S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (CTAC)   1-800 Contacts, Inc.
USA: (ACSEF)   ACS Motion Control Ltd.
USA: (CLERX)   AdvisorOne Clermont N
USA: (APITX)   API Efficient Frontier Growth C
USA: (APIGX)   API Trust Efficient Frontier Capital Income Fund
USA: (MCGFX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Growth Fund N
USA: (AMCMX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Mid Cap Growth Fund N
USA: (BMO)   Bank of Montreal (USA)
USA: (BONT)   Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
USA: (WEL)   Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc.
USA: (BKBK)   Britton & Koontz Capital Corporation
USA: (CV)   Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
USA: (PLTE)   Claymont Steel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SMGIX)   Columbia Contrarian Core Z
USA: (SLFRX)   Columbia:Frontier;A
USA: (CTCT)   Constant Contact, Inc.
USA: (TCS)   Container Store Group, Inc.
USA: (MCF)   Contango Oil & Gas Company
USA: (CAL)   Continental Airlines, Inc.
USA: (CBPX)   Continental Building Products, Inc.
USA: (CUO)   Continental Materials Corporation
USA: (CLR)   Continental Resources, Inc.
USA: (CNU)   Continuum In
USA: (CTRL)   Control4 Corporation
USA: (MCM)   Controladora Comercial Mexicana
USA: (DLM)   Del Monte Foods Company
USA: (DFCSX)   DFA Cont Small Co;I
USA: (DXDLX)   Direxion Monthly Developed Markets Bull 2x Fund Inv
USA: (DRIVX)   Dreman Contrarian International Value Fund Retail
USA: (DRMVX)   Dreman Contrarian Mid Cap Value Instl
USA: (DRSVX)   Dreman Contrarian Small Cap Value Fund
USA: (DAMDX)   Dunham:Monthly Distr;A
USA: (DCMDX)   Dunham:Monthly Distr;C
USA: (DCMEX)   Dupont Cap Emg Mkts;I
USA: (DD)   DuPont De Nemours & Co
USA: (DFT)   DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.
USA: (DWGVX)   Dynamic Contrarian Advantage I
USA: (RIMAX)   Federated InterContinental Fund A
USA: (FCNTX)   Fidelity Contrafund
USA: (FCNKX)   Fidelity Contrafund;K
USA: (FMT)   Fremont General Corporation
USA: (FDP)   Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
USA: (IBSMX)   Frontegra IronBridge SMID Fund Instl
USA: (IBSCX)   Frontegra IronBridge Small Cap Fund
USA: (FMHIX)   Frontegra Mastholm International Equity Fund
USA: (FNSVX)   Frontegra Netols Small Cap Value Fund Instl
USA: (FRIGX)   Frontegra:Col Core
USA: (FRTRX)   Frontegra:Col Core+;Inst
USA: (FHEMX)   Frontegra:Hexam Emg Mkt
USA: (FTSGX)   Frontegra:Tmpni SCG;Inst
USA: (FRNT)   Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FTR)   Frontier Communications Corp
USA: (FTBK)   Frontier Financial Corporation
USA: (FTO)   Frontier Oil Corporation
USA: (FRO)   Frontline Ltd.
USA: (GRAM)   Graņa y Montero S.A.A
USA: (GCC)   GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index
USA: (UCNN)   inContact, Inc.
USA: (SAAS)   inContact, Inc.
USA: (ICD)   Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.
USA: (ICE)   Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
USA: (IHG)   InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (ADR)
USA: (IBGFX)   IronBridge Frontegra Global Fund
USA: (ITRN)   Ituran Location and Control Ltd.
USA: (JACNX)   Janus Contrarian;D
USA: (JLI)   Jesup & Lamont, Inc.
USA: (JMBI)   Jesup & Lamont, Inc.
USA: (JCI)   Johnson Controls, Inc.
USA: (LANZ)   Lancer Orthodontics Inc.
USA: (LIMC)   Limco-Piedmont Inc.
USA: (MONTX)   Monetta Fund
USA: (MFICX)   Monteagle Fixed Income;C
USA: (MGGAX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;A
USA: (MIICX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;C
USA: (MIIFX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;I
USA: (MFGIX)   Monteagle Quality Growth Fund I
USA: (MVFAX)   Monteagle Select Value;A
USA: (MVECX)   Monteagle Select Value;C
USA: (MVEIX)   Monteagle Select Value;I
USA: (MVRGX)   Monteagle Value:I
USA: (MVRAX)   Monteagle Value;A
USA: (MVRCX)   Monteagle Value;C
USA: (PSTA)   Monterey Gourmet Foods, Inc.
USA: (MTS)   Montgomery Street Income Securities Inc.
USA: (MRH)   Montpelier RE Holdings Ltd
USA: (MHFAX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;A
USA: (MHFCX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;C
USA: (NOOF)   New Frontier Media, Inc.
USA: (NEM)   Newmont Mining Corporation (Holding Company)
USA: (ONT)   ON2.com In
USA: (ONTX)   Onconova Therapeutics
USA: (ONTY)   Oncothyreon Inc.
USA: (PCBK)   Pacific Continental Corporation (Ore)
USA: (PNY)   Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.
USA: (PDM)   Piedmont Office Realty Trust
USA: (PSVFX)   Piedmont Select Equity Fund
USA: (PCON)   Poseidon Containers Holdings Corp.
USA: (PMNA)   PowerShares MENA Frontier Countries
USA: (RADCX)   Rady Contrarian Lng/Sh;C
USA: (RADIX)   Rady Contrarian Lng/Sh;I
USA: (REFR)   Research Frontiers Incorporate
USA: (RIC)   Richmont Mines Inc. (USA)
USA: (RLGAX)   RiverFront LT G&I;A
USA: (RLGCX)   RiverFront LT G&I;C
USA: (RLIIX)   RiverFront LT G&I;I
USA: (RLTAX)   RiverFront LT Gro;A
USA: (RLTCX)   RiverFront LT Gro;C
USA: (RLFIX)   RiverFront LT Gro;I
USA: (RLTSX)   RiverFront LT Gro;Inv
USA: (RLTIX)   RiverFront LT Gro;L
USA: (BOX)   SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.
USA: (SSCC)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporatio
USA: (SSCCP)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
USA: (SONT)   Sontra Medical Corporation
USA: (BIL)   SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Month T-Bill
USA: (SPEC)   Spectrum Control, Inc.
USA: (TFMAX)   Templeton Front Mkt;A
USA: (FFRZX)   Templeton Front Mkt;Adv
USA: (FFRMX)   Templeton Front Mkt;C
USA: (TD)   Toronto Dominion Bank (The
USA: (TCI)   Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc.
USA: (TLP)   Transmontaigne Partners L.P
USA: (UAL)   United Continental Holdings, Inc.
USA: (USL)   United States 12 Month Oil
USA: (VMI)   Valmont Industries, Inc.
USA: (VPS)   Vermont Pure Holdings, Ltd.
USA: (WMCO)   Williams Controls, Inc.
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: () Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.    (532811)
INDIA: (CONCOR) Container Corporation of India    (531344)
INDIA: () Integra Hindustan Control    (517250)
INDIA: (LAKSELECON) Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems    (504258)