S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (AIRM)   Air Methods Corporation
USA: (ANET)   Authorize.Net Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AVEMX)   Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund
USA: (DJO)   dj Orthopedics Inc
USA: (FMHIX)   Frontegra Mastholm International Equity Fund
USA: (HGR)   Hanger Orthopedic Group
USA: (HWBK)   Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (LANZ)   Lancer Orthodontics Inc.
USA: (LGCIX)   Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl
USA: (LGINX)   Leuthold Global Industries Retail
USA: (GRZZX)   Leuthold:Grizzly Short
USA: (LHEQX)   Leuthold:Hedged Equity;R
USA: (LSLTX)   Leuthold:Sel Indust
USA: (MAQ.U)   Marathon Acquisition Corp Units
USA: (MRO)   Marathon Oil Corporation Marathon Oil Corp.
USA: (MPC)   Marathon Petroleum Company
USA: (MVPFX)   Marathon Value Portfolio Fund
USA: (MEI)   Methode Electronics Inc.
USA: (METH)   Methode Electronics, Inc.
USA: (OFIX)   Orthofix International N.V.
USA: (OLGC)   Orthologic Corp.
USA: (CAPS)   OrthoLogic Corporation
USA: (VITA)   Orthovita, Inc.
USA: (TVE)   Tennessee Valley Authority
USA: (TNB)   Thomas & Betts Corporation
USA: (TGIS)   Thomas Group, Inc.
USA: (TNM)   Thomas Nelson Inc
USA: (TPGI)   Thomas Properties Group, Inc.
USA: (TWPG)   Thomas Weisel Partners Group, Inc.
USA: (TWAOX)   Thomas White American Opportunities Fund
USA: (TWEMX)   Thomas White Emerg Mkt
USA: (TWWDX)   Thomas White International Fund
USA: (OPTIX)   ThomasLloyd OPTI-flex® Fund
USA: (THPGX)   Thompson Plumb Growth Fund
USA: (THPMX)   Thompson Plumb MidCap Fund
USA: (THOPX)   Thompson Plumb:Bond
USA: (TMS)   THOMSON multimedia S.A.
USA: (CRBA)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Agriculture Eq Idx
USA: (CRBI)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Indl Mtls Eq Idx
USA: (CRBQ)   Thomson R/J CRB Global Commodity Eq Idx
USA: (TOC)   Thomson Reuters Corporation
USA: (THO)   Thor Industries, Inc.
USA: (THOR)   Thoratec Corporatio
USA: (TCGCX)   Thornburg Core Gro;C
USA: (THIGX)   Thornburg Core Gro;I
USA: (THCRX)   Thornburg Core Gro;R3
USA: (TCGRX)   Thornburg Core Gro;R4
USA: (THGRX)   Thornburg Core Gro;R5
USA: (THCGX)   Thornburg Core Growth Fund
USA: (THDAX)   Thornburg Dev World;A
USA: (THDCX)   Thornburg Dev World;C
USA: (THDIX)   Thornburg Dev World;I
USA: (THIMX)   Thornburg Int Muni;A
USA: (TGVAX)   Thornburg International Value Fund A
USA: (TGVIX)   Thornburg Intl Val;I
USA: (LTCAX)   Thornburg Ltd CA;A
USA: (LTCCX)   Thornburg Ltd CA;C
USA: (LTCIX)   Thornburg Ltd CA;I
USA: (THIFX)   Thornburg Ltd Inc;A
USA: (LTMFX)   Thornburg Ltd Muni;A
USA: (TMA)   Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.
USA: (THNYX)   Thornburg NY Intermediate Municipal A
USA: (TNYIX)   Thornburg NY Intermediate Municipal I
USA: (TSICX)   Thornburg Strat Inc;C
USA: (TVAFX)   Thornburg Value Fund
INDIA: (KAMATHOTEL) Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.    (526668)
INDIA: () Marathon NextGen Realty & Textiles Ltd.    (503101)
INDIA: (ORIENTHOT) Oriental Hotels Ltd.    (500314)
INDIA: (SAIL) Steel Authority of India Ltd.    (500113)
INDIA: (THOMASCOOK) Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.    (500413)