S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for NYX:
USA: (ALNYX)   AllianceBern Muni Income NY A
USA: (OPNYX)   AMT-Free New York Municipals
USA: (BWNYX)   Bullfinch Greater Western New York Fund
USA: (GANYX)   Columbia NY Intermediate Muni Bd T
USA: (FTNYX)   Delaware Tax-Free NY A
USA: (PSNYX)   Dreyfus NY AMT-Free;A
USA: (DRNYX)   Dreyfus NY Tax Ex Bond
USA: (EXNYX)   Eaton Vance NY LM;A
USA: (ELNYX)   Eaton Vance NY LM;B
USA: (EZNYX)   Eaton Vance NY LM;C
USA: (ETNYX)   Eaton Vance NY Muni;A
USA: (EVNYX)   Eaton Vance NY Muni;B
USA: (ECNYX)   Eaton Vance NY Muni;C
USA: (EINYX)   Eaton Vance NY Muni;I
USA: (FRNYX)   Franklin NY Insured Tax-Free Inc A
USA: (VBNYX)   Invesco VK NY TF Inc;B
USA: (JHNYX)   J Hancock NY TxF Inc;A
USA: (SBNYX)   Legg Mason WA New York Municipals A
USA: (LTNYX)   Limited Term New York Municipal Fund
USA: (IMNYX)   LM WA Int Mat NY Muni;A
USA: (LANYX)   Lord Abbett NY Tax-Free Income A
USA: (MMNYX)   MassMutual Prem:I Bd;Y
USA: (MSNYX)   MFS NY Muni Bond;A
USA: (MBNYX)   MFS NY Muni Bond;B
USA: (MCNYX)   MFS NY Muni Bond;C
USA: (MNNYX)   Munder:Growth Opptys;Y
USA: (NINYX)   Nuveen NY Ins Muni;I
USA: (NTNYX)   Nuveen NY Municipal Bond I
USA: (NYX)   NYSE Group
USA: (ONXX)   ONYX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ONXS)   Onyx Software Corporation
USA: (RINYX)   Russell International Developed Markets Fund Y
USA: (SNNYX)   S Bernstein:NY Muni;NY
USA: (SENYX)   SEI Tax-Exempt NY Municipal Bond
USA: (PRNYX)   T Rowe Price Tx-Fr:NY Bd
USA: (THNYX)   Thornburg NY Intermediate Municipal A
USA: (BMNYX)   UBS Mkt Ntrl Mlti-Str;Y
USA: (RARE)   Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.
USA: (VLNYX)   Value Line NY Tx Ex Tr