USA: (WM)   Waste Management, Inc.
USA: (WMK)   Weis Markets, Inc.
USA: (WMNIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund Administration Class
USA: (WMKSX)   WesMark Small Company Growth Fund
USA: (WMBDX)   Wesmark:Govt Bond
USA: (WMAR)   West Marine, Inc.
USA: (WMVIX)   William Blair Mid Cap Value Fund I
USA: (WMCO)   Williams Controls, Inc.
USA: (WMB)   Williams Cos In
USA: (WMSI)   Williams Industries Incorporated
USA: (WMZ)   Williams Pipeline Partners L.P.
USA: (WMLIX)   Wilmington Large-Cap Strategy Inst
USA: (WMIIX)   Wilmington Multi-Manager International Institutional Fund
USA: (WMSIX)   Wilmington Small-Cap Strategy Fund Inst
USA: (WMH)   Wireless HOLDRs
USA: (DWM)   WisdomTree DEFA
USA: (WBFIX)   WM Blair:Bond Fund;I
USA: (WBELX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;I
USA: (WELIX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;Inst
USA: (WELNX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;N
USA: (WBEIX)   WM Blair:Em Mkt G;I
USA: (BIEMX)   WM Blair:Em Mkt G;Inst
USA: (WBENX)   WM Blair:Em Mkt G;N
USA: (BGFIX)   WM Blair:Growth Fund;I
USA: (WBGSX)   WM Blair:Growth Fund;N
USA: (WBRRX)   WM Blair:Income;N
USA: (WBLIX)   Wm Blair:Low Dur;I
USA: (WWY)   Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
USA: (WMS)   WMS Industries Inc.
USA: (WMGI)   Wright Medical Group, Inc.
INDIA: (RSWM) RSWM Ltd.    (500350)