S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for SEA:
USA: (ACTG)   Acacia Research Corporation
USA: (CBMX)   Acacia Research Corporation
USA: (AMRI)   Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
USA: (HRT)   Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc.
USA: (ARWR)   Arrowhead Research Corporatio
USA: (APCFY)   Atlas South Sea Pearl Limited
USA: (CHTP)   Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd.
USA: (SEA)   Claymore/Delta Global Shipping
USA: (COSZX)   Columbia Overseas Value Fund Z
USA: (CTP)   CTPartners Executive Search LLC
USA: (DREQX)   Dreyfus Research Growth Fund, Inc. Z
USA: (DRCO)   Dynamics Research Corporation
USA: (EAERX)   Eaton Vance Large-Cap Core Research Fund A
USA: (ERES)   eResearch Technology Inc.
USA: (ESEA)   Euroseas Ltd.
USA: (FDS)   FactSet Research Systems Inc.
USA: (MCIQX)   FDP Ser MFS Research Intl FDP Inv Fund C
USA: (FAERX)   Fidelity Advisor Overseas Fund T
USA: (FSEAX)   Fidelity Emerg Asia
USA: (FOSFX)   Fidelity Overseas Fund
USA: (SGOVX)   First Eagle Overseas Fund A
USA: (FORR)   Forrester Research, Inc.
USA: (FREE)   FreeSeas Inc
USA: (FREEZ)   FreeSeas Inc.
USA: (FREEW)   FreeSeas Inc.
USA: (HLEAX)   Hartford Global Research A
USA: (INCR)   INC Research Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AEGIX)   ING Core Equity Research Fund I
USA: (IGO)   InterSearch Group Inc.
USA: (JARFX)   Janus Global Research T
USA: (JAOSX)   Janus Overseas Fund T
USA: (JNRCX)   Janus Research Core D
USA: (JNRFX)   Janus Research Fund D
USA: (VSEAX)   JPMorgan Small Cap Equity Fund A
USA: (KSP)   K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P.
USA: (LRCX)   Lam Research Corporation
USA: (LSR)   Life Sciences Research Inc.
USA: (EXOSX)   Manning & Napier Overseas Fund
USA: (MOSSX)   MassMutual Select Overseas Fund S
USA: (MSSR)   McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (MUSEX)   MFS Blended Research Core Equity I
USA: (MRBIX)   MFS Research Bond;I
USA: (MFRFX)   MFS Research Fund A
USA: (MRSIX)   MFS Research International I
USA: (NRCI)   National Research Corporation
USA: (ORCI)   Opinion Research Corp.
USA: (OSG)   Overseas Shipholding Group Inc.
USA: (PATMX)   Pioneer Research A
USA: (PNRAX)   Putnam Research Fund A
USA: (REFR)   Research Frontiers Incorporate
USA: (RIMM)   Research in Motion Limite
USA: (RPSE)   ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
USA: (SEB)   Seaboard Corporation
USA: (SA)   Seabridge Gold Inc. (USA)
USA: (SBX)   SeaBright Insurance Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SEAB)   SeaBright Insurance Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SEAC)   SeaChange International, Inc.
USA: (SBCF)   Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florid
USA: (CKH)   Seacor Holdings Inc.
USA: (BOX)   SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.
USA: (SDLP)   Seadrill Partners LLC
USA: (STX)   Seagate Technology
USA: (HAWK)   Seahawk Drilling
USA: (SEE)   Sealed Air Corporatio
USA: (ZZ)   Sealy Corporation
USA: (SHLD)   Sears Holdings Corporatio
USA: (SEARX)   Seascape Focus Growth Fund
USA: (SSW)   Seaspan Corporation
USA: (SGEN)   Seattle Genetics, Inc.
USA: (SEAS)   SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (SHLL)   Shells Seafood Restaurants Inc.
USA: (SSRAX)   State Street Research Aurora Fund
USA: (SEACX)   Steward:Select Bond;Inst
USA: (TROSX)   T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock Fund
USA: (TRCI)   Technology Research Corporation
USA: (VPOIX)   Vantagepoint Overseas Equity Index Fund I
USA: (VSEA)   Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.
USA: (WRESX)   Weitz:Research
USA: (WTSLA)   Wet Seal, Inc. (The)
USA: (WTU)   Williams Coal Seam Gas Royalty Trust
INDIA: (GENUSOVERE) Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd.    (530343)
INDIA: () Harita Seating Systems Ltd    (590043)
INDIA: (IOB) Indian Overseas Bank    (532388)
INDIA: (LAKSHMIEFL) Lakshmi Overseas Industries Ltd.    (519570)
INDIA: (MAHSEAMLES) Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.    (500265)
INDIA: (SEAMECLTD) Seamec Ltd.    (526807)