S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ANJIX)   Allianz NFJ International Value Fund Instl
USA: (ABNJ)   American Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc.
USA: (BCBP)   BCB Bancorp Inc. (NJ)
USA: (BFBC)   Benjamin Franklin Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (RNJ)   BlackRock New Jersey Investment Quality Municipal Trust
USA: (CBNJ)   Cape Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CNJFX)   Commonwealth Japan Fund
USA: (FINJX)   First Inv Tax Ex:NJ;A
USA: (NJPAX)   HighMark:Equity Inc;A
USA: (NJPBX)   HighMark:Equity Inc;B
USA: (NJPCX)   HighMark:Equity Inc;C
USA: (NJPFX)   HighMark:Equity Inc;Fid
USA: (JNJ)   Johnson & Johnson
USA: (LBBB)   Liberty Bell Bank (NJ)
USA: (ONJAX)   New Jersey Municipal Fund
USA: (NJR)   New Jersey Resources Corporation
USA: (NJ)   Nidec Corporation (ADR)
USA: (PNEAX)   PIMCO NJF Equity Income Fund
INDIA: () Amrutanjan Limited    (590006)
INDIA: (GITANJALI) Gitanjali Gems Ltd.    (532715)
INDIA: (MUNJALSHOW) Munjal Showa Ltd.    (520043)
INDIA: (PUNJLLOYD) Punj Lloyd Limited    (532693)
INDIA: (PNB) Punjab National Bank    (532461)
INDIA: (PUNJABTRAC) Punjab Tractors Ltd.    (500344)