S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ARKR)   Ark Restaurants Corp.
USA: (BJRI)   BJs Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (BBRG)   Bravo Brio Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (BUNRX)   Bullfinch Unrestricted
USA: (TAST)   Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (CKR)   CKE Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (DRI)   Darden Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (DFRG)   Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, LLC
USA: (BAGL)   Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (EVAMX)   Everest America Fund
USA: (RE)   Everest Re Group, Ltd.
USA: (UMBIX)   Excelsior Value & Restructuring Fund
USA: (FCE-A)   Forest City Enterprises
USA: (FCEA)   Forest City Enterprises Inc.
USA: (FCE.A)   Forest City Enterprises Inc
USA: (FCY)   Forest City Enterprises Inc
USA: (FCE-B)   Forest City Enterprises Inc.
USA: (FRX)   Forest Laboratories, Inc.
USA: (FST)   Forest Oil Corporation
USA: (FOR)   Forestar Real Estate Group Inc.
USA: (INTLX)   Forester Discovery Fund
USA: (FVALX)   Forester Value Fund N
USA: (FORR)   Forrester Research, Inc.
USA: (FRS)   Frischs Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (GTIM)   Good Times Restaurants Inc.
USA: (ASR)   Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ADR)
USA: (HABT)   Habit Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (IRG)   Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (WOOD)   iShares S&P Global Timber & Forestry Idx
USA: (LNY)   Landry's Restaurants, Inc
USA: (MAXE)   Max & Erma's Restaurants Inc.
USA: (MSSR)   McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (CASA)   Mexican Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (MRT)   Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (NPK)   National Presto Industries Inc.
USA: (OSI)   OSI Restaurant Partners Inc.
USA: (MUO)   Pioneer Interest Shares
USA: (PFPFX)   Poplar Forest Partners Fund A
USA: (IPFPX)   Poplar Forest Prtnrs;I
USA: (PBH)   Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc.
USA: (RH)   Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc.
USA: (RSTO)   Restoration Hardware, Inc.
USA: (REST)   Restore Medical, Inc
USA: (RUBO)   Rubios Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (RYAN)   Ryans Restaurant Group Inc
USA: (SHLL)   Shells Seafood Restaurants Inc.
USA: (SFCMX)   Sherwood Forest L/S;Inst
USA: (SAMG)   Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc.
USA: (SWRG)   Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (TSTR)   TerreStar Corporation
USA: (TLHO)   Trestle Holdings Inc.
USA: (UFPI)   Universal Forest Products, Inc.
USA: (WWE)   World Wrestling Federatio
INDIA: (CRESTANI) Crest Animation Studios Ltd.    (526785)
INDIA: (EVERESTIND) Everest Indistries Ltd.    (508906)
INDIA: (EKC) Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd.    (532684)
INDIA: () Mount Everest Mineral Water    (531096)
INDIA: () Mounteverest Trading & Investment Ltd    (532724)
INDIA: (TTKPRESTIG) TTK Prestige Ltd.    (517506)