S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
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USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
USA: (PLAY - (OL)  
USA: (STCK)   Stock Building Supply Holdings , Inc.
USA: (ABY)   Abengoa Yield plc
USA: (AUSA)   Access Plans USA, Inc.
USA: (APLGX)   ActivePassive Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (APLVX)   ActivePassive Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (ADAP)   Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC
USA: (AAAP)   Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.
USA: (AFB)   Alliancebernstein Natnl Muncpl Incm Fnd.
USA: (DRIEX)   Allianz RCM Disciplined International Equity Fund Inst
USA: (ARDIX)   AllianzGI Disciplined Equity Fund Inst
USA: (IIISX)   Am Ind:Core Plus;Inst
USA: (AMRN)   Amarin Corporation PLC
USA: (ACCNX)   Amer Cent:Core Plus;Inv
USA: (AMPL)   Ampal-American Israel Corporatio
USA: (BETR)   Amplify Snack Brands, Inc.
USA: (AVZ)   Amvescap Plc
USA: (AAUK)   Anglo American plc (ADR
USA: (AAPL)   Apple Inc.
USA: (APPB)   Applebees International, Inc.
USA: (CRA)   Applera Corporation
USA: (APPLX)   Appleseed Fund Inv
USA: (AGPLX)   Appleton Group PLUS Fund
USA: (ARCI)   Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.
USA: (ABI)   Applied Biosystems Group
USA: (ADSX)   Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
USA: (AERG)   Applied Energetics, Inc.
USA: (AFCO)   Applied Films Corporation
USA: (AGTC)   Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
USA: (AICX)   Applied Imaging Corporation
USA: (AIT)   Applied Industrial Technologies
USA: (AINN)   Applied Innovation Inc.
USA: (AMAT)   Applied Materials, Inc.
USA: (AMCC)   Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
USA: (APSG)   Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
USA: (APLX)   Applix, Inc.
USA: (ARMHY)   ARM Holdings, plc
USA: (AZN)   AstraZeneca PLC (ADR)
USA: (ATPL)   Atlantis Plastics Inc.
USA: (APL)   Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (TEAM)   Atlassian Corporation Plc
USA: (BCOIX)   Baird Core Plus Bd;Inst
USA: (BCS)   Barclays Plc Ads 4 Ordinary
USA: (BBA)   BBA Aviation plc
USA: (BECN)   Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
USA: (BED)   Bede plc
USA: (BERY)   Berry Plastics Group, Inc.
USA: (BBL)   BHP Billiton plc (ADR)
USA: (MPLCX)   BNY Mellon Large Cap Stock M
USA: (BOY)   Bodycote International plc
USA: (BEXP)   Brigham Exploration Company
USA: (BTI)   British American Tobacco PLC
USA: (BRG)   British Gas Plc (ADR)
USA: (BSY)   British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (ADR)
USA: (BT)   BT Group plc (ADR)
USA: (BPL)   Buckeye Partners, L.P.
USA: (CSG)   Cadbury Schweppes PLC
USA: (OLED)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (OLG)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (CPLA)   Capella Education Compan
USA: (CPLP)   Capital Product Partners L.P.
USA: (CUK)   Carnival plc (ADR)
USA: (CVP)   Centerplate Inc.
USA: (CIPMX)   Champlain Mid Cap;Adv
USA: (CIPSX)   Champlain Small Company Fund Adv
USA: (PLCE)   Childrens Place Retail Stores, Inc. (The)
USA: (PLJC)   Citigroup Inc.
USA: (PLTE)   Claymont Steel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GEVTX)   Columbia Disciplined Value Z
USA: (CPPL)   Columbia Pipeline Partners LP
USA: (GNOM)   Complete Genomics, Inc.
USA: (CPX)   Complete Production Services Inc.
USA: (XLP)   Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR
USA: (MARNX)   Convergence Core Pl;Inst
USA: (COPLX)   Copley Fund
USA: (CPWM)   Cost Plus, Inc.
USA: (CPL)   CPFL Energia S.A.
USA: (CRH)   CRH plc (ADR)
USA: (CXPO)   Crimson Exploration Inc.
USA: (DANKY)   Danka Business Systems PLC
USA: (PLAY)   Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (DCFIX)   Delaware Pld:Core Foc FI
USA: (DCPFX)   Delaware Pld:Core Pls FI
USA: (DPEGX)   Delaware Pld:Emg Mkt II
USA: (DPEMX)   Delaware Pld:Emrg Mkt
USA: (DPGIX)   Delaware Pld:Gl Fixed
USA: (DPHYX)   Delaware Pld:Hi Yld Bond
USA: (DPIFX)   Delaware Pld:Intl Fxd
USA: (DPRTX)   Delaware Pld:Real Est II
USA: (DPCEX)   Delaware Pld:Select 20
USA: (DPLGX)   Delaware Pooled Large-Cap Growth Equity
USA: (DLPH)   Delphi Automotive PLC
USA: (XRAY)   DENTSPLY International Inc
USA: (DEO)   Diageo plc (ADR)
USA: (DPLO)   Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc.
USA: (MAIPX)   Dividend Plus Inc;Inst
USA: (DIVPX)   Dividend Plus Inc;Inv
USA: (DPL)   DPL Inc.
USA: (DPS)   Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.
USA: (DDSTX)   Dreyfus Disciplined Stock Fund
USA: (AAAAX)   DWS Alternative Asset Allocation Plus Fund
USA: (SCSBX)   DWS Core Plus Inc;S
USA: (DDMIX)   DWS Dscpld Mkt Neut;In
USA: (DFRAX)   DWS Floating Rate Plus A
USA: (DFRTX)   DWS Floating Rate Plus Instl
USA: (TIPAX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;A
USA: (TIPTX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;B
USA: (TIPCX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;C
USA: (TIPIX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;Inst
USA: (TIPSX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;S
USA: (MGHYX)   DWS Hi Inc Plus;Inst
USA: (SSFFX)   DWS S&P 500 Plus S
USA: (DBPIX)   DWS Sh Dur Plus;S
USA: (PTM)   E-TRACS UBS Long Platinum ETN
USA: (PTD)   E-TRACS UBS Short Platinum ETN
USA: (EAFIX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Insured Municipals A
USA: (EBFIX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Insured Municipals B
USA: (EFICX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Insured Municipals C
USA: (ETFLX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Municipals A
USA: (EVFLX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Municipals B
USA: (ECFLX)   Eaton Vance FL Plus Municipals C
USA: (ELN)   Elan Corporation, plc
USA: (EIG)   Employers Holdings In
USA: (ENXP)   Energy & Exploration Partners, Inc.
USA: (EPL)   Energy Partners, Ltd.
USA: (ERF)   Enerplus Resources Fund (USA)
USA: (PLUS)   ePlus Inc
USA: (EROS)   Eros International Plc
USA: (EDSIX)   Evergreen Disciplined Value I
USA: (FBPEX)   FBP Equity & Dividend Plus Fund
USA: (FDEQX)   Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund
USA: (FDEFX)   Fidelity Discpln Eq;F
USA: (FDEKX)   Fidelity Discpln Eq;K
USA: (FSSIX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FEINX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund
USA: (FPFC)   First Place Financial Corp.
USA: (FXG)   First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX
USA: (FM)   FleetMatics Group plc
USA: (FLTX)   FleetMatics Group plc
USA: (ASMCX)   Forward SMIDPlus Institutional
USA: (FGC)   FPL Group Capital Inc
USA: (FPL)   FPL Group, Inc.
USA: (GST)   Gastar Exploration Ltd.
USA: (GCAA)   GC Aesthetics plc
USA: (JOB)   General Employment Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (GSK)   GlaxoSmithKline plc
USA: (GAI)   Global-Tech Appliances Inc.
USA: (GUGAX)   GMO:Core Plus Bond;III
USA: (GPBFX)   GMO:Core Plus Bond;IV
USA: (GMIPX)   GMO:Infl Idx Pl Bd;VI
USA: (GSNIX)   Goldman:Core Pl FI;I
USA: (GXP)   Great Plains Energy Inc
USA: (GPP)   Green Plains Partners LP
USA: (GPRE)   Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (GWPH)   GW Pharmaceuticals plc
USA: (HAN)   Hanson PLC (ADR)
USA: (HAIAX)   Hartford Disciplined Equity Fund A
USA: (HIPAX)   Hartford Inflation Plus Fund
USA: (HDS)   HD Supply Holdings,
USA: (HRVIX)   Heartland Value Plus Fund Inv
USA: (HNVIX)   Heartland:Value Pl;Inst
USA: (THX)   Houston Exploration Co
USA: (HBC)   HSBC Holdings, plc.
USA: (ICLR)   ICON plc (ADR)
USA: (ICLEX)   ICON:Consumer Stpls;S
USA: (ITY)   Imperial Tobacco Group plc
USA: (IMX)   Implant Sciences Corporatio
USA: (IFIIX)   ING Index Plus International Equity Fund I
USA: (AELIX)   ING Index Plus LargeCap I
USA: (AISAX)   ING Index Plus SmallCap Fund A
USA: (PLCIX)   ING:Growth Opptys;I
USA: (NPLA)   InPlay Technologies Inc.
USA: (IHG)   InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (ADR)
USA: (ACPSX)   Invesco Core Pls Bd;A
USA: (AWEIX)   Invesco Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (IONA)   IONA Technologies PLC (ADR)
USA: (PGM)   iPath DJ AIG Platinum TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (IPOSX)   IPO Plus Aftermarket Fund
USA: (REZ)   iShares FTSE NAREIT Rsdntl Plus Cp Idx
USA: (KXI)   iShares S&P Global Consumer Staples
USA: (JPIEX)   JPMorgan Disciplined Equity Fund Instl
USA: (HLIPX)   JPMorgan:Core Pl Bd;Sel
USA: (LKI)   Lazare Kaplan International Inc.
USA: (LEG)   Leggett & Platt, Inc.
USA: (LPL)   LG.Philips LCD Co., Ltd.
USA: (LYG)   Lloyds TSB Group plc (ADR)
USA: (SBPLX)   LM CBA Eq Inc Builder;C
USA: (SHMGX)   LM WA Core Plus Bond;A
USA: (LISRX)   Loomis Sayles Disciplined Equity Y
USA: (LPLA)   LPL Investment Holdings Inc.
USA: (LXFR)   Luxfer Holdings PLC
USA: (MADEX)   Madison Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (MTA)   Magyar Telekom Plc.
USA: (EPLCX)   MainStay Epoch US Equity I
USA: (HYF)   Managed High Yield Plus Fund
USA: (MPLSX)   MassMutual Prem:S EM;L
USA: (MLP)   Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc.
USA: (MVK)   Maverick Entertainment Group Plc
USA: (MMR)   McMoRan Exploration Co
USA: (MDST)   Medicsight PLC
USA: (PJH)   Merrill Lynch Dep Preferred Plus Trust Series BLC-2 Trust Ctf
USA: (PJJ)   Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Preferred Plus Trust ELP-1
USA: (PKH)   Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Preferred Plus Trust Ser QWS-1 7.7
USA: (PJE)   Merrill Lynch PreferredPlus Tr
USA: (MSA)   Mine Safety Appliances Compan
USA: (MLIN)   Molins PLC
USA: (MPLDX)   Morg Stan I:LD;I
USA: (NDPL)   Morgan Stanley
USA: (NPLU)   Morgan Stanley
USA: (MWIV)   MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc.
USA: (BWNG)   N Brown Group plc
USA: (NGG)   National Grid plc
USA: (NNDS)   NDS Group plc
USA: (NTAP)   Network Appliance, Inc.
USA: (NBCIX)   Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disciplined Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NEW)   Newcourt Group plc
USA: (NFX)   Newfield Exploration Company
USA: (NVET)   Nexvet Biopharma plc
USA: (NIE)   Nicholas-Applegate Equity & Convertible Income Fund
USA: (NAI)   Nicholas-Applegate International
USA: (NIGTX)   Nicholas-Applegate US Convertible II
USA: (NPLIX)   Nomura Partners International Growth Equity Fund I
USA: (NPTIX)   Nuveen Tw Glo AC Plus;I
USA: (OMEX)   Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.
USA: (OPLK)   Oplink Communications, Inc.
USA: (OXFD)   Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
USA: (PFGPX)   Pac Fin Expl;Inst
USA: (PLIIX)   Pac Lf:Income;I
USA: (PLL)   Pall Corporation
USA: (PLLL)   Parallel Petroleum Corporation
USA: (PLCC)   Paulson Capital Corp.
USA: (PYPL)   PayPal Holdings
USA: (PSO)   Pearson plc (ADR)
USA: (PUB)   People's Utah Bancorp
USA: (PFDC)   Peoples Bancorp
USA: (PEBO)   Peoples Bancorp Inc
USA: (PEBK)   Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc.
USA: (PBTC)   Peoples BancTrust Company, Inc. (The)
USA: (PCBI)   Peoples Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (PEDH)   Peoples Educational Holdings, Inc.
USA: (PFBX)   Peoples Financial Corporatio
USA: (PBCT)   Peoples United Financial, Inc.
USA: (PSPT)   PeopleSupport, Inc.
USA: (PETC)   PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
USA: (PLAB)   Photronics, Inc.
USA: (PGP)   Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income Fund
USA: (PISIX)   PIMCO International StocksPLUS TR Strategy Fund I
USA: (PSKIX)   PIMCO Intl StkPLUS Tr Strategy Fund (Unhedged) I
USA: (PSPTX)   PIMCO StocksPLUS Absolute Return Fund Inst
USA: (PSTKX)   PIMCO StocksPLUS Fund Instl
USA: (PLRIX)   PIMCO:Long Dur TR;Inst
USA: (PLDTX)   PIMCO:Low Dur II;Inst
USA: (PLE)   Pinnacle Bancshares Inc.
USA: (SRSGX)   Pioneer Disciplined Growth Fund A
USA: (SERSX)   Pioneer Disciplined Value Fund A
USA: (PXPL)   Pixelplus Co., Ltd.
USA: (PFVAX)   PL Comstock A
USA: (PAJGX)   PL Growth LT A
USA: (PFBAX)   PL Large-Cap Growth A
USA: (PFALX)   PL Large-Cap Value A
USA: (PLSB)   Placer Sierra Banchares
USA: (PAA)   Plains All American Pipeline LP
USA: (PXP)   Plains Exploration & Production Company
USA: (PAGP)   Plains GP Holdings, L.P.
USA: (LANPF)   Plaintree Systems Inc. (USA)
USA: (PLNR)   Planar Systems, Inc.
USA: (PLNT)   Planet Fitness, Inc.
USA: (LGBT)   PlanetOut, Inc.
USA: (PLT)   Plantronics, Inc.
USA: (FRAC)   Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.
USA: (PTP)   Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd
USA: (TUTR)   PLATO Learning, Inc.
USA: (PLA-A)   Playboy Enterprises Inc.
USA: (PLA)   Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (PYX)   Playtex Products, Inc.
USA: (PLC)   PLC Medical Systems, Inc.
USA: (PLXS)   Plexus Corp.
USA: (PGL)   PLM Group Ltd.
USA: (PLUG)   Plug Power, Inc.
USA: (PCL)   Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc.
USA: (PLBC)   Plumas Bancorp
USA: (PLXT)   PLX Technology, Inc.
USA: (PGEM)   Ply Gem Holdings, Inc.
USA: (PLEIX)   PNC Large Cap Core Equity Fund I
USA: (PLIVX)   PNC Large Cap Value Fund I
USA: (PLOIX)   PNC Multi Factor Small Cap Core Fund I
USA: (PLCM)   Polycom, Inc.
USA: (PLMD)   PolyMedica Corporation
USA: (PLPD)   PolyPid Ltd.
USA: (PFPFX)   Poplar Forest Partners Fund A
USA: (IPFPX)   Poplar Forest Prtnrs;I
USA: (PLW)   PowerShares 1-30 Laddered Treasury
USA: (PLK)   PowerShares Active Low Duration
USA: (PSL)   PowerShares Dynamic Consumer Staples
USA: (PXE)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod
USA: (PPL)   PPL Corporation
USA: (PLS)   PPL Energy Supply LLC
USA: (PJI)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PJW)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PJZ)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PYO)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PYS)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PYT)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PYV)   PPlus Trust
USA: (PJK)   Preferred Plus Trust
USA: (PJT)   Preferred Plus Trust GEC-1 6.05
USA: (PJA)   Preferred Plus Trust Ser QWS 2 Tr Ctf
USA: (PJL)   Preferredplus Tr
USA: (PJS)   PreferredPlus Trust
USA: (PJV)   Preferredplus Trust
USA: (PLPC)   Preformed Line Products Compan
USA: (LENS)   Presbia PLC
USA: (PPID)   Prescient Applied Intelligence Inc.
USA: (PLFE)   Presidential Life Corporatio
USA: (PLBIX)   Principal Large Cap Blend II Fund Inst
USA: (PLGIX)   Principal Large Cap Growth I Inst Fund
USA: (PLVIX)   Principal LargeCap Value III Inst Fund
USA: (PLPPX)   Principal MidCap Value III R5 Fund
USA: (PCBZX)   Principal:CorePlus I;Ins
USA: (PLSAX)   Principal:LC S&P500;A
USA: (PLICX)   Principal:LC S&P500;C
USA: (PLFIX)   Principal:LC S&P500;Inst
USA: (PLPIX)   Principal:LC S&P500;R-1
USA: (PLFNX)   Principal:LC S&P500;R-2
USA: (PLFMX)   Principal:LC S&P500;R-3
USA: (PLFSX)   Principal:LC S&P500;R-4
USA: (PLFPX)   Principal:LC S&P500;R-5
USA: (PLUCX)   Principal:LC Val;C
USA: (PLSVX)   Principal:LC Val;R-1
USA: (PLVNX)   Principal:LC Val;R-2
USA: (PLVMX)   Principal:LC Val;R-3
USA: (PLVSX)   Principal:LC Val;R-4
USA: (PLVPX)   Principal:LC Val;R-5
USA: (PLARX)   Principal:SCV II;R-5
USA: (GVPIX)   ProFunds:US Gov Pl;Inv
USA: (PLI)   Proliance Intl.
USA: (PLD)   ProLogis
USA: (PLX)   Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc.
USA: (PL)   Protective Life Corp.
USA: (PTIL)   Protherics Plc
USA: (PUK)   Prudential plc
USA: (PAPLX)   Putnam Asia Pac Eqty;R
USA: (QIWI)   QIWI plc
USA: (RUK)   Reed Elsevier plc (ADR)
USA: (RDYN)   Replidyne, Inc.
USA: (RGEN)   Repligen Corporation
USA: (RSOX)   Resaca Exploitation, Inc.
USA: (RTRSY)   Reuters Group PLC
USA: (REXMY)   Rexam, Plc (ADR)
USA: (RI)   Rio Tinto plc (ADR)
USA: (RSDIX)   RiverSource Disciplined Intl Equity I
USA: (BPLSX)   Robeco Bost:LS Eq;I
USA: (RDSA)   Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA: (RDS.B)   Royal Dutch Shell PLC
USA: (RYVPX)   Royce Value Plus Fund Svc
USA: (RYAAY)   Ryanair Holdings plc
USA: (RHS)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Consumer Staples
USA: (SNSDX)   S Bernstein:Sh Dur Pl;SD
USA: (SGP)   Schering-Plough Corporatio
USA: (SWYSX)   Schwab Inv:YieldPlus
USA: (SNTKY)   Senetek PLC (ADR)
USA: (SHPGY)   Shire pl
USA: (SIG)   Signet Group PLC (ADR
USA: (SLP)   Simulations Plus Inc
USA: (SKIL)   SkillSoft pl
USA: (SNN)   Smith & Nephew plc
USA: (XOP)   SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Prod
USA: (SPLK)   Splunk Inc.
USA: (RBI)   Sport Supply Group, Inc.
USA: (SPPP)   Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust
USA: (SSMTX)   SSgA Disciplined Equity Instl
USA: (SPLS)   Staples, Inc.
USA: (SMMT)   Summit Therapeutics plc
USA: (SYNP)   Synplicity, Inc.
USA: (TPLGX)   T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap Core
USA: (TRE)   Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation (US)
USA: (TIN)   Temple-Inland Inc
USA: (TABRX)   Templeton BRIC;A
USA: (TZBRX)   Templeton BRIC;Adv
USA: (TPBRX)   Templeton BRIC;C
USA: (TCWAX)   Templeton China Wd;A
USA: (TACWX)   Templeton China Wd;Adv
USA: (TCWBX)   Templeton China Wd;B
USA: (TCWCX)   Templeton China Wd;C
USA: (TEDMX)   Templeton Dev Mrkt;A
USA: (TDADX)   Templeton Dev Mrkt;Adv
USA: (TDMBX)   Templeton Dev Mrkt;B
USA: (TDMTX)   Templeton Dev Mrkt;C
USA: (TDMRX)   Templeton Dev Mrkt;R
USA: (TDF)   Templeton Dragon Fund
USA: (TEMMX)   Templeton Em Mk SC;A
USA: (TEMZX)   Templeton Em Mk SC;Adv
USA: (TCEMX)   Templeton Em Mk SC;C
USA: (EMF)   Templeton Emerging Markets Fund
USA: (TEI)   Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund
USA: (TEMFX)   Templeton Foreign Fund A
USA: (FINEX)   Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies Fund A
USA: (TFMAX)   Templeton Front Mkt;A
USA: (FFRZX)   Templeton Front Mkt;Adv
USA: (FFRMX)   Templeton Front Mkt;C
USA: (TPINX)   Templeton Gl Bond;A
USA: (TGBAX)   Templeton Gl Bond;Adv
USA: (TEGBX)   Templeton Gl Bond;C
USA: (FGBRX)   Templeton Gl Bond;R
USA: (TGTRX)   Templeton Gl Tot Rtn;A
USA: (TTRZX)   Templeton Gl Tot Rtn;Adv
USA: (TTRCX)   Templeton Gl Tot Rtn;C
USA: (GIM)   Templeton Global Income Fd
USA: (TEGOX)   Templeton Global Opportunities A
USA: (TEMGX)   Templeton Global Smaller Comp A
USA: (TEPLX)   Templeton Growth;A
USA: (TGESX)   Templeton Inst Global Equity Series Adv
USA: (TFEQX)   Templeton Instl Foreign Eq Ser Primary
USA: (TFSCX)   Templeton Instl Foreign Smaller Co Ser A
USA: (TBOAX)   Templeton Intl Bd;A
USA: (FIBZX)   Templeton Intl Bd;Adv
USA: (FCNBX)   Templeton Intl Bd;C
USA: (TRF)   Templeton Russia and East European Fund Inc.
USA: (TEMWX)   Templeton World A
USA: (TPL)   Texas Pacific Land Trus
USA: (HYP)   The High Yield Plus Fund Inc.
USA: (THPGX)   Thompson Plumb Growth Fund
USA: (THPMX)   Thompson Plumb MidCap Fund
USA: (THOPX)   Thompson Plumb:Bond
USA: (AAHYX)   Thrivent Diversified Income Plus Fund
USA: (TIBFX)   TIAA-CREF:Bond Plus;Inst
USA: (TAAGX)   Timothy Plan Aggressive Growth Fund A
USA: (TPIAX)   Timothy Plan International Fund A
USA: (TLGAX)   Timothy Plan Large-Mid Cap Growth Fund
USA: (TPLNX)   Timothy Plan Small-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (TCGAX)   Timothy Plan:Csv Gr;A
USA: (TPDAX)   Timothy Plan:Def Str;A
USA: (TFIAX)   Timothy Plan:Fx-Inc;A
USA: (TPHAX)   Timothy Plan:HY Bond;A
USA: (TLVAX)   Timothy Plan:Lg/MCV;A
USA: (TSGAX)   Timothy Plan:Str Gr;A
USA: (TKS)   Tomkins PLC
USA: (TSCO)   Tractor Supply Compan
USA: (TMY)   Transmeridian Exploration Incorporate
USA: (TRIB)   Trinity Biotech pl
USA: (TTPA)   Trintech Group PL
USA: (TCMI)   Triple Crown Media Inc.
USA: (TPPPF)   Triple P N.V.
USA: (GTS)   Triple-S Management Corporation
USA: (TPVG)   TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.
USA: (BPBDX)   UBS Core Plus Bond;Y
USA: (UPL)   Ultra Petroleum Corp.
USA: (UL)   Unilever plc
USA: (PANL)   Universal Display Corporation
USA: (UPLD)   Upland Software, Inc.
USA: (UPI)   Uroplasty, Inc.
USA: (VDC)   Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF
USA: (VEXPX)   Vanguard Explorer Fund Inv
USA: (VINEX)   Vanguard International Explorer Fund
USA: (VPL)   Vanguard Pacific Stock ETF
USA: (VSLPX)   Vanguard Structured Large-Cap Eq I Plus
USA: (VSGPX)   Vanguard Structured Lg-Cap Gr Instl Plus
USA: (VSLVX)   Vanguard Structured Lg-Cap Val Inst Plus
USA: (VPLGX)   Vantagepoint L-T Growth
USA: (VTS)   Vantis plc
USA: (VIDE)   Video Display Corporation
USA: (PLXGX)   Virtus:Strat Growth;I
USA: (WPL)   W.P. Stewart & Co., Ltd.
USA: (WCG)   WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
USA: (EVSAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Disciplined U.S. Core Fund A
USA: (STYAX)   WellsFargo:Inc Plus;A
USA: (WTIBX)   Westcore:Plus Bnd;Rtl
USA: (WACPX)   Western Asset Core Pl;I
USA: (WHLYX)   Wintrust Capital Disciplined Equity Y
USA: (PLBEX)   Wisconsin:Plumb Equity
USA: (DPN)   WisdomTree International Cons Staples
USA: (WOS)   Wolseley plc (ADR)
USA: (WPPGY)   WPP Group pl
USA: (YELL)   Yell Group plc
INDIA: (BEPL) Bhansali Engg Polymers Ltd.    (500052)
INDIA: (BPL) BPL Limited    (500074)
INDIA: (CENTURYPLY) Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.    (532548)
INDIA: (CHEMPLAST) ChemPlast Sanmar Ltd.    (506355)
INDIA: (CIPLA) Cipla Ltd.    (500087)
INDIA: (GREENPLY) Greenply Industries Ltd.    (526797)
INDIA: (GSPL) Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.    (532702)
INDIA: (HINDOILEXP) Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd.    (500186)
INDIA: (HINPOWPLUS) Hindustan PowerPlus Ltd.    (517244)
INDIA: () IT People (India) Ltd.    (532342)
INDIA: (JAICORPLTD) Jai Corporation Ltd.    (512237)
INDIA: () KPL International Ltd.    (524119)
INDIA: (MRPL) Mangalore Refinery & Petro Ltd.    (500109)
INDIA: (MATHPLATT) Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd.    (532469)
INDIA: (PLASTIBLEN) Plastiblends India    (523648)
INDIA: (PLETHICO) Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd.    (532739)
INDIA: (POLYPLEX) Polyplex Corporation Ltd.    (524051)
INDIA: (RPL) Reliance Petroleum Ltd    (532743)
INDIA: (SHIV-VANI) Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Ltd.    (522175)
INDIA: (SIMPLEXINF) Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.    (523838)
INDIA: () Simplex Realty Ltd    (503229)
INDIA: (SOLAREX) Solar Explosives Ltd.    (532725)
INDIA: (SAPL) South Asian PetroChem Ltd.    (532452)
INDIA: (TNPL) Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers    (531426)
INDIA: (TIMETECHNO) Time Technoplast Ltd.    (532856)
INDIA: (TINPLATE) TinPlate Company Of India Ltd.    (504966)
INDIA: () Walchand Peoplefirst    (501370)