S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for WAB:
USA: (AVR)   Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (SCHW)   Charles Schwab Corporation
USA: (GPRE)   Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (KOW)   KowaBunga! Inc.
USA: (THK)   KowaBunga! Inc.
USA: (WABAX)   Natixis:WstPk ActBe Eq;A
USA: (WABCX)   Natixis:WstPk ActBe Eq;C
USA: (WABYX)   Natixis:WstPk ActBe Eq;Y
USA: (NRE)   Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings Limited
USA: (REGI)   Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (SNXFX)   Schwab 1000 Index Inv
USA: (SWDSX)   Schwab Cap:Div Eq
USA: (SFENX)   Schwab Cap:Fdm Em Mkt Ix
USA: (SFLNX)   Schwab Cap:Fdm US LCI
USA: (SWFFX)   Schwab Cap:Fnl Svc
USA: (SWHEX)   Schwab Cap:Hdg Eq
USA: (SWHFX)   Schwab Cap:Health Care
USA: (SWEGX)   Schwab Cap:MktTrk Al E
USA: (SWPSX)   Schwab Cap:Prem Eqty
USA: (SWPPX)   Schwab Cap:S&P 500 Idx
USA: (SWTSX)   Schwab Cap:Tot Stk Mkt
USA: (SWANX)   Schwab Core Equity Inv
USA: (SFILX)   Schwab Fdmtl Intl Small Mid Co Index Fund
USA: (SFSNX)   Schwab Fdmtl US Sm Mid Co Idx TM
USA: (SFNNX)   Schwab Fundametal International Large Co Index TM Fund
USA: (SWASX)   Schwab Global Real Estate
USA: (SICNX)   Schwab International Core Equity Fund
USA: (SWISX)   Schwab International Index Fund
USA: (SWYCX)   Schwab Inv:CA TxF+
USA: (SWGSX)   Schwab Inv:GNMA
USA: (SWRSX)   Schwab Inv:Infl-Prot
USA: (SWIIX)   Schwab Inv:Prem Income
USA: (SWLBX)   Schwab Inv:Tot Bd Mkt
USA: (SWNTX)   Schwab Inv:Tx Fr Bd
USA: (SWYTX)   Schwab Inv:Tx FrY+
USA: (SWYSX)   Schwab Inv:YieldPlus
USA: (SWLSX)   Schwab Large-Cap Growth
USA: (SWSSX)   Schwab Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (SWSCX)   Schwab Small-Cap Equity Fund
USA: (SCHA)   Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF
USA: (SWZXX)   Schwab:Adv Csh Rsv;P Swp
USA: (SWSXX)   Schwab:Cash Reserves
USA: (SWGXX)   Schwab:Govt Money
USA: (SWMXX)   Schwab:Money Mkt
USA: (SWUXX)   Schwab:US Treas Money
USA: (SWVXX)   Schwab:Val Adv Mny;Inv
USA: (WNC)   Wabash National Corporation
USA: (WBC)   Wabco Holdings Inc.
USA: (WABC)   Westamerica Bancorporatio
USA: (WAB)   Westinghouse Airbrake C