S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (TWO)  
USA: (TWOU)   2U, Inc.
USA: (ANW)   Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc
USA: (HIVE)   Aerohive Networks, Inc.
USA: (AIRN)   Airspan Networks Inc.
USA: (ALTM)   Alternate Marketing Networks Inc.
USA: (AANI)   Amedia Networks Inc
USA: (ARIS)   ARI Network Services Inc.
USA: (ANET)   Arista Networks, Inc.
USA: (ARUN)   Aruba Networks, Inc.
USA: (ATNI)   Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
USA: (ATW)   Atwood Oceanics
USA: (AVNW)   Aviat Networks, Inc
USA: (CUDA)   Barracuda Networks, Inc.
USA: (BBND)   BigBand Networks, Inc.
USA: (HAWK)   Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CAVM)   Cavium Networks, Inc.
USA: (CRNT)   Ceragon Networks Ltd.
USA: (CNET)   CNET Networks, Inc.
USA: (DISH)   DISH Network Corp
USA: (DITC)   Ditech Networks, Inc.
USA: (EXTR)   Extreme Networks, Inc
USA: (FFIV)   F5 Networks, Inc.
USA: (FLE)   Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (FORG)   Forgent Networks Inc
USA: (ASUR)   Forgent Networks, Inc.
USA: (FDRY)   Foundry Networks, Inc.
USA: (FSB)   Franklin Financial Network, Inc.
USA: (WESWX)   GAMCO Westwood Equity Fund AAA
USA: (GILT)   Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
USA: (GNET)   Global Traffic Network, Inc.
USA: (HTWO)   H2 Financial Management Inc.
USA: (STXN)   Harris Stratex Networks Inc.
USA: (HSTX)   Harris Stratex Networks, Inc.
USA: (ITWO)   i2 Technologies, Inc.
USA: (INAP)   Internap Network Services Corporatio
USA: (ION)   ION Media Networks
USA: (IONN)   ION Networks Inc.
USA: (JNPR)   Juniper Networks, Inc.
USA: (KTWO)   K2M Group Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LLNW)   Limelight Networks, Inc.
USA: (TMNG)   Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (MRN)   Medical Staffing Network Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MERU)   Meru Networks Inc.
USA: (MDF)   Metropolitan Health Network
USA: (WOLV)   NetWolves Corporation
USA: (NTAP)   Network Appliance, Inc.
USA: (NENG)   Network Engines, Inc
USA: (NWK)   Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MFE)   Networks Associates, Inc.
USA: (NT)   Nortel Networks Corporation
USA: (OCNW)   Occam Networks, Inc.
USA: (PANW)   Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
USA: (PXQ)   PowerShares Dynamic Networking
USA: (PKT)   Procera Networks, Inc.
USA: (IPDN)   Professional Diversity Network, LLC
USA: (QTWO)   Q2 Holdings, Inc.
USA: (RNWK)   RealNetworks, Inc.
USA: (IRN)   Rewards Network Inc.
USA: (DINE)   Rewards Network, Inc.
USA: (RSTN)   Riverstone Networks, Inc.
USA: (RRST)   RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd
USA: (SCOP)   Scopus Video Networks Ltd
USA: (SNI)   Scripps Networks Interactive Inc
USA: (SSNI)   Silver Spring Networks, Inc.
USA: (SOAP)   Soapstone Networks Inc.
USA: (SONS)   Sonus Networks, Inc.
USA: (LOV)   Spark Networks Inc
USA: (STAR)   Starent Networks, Corp.
USA: (SCMR)   Sycamore Networks, Inc.
USA: (TTWO)   Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
USA: (WEMMX)   TETON Westwood Mighty Mites Fund AAA
USA: (WESCX)   TETON Westwood SmallCap Equity Fund Fund AAA
USA: (ACTV)   The Active Network, Inc.
USA: (TIII)   TII Network Technologies Inc.
USA: (PRTS)   U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.
USA: (UBNT)   Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
USA: (VRAZ)   Veraz Networks, Inc.
USA: (VNWK)   Visual Networks, Inc.
USA: (WLP)   WellPoint Health Networks Inc
USA: (WHG)   Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (WON)   Westwood One, Inc.
INDIA: (ENIL) Entertainment Network (India) Ltd.    (532700)
INDIA: (KNL) Karuturi Networks Ltd.    (531687)
INDIA: (NETWORK18) Network 18 Fincap Ltd.    (532798)
INDIA: (RAJTV) Raj Television Network Ltd.    (532826)
INDIA: (SUNTV) Sun TV Network Ltd.    (532733)
INDIA: (TVTODAY) T.V. Today Network Ltd.    (532515)