S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (BPT)   Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty T
USA: (CRT)   Cross Timbers Royalty Trust
USA: (NDRO)   Enduro Royalty Trust
USA: (HELE)   Helen of Troy Limited
USA: (HGT)   Hugoton Royalty Trust
USA: (ROY)   International Royalty Corporation
USA: (KRC)   Kilroy Realty Corporation
USA: (LCRY)   LeCROY Corporation
USA: (LRT)   LL&E Royalty Trust
USA: (MTR)   Mesa Royalty Trust
USA: (NRT)   North European Oil Royalty Trust
USA: (ROYT)   Pacific Coast Oil Trust
USA: (GROYX)   Pioneer Growth Opportunities Y
USA: (PMRY)   Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc.
USA: (RBPAA)   Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.
USA: (RY)   Royal Bank Of Canad
USA: (RCL)   Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
USA: (RDS.B)   Royal Dutch Shell PLC
USA: (RDSA)   Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA: (RGLD)   Royal Gold, Inc.
USA: (ROYL)   Royale Energy Inc.
USA: (RYOHX)   Royce 100 Fund Svc
USA: (RMISX)   Royce Enterprise Select Fund Investment
USA: (RYDFX)   Royce Fd:Discvry;Svc
USA: (RDVIX)   Royce Fd:Div Value;Inv
USA: (RYDVX)   Royce Fd:Div Value;Svc
USA: (RISCX)   Royce Fd:Euro SmCo;Svc
USA: (RSFTX)   Royce Fd:Glbl Sel;Inv
USA: (ROSFX)   Royce Fd:Oppty Sel;Inv
USA: (ROFCX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;Cons
USA: (ROFIX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;Inst
USA: (RYPNX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;Inv
USA: (ROFKX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;K
USA: (ROFRX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;R
USA: (RYOFX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;Svc
USA: (RSEMX)   Royce Fd:Spec Eq MC;Svc
USA: (RSQCX)   Royce Fd:Spec Eq;Cons
USA: (RSEIX)   Royce Fd:Spec Eq;Inst
USA: (RSEFX)   Royce Fd:Spec Eq;Svc
USA: (FUND)   Royce Focus Trust Inc.
USA: (RYFVX)   Royce Focus Value Fund
USA: (RIVFX)   Royce Global Value Svc
USA: (RGFAX)   Royce Heritage Fund Svc
USA: (RYGSX)   Royce International Smaller-Companies Fund Service Class
USA: (RYLPX)   Royce Low Priced Stock Fund Svc
USA: (RYOTX)   Royce Micro-Cap Fund Invmt
USA: (RMT)   Royce Micro-Cap Trust Inc.
USA: (RMIDX)   Royce Mid-Cap Fund Service
USA: (RPTRX)   Royce Partners Svc
USA: (PENNX)   Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund Investment
USA: (RYPRX)   Royce Premier Fund Invmt
USA: (RYSFX)   Royce Select Fund I Invmt
USA: (RSFDX)   Royce Select Fund II Invmt
USA: (RMVSX)   Royce SMid-Cap Value Fund Service class
USA: (RYSEX)   Royce Special Equity Fund
USA: (RYTRX)   Royce Total Return Fund Invmt
USA: (RYVFX)   Royce Value Fund
USA: (RYVPX)   Royce Value Plus Fund Svc
USA: (RVT)   Royce Value Trust Inc.
USA: (SBR)   Sabine Royalty Trus
USA: (SJT)   San Juan Basin Royalty T
USA: (TRE)   Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation (US)
USA: (TIRTZ)   Tidelands Royalty Trust B
USA: (TRU)   Torch Energy Royalty Trust
USA: (WTU)   Williams Coal Seam Gas Royalty Trust
INDIA: (ROHLTD) Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd    (532699)
INDIA: (VICEROY) Viceroy Hotels Ltd.    (523796)