S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (GGHCX)   AIM Global Healthcare Fund
USA: (AHCI)   Allied HealthCare International Inc
USA: (AHPI)   Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.
USA: (ALLI)   Allion Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (MDRX)   Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc
USA: (AHS)   AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.
USA: (AHG)   Apria Healthcare Group Inc
USA: (AHN)   ATC Healthcare Inc
USA: (MAHCX)   BlackRock Healthcare Instl
USA: (CHC)   Champion Healthcare Corporation
USA: (CHCT)   Community Healthcare Trust Incorporated
USA: (CCRN)   Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (DLHAX)   Delaware Healthcare;A
USA: (DYII)   Dynacq Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (EVHC)   Envision Healthcare Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GHCI)   Genesis HealthCare Corporation
USA: (GPH)   Golden Pond Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (HQH)   H&Q Healthcare Investors
USA: (HR)   Healthcare Realty Trust Inc
USA: (HCSG)   Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
USA: (HCTL)   Healthcare Technologies Ltd.
USA: (IAS)   Iasis Healthcare Corp.
USA: (ICHCX)   ICON:Healthcare;S
USA: (KANG)   iKang Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (IYH)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare
USA: (IHF)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider
USA: (IXJ)   iShares S&P Global Healthcare
USA: (KHA)   KBL Healthcare Acquisition Corp.
USA: (KND)   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (LRP)   Legacy Healthcare Properties Trust Inc.
USA: (MATR)   Matria Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (MRGE)   Merge Healthcare Incorporated
USA: (MOH)   Molina Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (NHC)   National HealthCare Corporatio
USA: (ODSY)   Odyssey Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (OHI)   Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.
USA: (ONH)   Orion Healthcorp, Inc.
USA: (ORNH)   Orion Healthcorp, Inc.
USA: (PTH)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare
USA: (PTJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare Services
USA: (QBPAX)   Quaker Biotech Pharma-Healthcare Fund
USA: (ROHI)   Rotech Healthcare Inc.
USA: (SKH)   Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (SOCB)   Southcoast Financial Corporation
USA: (SXE)   Southcross Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (IRY)   SPDR S&P International HealthCare Sector
USA: (SUNH)   Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (THC)   Tenet Healthcare Corporatio
USA: (GRX)   The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
USA: (THCRX)   Thornburg Core Gro;R3
USA: (THCGX)   Thornburg Core Growth Fund
USA: (UAHC)   United American Healthcare Corporatio
USA: (VAS)   Viasys Healthcare Inc.
INDIA: () Bharti Healthcare Ltd    (506887)
INDIA: (CADILAHC) Cadila Healthcare Ltd.    (532321)
INDIA: (FORTIS) Fortis Healthcare Ltd.    (532843)
INDIA: (GSKCONS) Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare    (500676)