S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (BCP)   Banque Centrale Populaire
USA: (BODY)   Body Central Acquisition Corp.
USA: (CTRA)   Centra Software Inc.
USA: (CEBK)   Central Bancorp, Inc
USA: (CEE)   Central Europe and Russia Fund Inc.
USA: (CEDC)   Central European Distribution Corp
USA: (CETV)   Central European Media Enterprises Ltd.
USA: (CFBK)   Central Federal Corporation
USA: (CENF)   Central Freight Lines Inc.
USA: (CEF)   Central Fund of Canada Limited
USA: (CENT)   Central Garden & Pet Company
USA: (CENTA)   Central Garden & Pet Company
USA: (CJBK)   Central Jersey Bancorp
USA: (CPF)   Central Pacific Financial Corp.
USA: (CPC)   Central Parking Corporation.
USA: (CET)   Central Securities Corporation
USA: (CVCY)   Central Valley Community Bancorp
USA: (CV)   Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
USA: (CVBK)   Central Virginia Bankshares, Inc.
USA: (SMGIX)   Columbia Contrarian Core Z
USA: (CCBD)   Community Central Bank Corporation
USA: (DRIVX)   Dreman Contrarian International Value Fund Retail
USA: (DRMVX)   Dreman Contrarian Mid Cap Value Instl
USA: (DRSVX)   Dreman Contrarian Small Cap Value Fund
USA: (DWGVX)   Dynamic Contrarian Advantage I
USA: (ETAD)   Entrade Inc.
USA: (EVC)   Entravision Communications Corporation
USA: (FCNTX)   Fidelity Contrafund
USA: (FCNKX)   Fidelity Contrafund;K
USA: (GCRIX)   Goldman Sachs Concentrated Growth Fund I
USA: (GSIFX)   Goldman Sachs Concentrated International Equity Fund A
USA: (ICD)   Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.
USA: (IBPI)   IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (IL)   IntraLinks Holdings, Inc.
USA: (ITRA)   Intraware, Inc.
USA: (IDR)   Intrawest Corporation
USA: (SNOW)   Intrawest Resorts Holdings, Inc.
USA: (JACNX)   Janus Contrarian;D
USA: (NTRA)   Natera, Inc.
USA: (FFFD)   North Central Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (RADCX)   Rady Contrarian Lng/Sh;C
USA: (RADIX)   Rady Contrarian Lng/Sh;I
USA: (RENT)   Rentrak Corporation
USA: (RNG)   RingCentral, Inc.
USA: (SEFAX)   Rydex/SGI Large Cap Concentrated Growth Fund A
USA: (SIEN)   Sientra, Inc.
USA: (SONT)   Sontra Medical Corporation
USA: (TGFVX)   TCW Concentrated Value N
USA: (TTOPX)   Turner Concentrated Growth Equity Fund
INDIA: () Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.    (532811)
INDIA: (ANANTRAJ) Anant Raj Industries Ltd.    (515055)