S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ANNIX)   Allianz NACM Convertible I
USA: (BNNY)   Annie's, Inc.
USA: (avy)   Avery Dennison Corporation
USA: (CBHI)   Centennial Bank Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CEY)   Centennial Coal Company Limited
USA: (CYCL)   Centennial Communications Corporation
USA: (EBF)   Ennis Business Forms In
USA: (FMILX)   Fidelity New Millennium
USA: (FPPFX)   FPA Perennial Fund
USA: (JEN)   Jennifer Convertibles, Inc.
USA: (EXEYX)   Manning & Napier Equity Fund
USA: (EXOSX)   Manning & Napier Overseas Fund
USA: (EXDAX)   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Conservative Term Fund
USA: (MNSMX)   Manning & Napier Small Cap Fund
USA: (EXWAX)   Manning & Napier World Opportunities Fund A
USA: (MN)   Manning & Napier, Inc.
USA: (MNHYX)   Manning&Napier:HY Bond
USA: (EXHAX)   Manning&Napier:PB Max;S
USA: (MNREX)   Manning&Napier:Real Est
USA: (MM)   Millennial Media, Inc.
USA: (MBVA)   Millennium Bankshares Corporation
USA: (MCEL)   Millennium Cell Inc.
USA: (MQC.U)   Millennium India Acquisition Company Inc. Units
USA: (MLNM)   Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (NNI)   Nelnet, Inc.
USA: (PH)   Parker-Hannifin Corporation
USA: (PNNW)   Pennichuck Corporatio
USA: (PBQFX)   Prudential Jennison Blend Fund B
USA: (TBDAX)   Prudential Jennison Conservative Growth Fund A
USA: (PJFAX)   Prudential Jennison Growth Fund A
USA: (PRGNX)   Prudential Jennison Natural Resources B
USA: (SPFAX)   Prudential Jennison Select Growth Fund A
USA: (PGOAX)   Prudential Jennison Small Company Fund A
USA: (CHNDX)   Prudential Jennison Small Company Fund, Inc. B
USA: (TMRFX)   Third Millennium Russia Fund
USA: (TJNIX)   Transamerica Jennison Growth I2
INDIA: (BRITANNIA) Britannia Industries Ltd.    (500825)
INDIA: (NAHARSPG) Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.    (500296)
INDIA: () Vertex Spinning Ltd.    (531544)