S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='TECH') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for TECH:
USA: (AXK)   Accelr8 Technology Corporation
USA: (AIXD)   Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AEY)   ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc.
USA: (ADEP)   Adept Technology, Inc.
USA: (ADH)   Adherex Technologies Inc.
USA: (ADRO)   Aduro Biotech, Inc.
USA: (AATI)   Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ABAT)   Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AERT)   Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ACM)   Aecom Technology Corporatio
USA: (AFFI)   Affinity Technology Group Inc.
USA: (ATAC)   Aftermarket Technology Corp.
USA: (A)   Agilent Technologies Inc
USA: (AKAM)   Akamai Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ALAN)   Alanco Technologies Inc.
USA: (ALGN)   Align Technology, Inc.
USA: (ATI)   Allegheny Technologies
USA: (ATK)   Alliant Techsystems Inc.
USA: (DRGTX)   Allianz RCM Technology Instl
USA: (AMOT)   Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.
USA: (APNO)   Alpha Innotech Corp.
USA: (APT)   Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd.
USA: (ALTI)   Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.
USA: (AETI)   American Electric Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ADLI)   American Medical Technologies Inc.
USA: (AMK)   American Technical Ceramics, Corp.
USA: (ATCO)   American Technology Corporation
USA: (AMKR)   Amkor Technology, Inc.
USA: (ASYS)   Amtech Systems, Inc.
USA: (ANPI)   Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ATA)   Apogee Technology, Inc.
USA: (AGTC)   Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
USA: (AIT)   Applied Industrial Technologies
USA: (APSG)   Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
USA: (APRS)   Apropos Technology Inc.
USA: (AQUA)   Aquacell Technologies Inc.
USA: (AGNT)   Argonaut Technologies Inc
USA: (ARTX)   Arotech Corporatio
USA: (HRT)   Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc.
USA: (ARTG)   Art Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (ASTIU)   Ascent Solar Technologies
USA: (ASTIZ)   Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.
USA: (ASTI)   Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AZPN)   Aspen Technology, Inc.
USA: (ASTC)   Astrotech Corp
USA: (ASYT)   Asyst Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AUGT)   August Technology Corporation
USA: (AVGO)   Avago Technologies LTD
USA: (AAVL)   Avalanche Biotechnologies
USA: (AVXT)   AVAX Technologies Inc.
USA: (AVG)   AVG Technologies N.V.
USA: (AVID)   Avid Technology, Inc.
USA: (AVZA)   Aviza Technology, Inc.
USA: (ACLS)   Axcelis Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AXYS)   Axsys Technologies, Inc.
USA: (BLD)   Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
USA: (BYI)   Bally Technologies, Inc.
USA: (BITI)   Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.
USA: (BJCT)   Bioject Medical Technologies Inc.
USA: (BLTI)   BioLase Technology, Inc.
USA: (BSTC)   BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.
USA: (BBH)   Biotech HOLDRs
USA: (BOGSX)   Black Oak Emerging Technology
USA: (BGSAX)   BlackRock Science & Technology Opp Inv A
USA: (BTJ)   Bolt Technology Corp
USA: (EPAY)   Bottomline Technologies
USA: (BTSR)   BrightStar Information Technology Group Inc.
USA: (BUFTX)   Buffalo:Sci & Tech
USA: (CHP)   C&D Technologies, Inc.
USA: (OLED)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (OLG)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (CTE)   CardioTech International, Inc.
USA: (CRS)   Carpenter Technology Corporation
USA: (CSCD)   Cascade Microtech, Inc.
USA: (TQ)   Cash Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CBIO)   Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.
USA: (CTSC)   Cellular Technical Services Company Inc.
USA: (CHKP)   Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
USA: (GRRF)   China Grentech Corporation Limite
USA: (CPBY)   China Information Security Tech, Inc.
USA: (CMED)   China Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CNPT)   China Power Technology Incorporation
USA: (CSR)   China Security & Surveillance Tech. Inc.
USA: (CNTF)   China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited
USA: (CTDC)   China Technology Development Group Corporation
USA: (CTFO)   China TransInfo Technology Corp.
USA: (IMOS)   ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd.
USA: (CTEC)   Cholestech Corporation
USA: (CLAR)   Clarion Technologies Inc.
USA: (CDTI)   Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CKSW)   ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.
USA: (CTSH)   Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation
USA: (COHT)   Cohesant Technologies Inc.
USA: (SHGTX)   Columbia Seligman Global Technology A
USA: (CMTFX)   Columbia:Technology;Z
USA: (CBTE)   Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
USA: (CML)   Compellent Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CTT)   Competitive Technologies, Inc.
USA: (COGO)   Comtech Group, Inc.
USA: (CMTL)   Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
USA: (CMVT)   Comverse Technology Inc
USA: (CNQR)   Concur Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CMT)   Core Molding Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CGRB)   Cougar Biotechnology, Inc.
USA: (COVR)   Cover-All Technologies Inc.
USA: (CREAF)   Creative Technology Ltd.
USA: (CYAN)   Cyanotech Corporation
USA: (DSTI)   DayStar Technologies Inc.
USA: (DSTIZ)   DayStar Technologies Inc.
USA: (DLPX)   DelphaxTechnologies Inc.
USA: (DTPI)   Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, Inc.
USA: (TYP)   Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares
USA: (TYH)   Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3X Shares
USA: (DITC)   Ditech Networks, Inc.
USA: (DPAC)   DPAC Technologies Corp.
USA: (DTGRX)   Dreyfus Premier Technology Growth Fund
USA: (DRS)   DRS Technologies, Inc.
USA: (DFT)   DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.
USA: (KTCAX)   DWS Technology;A
USA: (DVAX)   Dynavax Technologies Corporation
USA: (EDAC)   Edac Technologies Corporation
USA: (EDGW)   Edgewater Technology, Inc.
USA: (EFJI)   EFJohnson Technologies, Inc.
USA: (EFUT)   eFuture Information Technology Inc.
USA: (ELGT)   Electric & Gas Technology Inc.
USA: (EGT)   Elixir Gaming Technologies, Inc.
USA: (EMIS)   Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ELMG)   EMS Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ENPT)   En Pointe Technologies, Inc.
USA: (EIFAX)   Enterprise Technology Fund
USA: (ENTN)   Entorian Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ERES)   eResearch Technology Inc.
USA: (ERMS)   eRoomSystem Technologies Inc.
USA: (ESE)   ESCO Technologies Inc.
USA: (ESST)   ESS Technology, Inc
USA: (ESL)   Esterline Technologies Corporation
USA: (CLWT)   Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited
USA: (ET)   Evertz Technologies Limited
USA: (EXAC)   Exactech, Inc.
USA: (XLTC)   Excel Technology, Inc
USA: (XIDE)   Exide Technologies
USA: (XIDEW)   Exide Technologies
USA: (EYET)   Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (FACT)   Facet Biotech Corporation
USA: (FARO)   FARO Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FBRTX)   FBR Technology Investor
USA: (FBTAX)   Fidelity Adv Biotech;A
USA: (FADTX)   Fidelity Advisor Technology A
USA: (FBIOX)   Fidelity Sel Bio Tech
USA: (FSPTX)   Fidelity Select Technology
USA: (FBT)   First Trust AMEX Biotechnology Index
USA: (QQXT)   First Trust NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Sector
USA: (QTEC)   First Trust NASDAQ-100-Tech Index
USA: (FXL)   First Trust Technology AlphaDEX
USA: (TLFQX)   Firsthand Technology Leaders
USA: (FSTW)   Firstwave Technologies Inc.
USA: (FLML)   Flamel Technologies S.A.
USA: (FLT)   FleetCor Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FTI)   FMC Technologies, Inc.
USA: (VIFL)   Food Technology Service, Inc.
USA: (FMTI)   Forbes Medi-Tech Inc
USA: (FET)   Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FOXH)   FoxHollow Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FTEK)   Fuel Tech, Inc.
USA: (FNDT)   Fundtech Ltd.
USA: (GMTC)   GameTech International, Inc.
USA: (GDCT)   GDC Technology Limited
USA: (GNLB)   Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
USA: (DNA)   Genentech, Inc.
USA: (GNBT)   Generex Biotechnology Corporatio
USA: (GENE)   Genetic Technologies Limited (ADR)
USA: (GPTX)   Global Payment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (GAI)   Global-Tech Appliances Inc.
USA: (GITAX)   Goldman:Tech Toll;A
USA: (GPCB)   GPC Biotech AG (ADR)
USA: (GTI)   GrafTech International Ltd
USA: (GMTI)   GreenMan Technologies Inc.
USA: (GWAY)   Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (GSIT)   GSI Technology, Inc.
USA: (HCTL)   Healthcare Technologies Ltd.
USA: (HETC)   HealtheTech Inc.
USA: (HFGAX)   Henderson Global Technology Fund
USA: (HTGC)   Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.
USA: (HSR)   Hi-Shear Technology Corporation
USA: (HITK)   Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co.
USA: (HTCO)   Hickory Tech Corporation
USA: (HIMX)   Himax Technologies, Inc.
USA: (HSFT)   HiSoft Technology International Limited
USA: (HPJ)   Hong Kong Highpower Tech Inc
USA: (HDSN)   Hudson Technologies, Inc.
USA: (HTOTX)   Huntington:Tech Oppty;T
USA: (HTCH)   Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
USA: (ITWO)   i2 Technologies, Inc.
USA: (IBIS)   Ibis Technology Corporation
USA: (ICTEX)   ICON:Info Technology;S
USA: (ICXT)   ICx Technologies, Inc.
USA: (DSKY)   iDreamSky Technology Limited
USA: (IMM)   Immtech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (IFX)   Infineon Technologies AG (ADR)
USA: (INFY)   Infosys Technologies Limited
USA: (INVC)   Innovative Card Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NPLA)   InPlay Technologies Inc.
USA: (INSU)   Insituform Technologies, Inc.
USA: (JMISX)   INTECH International Fund S
USA: (IDTI)   Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
USA: (IGT)   International Game Technology
USA: (IFOBX)   Invesco Tech Sector;B
USA: (FTCHX)   Invesco Tech;Inv
USA: (VTFAX)   Invesco VK Tech;A
USA: (ITG)   Investment Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (IONA)   IONA Technologies PLC (ADR)
USA: (IYW)   iShares Dow Jones US Technology
USA: (IBB)   iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
USA: (IXN)   iShares S&P Global Technology
USA: (IGN)   iShares S&P North Amer Tech-Multimd Ntwk
USA: (IGW)   iShares S&P North Amer Tech-Semicondctrs
USA: (IGV)   iShares S&P North Amer Tech-Software
USA: (IGM)   iShares S&P North Amer Technology
USA: (II)   Ivivi Technologies Inc.
USA: (WSTCX)   Ivy:Science&Tech;C
USA: (JNGTX)   Janus Global Technology D
USA: (JDRAX)   Janus INTECH RM Growth;A
USA: (JCGCX)   Janus INTECH RM Growth;C
USA: (JRMGX)   Janus INTECH RM Growth;I
USA: (JCGIX)   Janus INTECH RM Growth;S
USA: (JDRTX)   Janus INTECH RM Growth;T
USA: (JRSAX)   Janus INTECH RM Value;A
USA: (JRSCX)   Janus INTECH RM Value;C
USA: (JRSIX)   Janus INTECH RM Value;I
USA: (JRSSX)   Janus INTECH RM Value;S
USA: (JRSTX)   Janus INTECH RM Value;T
USA: (JAZ)   Jazz Technologies Inc
USA: (JTCNX)   JHancock2 Technical Opportunities NAV
USA: (JMAR)   JMAR Technologies Inc.
USA: (JBT)   John Bean Technologies Corporation
USA: (KTEC)   Key Technology, Inc.
USA: (LDIS)   Leadis Technology, Inc.
USA: (LGCIX)   Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl
USA: (LIFE)   Life Technologies Corp
USA: (LPTH)   LightPath Technologies, Inc.
USA: (LLTC)   Linear Technology Corporation
USA: (LIOX)   Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
USA: (LOGI)   Logitech International S.A.
USA: (LFT)   Longtop Financial Technologies Limited
USA: (LTEC)   LOUD Technologies Inc.
USA: (LOUD)   Loudeye Technologies Inc.
USA: (LUCA)   Luca Technologies Inc.
USA: (MTSI)   M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MTEX)   Mannatech, Incorporated
USA: (MANT)   ManTech International Corporation
USA: (MRNA)   Marina Biotech Inc.
USA: (MRVL)   Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
USA: (MHH)   Mastech Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MZT)   Matritech, Inc.
USA: (MATFX)   Matthews Asia Sci & Tech Investor
USA: (MTSN)   Mattson Technology, Inc.
USA: (MXWL)   Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MKTY)   Mechanical Technology Incorporated
USA: (MDMD)   MediaMind Technologies Inc.
USA: (MDTL)   Medis Technologies Ltd
USA: (MLNX)   Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.
USA: (MV)   Metavante Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MEK)   Metretek Technologies Inc.
USA: (MTCAX)   MFS Technology A
USA: (MCTI)   Micro Component Technology Inc.
USA: (MCHP)   Microchip Technology Incorporated
USA: (MU)   Micron Technology, Inc.
USA: (MSPD)   Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MTX)   Minerals Technologies Inc
USA: (MIPS)   MIPS Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MRVT)   Miravant Medical Technologies
USA: (MODT)   Modtech Holdings Inc.
USA: (XDSL)   mPhase Technologies Inc.
USA: (MTCT)   MTC Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MTIC)   MTI Technology Corporation
USA: (MTMC)   MTM Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MPP)   MTS Medication Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MTSI)   MTS Medication Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NANX)   Nanophase Technologies Corporation
USA: (NSTG)   NanoString Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NSTK)   Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.
USA: (NTSC)   National Technical Systems, Inc.
USA: (NTEC)   Neose Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NSTC)   Ness Technologies, Inc.
USA: (UEPS)   Net17 1 Ueps Technologies Inc
USA: (NTWK)   NetSol Technologies Inc.
USA: (NWK)   Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NHPI)   Neuro-Hitech Inc.
USA: (NTII)   Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.
USA: (EDU)   New Oriental Education & Tech. Group Inc
USA: (NINE)   Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited
USA: (NSYS)   Nortech Systems Incorporated
USA: (NTCHX)   Northern Fds:Technology
USA: (NTI)   Northern Technologies International Corporation
USA: (NTFY)   Notify Technology Corporation
USA: (OPTT)   Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
USA: (OVTI)   OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ONCY)   Oncolytics Biotech Inc.
USA: (ONEV)   One Voice Technologies Inc.
USA: (OPNT)   OPNET Technologies Inc.
USA: (OSUR)   OraSure Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ORBK)   Orbotech Ltd.
USA: (SEED)   Origin Agritech Limite
USA: (ORA)   Ormat Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ORYX)   Oryx Technology Corp.
USA: (OSTE)   Osteotech, Inc.
USA: (PTN)   Palatin Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PMTI)   Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PTC)   PAR Technology Corporatio
USA: (PTG)   Paragon Technologies Inc.
USA: (PMTC)   Parametric Technology Corporation
USA: (PDRT)   Particle Drilling Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PTIX)   Performance Technologies, Incorporated
USA: (PV)   Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (ADR)
USA: (PTEC)   Phoenix Technologies Ltd
USA: (PLXT)   PLX Technology, Inc.
USA: (PZD)   PowerShares Cleantech
USA: (PIZ)   PowerShares DWA Dev Mkts Technical Ldrs
USA: (PIE)   PowerShares DWA Em Mkts Technical Ldrs
USA: (PBE)   PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome
USA: (PTF)   PowerShares Dynamic Technology
USA: (PRFQ)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Telecom & Tech
USA: (PBTQ)   PowerShares Global Biotech
USA: (PXN)   PowerShares Lux Nanotech
USA: (PWAV)   Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PRAN)   Prana Biotechnology Ltd
USA: (PRTK)   Profile Technologies Inc.
USA: (TEPIX)   ProFunds Technology UltraSector Inv
USA: (BIPIX)   ProFunds:Biotech;Inv
USA: (BIPSX)   ProFunds:Biotech;Svc
USA: (PPTI)   Protein Polymer Technologies Inc.
USA: (PSIT)   PSi Technologies Holdings Inc.
USA: (PFTI)   Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated
USA: (PGTAX)   Putnam Global Technology A
USA: (QIHU)   Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
USA: (QLIK)   Qlik Technologies, Inc.
USA: (QBPAX)   Quaker Biotech Pharma-Healthcare Fund
USA: (QTWW)   Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
USA: (RZ)   Raser Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RCMT)   RCM Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ROGSX)   Red Oak Technology Slct
USA: (RTIX)   Regeneration Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RNF)   Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P.
USA: (RTK)   Rentech, Inc.
USA: (RVP)   Retractable Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RNOW)   RightNow Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RITT)   RiT Technologies Ltd.
USA: (RVBD)   Riverbed Technology, Inc.
USA: (RMTI)   Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RSTI)   Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ROHI)   Rotech Healthcare Inc.
USA: (RPQ)   RP Technology ETF
USA: (RSIFX)   RS Technology A
USA: (RBCN)   Rubicon Technology, Inc.
USA: (RTEC)   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RTG)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Technology
USA: (RTW)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Tech
USA: (RYT)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Technology
USA: (RYOIX)   Rydex:Biotech;Inv
USA: (RYTIX)   Rydex:Tech;Inv
USA: (STPAX)   Saratoga:Tech&Comm;A
USA: (SCMPX)   Saratoga:Tech&Comm;B
USA: (STPCX)   Saratoga:Tech&Comm;C
USA: (SATC)   SatCon Technology Corporation
USA: (SBSE)   SBS Technologies Inc
USA: (SCHK)   Schick Technologies, Inc.
USA: (STX)   Seagate Technology
USA: (SWATW)   Security With Advanced Technology Inc.
USA: (SWAT)   Security With Advanced Technology, Inc.
USA: (SMTC)   Semtech Corporation
USA: (SNT)   Senesco Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SXT)   Sensient Technologies Corporatio
USA: (SDTH)   ShengdaTech, Inc.
USA: (SIFY)   Sify Technologies Limited
USA: (SIGA)   SIGA Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SIMO)   Silicon Motion Technology Corporatio
USA: (SSTI)   Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
USA: (SVA)   Sinovac Biotech Ltd.
USA: (SIRF)   SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SMOD)   SMART Modular Technologies (WWH), Inc.
USA: (SEDG)   SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SWTX)   Southwall Technologies Inc.
USA: (SEH)   Spartech Corporation
USA: (MTK)   SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology
USA: (XBI)   SPDR S&P Biotech
USA: (IPK)   SPDR S&P International Technology Sector
USA: (SSAG)   SSA Global Technologies, Inc
USA: (LIMS)   STARLIMS Technologies Ltd.
USA: (STHK)   Startech Environmental Corporation
USA: (STNAX)   SunAmerica:Foc Tech;A
USA: (STP)   Suntech Power Holdings Co., LTD.
USA: (SCON)   Superconductor Technologies Inc
USA: (SMMX)   Symyx Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SYGR)   Synagro Technologies Inc
USA: (SNCR)   Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SYNO)   Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NZYM)   Synthetech Inc.
USA: (STEK)   SystemOne Technologies Inc.
USA: (PRGTX)   T. Rowe Price Global Technology
USA: (TATTF)   T.A.T. Technologies Ltd.
USA: (TANH)   Tantech Holdings Ltd.
USA: (TECD)   Tech Data Corporatio
USA: (TO)   Tech/Ops Sevcon, Inc.
USA: (TSH)   Teche Holding Company
USA: (TECH)   Techne Corporation
USA: (TCCO)   Technical Communications Corporation
USA: (TKP)   Technip (ADR)
USA: (TNL)   Technitrol, Inc
USA: (TICC)   Technology Investment Capital Corp
USA: (TRCI)   Technology Research Corporation
USA: (XLK)   Technology Select Sector SPDR
USA: (TSCC)   Technology Solutions Company
USA: (TTGT)   TechTarget, Inc.
USA: (TEAM)   TechTeam Global
USA: (TWLL)   Techwell, Inc.
USA: (TDY)   Teledyne Technologies Incorporate
USA: (TSTC)   Telestone Technologies Corporation
USA: (TTEC)   TeleTech Holdings, Inc.
USA: (TESS)   TESSCO Technologies Incorporate
USA: (TSRA)   Tessera Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TTEK)   Tetra Tech, Inc.
USA: (TTI)   TETRA Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TWTI)   Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TBV)   Tiens Biotech Group (USA), Inc.
USA: (TIER)   Tier Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TIII)   TII Network Technologies Inc.
USA: (TACT)   TransAct Technologies Incorporated
USA: (TRIB)   Trinity Biotech pl
USA: (TTPA)   Trintech Group PL
USA: (TRT)   Trio-Tech Internationa
USA: (TRPH)   Tripath Technology Inc.
USA: (TRIV)   TriVascular Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TTMI)   TTM Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TFCO)   Tufco Technologies, Inc.
USA: (OVEN)   TurboChef Technologies, Inc.
USA: (UFPT)   UFP Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ROM)   Ultra Technology ProShares
USA: (REW)   UltraShort Technology ProShares
USA: (UTEK)   Ultratech, Inc.
USA: (UTX)   United Technologie
USA: (UTI)   Universal Technical Institute, Inc.
USA: (UQM)   UQM Technologies Inc.
USA: (USAT)   USA Technologies, Inc.
USA: (USSCX)   USAA Sci & Tech
USA: (VLNC)   Valence Technology, Inc.
USA: (VIT)   VanceInfo Technologies Inc.
USA: (VGT)   Vanguard Information Technology ETF
USA: (WOOF)   VCA Antech, Inc.
USA: (VERA)   Veramark Technologies Inc.
USA: (VRSO)   Verso Technologies Inc.
USA: (VISG)   Viisage Technology, Inc.
USA: (VSH)   Vishay Intertechnology
USA: (VNUS)   VNUS Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (UNSCX)   W&R Adv:Science&Tech;A
USA: (WAGTX)   Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund
USA: (WTEK)   Waste Technology Corp.
USA: (WGRD)   WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
USA: (WTS)   Watts Water Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PROG)   Wayside Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (WSTG)   Wayside Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (WFSTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Specialized Tech A
USA: (WSTL)   Westell Technologies Inc.
USA: (GB)   Wilson Greatbatch Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RNIN)   Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.
USA: (DBT)   WisdomTree International Technology
USA: (WX)   WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd.
USA: (XBIT)   XBiotech Inc.
USA: (XRM)   Xerium Technologies, Inc.
USA: (XETA)   XETA Technologies, Inc.
USA: (YTEC)   Yucheng Technologies Limited
USA: (ZBRA)   Zebra Technologies Corporatio
USA: (ZHNE)   Zhone Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ZOOM)   Zoom Technologies, Inc.
INDIA: (3IINFOTECH) 3i Infotech Ltd.    (532628)
INDIA: () Accentia Technologies    (531897)
INDIA: (ATFL) Agro Tech Foods Ltd.    (500215)
INDIA: (ALLSEC) ALLSEC Technologies    (532633)
INDIA: (APTECHT) Aptech Ltd.    (532475)
INDIA: () Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd.    (530619)
INDIA: () Axon Infotech Ltd    (505506)
INDIA: () Crazy Infotech    (524388)
INDIA: (DATATECH) DataMatics Technologies Ltd.    (532528)
INDIA: () Dhanuka Agritech Ltd    (507717)
INDIA: (DYNAMATECH) Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.    (505242)
INDIA: (FINANTECH) Financial Technologies Ltd.    (526881)
INDIA: () Haxaware Technologies Ltd.    (532129)
INDIA: (HCLTECH) HCL Technologies Ltd.    (532281)
INDIA: (HELIOSMATH) Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.    (532347)
INDIA: (INDOTECH) Indo Tech Transformers Ltd.    (532717)
INDIA: (INFOSYSTCH) Infosys Technologies Ltd.    (500209)
INDIA: (INFOTECENT) Infotech Enterprises Ltd.    (532175)
INDIA: (LITL) Lanco Infratech Ltd    (532778)
INDIA: (MICROTECH) Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.    (532494)
INDIA: (NIITTECH) NIIT Technologies Ltd.    (532541)
INDIA: (NORTHGATE) Northgate Technologies    (590057)
INDIA: (PARADYNE) Paradyne Infotech    (532672)
INDIA: (SASKEN) Sasken Communicatio Techno. Ltd.    (532663)
INDIA: (SHIVAMAUTO) Shivam Autotech Ltd    (532776)
INDIA: (SILVERLINE) Silverline Technologies Ltd.    (500389)
INDIA: (STERLINBIO) Sterling Biotech Ltd.    (512299)
INDIA: (STROPTICAL) Sterlite Opitical Technologies Ltd.    (532374)
INDIA: (SUNILHITEC) Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd.    (532711)
INDIA: (TECHM) Tech Mahindra Ltd.    (532755)
INDIA: (TECHNOELEC) Techno Electric & Engg. Co. Ltd.    (505397)
INDIA: (TIIL) Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd.    (532804)
INDIA: (TIMETECHNO) Time Technoplast Ltd.    (532856)
INDIA: () Transworld Infotech Ltd.    (508998)
INDIA: (ULTRACEMCO) Ultratech Cement Limited    (532538)
INDIA: (UNITECH) Unitech Ltd.    (507878)
INDIA: (ZENITHINFO) Zenith Infotech Ltd.    (532298)
INDIA: () ZenoTech Laboratories Ltd.    (532039)
INDIA: (ZENSARTECH) Zensar Technologies Ltd.    (504067)