S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (GTDDX)   AIM Developing Markets Fund
USA: (EUEYX)   Alpine Cyclical Advantage Property Y
USA: (ADVDX)   Alpine Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AEMEX)   Alpine Emerging Markets Real Estate
USA: (AWCGX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Cons Gro
USA: (AIFRX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Infr
USA: (EGLRX)   Alpine Eq:Intl RE;Y
USA: (AGD)   Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AWP)   Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund
USA: (ATOIX)   Alpine Inc:UlSh TO;Inv
USA: (AIGYX)   Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund A
USA: (AOD)   Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (ADTRX)   Alpine Transformations Fund I
USA: (AADDX)   Alpine:Accelerating Div
USA: (ADFSX)   Alpine:Dynamic Fin Svc
USA: (ADINX)   Alpine:Dynamic Innvtrs
USA: (AMDWX)   Amana:Developing World
USA: (ASC)   Ardmore Shipping Corporation
USA: (CPN)   Calpine Corporation
USA: (LYV)   CCE Spinco, Inc.
USA: (CDR)   Cedar Shopping Centers Inc
USA: (CSD)   Claymore/Clear Spin-Off
USA: (SEA)   Claymore/Delta Global Shipping
USA: (DSG)   Diamond S Shipping Group, Inc.
USA: (DSX)   Diana Shipping Inc.
USA: (EGLE)   Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
USA: (EPINX)   Epiphany FFV Strat Inc;N
USA: (GNK)   Genco Shippin
USA: (GSTL)   Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.
USA: (KOPN)   Kopin Corporation
USA: (LPR)   Lone Pine Resources Inc.
USA: (LAGWX)   Lord Abbett Developing Growth Fund A
USA: (MPINX)   MassMutual Prem:Dsp V;N
USA: (MLP)   Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc.
USA: (MCX)   MC Shipping Inc.
USA: (NAT)   Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited
USA: (ORCI)   Opinion Research Corp.
USA: (PRGN)   Paragon Shipping Inc.
USA: (PHI)   Philippine Long Dist Tele
USA: (POGSX)   Pin Oak Equity
USA: (PBFOX)   PineBridge US Focus Equity I
USA: (PBDBX)   PineBridge US Mid Cap Growth I
USA: (PBMBX)   PineBridge:Micro Cp Gr;I
USA: (PBSBX)   PineBridge:Sm Cap Gr;I
USA: (PNCL)   Pinnacle Airlines Corp.
USA: (PLE)   Pinnacle Bancshares Inc.
USA: (PNS)   Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc.
USA: (PNK)   Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (PNFP)   Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
USA: (PF)   Pinnacle Foods Inc.
USA: (PINN)   Pinnacle Gas Resources, Inc.
USA: (PVFIX)   Pinnacle Value Fund
USA: (PNW)   Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
USA: (PINDX)   Pioneer Independence Fund A
USA: (PIN)   PowerShares India
USA: (PINPX)   Principal Diversified International R5 Fund
USA: (PINIX)   Principal International I Fund Inst
USA: (PINZX)   Principal International Value I Instl
USA: (PINCX)   Putnam Income;A
USA: (PINOX)   Putnam International Growth Fund A
USA: (PINVX)   Putnam Investors Fund
USA: (SDMGX)   Sit Developing Mkts
USA: (TK)   Teekay Shipping Corporatio
USA: (TPINX)   Templeton Gl Bond;A
USA: (TPTX)   TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (USS)   U.S. Shipping Partners L.P.
USA: (UNN)   Unum Group Pines
USA: (VPINX)   Vantagepoint International Fund
USA: (ZPIN)   Zhaopin Limited
USA: (HOGS)   Zhongpin Inc.
INDIA: (ESSARSHIP) Essar Shipping Ltd.    (500630)
INDIA: (GESHIPPING) Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.    (500620)
INDIA: (LUPIN) Lupin Ltd.    (500257)
INDIA: (NAHARSPG) Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.    (500296)
INDIA: (SCI) Shipping Corp Of India Ltd.    (523598)
INDIA: (SHREYAS) Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd.    (520151)
INDIA: (SIGROUPIND) SI Group India Ltd.    (506460)
INDIA: (VIPIND) V.I.P. Industries Ltd.    (507880)
INDIA: (VARUNSHIP) Varun Shipping Co. Ltd.    (500465)
INDIA: () Vertex Spinning Ltd.    (531544)