S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ACPW)   Active Power, Inc.
USA: (APGLX)   ActivePassive Gl Bd;A
USA: (APMUX)   ActivePassive Int Muni;A
USA: (APTAX)   ActivePassive Int Tx;A
USA: (APIEX)   ActivePassive International Equity Fund A
USA: (APLGX)   ActivePassive Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (APLVX)   ActivePassive Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (APMGX)   ActivePassive SMID Cap;A
USA: (AWLD)   Activeworlds Corp.
USA: (ACTI)   ActivIdentity Corp.
USA: (ATVI)   Activision Blizzard, Inc.
USA: (ATVID)   Activision Blizzard, Inc.
USA: (AFFM)   Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AASFX)   Alternative Strat Fund;I
USA: (APTI)   AptiView Business Solutions Limited
USA: (AQNT)   aQuantive, Inc.
USA: (ABG)   Asbury Automotive Group Inc
USA: (CBA)   Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited
USA: (CGAEX)   Calvert Global Alternative Energy A
USA: (CAAS)   China Automotive Systems, Inc.
USA: (AQEAX)   Columbia Large Core Quantitative Fund A
USA: (CTT)   Competitive Technologies, Inc.
USA: (COOP)   Cooperative Bankshares, Inc.
USA: (EXBD)   Corporate Executive Board Company (The)
USA: (CREAF)   Creative Technology Ltd.
USA: (CTP)   CTPartners Executive Search LLC
USA: (DLPH)   Delphi Automotive PLC
USA: (DNLDX)   Dreyfus Active MidCap Fund A
USA: (AAAAX)   DWS Alternative Asset Allocation Plus Fund
USA: (EMRG)   eMerge Interactive Inc.
USA: (FQCYX)   First American Quantitative Lg Cp Core Y
USA: (FQGYX)   First American Quantitative Lg Cp Gr Y
USA: (FQVYX)   First American Quantitative Lg Cp Val Y
USA: (ALTEX)   Firsthand Alternative Energy
USA: (GTIV)   Gentiva Health Services, Inc.
USA: (GA)   Giant Interactive Group Inc
USA: (GIL)   Gildan Activewear Inc.
USA: (GPI)   Group 1 Automotive, Inc.
USA: (HPOL)   Harris Interactive, Inc.
USA: (IACIW)   IAC/InterActive WT
USA: (IACIZ)   IAC/InterActive WT
USA: (IACI)   IAC/InterActiveCorp
USA: (IIABX)   ING:Alternative Beta;I
USA: (INVC)   Innovative Card Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ISSC)   Innovative Solutions and Support, Inc.
USA: (IBKR)   Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.
USA: (IDC)   Interactive Data Corp
USA: (ININ)   Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
USA: (ISWI)   Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc
USA: (IIJI)   Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
USA: (ISRG)   Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
USA: (VTIV)   inVentiv Health, Inc.
USA: (AOK)   iShares S&P Conservative Allocation
USA: (KEYS)   Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.
USA: (MCZ)   Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.
USA: (EXDAX)   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Conservative Term Fund
USA: (MTXX)   Matrixx Initiatives Inc.
USA: (MXPT)   MaxPoint Interactive, Inc.
USA: (MSB)   Mesabi Trust By Co. Name in Gogle - Dean WitterDiscover & Co (Inactive)
USA: (MSACX)   Morgan Stanley Institutional Active International Allocation Fund I
USA: (NRC)   National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp
USA: (NRN)   National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp
USA: (NAII)   Natural Alternatives International, Inc.
USA: (NALFX)   New Alternatives Fund
USA: (NCHPX)   New Century Alternative Strategies Portfolio
USA: (OCLS)   Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.
USA: (OTIV)   On Track Innovations Lt
USA: (ORLY)   OReilly Automotive, Inc.
USA: (PTV)   Pactiv Corporation
USA: (OAAAX)   Portfolio Series: Active Allocation Fund
USA: (OACIX)   Portfolio Series: Conservative Investor Fund
USA: (OAFAX)   Portfolio Series: Fixed Income Active Allocation Fund
USA: (PQZ)   PowerShares Active Alpha Multi-Cap
USA: (PQY)   PowerShares Active AlphaQ
USA: (PLK)   PowerShares Active Low Duration
USA: (PMA)   PowerShares Active Mega Cap
USA: (PSR)   PowerShares Active U.S. Real Estate
USA: (SAGPX)   Principal SAM Conservative Growth A
USA: (PFACP)   Pro-Fac Cooperative Inc.
USA: (PL)   Protective Life Corp.
USA: (TBDAX)   Prudential Jennison Conservative Growth Fund A
USA: (SGAIX)   RBB SAM Sustainable Global Active Instl
USA: (SNI)   Scripps Networks Interactive Inc
USA: (SGZ)   Selective Insurance Group Inc.
USA: (SIGI)   Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (SNDA)   Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limite
USA: (SAH)   Sonic Automotive, Inc.
USA: (TTWO)   Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
USA: (TGDVX)   TCW Relative Value Large Cap Fund N
USA: (TGONX)   TCW Relative Value Small Cap N
USA: (ACTV)   The Active Network, Inc.
USA: (TIVO)   TiVo Inc
USA: (TIVFX)   Tocqueville International Value Fund
USA: (TRVIX)   Touchstone Large Cap Relative Value Inst
USA: (TIV)   Tri-Valley Corporation
USA: (TRW)   TRW Automotive Holdings Corporatio
USA: (TLVFX)   Turner Quantitative Large Cap Val I
USA: (VNTV)   Vantiv, Inc.
USA: (UNACX)   W&R Adv:Accumulative;A
USA: (WEBB)   Webb Interactive Services Inc.
USA: (WAGFX)   Wegener Adaptive Growth
INDIA: () Amzel Automotive Ltd.    (509356)
INDIA: (AUTOAXLES) Automotive Axles Ltd.    (505010)
INDIA: (CREATIVEYE) Creative Eye Ltd.    (532392)
INDIA: (LUMAXAUTO) Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd.    (532537)
INDIA: () SAN Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd    (505155)
INDIA: () Setco Automotive Ltd    (505075)