S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='NE') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for NE:
USA: (NEE)  
USA: (CNCT)   180 Connect Inc
USA: (VNET)   21Vianet Group, Inc.
USA: (CAFD)   8point3 Energy Partners LP
USA: (AONE)   A123 Systems, Inc.
USA: (ABLE)   Able Energy Inc
USA: (ABVT)   AboveNet, Inc.
USA: (AFBIX)   Access One:Fx Br HY;Inv
USA: (FYAIX)   Access One:Fx HY;Inv
USA: (AEMI)   Access to Money, Inc.
USA: (AE)   Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
USA: (ADAP)   Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC
USA: (PVD)   Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones-Provida S.A.
USA: (AEIS)   Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
USA: (ASX)   Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.
USA: (CLSAX)   AdvisorOne Amerigo Fund
USA: (CLERX)   AdvisorOne Clermont N
USA: (CLCCX)   AdvisorOne:Amerigo;C
USA: (CLDEX)   AdvisorOne:Descartes;N
USA: (CLEIX)   AdvisorOne:Enhcd Inc;N
USA: (CLFLX)   AdvisorOne:Flex Inc;N
USA: (CHRVX)   AdvisorOne:Reservoir;N
USA: (CLACX)   AdvisorOne:Select App;N
USA: (CLSHX)   AdvisorOne:Shelter;N
USA: (UNECX)   Advisors New Concepts Fund A
USA: (ANW)   Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc
USA: (HIVE)   Aerohive Networks, Inc.
USA: (AEM)   Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
USA: (AEMLW)   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
USA: (IENAX)   AIM Energy Fund
USA: (AIMT)   Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ANS)   AirNet Systems, Inc.
USA: (AIRN)   Airspan Networks Inc.
USA: (AYE)   Allegheny Energy Inc
USA: (AOI)   Alliance One International Inc
USA: (ARLP)   Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
USA: (LNT)   Alliant Energy Corporation
USA: (DRIEX)   Allianz RCM Disciplined International Equity Fund Inst
USA: (PNEBX)   Allianz:NFJ D Vl;B
USA: (PNECX)   Allianz:NFJ D Vl;C
USA: (PNERX)   Allianz:NFJ D Vl;R
USA: (DGHCX)   Allianz:RCM Wellness;D
USA: (ARDIX)   AllianzGI Disciplined Equity Fund Inst
USA: (ANV)   Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
USA: (ALJ)   Alon USA Energy, Inc.
USA: (ALDW)   Alon USA Partners, LP
USA: (AOMAX)   AlphaOne Mic Cp Eq;Inv
USA: (AOSAX)   AlphaOne Sm Cp Gro;Inv
USA: (EUEYX)   Alpine Cyclical Advantage Property Y
USA: (ADVDX)   Alpine Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AEMEX)   Alpine Emerging Markets Real Estate
USA: (AWCGX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Cons Gro
USA: (AIFRX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Infr
USA: (EGLRX)   Alpine Eq:Intl RE;Y
USA: (AGD)   Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AWP)   Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund
USA: (ATOIX)   Alpine Inc:UlSh TO;Inv
USA: (AIGYX)   Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund A
USA: (AOD)   Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (ADTRX)   Alpine Transformations Fund I
USA: (AADDX)   Alpine:Accelerating Div
USA: (ADFSX)   Alpine:Dynamic Fin Svc
USA: (ADINX)   Alpine:Dynamic Innvtrs
USA: (ALTM)   Alternate Marketing Networks Inc.
USA: (AANI)   Amedia Networks Inc
USA: (TWNOX)   Amer Cent:New Oppty;Inv
USA: (ABNJ)   American Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc.
USA: (ANOIX)   American Century New Opportunities Fund II
USA: (ACLI)   American Commercial Lines Inc
USA: (ADPI)   American Dental Partners, Inc.
USA: (INEAX)   American Express High Yield Bond Fund
USA: (CNGAX)   American Funds NEco;5A
USA: (CNGBX)   American Funds NEco;5B
USA: (CNGCX)   American Funds NEco;5C
USA: (CNGEX)   American Funds NEco;5E
USA: (CNGFX)   American Funds NEco;5F-1
USA: (ANEFX)   American Funds NEco;A
USA: (ANFBX)   American Funds NEco;B
USA: (ANFCX)   American Funds NEco;C
USA: (ANFFX)   American Funds NEco;F-1
USA: (NEFFX)   American Funds NEco;F-2
USA: (RNGAX)   American Funds NEco;R-1
USA: (RNGBX)   American Funds NEco;R-2
USA: (RNGCX)   American Funds NEco;R-3
USA: (RNGEX)   American Funds NEco;R-4
USA: (RNGFX)   American Funds NEco;R-5
USA: (RNGGX)   American Funds NEco;R-6
USA: (NEWFX)   American Funds NWld;A
USA: (NEWBX)   American Funds NWld;B
USA: (NEWCX)   American Funds NWld;C
USA: (AMID)   American Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (AOB)   American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc.
USA: (APPX)   American Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc.
USA: (ACP)   American Real Estate Partner, L. P.
USA: (ASEI)   American Science and Engineering, Inc.
USA: (APU)   AmeriGas Partners, L.P.
USA: (OPNYX)   AMT-Free New York Municipals
USA: (ANEN)   Anaren, Inc.
USA: (ANSV)   Anesiva, Inc.
USA: (AM)   Antero Midstream Partners LP
USA: (SIL)   Apex Silver Mines Limite
USA: (APN)   APN News and Media Limited
USA: (AERG)   Applied Energetics, Inc.
USA: (AGTC)   Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
USA: (APTI)   AptiView Business Solutions Limited
USA: (ARBX)   Arbinet-thexchange, Inc.
USA: (ARCX)   Arc Logistics Partners LP
USA: (ASN)   Archstone Smith Trust
USA: (ARIS)   ARI Network Services Inc.
USA: (ANET)   Arista Networks, Inc.
USA: (APAM)   Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc.
USA: (ARUN)   Aruba Networks, Inc.
USA: (ALC)   Assisted Living Concepts, Inc. New
USA: (ANIIX)   Aston/Neptune International Fund I
USA: (AZN)   AstraZeneca PLC (ADR)
USA: (ATHL)   Athlon Energy Inc.
USA: (AAPC)   Atlantic Alliance Partnership Corp.
USA: (ATNI)   Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
USA: (ATN)   Atlas Energy Resources, LLC
USA: (AHD)   Atlas Pipeline Holdings, L.P.
USA: (APL)   Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (ATO)   Atmos Energy Corp
USA: (ATOS)   Atossa Genetics, Inc.
USA: (AZK)   Aurizon Mines Ltd.
USA: (AEN)   Austral Pac Energy Ltd.
USA: (ANZ)   Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited
USA: (ANET)   Authorize.Net Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AIMM)   Autommune Inc.
USA: (AZO)   Autozone Inc
USA: (AVNX)   Avanex Corporation
USA: (AVR)   Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (AVNW)   Aviat Networks, Inc
USA: (AVT)   Avnet Inc
USA: (AXO)   AXS-One Inc.
USA: (BOSC)   B.O.S. Better Online Solutions
USA: (BHH)   B2B Internet HOLDRs
USA: (BTN)   Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc.
USA: (BKJ)   Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc.
USA: (BOMK)   Bank McKenney
USA: (BANR)   Banner Corporation
USA: (BKS)   Barnes & Noble Inc
USA: (B)   Barnes Group Inc
USA: (BPTRX)   Baron Partners Fund Retail
USA: (CUDA)   Barracuda Networks, Inc.
USA: (BBSI)   Barrett Business Services, Inc.
USA: (BAS)   Basic Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (BTE)   Baytex Energy Trust
USA: (BNCL)   Beneficial Mutual Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (BNFT)   Benefitfocus, Inc.
USA: (BNG)   Benetton Group S.p.A
USA: (BERCX)   Berwyn Cornerstone
USA: (BGMD)   BG Medicine, Inc.
USA: (BGCP)   BGC Partners, Inc.
USA: (BBND)   BigBand Networks, Inc.
USA: (BIOF)   BioFuel Energy Corp.
USA: (BDMS)   Birner Dental Mgmt. Services
USA: (BGR)   Black Rock Global Energy and Resources Trust
USA: (BSM)   Black Stone Minerals, L.P.
USA: (HAWK)   Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SSGRX)   BlackRock Energy & Resources Inv A
USA: (MNE)   Blackrock Muni New York Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
USA: (MUJ)   BlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MHN)   BlackRock MuniHoldings New York Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYJ)   BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund Inc.
USA: (MJI)   BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYN)   BlackRock MuniYield New York Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (RNJ)   BlackRock New Jersey Investment Quality Municipal Trust
USA: (BLN)   BlackRock New York Insured Municipal 2008 Term Trust Inc.
USA: (BSE)   Blackrock New York Insured Municipal Income Trust
USA: (RNY)   BlackRock New York Investment Quality Municipal Trust
USA: (PNESX)   BlackRock:Idx Eq;Svc
USA: (BDCO)   Blue Dolphin Energy Company
USA: (BPMC)   Blueprint Medicines Corporation
USA: (BMPEX)   BM&O Partners
USA: (BWP)   Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
USA: (BDE)   Bois d.Arc Energy, Inc.
USA: (BCEI)   Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.
USA: (ACBGX)   Bonnel Growth Fund
USA: (BWA)   BorgWarner Inc.
USA: (EPAY)   Bottomline Technologies
USA: (BNE)   Bowne & Co., Inc.
USA: (BWAFX)   Brandywine Advisors Midcap Growth Fund
USA: (BLUEX)   Brandywine Blue Fund
USA: (BRWIX)   Brandywine Fund
USA: (BDN)   Brandywine Realty Trust
USA: (BBEP)   BreitBurn Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (BLSW)   Bridgeline Software, Inc.
USA: (BRSE)   BrightSource Energy, Inc.
USA: (BIP)   Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.
USA: (BRKL)   Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (BW)   Brush Engineered Material
USA: (BPL)   Buckeye Partners, L.P.
USA: (BWNYX)   Bullfinch Greater Western New York Fund
USA: (BOBJ)   Business Objects S.A.
USA: (CJES)   C&J Energy Services
USA: (CSTE)   CaesarStone Sdot-Yam Ltd.
USA: (CALM)   Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.
USA: (CVSIX)   Calamos:Mkt Neut Inc;A
USA: (CPN)   Calpine Corporation
USA: (CLMT)   Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
USA: (CGAEX)   Calvert Global Alternative Energy A
USA: (SNG)   Canadian Superior Energy Inc
USA: (CNR)   CanArgo Energy Corporatio
USA: (CGIX)   Cancer Genetics, Inc.
USA: (CD)   Cantex Mine Development Corp.
USA: (COF)   Capital One Financial Corporation
USA: (CPLP)   Capital Product Partners L.P.
USA: (CPST)   Capstone Turbine Corporation
USA: (BEAT)   CardioNet, Inc.
USA: (CKEC)   Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
USA: (WVLIX)   Carne Large Cap Value Fund Institutional
USA: (CASY)   Casey's General Stores, Inc.
USA: (CPRX)   Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc.
USA: (CESI)   Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (CATY)   Cathay General Bancorp
USA: (CAVM)   Cavium Networks, Inc.
USA: (CPV)   Cbs Corp New
USA: (CE)   Celanese Corporation
USA: (CELG)   Celgene Corporation
USA: (CEGE)   Cell Genesys, Inc.
USA: (CNC)   Centene Corporation
USA: (CNP)   CenterPoint Energy, Inc (Holding Co)
USA: (CENF)   Central Freight Lines Inc.
USA: (CNLI)   Centre Lane Investment
USA: (CRDN)   Ceradyne, Inc.
USA: (CRNT)   Ceragon Networks Ltd.
USA: (CERN)   Cerner Corporation
USA: (CHG)   CH Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (ECOM)   ChannelAdvisor Corporation
USA: (CHNL)   Channell Commercial Corporation
USA: (CXSP)   Chemgenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd
USA: (CQH)   Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC
USA: (CQP)   Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (LNG)   Cheniere Energy, Inc.
USA: (CHK)   Chesapeake Energy Corporation
USA: (CHKM)   Chesapeake Midstream Partners, L.P.
USA: (CLIDX)   Cheswold Lane International High Dividend Fund Instl
USA: (CVR)   Chicago Rivet & Machine Co
USA: (CAEI)   China Architectural Engineering, Inc.
USA: (CEA)   China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd.
USA: (JRJC)   China Finance Online Co. Limited
USA: (NPD)   China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd.
USA: (CN)   China Netcom Group Corporation
USA: (BORN)   China New Borun Corporation
USA: (CSKI)   China Sky One Medical, Inc.
USA: (ZNH)   China Southern Airlines Limited
USA: (CSUN)   China Sunergy Co., Ltd.
USA: (XEC)   Cimarex Energy C
USA: (CIDM)   Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp.
USA: (CNK)   Cinemark Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CLAI)   Claimsnet.com inc.
USA: (GCE)   Claymore CEF GS Connect ETN
USA: (TAN)   Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy
USA: (FAA)   Claymore/NYSE Arca Airline
USA: (ENY)   Claymore/SWM Canadian Energy Income
USA: (CWEI)   Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
USA: (CLNE)   Clean Energy Fuels Corp
USA: (CCU)   Clear Channel Communications
USA: (CCO)   Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CLRO)   ClearOne Communications, Inc.
USA: (CPBRU)   ClearPoint Business Resources Inc.
USA: (CPBRW)   ClearPoint Business Resources Inc.
USA: (CPBR)   ClearPoint Business Resources, Inc.
USA: (CMS)   CMS Energy Corporation
USA: (CCNE)   CNB Financial Corporation
USA: (CNET)   CNET Networks, Inc.
USA: (CDE)   Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
USA: (CGNX)   Cognex Corporation
USA: (CGPI)   CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (CLRK)   Color Kinetics Incorporated
USA: (GEVTX)   Columbia Disciplined Value Z
USA: (CPPL)   Columbia Pipeline Partners LP
USA: (NEIAX)   Columbia:LgCp Index;A
USA: (CCZ)   Comcast Hld Zones1
USA: (EGR)   Commerce Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (NNN)   Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc.
USA: (CPBC)   Community Partners Bancorp
USA: (GGY)   Compagnie Generale de Geophysique
USA: (SBS)   Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo (ADR
USA: (CIG)   Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (ADR)
USA: (ELP)   Companhia Parana de Energy
USA: (CTC)   Compania de Telecomunicaciones de Chile S.A.
USA: (CMP)   Compass Minerals International, Inc.
USA: (CDCY)   CompuDyne Corporation
USA: (CITP)   COMSYS IT Partners, Inc.
USA: (CNNX)   CONE Midstream Partners LP
USA: (CCASX)   Conestoga Small Cap Fund
USA: (CNXT)   Conexant Systems, Inc.
USA: (CTBC)   Connecticut Bank and Trust Company (The)
USA: (CTWS)   Connecticut Water Service, Inc.
USA: (CNOB)   ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CNXR)   Connecture, Inc.
USA: (CNX)   Consol Energy Inc.
USA: (CEG)   Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (CEP)   Constellation Energy Partners LLC
USA: (CSLR)   Consulier Engineering, Inc.
USA: (TCS)   Container Store Group, Inc.
USA: (CAL)   Continental Airlines, Inc.
USA: (CBPX)   Continental Building Products, Inc.
USA: (CUO)   Continental Materials Corporation
USA: (CLR)   Continental Resources, Inc.
USA: (CPNO)   Copano Energy, L.L.C.
USA: (CRN)   Cornell Corrections Inc
USA: (CSCVX)   CornerCap:SmCap Value
USA: (CSOD)   Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.
USA: (CRF)   Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (CRSR)   Corsair Components, Inc.
USA: (COSN)   CoSine Communications, Inc.
USA: (CPL)   CPFL Energia S.A.
USA: (CR)   Crane Company
USA: (XTXI)   Crosstex Energy, Inc.
USA: (XTEX)   Crosstex Energy, L.P.
USA: (KRU)   Crusader Energy Group Inc.
USA: (CTP)   CTPartners Executive Search LLC
USA: (FZN)   Cuisine Solutions, Inc.
USA: (FXY)   CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust
USA: (CUSIF)   Cusac Gold Mines Ltd.
USA: (CTNA)   Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc.
USA: (CVI)   CVR Energy, Inc.
USA: (UAN)   CVR Partners, LP
USA: (CYDS)   Cygne Designs, Inc
USA: (CELP)   Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (CONE)   CyrusOne Inc.
USA: (CYTK)   Cytokinetics, Incorporated
USA: (DANKY)   Danka Business Systems PLC
USA: (NYVTX)   Davis New York Venture Fund A
USA: (DPM)   DCP Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (DCGN)   deCODE genetics, Inc.
USA: (VMM)   Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II
USA: (DKL)   Delek Logistics Partners, LP
USA: (DAL)   Delta Air Lines, Inc.
USA: (DVN)   Devon Energy Corporation
USA: (DGIT)   DG FastChannel Inc.
USA: (FANG)   Diamondback Energy, Inc.
USA: (DIGE)   Digene Corporation
USA: (DCIN)   Digital Cinema Destinations Corp.
USA: (DIN)   DineEquity, Inc.
USA: (DNEX)   Dionex Corporation
USA: (ERY)   Direxion Daily Energy Bear 3X Shares
USA: (ERX)   Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares
USA: (DPII)   Discovery Partners International, Inc.
USA: (DISH)   DISH Network Corp
USA: (DESC)   Distributed Energy Systems Corporation
USA: (DITC)   Ditech Networks, Inc.
USA: (DG)   Dollar General Corporation
USA: (DGICA)   Donegal Group Inc.
USA: (DGICB)   Donegal Group Inc.
USA: (DMLP)   Dorchester Minerals, L.P.
USA: (DBLFX)   DoubleLine:Cr Fxd In;I
USA: (DMLAX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;A
USA: (DMLIX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;I
USA: (DBLTX)   DoubleLine:Tot Rtn;I
USA: (DJ)   Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
USA Index: (^DJI)   Dow Jones Industrial Average
USA: (DSL)   Downey Financial Corp.
USA: (DDSTX)   Dreyfus Disciplined Stock Fund
USA: (SNIEX)   Dreyfus/Newton International Equity Fund I
USA: (DTE)   DTE Energy Company
USA: (DUK)   Duke Energy Corporation
USA: (DEP)   Duncan Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (DNE)   Dune Energy, Inc.
USA: (DNEMX)   Dunham:Emg Mkt Stock;N
USA: (DD)   DuPont De Nemours & Co
USA: (DDMIX)   DWS Dscpld Mkt Neut;In
USA: (SNWYX)   DWS New York Tax-Free Income S
USA: (DLNG)   Dynagas LNG Partners LP
USA: (DWEIX)   Dynamic Energy Income Fd I
USA: (DYN)   Dynegy Inc.
USA: (DX)   Dynex Capital, Inc.
USA: (UBN)   E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Energy ETN
USA: (EROC)   Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (EPFTX)   Earnest Prtnrs Fxd;Inst
USA: (EDGR)   EDGAR Online, Inc.
USA: (JNSXX)   Edward Jones Mny Mkt;Inv
USA: (EEO)   EGS DJ Emerging Mkts Energy Titans
USA: (EPB)   El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (EEEI)   Electro Energy Inc.
USA: (EMES)   Emerge Energy Services LP
USA: (ENBL)   Enable Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (EEQ)   Enbridge Energy Management LLC
USA: (EEP)   Enbridge Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (ENP)   Encore Energy Partners LP
USA: (EN)   Enel Societa per Azioni
USA: (HEV)   Ener1, Inc.
USA: (EGN)   Energen Corporation
USA: (ENR)   Energizer Holdings, Inc.
USA: (WATT)   Energous Corporation
USA: (ENXP)   Energy & Exploration Partners, Inc.
USA: (ENER)   Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
USA: (EAS)   Energy East Corporation
USA: (FBST)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (EFOI)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (EIIU)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corp.
USA: (EII)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation
USA: (EPL)   Energy Partners, Ltd.
USA: (ERII)   Energy Recovery, Inc.
USA: (XLE)   Energy Select Sector SPDR
USA: (ESA.U)   Energy Services Acq Corp Units
USA: (ETE)   Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.
USA: (ETP)   Energy Transfer Partners
USA: (EWST)   Energy West, Inc.
USA: (EXXI)   Energy XXI (Bermuda) Limited
USA: (ES)   EnergySolutions, Inc.
USA: (ENSI)   EnergySouth, Inc.
USA: (NRKM)   Enerkem Inc.
USA: (ENOC)   EnerNOC, Inc.
USA: (ERF)   Enerplus Resources Fund (USA)
USA: (ENI)   Enersis S.A.
USA: (ENS)   Enersys
USA: (EBF)   Ennis Business Forms In
USA: (ENPH)   Enphase Energy, Inc.
USA: (ENT)   Entarra Energy Cor
USA: (EPD)   Enterprise Products Partners L.P.
USA: (ENV)   Envestnet, Inc.
USA: (EVA)   Enviva Partners, LP
USA: (EPE)   EP Energy Corporation
USA: (EQM)   EQT Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (EQY)   Equity One, Inc.
USA: (EAC)   Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated
USA: (ESL)   Esterline Technologies Corporation
USA: (EEFT)   Euronet Worldwide, Inc.
USA: (EVEP)   EV Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (EVR)   Evercore Partners In
USA: (EDSIX)   Evergreen Disciplined Value I
USA: (EEE)   Evergreen Energy Inc.
USA: (EXFO)   EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering
USA: (EXPO)   Exponent, Inc.
USA: (EXLP)   Exterran Partners, L.P.
USA: (EXTR)   Extreme Networks, Inc
USA: (FFIV)   F5 Networks, Inc.
USA: (INFIX)   Famco MLP & Energy Inc;I
USA: (MLPPX)   Famco MLP & Energy Infr
USA: (FPI)   Farmland Partners Inc.
USA: (FCSX)   FCStone Group, Inc.
USA: (RIMAX)   Federated InterContinental Fund A
USA: (FGP)   Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.
USA: (FTGX)   Fibernet Telecom Group, Inc.
USA: (FAGNX)   Fidelity Adv Energy;T
USA: (FLNEX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;C
USA: (FNIAX)   Fidelity Advisor New Insights Fund A
USA: (FDEQX)   Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund
USA: (FFNOX)   Fidelity Four-in-One I
USA: (FTEXX)   Fidelity Muni Money Mkt
USA: (ONEQ)   Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking
USA: (FNMIX)   Fidelity New Markets Income
USA: (FMILX)   Fidelity New Millennium
USA: (FTFMX)   Fidelity New York Municipal Income
USA: (FSENX)   Fidelity Sel Energy
USA: (FSESX)   Fidelity Select Energy Service
USA: (FICC)   Fieldstone Investment Corporation
USA: (FSSIX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FEINX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund
USA: (KNEEX)   Fifth:Sm Cap Gro;Inst
USA: (FNGN )   Financial Engines Inc
USA: (FINL)   Finish Line, Inc. (The)
USA: (FBIZ)   First Business Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (FKFS)   First Keystone Financial, Inc.
USA: (FMAR)   First Mariner Bancorp
USA: (FHN)   First Tennessee National Corporation
USA: (FDN)   First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index
USA: (FDM)   First Trust Dow Jones Select MicroCap
USA: (FXN)   First Trust Energy AlphaDEX
USA: (FCT)   First Trust Four Corners Senior
USA: (FAN)   First Trust Global Wind Energy
USA: (FVL)   First Trust Value Line 100 ETF
USA: (FVD)   First Trust Value Line Dividend Index
USA: (FVI)   First Trust Value Line Equity Allc Index
USA: (FE)   FirstEnergy Corp.
USA: (ALTEX)   Firsthand Alternative Energy
USA: (FSR)   Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings Limited
USA: (PFD)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Incorporated
USA: (PFO)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Incorporated
USA: (FFC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities Income Fd In
USA: (FLC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return Fund Inc
USA: (FELP)   Foresight Energy LP
USA: (FORG)   Forgent Networks Inc
USA: (ASUR)   Forgent Networks, Inc.
USA: (FO)   Fortune Brands, Inc.
USA: (FFI)   Fortune Industries, Inc.
USA: (FNET)   FortuNet, Inc.
USA: (FET)   Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FDRY)   Foundry Networks, Inc.
USA: (FPNIX)   FPA New Income
USA: (FSB)   Franklin Financial Network, Inc.
USA: (FMT)   Fremont General Corporation
USA: (FNSVX)   Frontegra Netols Small Cap Value Fund Instl
USA: (FRNT)   Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FRO)   Frontline Ltd.
USA: (FCEL)   FuelCell Energy, Inc.
USA: (FXEN)   FX Energy, Inc.
USA: (GPIC)   Gaming Partners International Corporatio
USA: (GCI)   Gannett Co., Inc.
USA: (GDI)   Gardner Denver, Inc.
USA: (IT)   Gartner, Inc.
USA: (GSX)   Gasco Energy, Inc.
USA: (GLOP)   GasLog Partners LP
USA: (GLGC)   Gene Logic Inc.
USA: (GNLB)   Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
USA: (DNA)   Genentech, Inc.
USA: (GNRT)   Gener8 Maritime, Inc.
USA: (GNRC)   Generac Holdings
USA: (GAM)   General American Investors Company Inc.
USA: (GNRL)   General Bearing Corporation
USA: (BGC)   General Cable Corp
USA: (GNCMA)   General Communication, Inc.
USA: (GD)   General Dynamics Corp
USA: (GEG)   General Elec Cap Cop
USA: (GEJ)   General Electric Capital Corporation
USA: (GER)   General Electric Capital Corporation
USA: (GE)   General Electric Company
USA: (JOB)   General Employment Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (GGP)   General Growth Properties, Inc.
USA: (GMR)   General Maritime Corporation
USA: (GIS)   General Mills, Inc.
USA: (GMO)   General Moly, Inc.
USA: (BGM)   General Motors Corporation
USA: (GPM)   General Motors Corporation
USA: (GRM)   General Motors Corporation
USA: (GM)   General Motors Corporation
USA: (XGM)   General MTRS Corp.
USA: (GSI)   General Steel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GMSFX)   Generations Multi-Strat
USA: (GNBT)   Generex Biotechnology Corporatio
USA: (GCO)   Genesco Inc.
USA: (GWR)   Genesee & Wyoming Inc
USA: (GENBB)   Genesee Corporation
USA: (GEL)   Genesis Energy, L.P.
USA: (GHCI)   Genesis HealthCare Corporation
USA: (GLS)   Genesis Lease Limited
USA: (GNSS)   Genesis Microchip Inc.
USA: (GENE)   Genetic Technologies Limited (ADR)
USA: (INO)   Genetronics Biomedical Lt
USA: (GNVIX)   Geneva All Cap Gr;I
USA: (GNVRX)   Geneva All Cap Gr;R
USA: (GNEIX)   Geneva Equity Income;I
USA: (GNERX)   Geneva Equity Income;R
USA: (GPC)   Genuine Parts Company
USA: (GOK)   Geokinetics Inc.
USA: (GILT)   Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
USA: (GLAD)   Gladstone Capital Corporation
USA: (GOOD)   Gladstone Commercial Corporation
USA: (GOODO)   Gladstone Commercial Corporation
USA: (GOODP)   Gladstone Commercial Corporation
USA: (GAIN)   Gladstone Investment Corporatio
USA: (LAND)   Gladstone Land Corporation
USA: (GSK)   GlaxoSmithKline plc
USA: (GLG)   GLG Partners, Inc.
USA: (GCRSF)   Global Cornerstone Holdings
USA: (GNH)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (GNSY)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (CTG)   Global Minerals Ltd.
USA: (GPACU)   Global Partner Acquisition Corp.
USA: (GLP)   Global Partners LP
USA: (GNET)   Global Traffic Network, Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (GRFIX)   GoalMine Fixed Income
USA: (GMLP)   Golar LNG Partners LP
USA: (OPGSX)   Gold & Special Minerals Fund
USA: (GOV)   Gouverneur Bancorp Inc.
USA: (GTE)   Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
USA: (GXP)   Great Plains Energy Inc
USA: (GPP)   Green Plains Partners LP
USA: (GPRE)   Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (GCBC)   Greene County Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (SRVY)   Greenfield Online, Inc.
USA: (GRH)   GreenHunter Energy, Inc.
USA: (AVAL)   Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores S.A.
USA: (GSC)   GS Connect S&P GSCI Enh Commodity TR ETN
USA: (GGBZX)   GuideStone Funds Agrsv Allocation GS4
USA: (GGBYX)   GuideStone Funds Agrsv Allocation I GS2
USA: (GGEZX)   GuideStone Funds Growth Equity Fund GS4
USA: (GREZX)   GuideStone Funds Real Estate Securities Fund GS4
USA: (GVEZX)   GuideStone Funds Value Equity Fund GS4
USA: (GSCZX)   GuideStone Small Cap Equity Fund GS4
USA: (GEQYX)   GuideStone:Eqty Idx;GS2
USA: (GEQZX)   GuideStone:Eqty Idx;GS4
USA: (GEDZX)   GuideStone:Ex-Dur Bd;GS4
USA: (GGBFX)   GuideStone:Glbl Bond;GS4
USA: (GIPZX)   GuideStone:Inf Pr Bd;GS4
USA: (GLDZX)   GuideStone:Lw-Dur Bd;GS4
USA: (GMDZX)   GuideStone:Md-Dur Bd;GS4
USA: (GAADX)   Guinness Atkinson Asia Pacific Dividend Fund
USA: (GAGEX)   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund
USA: (GPOR)   Gulfport Energy Corporatio
USA: (GU)   Gushan Environmental Energy Limited
USA: (GYRO)   Gyrodyne Company of America, Inc.
USA: (HAE)   Haemonetics Corporation
USA: (HBI)   Hanesbrands Inc.
USA: (HLMGX)   Harding Loevner Global Equity Fund
USA: (HLMIX)   Harding Loevner International Equity Fund Instl
USA: (HLMSX)   Harding Loevner International Small Company Fund Inv
USA: (HLEMX)   Harding Loevner:Em Mkt
USA: (HLFMX)   Harding Loevner:FEM;I
USA: (HLMOX)   Harding Loevner:FEM;Inv
USA: (HLMEX)   Harding Loevner:Inst EM
USA: (STXN)   Harris Stratex Networks Inc.
USA: (HSTX)   Harris Stratex Networks, Inc.
USA: (HAIAX)   Hartford Disciplined Equity Fund A
USA: (HTE)   Harvest Energy Trust
USA: (HAYN)   Haynes International, Inc.
USA: (FIT)   Health Fitness Corporation
USA: (HNT)   Health Net, Inc.
USA: (HLX)   Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.
USA: (HP)   Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
USA: (HCACU)   Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.
USA: (HFCGX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Inv
USA: (HENLX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Series II O
USA: (HFLGX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Fund
USA: (HFTFX)   Hennessy Focus 30 Fund
USA: (HSVFX)   Hennessy Select Large Value Fund Original
USA: (SPJSX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn Sm Co
USA: (SPARX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn;Inst
USA: (SPXJX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn;Orig
USA: (HDOGX)   Hennessy Total Return Fund
USA: (HILGX)   Hennessy:Crnst Lg Gr;I
USA: (HXL)   Hexcel Corp New
USA: (HCLP)   Hi-Crush Partners LP
USA: (ONE)   Higher One Holdings Inc
USA: (PNMAX)   HighMark Geneva Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (HGFSX)   HighMark:Geneva SCG;Fid
USA: (HLND)   Hiland Partners, LP
USA: (HORT)   Hines Horticulture, Inc.
USA: (HMLP)   Hoegh LNG Partners LP
USA: (HEP)   Holly Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (HON)   Honeywell Inc
USA: (HRZ)   Horizon Lines, Inc.
USA: (HUSA)   Houston American Energy Corporation
USA: (RINEX)   HSBC Investor International Equity Fund I
USA: (HNP)   Huaneng Power International, Inc.
USA: (EROX)   Human Pheromone Sciences Inc.
USA: (HTC)   Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp
USA: (HNEAX)   Huntington New Economy Fund
USA: (HNETX)   Huntington New Economy Fund Trust Shares
USA: (ICNEX)   ICON International Equity Fund Z
USA: (ICENX)   ICON:Energy;S
USA: (INFXX)   IFT:Money Mkt Port
USA: (IMCL)   ImClone Systems Incorporated
USA: (IMDZ)   Immune Design Corp.
USA: (ICTAX)   Incline Cap Trend Foll;A
USA: (NRGP)   Inergy Holdings, L.P.
USA: (NRGM)   Inergy Midstream, L.P.
USA: (NRGY)   Inergy, L.P.
USA: (IFX)   Infineon Technologies AG (ADR)
USA: (INFN)   Infinera Corporatio
USA: (IFNY)   Infinity Energy Resources, Inc.
USA: (NECAX)   ING:Em Ctry;A
USA: (NECIX)   ING:Em Ctry;I
USA: (INWK)   InnerWorkings, Inc.
USA: (IOEXX)   Institutional Money Market Fund
USA: (IBSS)   Integrated Business Systems and Services Inc.
USA: (ICE)   Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
USA: (IHG)   InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (ADR)
USA: (ILI)   Interleukin Genetics, Inc
USA: (IBI)   Interline Brands, Inc.
USA: (ITMN)   InterMune, Inc.
USA: (INAP)   Internap Network Services Corporatio
USA: (IBM)   International Business Machines
USA: (IAH)   Internet Architecture HOLDRs
USA: (INET)   Internet Brands, Inc.
USA: (ICGE)   Internet Capital Group, Inc.
USA: (ICCA)   Internet Commerce Corp.
USA: (IGLD)   Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd.
USA: (HHH)   Internet HOLDRs
USA: (IIH)   Internet Infrastructure HOLDRs
USA: (IIJI)   Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
USA: (IMA)   Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc.
USA: (AWEIX)   Invesco Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (FSTEX)   Invesco Energy;Inv
USA: (ION)   ION Media Networks
USA: (IONN)   ION Networks Inc.
USA: (JJE)   iPath DJ AIG Energy TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (DJP)   iPath Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Idx TR ETN
USA: (IRS)   IRSA Inversiones Representaciones S.A. (ADR)
USA: (IRSN)   Irvine Sensors Corporation
USA: (IDV)   iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend
USA: (DVY)   iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index
USA: (IYT)   iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average
USA: (IYY)   iShares Dow Jones U.S. Index
USA: (ITA)   iShares Dow Jones US Aerospace & Defense
USA: (IYM)   iShares Dow Jones US Basic Materials
USA: (IAI)   iShares Dow Jones US Broker-Dealers
USA: (IYK)   iShares Dow Jones US Consumer Goods
USA: (IYC)   iShares Dow Jones US Consumer Services
USA: (IYE)   iShares Dow Jones US Energy
USA: (IYF)   iShares Dow Jones US Financial Sector
USA: (IYG)   iShares Dow Jones US Financial Services
USA: (IYH)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare
USA: (IHF)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider
USA: (ITB)   iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction
USA: (IYJ)   iShares Dow Jones US Industrial
USA: (IAK)   iShares Dow Jones US Insurance
USA: (IHI)   iShares Dow Jones US Medical Devices
USA: (IEO)   iShares Dow Jones US Oil & Gas Ex Index
USA: (IEZ)   iShares Dow Jones US Oil Equipment Index
USA: (IHE)   iShares Dow Jones US Pharmaceuticals
USA: (IYR)   iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate
USA: (IAT)   iShares Dow Jones US Regional Banks
USA: (IYW)   iShares Dow Jones US Technology
USA: (IYZ)   iShares Dow Jones US Telecom
USA: (IDU)   iShares Dow Jones US Utilities
USA: (EWN)   iShares MSCI Netherlands Invstbl Mkt Idx
USA: (ICLN)   iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index
USA: (IXC)   iShares S&P Global Energy
USA: (NUCL)   iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index
USA: (NYF)   iShares S&P New York Municipal Bond
USA: (ISS)   iSoftStone Holdings Limited
USA: (IVAN)   Ivanhoe Energy, Inc.
USA: (IVN)   Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. (USA)
USA: (IEYAX)   Ivy:Energy;A
USA: (JCP)   J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
USA: (JAMFX)   Jacob Internet Fund
USA: (JEC)   Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
USA: (JAMNX)   James Adv:Mkt Neut
USA: (JNY)   Jones Apparel Group, Inc.
USA: (JONE)   Jones Energy, Inc.
USA: (JLL)   Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated
USA: (JSDA)   Jones Soda Co.
USA: (JVOFX)   Jones Villalta Opportunity Fund
USA: (JPEP)   JP Energy Partners LP
USA: (JPIEX)   JPMorgan Disciplined Equity Fund Instl
USA: (OGNIX)   JPMorgan:MCM Neut;Sel
USA: (JPMNX)   JPMorgan:Res Mk Neu;Inst
USA: (JNPR)   Juniper Networks, Inc.
USA: (KSP)   K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P.
USA: (KPPC)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KPPCW)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KS)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KED)   Kayne Anderson Energy Development Compan
USA: (KYE)   Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (KYN)   Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Company
USA: (KNXA)   Kenexa Corporation
USA: (KWIC)   Kennedy-Wilson Inc.
USA: (KCP)   Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.
USA: (KEQU)   Kewaunee Scientific Corporatio
USA: (KEG)   Key Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (KEGS)   Key Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (KEYS)   Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.
USA: (KLGAX)   Keystone Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (KMP)   Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP
USA: (KNMD)   KineMed, Inc.
USA: (KCI)   Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
USA: (WWWEX)   Kinetics Global No Load
USA: (WWWFX)   Kinetics Internet No Load
USA: (MEDRX)   Kinetics Medical No Load
USA: (KNPAX)   Kinetics Paradigm Fund
USA: (WWNPX)   Kinetics Paradigm Fund No Load
USA: (KWIAX)   Kinetics Water Infrastructure Adv A
USA: (KNPCX)   Kinetics:Paradigm;C
USA: (KNPYX)   Kinetics:Paradigm;Inst
USA: (KONE)   Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd
USA: (KNOP)   KNOT Offshore Partners LP
USA: (LFL)   Lan Airlines S.A.
USA: (LMRK)   Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP
USA: (LCI)   Lannett Company, Inc.
USA: (LAYN)   Layne Christensen Company
USA: (SBNYX)   Legg Mason WA New York Municipals A
USA: (SNPYX)   Legg Mason WA New York Municipals I
USA: (LGP)   Lehigh Gas Partners LP
USA: (LPHI)   Life Partners Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LTM)   Life Time Fitness, Inc.
USA: (LIME)   Lime Energy Co.
USA: (LLNW)   Limelight Networks, Inc.
USA: (LTNYX)   Limited Term New York Municipal Fund
USA: (LLTC)   Linear Technology Corporation
USA: (LTON)   Linktone Ltd.
USA: (LINE)   Linn Energy, LLC
USA: (LIZ)   Liz Claiborne, Inc.
USA: (ERIC)   LM Ericsson Telephone Compan
USA: (SMNBX)   LM WA New York Muni;B
USA: (SBYLX)   LM WA New York Muni;C
USA: (LNET)   LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation
USA: (LPR)   Lone Pine Resources Inc.
USA: (LLINX)   Longleaf Partners International Fund
USA: (LLSCX)   Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund
USA: (LISRX)   Loomis Sayles Disciplined Equity Y
USA: (NEFRX)   Loomis Sayles:Cr +;A
USA: (LOOP)   LoopNet, Inc.
USA: (NYLIX)   Lord Abbett New York Tax-Free Income I
USA: (LRE)   LRR Energy, L.P.
USA: (LUM)   Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc.
USA: (LMNX)   Luminex Corporation
USA: (MADEX)   Madison Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (MGG)   Magellan Midstream Partners L.P
USA: (MMP)   Magellan Midstream Partners LP
USA: (MAG)   Magnetek, Inc.
USA: (MTE)   Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
USA: (MAM)   Maine & Maritimes Corporatio
USA: (MINEX)   MainStay International Equity B
USA: (TMNG)   Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (SKSEX)   Managers AMG:Skyline
USA: (MARPS)   Marine Petroleum Trust
USA: (MPX)   Marine Products Corp.
USA: (HZO)   MarineMax, Inc.
USA: (ME)   Mariner Energy, Inc.
USA: (MEDC)   Mariner Energy, Inc.
USA: (MOO)   Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF
USA: (GDX)   Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF
USA: (IDX)   Market Vectors Indonesia ETF
USA: (NLR)   Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF
USA: (KWT)   Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF
USA: (MWE)   MarkWest Energy Partners LP
USA: (MRLN)   Marlin Business Services Corp.
USA: (FISH)   Marlin Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (MBII)   Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.
USA: (MMLP)   Martin Midstream Partners L.P.
USA: (MEE)   Massey Energy Company
USA: (MONE)   MatrixOne Inc.
USA: (MLP)   Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc.
USA: (MXL)   MaxLinear, Inc.
USA: (MDCA)   MDC Partners Inc.
USA: (MCOX)   Mecox Lane Limited
USA: (MEG)   Media General Inc Cl A
USA: (MRN)   Medical Staffing Network Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MDCO)   Medicines Company (The)
USA: (MEMP)   Memorial Production Partners LP
USA: (MCY)   Mercury General Corporation
USA: (MERU)   Meru Networks Inc.
USA: (MPG)   Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.
USA: (MEOH)   Methanex Corporation
USA: (MEILU)   Methes Energies International Ltd.
USA: (MYG)   MethylGene Inc.
USA: (INFO)   Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.
USA: (MDF)   Metropolitan Health Network
USA: (MXC)   Mexco Energy Corporation
USA: (MIDAX)   MFS International New Discovery Fund A
USA: (MNDGX)   MFS New Discovery Fund R1
USA: (MNDIX)   MFS New Discovery I
USA: (MNDAX)   MFS New Discovery;A
USA: (MGEE)   MGE Energy Inc
USA: (MCTI)   Micro Component Technology Inc.
USA: (NOIZ)   Micronetics, Inc.
USA: (TUNE)   Microtune, Inc.
USA: (MCEP)   Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP
USA: (MEP)   Midcoast Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (OSKY)   MidWestOne Financial Group Inc
USA: (MOFG)   MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (MSA)   Mine Safety Appliances Compan
USA: (MFN)   Minefinders Corporation Ltd
USA: (MTX)   Minerals Technologies Inc
USA: (NERV)   Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.
USA: (MGN)   Mines Management Inc.
USA: (MNEL)   Mission NewEnergy Limited
USA: (MMCE)   MMC Energy, Inc.
USA: (MOD)   Modine Manufacturing Company
USA: (MONTX)   Monetta Fund
USA: (MMCEX)   Monetta Mid-Cap Equity Fund
USA: (MIBFX)   Monetta:Orion Int Bond
USA: (MYIFX)   Monetta:Young Investor
USA: (OMBXX)   Money Market Fund, Inc.
USA: (MGI)   MoneyGram International, Inc.
USA: (RNE)   Morgan Stanley Eastern Europe Fund Inc.
USA: (IQN)   Morgan Stanley New York Quality Municipal Securities
USA: (HJS)   MS Structed Asset Corp. SATURNS Tribune Co. Deb 7.00% Class A
USA: (VNYFX)   MTB New York Municipal Bond A
USA: (VNYIX)   MTB New York Municipal Bond Instl I
USA: (MFLX)   Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.
USA: (MPFAX)   Munder Energy A
USA: (MYGN)   Myriad Genetics, Inc.
USA: (NCMI)   National CineMedia, Inc.
USA: (NFP)   National Financial Partners Corp.
USA: (NEFGX)   Natixis CGM Advisor Targeted Equity Fund A
USA: (NEFDX)   Natixis Hansberger International Fund A
USA: (NEFOX)   Natixis Harris Associates Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (NEFJX)   Natixis Vaughan Nelson Small Cap Value Fund A
USA: (VNVYX)   Natixis Vaughan Nelson Value Opportunity Fund Y
USA: (NEFHX)   Natixis:LS High Inc:A
USA: (NEFZX)   Natixis:LS Str Inc;A
USA: (NEFSX)   Natixis:US Dvsfd;A
USA: (NESBX)   Natixis:US Dvsfd;B
USA: (NECCX)   Natixis:US Dvsfd;C
USA: (NESYX)   Natixis:US Dvsfd;Y
USA: (NSP)   Natural Resource Partners L.P.
USA: (NRP)   Natural Resource Partners LP
USA: (NATR)   Nature s Sunshine Prod.
USA: (NMARU)   Nautilus Marine Acquisition
USA: (NAP)   Navios Maritime Midstream Partners LP
USA: (NMM)   Navios Maritime Partners L.P.
USA: (NIPNY)   NEC Corporation
USA: (NEAGX)   Needham Aggressive Growth Fund
USA: (NEEGX)   Needham Growth Fund
USA: (NESGX)   Needham Small Cap Growth Fund
USA: (NP)   Neenah Paper, Inc.
USA: (NEFF)   Neff Corporation
USA: (NEIMX)   Neiman Large Cap Value Fund
USA: (NKTR)   Nektar Therapeutics
USA: (NNI)   Nelnet, Inc.
USA: (NEOF)   Neoforma.com Inc.
USA: (NEOG)   Neogen Corporation
USA: (NMGC)   NeoMagic Corporation
USA: (NEON)   Neonode, Inc
USA: (npth)   NeoPath, Inc.
USA: (NEOL)   NeoPharm, Inc.
USA: (NPTN)   NeoPhotonics
USA: (NEOP)   Neoprobe Corporation
USA: (NEOS)   Neos Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (NTEC)   Neose Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NEOT)   Neothetics, Inc.
USA: (NWRE)   Neoware, Inc.
USA: (NEPG)   NEP Group, Inc.
USA: (NRX)   NephroGenex, Inc.
USA: (NEP)   Nephros, Inc.
USA: (NSTC)   Ness Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NEST)   Nestor Inc.
USA: (NETP)   Net Perceptions Inc.
USA: (NETC)   NET Servicos de Comunicacao S.A
USA: (NTBK)   Net.Bank, Inc.
USA: (UEPS)   Net17 1 Ueps Technologies Inc
USA: (NTOP)   Net2Phone, Inc.
USA: (NTES)   NetEase.com Inc
USA: (NZ)   Netezza Corporation
USA: (NFLX)   Netflix, Inc.
USA: (NTGR)   NetGear, Inc
USA: (NLST)   Netlist, Inc.
USA: (NETL)   NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (NETM)   NetManage, Inc.
USA: (NQ)   NetQin Mobile Inc.
USA: (NTCT)   NetScout Systems, Inc.
USA: (NTWK)   NetSol Technologies Inc.
USA: (NTSP)   NetSpend Holdings, Inc.
USA: (N)   NetSuite Inc.
USA: (WOLV)   NetWolves Corporation
USA: (NTAP)   Network Appliance, Inc.
USA: (NENG)   Network Engines, Inc
USA: (NWK)   Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MFE)   Networks Associates, Inc.
USA: (NBFAX)   Neuberger Berman Focus Fund
USA: (NBSSX)   Neuberger Berman Focus Fund Inv
USA: (NBGNX)   Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund Inv
USA: (NRI)   Neuberger Berman Inc.
USA: (NBISX)   Neuberger Berman International Fund Inv
USA: (NBIIX)   Neuberger Berman International Institutional Fund I
USA: (NILTX)   Neuberger Berman International Large Cap Fund Trust
USA: (NBCIX)   Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disciplined Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NMANX)   Neuberger Berman Mid Cap Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NBRFX)   Neuberger Berman Real Estate Fund Trust
USA: (NRL)   Neuberger Berman Real Estatee Income Fund
USA: (NBRVX)   Neuberger Berman Regency Fund Inv
USA: (NBEAX)   Neuberger Berman Select Equities Fund A
USA: (NBMVX)   Neuberger Berman Small Cap Growth Fund Adv
USA: (NCRLX)   Neuberger Core Bd;Inst
USA: (NEMAX)   Neuberger Emg Mkt Eq;A
USA: (NEMCX)   Neuberger Emg Mkt Eq;C
USA: (NEMIX)   Neuberger Emg Mkt Eq;Ins
USA: (NEMRX)   Neuberger Emg Mkt Eq;R3
USA: (NBHAX)   Neuberger Eqty Inc;A
USA: (NBHCX)   Neuberger Eqty Inc;C
USA: (NBHIX)   Neuberger Eqty Inc;Inst
USA: (NBHRX)   Neuberger Eqty Inc;R3
USA: (NFIAX)   Neuberger Float Rt Inc;A
USA: (NGUAX)   Neuberger Guardian;Inv
USA: (NHINX)   Neuberger Hi Inc Bd;Inv
USA: (NMUIX)   Neuberger Muni Int;Inv
USA: (NPRTX)   Neuberger Partners;Inv
USA: (NSBIX)   Neuberger Sh Dur Bd;Inv
USA: (NBMIX)   Neuberger Sm Cap Gr;Inv
USA: (NBSRX)   Neuberger Soc Resp;Inv
USA: (NSTLX)   Neuberger Str Inc;Inst
USA: (CUR)   Neuralstem, Inc.
USA: (NHPI)   Neuro-Hitech Inc.
USA: (NTII)   Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.
USA: (NRMX)   Neurochem In
USA: (NBIX)   Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.
USA: (NDRM)   NeuroDerm, Ltd.
USA: (NRGN)   Neurogen Corporation
USA: (NGSX)   NeurogesX, Inc
USA: (NURO)   NeuroMetrix, Inc.
USA: (NSIG)   NeuroSigma, Inc.
USA: (NSR)   Neustar, Inc
USA: (TNDM)   Neutral Tandem Inc.
USA: (NCEM)   Nevada Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (UWN)   Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc.
USA: (NVRO)   Nevro Corp.
USA: (NSU)   Nevsun Resources Ltd
USA: (NALFX)   New Alternatives Fund
USA: (HYB)   New Amer High Income Fund
USA: (NBSC)   New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc.
USA: (NCHPX)   New Century Alternative Strategies Portfolio
USA: (NCBC)   New Century Bancorp, Inc. (NC)
USA: (NCEH)   New Century Equity Holdings Corp.
USA: (NCFPX)   New Century International Fund
USA: (NCAPX)   New Century:Opptnistic
USA: (GBR)   New Concept Energy, Inc.
USA: (NCGFX)   New Covenant Growth Fund
USA: (NCICX)   New Covenant:Income
USA: (NWD)   New Dragon Asia Corporation
USA: (NEBS)   New England Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (NEN)   New England Realty Associates LP
USA: (NOOF)   New Frontier Media, Inc.
USA: (NGD)   New Gold Inc.
USA: (NHTB)   New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (ONJAX)   New Jersey Municipal Fund
USA: (NJR)   New Jersey Resources Corporation
USA: (NWMO)   New Motion, Inc.
USA: (NMFC)   New Mountain Finance
USA: (EDU)   New Oriental Education & Tech. Group Inc
USA: (NOEC)   New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp.
USA: (NEWR)   New Relic, Inc.
USA: (NSE)   New Skies Sattelites Holdings Ltd.
USA: (NSE)   New Source Energy
USA: (NSLP)   New Source Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (NWY)   New York and Company, Inc.
USA: (HAVNP)   New York Community Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NYB)   New York Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (NTR)   New York Mortgage Trust Inc
USA: (NYMT)   New York Mortgage Trust Inc
USA: (NAL)   NewAlliance Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (NBBC)   NewBridge Bancorp formerly LSB Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (NCT)   Newcastle Investment Corp.
USA: (NEW)   Newcourt Group plc
USA: (NWL)   Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
USA: (NFX)   Newfield Exploration Company
USA: (NGGLX)   Newgate Global Resources A
USA: (NKT)   Newkirk Realty Trust, Inc.
USA: (NLNK)   NewLink Genetics Corporation
USA: (NEU)   NewMarket Corporation
USA: (NEM)   Newmont Mining Corporation (Holding Company)
USA: (NR)   Newpark Resources, Inc.
USA: (NFSB)   Newport Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (NEWP)   Newport Corporation
USA: (NWSA)   News Corporation
USA: (NWS)   News Corporation Limited (The
USA: (NWS.A)   News Corporation Limited (The)
USA: (NEWS)   NewStar Financial, Inc.
USA: (NEWT)   Newtek Business Services Inc.
USA: (AETH)   NexCen Brands, Inc.
USA: (NEXC)   NexCen Brands, Inc.
USA: (NXY)   Nexen Inc
USA: (NXTY)   Nexity Financial Corporation
USA: (NEXM)   NexMed, Inc.
USA: (NXPS)   NexPrise Inc.
USA: (NXST)   Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.
USA: (NEP)   NextEra Energy Partners, LP
USA: (NXRA)   Nextera Enterprises Inc.
USA: (NEXT)   Nextest Systems Corporation
USA: (WAVE)   NextWave Wireless In
USA: (NVET)   Nexvet Biopharma plc
USA: (NEXX)   NEXX Systems, Inc.
USA: (NEXS)   Nexxus Lighting, Inc.
USA: (NGL)   NGL Energy Partners LP
USA: (NINE)   Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited
USA: (NTT)   Nippon Telephone & Telegrap
USA: (NKA)   Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC
USA: (NED)   Noah Education Holding Limited
USA: (NRE)   Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings Limited
USA: (NE)   Noble Corporation
USA: (NBP)   Noble Energy, Inc
USA: (NBL)   Noble Energy, Inc.
USA: (NPGIX)   Nomura Partners Global Alpha Equity I
USA: (NPWIX)   Nomura Partners Global Equity Income I
USA: (NPQIX)   Nomura Partners International Equity Fund I
USA: (NPLIX)   Nomura Partners International Growth Equity Fund I
USA: (NT)   Nortel Networks Corporation
USA: (NOA)   North American Energy Partners Inc
USA: (NECB)   Northeast Community Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NAK)   Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd
USA: (NTI)   Northern Tier Energy, Inc.
USA: (NXG)   Northgate Minerals Corporation
USA: (NSTR)   Northstar Neuroscience, Inc.
USA: (NWA)   Northwest Airlines Corporatio
USA: (NCLH)   Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
USA: (NRG)   NRG Energy, Inc.
USA: (NLP)   NTS Realty Holdings Limited Partnership
USA: (NS)   NuStar Energy L.P
USA: (NEERX)   Nuveen Enhanced Core Equity I
USA: (NVN)   Nuveen New York Select Quality Municipal Fund Inc.
USA: (NVE)   NV Energy, Inc.
USA: (OCNW)   Occam Networks, Inc.
USA: (OII)   Oceaneering International, Inc.
USA: (OSFDX)   Oceanstone Fund
USA: (OCIP)   OCI Partners LP.
USA: (OMEX)   Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.
USA: (OGE)   OGE Energy Corporation
USA: (OILT)   Oiltanking Partners, L.P.
USA: (ODFL)   Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
USA: (OLBK)   Old Line Bancshares Inc.
USA: (OMNI)   OMNI Energy Services Corp.
USA: (OGXI)   OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc
USA: (SNUS)   OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc
USA: (PGBOX)   One Group Bond Fund
USA: (OLP)   One Liberty Properties, Inc.
USA: (ONEV)   One Voice Technologies Inc.
USA: (OB)   OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd.
USA: (ONFC)   Oneida Financial Corp.
USA: (OKS)   ONEOK Partners, L.P.
USA: (OKE)   ONEOK, Inc.
USA: (ORCC)   Online Resources Corporation
USA: (OPNT)   OPNET Technologies Inc.
USA: (OPXT)   Opnext, Inc.
USA: (ONEIX)   Oppenhmr Equity Inc;N
USA: (OZN)   Orezone Resources Inc. (USA)
USA: (OTL)   Oriental Minerals Inc.
USA: (OESX)   Orion Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (OEC)   Orion Engineered Carbons S.A R.L.
USA: (OMGI)   Orion Marine Group, Inc.
USA: (ORN)   Orion Marine Group, Inc.
USA: (OFAAX)   OShaughnessy AC Core;A
USA: (OFACX)   OShaughnessy AC Core;C
USA: (OFAIX)   OShaughnessy AC Core;I
USA: (OFDAX)   OShaughnessy Enh Div;A
USA: (OFDCX)   OShaughnessy Enh Div;C
USA: (OFDIX)   OShaughnessy Enh Div;I
USA: (OSI)   OSI Restaurant Partners Inc.
USA: (OUTD)   Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (OXF)   Oxford Resource Partners, LP
USA: (PCBK)   Pacific Continental Corporation (Ore)
USA: (PCNTF)   Pacific Internet Limited
USA: (PACT)   PacificNet Inc.
USA: (PANW)   Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
USA: (PNRA)   Panera Bread Company
USA: (PARN)   Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings
USA: (PE)   Parsley Energy, Inc.
USA: (PTNR)   Partner Communications Company Ltd
USA: (PRE)   Partner Re Holdings
USA: (PRTR)   Partners Trust Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (PEGI)   Pattern Energy Group Inc.
USA: (PTEN)   Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.
USA: (PBF)   PBF Energy Inc.
USA: (PCCC)   PC Connection, Inc.
USA: (BTU)   Peabody Energy Corporation
USA: (PGC)   Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp
USA: (PGH)   Pengrowth Energy Trust (USA
USA: (PVR)   Penn Virginia Resource Partners LP
USA: (PWE)   Penn West Energy Trus
USA: (PTXP)   PennTex Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (PPHM)   Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc
USA: (PSMI)   Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (PKI)   PerkinElmer, Inc.
USA: (PAGRX)   Permanent Port:Aggr Gr
USA: (PRPFX)   Permanent Port:Permanent
USA: (PRTBX)   Permanent Port:Sh-Tm Trs
USA: (PRVBX)   Permanent Port:Versatile
USA: (PTQMF)   Petaquilla Minerals Ltd
USA: (PZE)   Petrobras Energia Participaciones S.A.
USA: (HK)   Petrohawk Energy Corporatio
USA: (PQ)   PetroQuest Energy Inc
USA: (PFNX)   Pfenex Inc.
USA: (PDGI)   PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.
USA: (PIP)   PharmAthene, Inc.
USA: (PESC)   Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc.
USA: (PHI)   Philippine Long Dist Tele
USA: (PSXP)   Phillips 66 Partners LP
USA: (FENG)   Phoenix New Media Limited
USA: (PKLFX)   Phoenix-Kayne Large Cap Fund
USA: (PNF)   PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund
USA: (PNI)   Pimco New York Municipal Income Fund II
USA: (PYN)   Pimco New York Municipal Income Fund III
USA: (PNEAX)   PIMCO NJF Equity Income Fund
USA: (PBFOX)   PineBridge US Focus Equity I
USA: (PBDBX)   PineBridge US Mid Cap Growth I
USA: (PBMBX)   PineBridge:Micro Cp Gr;I
USA: (PBSBX)   PineBridge:Sm Cap Gr;I
USA: (PNCL)   Pinnacle Airlines Corp.
USA: (PNFP)   Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
USA: (PHC)   Pioneer Behavioral Health
USA: (PIOBX)   Pioneer Bond;A
USA: (PONR)   Pioneer Companies, Inc.
USA: (CVFCX)   Pioneer Cullen Value Fund A
USA: (SRSGX)   Pioneer Disciplined Growth Fund A
USA: (SERSX)   Pioneer Disciplined Value Fund A
USA: (PDC)   Pioneer Drilling Company
USA: (PEMFX)   Pioneer Emerging Mkt;A
USA: (PBEFX)   Pioneer Emerging Mkt;B
USA: (PCEFX)   Pioneer Emerging Mkt;C
USA: (PEMRX)   Pioneer Emerging Mkt;R
USA: (PYEFX)   Pioneer Emerging Mkt;Y
USA: (PEOFX)   Pioneer Eqty Oppty;A
USA: (PEQIX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;A
USA: (PBEQX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;B
USA: (PCEQX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;C
USA: (PQIRX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;R
USA: (PYEQX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;Y
USA: (PEZQX)   Pioneer Eqty-Income;Z
USA: (FLARX)   Pioneer Floating Rt;A
USA: (PIODX)   Pioneer Fund A
USA: (PIGFX)   Pioneer Fundamental Growth Fund A
USA: (PGABX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;A
USA: (PGCBX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;C
USA: (PGYBX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;Y
USA: (PGHYX)   Pioneer Gl Hi Yld;A
USA: (GLOSX)   Pioneer Global Equity A
USA: (AMGEX)   Pioneer Govt Income;A
USA: (PGOFX)   Pioneer Gr Opptys;A
USA: (GROYX)   Pioneer Growth Opportunities Y
USA: (PHT)   Pioneer High Income Trust
USA: (TAHYX)   Pioneer High Yld;A
USA: (PIAAX)   Pioneer Ibbtsn Ag Al;A
USA: (PINDX)   Pioneer Independence Fund A
USA: (MUO)   Pioneer Interest Shares
USA: (PIIFX)   Pioneer International Value Fund A
USA: (PBCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;B
USA: (PCCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;C
USA: (PCMRX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;R
USA: (PYCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;Y
USA: (PCGRX)   Pioneer Mid-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (MHI)   Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust
USA: (PXD)   Pioneer Natural Resources Compan
USA: (ORILX)   Pioneer Oak Ridge Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (ORIGX)   Pioneer Oak Ridge Small Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (PPSI)   Pioneer Power Solutions
USA: (PRRR)   Pioneer Railcorp
USA: (PWREX)   Pioneer Real Estate Fund A
USA: (PBREX)   Pioneer Real Estate;B
USA: (PATMX)   Pioneer Research A
USA: (PMCTX)   Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (STABX)   Pioneer Sht Trm Inc;A
USA: (PSE)   Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (PSRAX)   Pioneer Strategic Income Fund
USA: (PBF)   Pioneer Tax Advantaged Balanced Trust
USA: (PIOTX)   Pioneer Value Fund
USA: (pbi)   Pitney Bowes Inc
USA: (PAA)   Plains All American Pipeline LP
USA: (PLNT)   Planet Fitness, Inc.
USA: (LGBT)   PlanetOut, Inc.
USA: (FRAC)   Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.
USA: (POL)   PolyOne Corporation
USA: (PFPFX)   Poplar Forest Partners Fund A
USA: (POR)   Portland General Electric C
USA: (PCON)   Poseidon Containers Holdings Corp.
USA: (PWER)   Power-One, Inc.
USA: (PDSN)   PowerDsine, Inc.
USA: (DBE)   PowerShares DB Energy
USA: (PXI)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy
USA: (PXE)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod
USA: (PXQ)   PowerShares Dynamic Networking
USA: (PRFE)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Energy
USA: (PBD)   PowerShares Global Clean Energy
USA: (PKN)   PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy
USA: (PWND)   PowerShares Global Wind Energy
USA: (PZT)   PowerShares Insured New York Muni Bond
USA: (PNQI)   PowerShares NASDAQ Internet
USA: (PYH)   PowerShares Value Line Industry Rotation
USA: (PIV)   PowerShares Value Line Timeliness Select
USA: (PBW)   PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy
USA: (PUW)   PowerShares WilderHill Progrsv Energy
USA: (PLS)   PPL Energy Supply LLC
USA: (PRB)   PRB Energy, Inc.
USA: (PLPC)   Preformed Line Products Compan
USA: (PCLN)   priceline.com Incorporated
USA: (PNRG)   PrimeEnergy Corporation
USA: (PWI)   PrimeWest Energy Trust
USA: (PKT)   Procera Networks, Inc.
USA: (IPDN)   Professional Diversity Network, LLC
USA: (INPIX)   ProFunds:Internet;Inv
USA: (PGN)   Progress Energy, Inc.
USA: (PONE)   Protection One, Inc.
USA: (PVX)   Provident Energy Trus
USA: (PBNY)   Provident New York Bancor
USA: (PJNZX)   Pru Jenn Mkt Neutral;Z
USA: (PSB)   PS Business Parks, Inc.
USA: (FXMAX)   PSI Market Neutral;A
USA: (TLK)   PT Telekom Indonesia
USA: (PSD)   Puget Sound Energy
USA: (PGEAX)   Putnam Global Energy A
USA: (QEPM)   QEP Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (XING)   Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc.
USA: (QRE)   QR Energy, LP
USA: (NX)   Quanex Corporation
USA: (QELP)   Quest Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (RHD)   R.H. Donnelley Corporation
USA: (RRD)   R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
USA: (ROIA)   Radio One Inc.
USA: (ROIAK)   Radio One, Inc.
USA: (RDNT)   RadNet, Inc.
USA: (RADN)   Radyne Corporation
USA: (RAMEW)   RAM Energy Resources Inc.
USA: (RAME)   RAM Energy Resources, Inc.
USA: (FMNEX)   RBB Free Market Intl Equity Instl
USA: (RNWK)   RealNetworks, Inc.
USA: (RGNC)   Regency Energy Partners L
USA: (RTIX)   Regeneration Technologies, Inc.
USA: (REGN)   Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (RGN)   RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (RRI)   Reliant Energy, Inc.
USA: (RNGY)   Renegy Holdings, Inc.
USA: (SOL)   ReneSola Ltd.
USA: (REGI)   Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (RNF)   Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P.
USA: (RDYN)   Replidyne, Inc.
USA: (REN)   Resolute Energy Corporation
USA: (RECN)   Resources Connection, Inc.
USA: (RGDX)   Response Genetics, Inc.
USA: (IRN)   Rewards Network Inc.
USA: (DINE)   Rewards Network, Inc.
USA: (REXX)   Rex Energy Corporation
USA: (RICE)   Rice Energy Inc.
USA: (RMP)   Rice Midstream Partners LP
USA: (RIC)   Richmont Mines Inc. (USA)
USA: (RNET)   RigNet, Inc.
USA: (RNO)   Rio Narcea Gold Mines, Ltd.
USA: (RVEP)   Rio Vista Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (RBA)   Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
USA: (RSDIX)   RiverSource Disciplined Intl Equity I
USA: (INEGX)   RiverSource Equity Value B
USA: (AXGAX)   RiverSource Partners International Select Growth Fund A
USA: (AISCX)   RiverSource Partners International Small Cap Fund A
USA: (RSTN)   Riverstone Networks, Inc.
USA: (BPAIX)   Robeco Boston Partners All-Cap Value Fund Instl
USA: (OPAMX)   Rochester Minnesota Municipal Fund
USA: (ROGEX)   Roge Partners Fund
USA: (RST)   Rosetta Stone Inc.
USA: (ROYL)   Royale Energy Inc.
USA: (RPTRX)   Royce Partners Svc
USA: (RRST)   RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd
USA: (RSPFX)   RS Partners Fund A
USA: (REA)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Energy
USA: (RYE)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Energy
USA: (RYEIX)   Rydex:Energy Fund;Inv
USA: (RYVIX)   Rydex:Energy Svcs;Inv
USA: (RYIIX)   Rydex:Internet;Inv
USA: (SNEMX)   S Bernstein:Emerg Mkts
USA: (SONE)   S1 Corporatio
USA: (SBR)   Sabine Royalty Trus
USA: (SFNT)   Safenet Inc
USA: (SN)   Sanchez Energy Corporation
USA: (SD)   SandRidge Energy Inc.
USA: (SFF)   Santa Fe Energy Trust
USA: (SBMBX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;A
USA: (SPEBX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;B
USA: (SEPCX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;C
USA: (SCMVX)   Schneider Sm Cap Val
USA: (SCMLX)   Schneider Value
USA: (SCNAX)   Schooner Fund A
USA: (SWGXX)   Schwab:Govt Money
USA: (SWMXX)   Schwab:Money Mkt
USA: (SWUXX)   Schwab:US Treas Money
USA: (SCLN)   SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (SCOP)   Scopus Video Networks Ltd
USA: (SNI)   Scripps Networks Interactive Inc
USA: (BOX)   SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.
USA: (SDLP)   Seadrill Partners LLC
USA: (SGEN)   Seattle Genetics, Inc.
USA: (SGLP)   SemGroup Energy Partners
USA: (SRE)   Sempra Energy
USA: (SENEB)   Seneca Foods Corp.
USA: (SENEA)   Seneca Foods Corporation
USA: (SNT)   Senesco Technologies, Inc.
USA: (SNTKY)   Senetek PLC (ADR)
USA: (BRGRX)   Sentinel Capital Growth Fund A
USA: (SENCX)   Sentinel Common Stock Fund
USA: (BRFOX)   Sentinel Growth Leaders Fund A
USA: (SWRLX)   Sentinel International Equity Fund A
USA: (SNTNX)   Sentinel Mid Cap Fund A
USA: (SYVIX)   Sentinel Mid Cap Value Instl
USA: (SAGWX)   Sentinel Small Company Fund A
USA: (WAEGX)   Sentinel Sustainable Growth Oppotunities Fund A
USA: (SEGSX)   Sentinel:Govt Secs;A
USA: (SMGCX)   Sentinel:Mid Cap;C
USA: (CEGIX)   Sentinel:Sus Gro Op;I
USA: (SCTRX)   Sentinel:Tot Rtn Bd;C
USA: (SERV)   Servidyne Inc.
USA: (SHLX)   Shell Midstream Partners, L.P.
USA: (SGNL)   Signal Genetics, Inc.
USA: (SIG)   Signet Group PLC (ADR
USA: (SSNI)   Silver Spring Networks, Inc.
USA: (SKY)   Skyline Corporation
USA: (FUEL)   SMF Energy Corporations
USA: (SNN)   Smith & Nephew plc
USA: (SSCC)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporatio
USA: (SSCCP)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
USA: (SOAP)   Soapstone Networks Inc.
USA: (SQM)   Sociedad Quimica y Minera
USA: (SMTS)   Somanetics Corporatio
USA: (SNSTA)   Sonesta International Hotels Corporation
USA: (SONS)   Sonus Networks, Inc.
USA: (SNE)   Sony Corporation
USA: (SXE)   Southcross Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (SSE)   Southern Connecticut Bancorp Inc.
USA: (LUV)   Southwest Airlines Co.
USA: (SWN)   Southwestern Energy C
USA: (SPKE)   Spark Energy, Inc.
USA: (LOV)   Spark Networks Inc
USA: (INY)   SPDR Barclays Capital New York Muni Bond
USA: (RWO)   SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate
USA: (RWX)   SPDR Dow Jones Intl Real Estate
USA: (ELR)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap
USA: (ELG)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap Growth
USA: (ELV)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap Value
USA: (EMM)   SPDR Dow Jones Mid Cap
USA: (EMG)   SPDR Dow Jones Mid Cap Growth
USA: (EMV)   SPDR Dow Jones Mid Cap Value
USA: (RWR)   SPDR Dow Jones REIT
USA: (DSC)   SPDR Dow Jones Small Cap
USA: (DSG)   SPDR Dow Jones Small Cap Growth
USA: (DSV)   SPDR Dow Jones Small Cap Value
USA: (TMW)   SPDR Dow Jones Total Market
USA: (IPW)   SPDR S&P International Energy Sector
USA: (SE)   Spectra Energy Cor
USA: (SEP)   Spectra Energy Partners, LP
USA: (SAVE)   Spirit Airlines, Inc.
USA: (S)   Sprint Nextel Corporatio
USA: (SSMTX)   SSgA Disciplined Equity Instl
USA: (SITGX)   STAARInvTr:General Bond
USA: (SGU)   Star Gas Partners, L.P.
USA: (STAR)   Starent Networks, Corp.
USA: (STNR)   Steiner Leisure Limite
USA: (STEL)   StellarOne Corp.
USA: (STML)   Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (SGY)   Stone Energy Corporatio
USA: (SHMDX)   Stone Harbor Emerging Mkts Debt Instl
USA: (SHHYX)   Stone Harbor HY Bnd;Inst
USA: (SBSCX)   Stonebridge Inst SC Gr
USA: (SBAGX)   Stonebridge Sm-Cap Gro
USA: (BANX)   StoneCastle Financial Corp.
USA: (SGM)   Stonegate Mortgage Corporation
USA: (STON)   StoneMor Partners L.P
USA: (SRI)   Stoneridge, Inc.
USA: (SCU)   Storm Cat Energy Corporation
USA: (STRM)   Streamline Health Solutions, Inc.
USA: (SPH)   Suburban Propane Partners, L.P.
USA: (SMLP)   Summit Midstream Partners, LP
USA: (SXCP)   SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (SXC)   SunCoke Energy, Inc.
USA: (SU)   Suncor Energy Inc.
USA: (SEMI)   SunEdison Semiconductor, Inc.
USA: (SNSS)   Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (SXL)   Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P
USA: (SHO)   Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc.
USA: (SPN)   Superior Energy Svcs In
USA: (SGRY)   Surgery Partners, Inc.
USA: (SUSP)   Susser Petroleum Partners LP
USA: (SFY)   Swift Energy Compan
USA: (SCMR)   Sycamore Networks, Inc.
USA: (SURG)   Synergetics USA, Inc.
USA: (SYNX)   SYNERGX Systems Inc.
USA: (SYBR)   Synergy Brands Inc
USA: (SYNF)   Synergy Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (ELOS)   Syneron Medical Ltd.
USA: (SNX)   SYNNEX Corporatio
USA: (SYMX)   Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (STEK)   SystemOne Technologies Inc.
USA: (PRCIX)   T Rowe Price New Inc
USA: (TTES)   T-3 Energy Services In
USA: (TREMX)   T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund
USA: (PRASX)   T. Rowe Price New Asia Fund
USA: (PRNEX)   T. Rowe Price New Era Fund
USA: (PRNHX)   T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund
USA: (TAIT)   Taitron Components Incorporated
USA: (TLM)   Talisman Energy Inc
USA: (TEGP)   Tallgrass Energy GP, LP
USA: (TEP)   Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP
USA: (NGLS)   Targa Resources Partners L
USA: (TGEN)   Targeted Genetics Corporatio
USA: (TGB)   Taseko Mines Limited (USA
USA: (TCLP)   TC Pipelines, LP
USA: (TECH)   Techne Corporation
USA: (TE)   TECO Energy, Inc.
USA: (TGP)   Teekay LNG Partners L.P.
USA: (TOO)   Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.
USA: (TNE)   Tele Norte Leste Participacoe AD
USA: (NZT)   Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited
USA: (TDY)   Teledyne Technologies Incorporate
USA: (TDI)   Telephone & Data System Inc.
USA: (TDS)   Telephone and Data Systems Inc.
USA: (TSTC)   Telestone Technologies Corporation
USA: (TKO)   Telkonet, Inc.
USA: (FINEX)   Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies Fund A
USA: (THC)   Tenet Healthcare Corporatio
USA: (TEN)   Tenneco In
USA: (TNCC)   Tennessee Commerce Bancorp Inc. (TN)
USA: (TVE)   Tennessee Valley Authority
USA: (TPP)   TEPPCO Partners, L.P.
USA: (TER)   Teradyne, Inc.
USA: (TEC)   Teton Energy Corporation
USA: (TGH)   Textainer Group Holdings Limited
USA: (TFSMX)   TFS:Market Neutral
USA: (ACTV)   The Active Network, Inc.
USA: (BK)   The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
USA: (BX)   The Blackstone Group L.P
USA: (XONE)   The ExOne Company
USA: (GRX)   The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
USA: (GF)   The New Germany Fund Inc.
USA: (NWHM)   The New Home Company LLC
USA: (IRL)   The New Ireland Fund Inc.
USA: (NYT)   The New York Times Company
USA: (SMD)   The Singing Machine Company, Inc.
USA: (SPNC)   The Spectranetics Corporation
USA: (DIS)   The Walt Disney Company
USA: (THMD)   Thermadyne Holdings Corporation
USA: (TMG)   Thermal Energy International Inc.
USA: (KOOL)   ThermoGenesis Corp
USA: (TNM)   Thomas Nelson Inc
USA: (TWPG)   Thomas Weisel Partners Group, Inc.
USA: (RTNAX)   Threadneedle Global Equity Income A
USA: (INIFX)   Threadneedle International Opportunity Fund A
USA: (AAITX)   Thrivent Partner International Stock Fund A
USA: (TPMIX)   Thrivent Partner Mid Cap Value Fund I
USA: (AALVX)   Thrivent Partner Small Cap Value Fund A
USA: (TWAIX)   Thrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation Fund I
USA: (TONE)   TierOne Corporatio
USA: (TIII)   TII Network Technologies Inc.
USA: (TWC)   Time Warner Cable Inc
USA: (TWX)   Time Warner Inc
USA: (TWTC)   Time Warner Telecom Inc
USA: (TITN)   Titan Machinery Inc.
USA: (TCM)   Tongjitang Chinese Medicines Company
USA: (TORM)   TOR Minerals Int'l, Inc.
USA: (TRU)   Torch Energy Royalty Trust
USA: (TPTX)   TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (TYG)   Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corporation
USA: (TYN)   Tortoise North American Energy Corp
USA: (TAFIX)   Touchstone Capital Appreciation Inst
USA: (TGFIX)   Touchstone Global Equity Inst
USA: (TRFIX)   Touchstone Global Real Estate Inst
USA: (TEQAX)   Touchstone Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (TRVIX)   Touchstone Large Cap Relative Value Inst
USA: (TMIGX)   Touchstone Mazama Institutional Growth Fund
USA: (TMCPX)   Touchstone Mid Cap Fund Y
USA: (TEGAX)   Touchstone Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (TCVIX)   Touchstone Mid Cap Value Fund Inst
USA: (CISGX)   Touchstone Sands Capital Institutional Growth Fund
USA: (PTSGX)   Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Fund Z
USA: (TSFAX)   Touchstone Small Cap Core Fund A
USA: (TSVOX)   Touchstone Small Cap Value Z
USA: (TSSW)   TouchStone Software Corporation Inc.
USA: (TOBAX)   Touchstone:Core Bd;A
USA: (TCPNX)   Touchstone:Cre + FI;Inst
USA: (TDSIX)   Touchstone:Dvs SCG;Y
USA: (TFEMX)   Touchstone:Em Mk Eq II;A
USA: (TFMCX)   Touchstone:Em Mk Eq II;C
USA: (TFMIX)   Touchstone:Em Mk Eq II;I
USA: (TFMYX)   Touchstone:Em Mk Eq II;Y
USA: (TEMAX)   Touchstone:Em Mkt Eq;A
USA: (TEFCX)   Touchstone:Em Mkt Eq;C
USA: (TMEIX)   Touchstone:Em Mkt Eq;I
USA: (TEMYX)   Touchstone:Em Mkt Eq;Y
USA: (TFEAX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;A
USA: (TFECX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;C
USA: (TFEIX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;Inst
USA: (TFEYX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;Y
USA: (TGVFX)   Touchstone:Gr Opp;A
USA: (TGVCX)   Touchstone:Gr Opp;C
USA: (TGVVX)   Touchstone:Gr Opp;Inst
USA: (TGVYX)   Touchstone:Gr Opp;Y
USA: (THYAX)   Touchstone:High Yld;A
USA: (TCFIX)   Touchstone:Int Fxd;Inst
USA: (TIFAX)   Touchstone:Intl FI;A
USA: (TIFCX)   Touchstone:Intl FI;C
USA: (TIFIX)   Touchstone:Intl FI;Inst
USA: (TIFYX)   Touchstone:Intl FI;Y
USA: (TSEYX)   Touchstone:Mkt Neut;Y
USA: (TPYAX)   Touchstone:Pre Yd Eq;A
USA: (TPYCX)   Touchstone:Pre Yd Eq;C
USA: (TPYYX)   Touchstone:Pre Yd Eq;Y
USA: (TSDOX)   Touchstone:USD Fxd Inc;Z
USA: (TOWN)   TowneBank
USA: (DVIEX)   Transamerica Partners International Equity Fund
USA: (DVGIX)   Transamerica Partners Large Core Fund
USA: (DVEGX)   Transamerica Partners Large Growth Fund
USA: (DVMGX)   Transamerica Partners Mid Growth Fund
USA: (DVPEX)   Transamerica Partners Small Core
USA: (DVSVX)   Transamerica Partners Small Value Fund
USA: (TCI)   Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc.
USA: (TGA)   TransGlobe Energy Corporation
USA: (TLP)   Transmontaigne Partners L.P
USA: (RIGP)   Transocean Partners LLC
USA: (TRB)   Tribune Company
USA: (TRMA)   Trico Marine Services, Inc.
USA: (TMED)   Trimedyne Inc.
USA: (TNP)   Tsakos Energy Navigation Limite
USA: (TBTBX)   Turner All Cap Gro;Inv
USA: (TTOPX)   Turner Concentrated Growth Equity Fund
USA: (TMCGX)   Turner Emerging Growth Fund Investor
USA: (TICGX)   Turner International Growth Fund Instl
USA: (TSGEX)   Turner Large Cap Growth Institutional
USA: (TTMEX)   Turner Large Growth Fund Inst
USA: (TMSFX)   Turner Med Sci L/S;Inv
USA: (TMGEX)   Turner Midcap Gro;Inst
USA: (TMGFX)   Turner Midcap Gro;Inv
USA: (TMIIX)   Turner Midcap Gro;Ret
USA: (TMNEX)   Turner Mkt Neutral;Inst
USA: (TBMEX)   Turner Quant Br Mkt;Inst
USA: (TLVFX)   Turner Quantitative Large Cap Val I
USA: (TSCEX)   Turner Sm Cap Gro;Inv
USA: (TSEIX)   Turner Small Cap Equity Investor
USA: (TSPEX)   Turner Spectrum;Inst
USA: (TTLEX)   Turner Titan;Inst
USA: (TSTN)   Turnstone Systems, Inc.
USA: (TBGVX)   Tweedy Browne Global Value Fund
USA: (TBCUX)   Tweedy,Browne Global Value II Ccy Unhdg
USA: (TBHDX)   Tweedy,Browne Worldwide Hi Div Yld Val
USA: (PRTS)   U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.
USA: (USEG)   U.S. Energy Corp.
USA: (USEY)   U.S. Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (USS)   U.S. Shipping Partners L.P.
USA: (UBNT)   Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
USA: (UGNE)   Unigene Laboratories Inc.
USA: (UNS)   UniSource Energy Corporation
USA: (UAL)   United Continental Holdings, Inc.
USA: (UNTD)   United Online, Inc.
USA: (UGA)   United States Gasoline
USA: (USLM)   United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.
USA: (USTR)   United Stationers Inc
USA: (UCLP)   Universal Compression Partners, L.P.
USA: (UNN)   Unum Group Pines
USA: (UPM)   UPM-Kymmene Corporatio
USA: (URZ)   Uranerz Energy Corporation
USA: (USBE)   US BioEnergy Corporation
USA: (NEARX)   US Glbl:Near Term Tx Fr
USA: (USAC)   USA Compression Partners, LP
USA: (USDP)   USD Partners LP
USA: (EGY)   VAALCO Energy, Inc.
USA: (VLO)   Valero Energy Corporatio
USA: (VLP)   Valero Energy Partners LP
USA: (VAGIX)   Value Line Aggr Income
USA: (VALCX)   Value Line Convertible
USA: (VLEOX)   Value Line Emerging Opportunities Fund
USA: (VLIFX)   Value Line Fund
USA: (VALIX)   Value Line Income & Growth Fund
USA: (VALLX)   Value Line Larger Companies Fund
USA: (VLNYX)   Value Line NY Tx Ex Tr
USA: (VALSX)   Value Line Premier Gr
USA: (VALU)   Value Line, Inc.
USA: (VTJ)   Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade New Jersey Municipals
USA: (VTN)   Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade New York Municipals
USA: (VDE)   Vanguard Energy ETF
USA: (VGENX)   Vanguard Energy Inv
USA: (VINEX)   Vanguard International Explorer Fund
USA: (VMNIX)   Vanguard Mkt Neut;Inst
USA: (VWNEX)   Vanguard Windsor;Adm
USA: (VEI)   Vantage Energy Inc.
USA: (VE)   Veolia Environnement SA
USA: (VSE)   Verasun Energy Corporatio
USA: (VRAZ)   Veraz Networks, Inc.
USA: (PAY)   VeriFone Holdings, Inc.
USA: (VERT)   VerticalNet, Inc.
USA: (VIGN)   Vignette Corporatio
USA: (VNBC)   Vineyard National Bancor
USA: (VNOM)   Viper Energy Partners LP
USA: (VHC)   VirnetX Holding Corporation
USA: (VRTS)   Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.
USA: (EMNAX)   Virtus:Market Neut;A
USA: (VNWK)   Visual Networks, Inc.
USA: (VOC)   VOC Energy Trust
USA: (VOD)   Vodafone AirTouch Public Limited Compan
USA: (VTTI)   VTTI Energy Partners LP
USA: (WEGAX)   W&R Adv:Energy;A
USA: (WHQ)   W-H Energy services Inc.
USA: (WCRX)   Warner Chilcott Limite
USA: (WMG)   Warner Music Group Corp
USA: (WARR)   Warrior Energy Services
USA: (WWVY)   Warwick Valley Telephone Compan
USA: (WCN)   Waste Connections Inc
USA: (WSBF)   Waterstone Financial Inc.
USA: (WNFM)   Wayne Farms, Inc.
USA: (WAYN)   Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc.
USA: (WAGFX)   Wegener Adaptive Growth
USA: (WGNR)   Wegener Corporatio
USA: (WPOPX)   Weitz:Partners III Oppty
USA: (WPVLX)   Weitz:Partners Value
USA: (WLP)   WellPoint Health Networks Inc
USA: (EVSAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Disciplined U.S. Core Fund A
USA: (WGA)   Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporatio
USA: (WG)   Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporatio
USA: (WERN)   Werner Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (WMAR)   West Marine, Inc.
USA: (WRS)   Westar Energy, Inc.
USA: (WR)   Westar Energy, Inc.
USA: (GDF)   Western Asset Global Partners Income Fund Inc.
USA: (MPT)   Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund II Inc.
USA: (MNP)   Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund Inc.
USA: (WGP)   Western Gas Equity Partners, LP
USA: (WES)   Western Gas Partners, LP
USA: (WLKP)   Westlake Chemical Partners LP
USA: (WON)   Westwood One, Inc.
USA: (WSR)   Whitestone REIT
USA: (WTNY)   Whitney Holding Corporatio
USA: (WVVI)   Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc.
USA: (WPZ)   Williams Partners L.P
USA: (WMZ)   Williams Pipeline Partners L.P.
USA: (WGO)   Winnebago Industries, Inc.
USA: (WHLYX)   Wintrust Capital Disciplined Equity Y
USA: (WEC)   Wisconsin Energy Corporatio
USA: (CYB)   WisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese Yuan
USA: (JYF)   WisdomTree Dreyfus Japanese Yen
USA: (BNZ)   WisdomTree Dreyfus New Zealand Dollar
USA: (DKA)   WisdomTree International Energy
USA: (WWW)   Wolverine World Wide In
USA: (WUHN)   Wuhan General Group China Inc.
USA: (XEL)   Xcel Energy Inc
USA: (XENE)   Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (XTO)   XTO Energy Inc.
USA: (XNET)   Xunlei Limited
USA: (YGE)   Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limite
USA: (ZMNAX)   Zacks Mkt Neutral;A
USA: (ZANE)   Zanett, Inc.
USA: (ZHNE)   Zhone Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ZONS)   Zones Inc
USA: (ZGEN)   ZymoGenetics, Inc.
USA: (ZYNE)   Zynerba Pharmeceuticals, Inc.
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: (AIAENG) AIA Engineering Ltd.    (532683)
INDIA: (SHAPURMIN) Ashapura Minechem Ltd.    (527001)
INDIA: (ASIANELEC) Asian Electronics Ltd.    (503940)
INDIA: (ASTRAZEN) AstraZeneca Pharma Ltd.    (506820)
INDIA: (AUTOIND) Autoline Industries Ltd.    (532797)
INDIA: (AVAYAGCL) Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd.    (500463)
INDIA: (BONGAIREFN) Bongaingaon Refinery & Petro.    (500072)
INDIA: () Brady & Morris Engineering Company Ltd    (505690)
INDIA: () Champagne Indage Ltd.    (522059)
INDIA: (CINEMAX) Cinemax India Ltd.    (532807)
INDIA: (CONCOR) Container Corporation of India    (531344)
INDIA: (CRANESSOFT) Cranes Software International Ltd.    (512093)
INDIA: (DONEAR) Donear Industries Ltd    (512519)
INDIA: (ELECON) Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd.    (505700)
INDIA: () Energy Development Co. Ltd.    (532219)
INDIA: (ENGINERSIN) Engineers India Ltd.    (532178)
INDIA: (ENIL) Entertainment Network (India) Ltd.    (532700)
INDIA: (OENCONNECT) FCI OEN Connectors Limited    (504250)
INDIA: (GANESHHOUC) Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd.    (526367)
INDIA: (GSKCONS) Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare    (500676)
INDIA: (GLAXO) Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.    (500660)
INDIA: (GBN) Global Broadcast News Ltd.    (532800)
INDIA: (GMDCLTD) Gujarat Mineral Development Corpn.    (532181)
INDIA: (GSPL) Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.    (532702)
INDIA: (SPICFINE) Henkel India Limited    (532671)
INDIA: () High Energy Batteries (India)    (504176)
INDIA: (HMT) Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd.    (500191)
INDIA: (HONAUT) Honeywell Automation India Ltd.    (517174)
INDIA: (INDIAINFO) India Infoline Ltd.    (532636)
INDIA: (IONEXCHANG) ION Exchange (India) Ltd.    (500214)
INDIA: () JK Agri Genetics Limited    (532518)
INDIA: () Josts Engineers Company    (505750)
INDIA: (KALINDEE) Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd.    (522259)
INDIA: (KANSAINER) Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.    (500165)
INDIA: (KNL) Karuturi Networks Ltd.    (531687)
INDIA: (KERNEX) Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited    (532686)
INDIA: (KHAITANELE) Khaitan Electricals Ltd.    (504269)
INDIA: (KIRLOSOIL) Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.    (500243)
INDIA: (KIRLOSPNEU) Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd.    (505283)
INDIA: (LAXMIMACH) Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.    (500252)
INDIA: (LLOYDELENG) Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.    (517518)
INDIA: (LOKESHMACH) Lokesh Machines Ltd.    (532740)
INDIA: (MTNL) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.    (500108)
INDIA: () Mahindra Forgines Ltd    (532756)
INDIA: (MAHINDUGIN) Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.    (504823)
INDIA: (MRPL) Mangalore Refinery & Petro Ltd.    (500109)
INDIA: () Marathon NextGen Realty & Textiles Ltd.    (503101)
INDIA: (MBECL) McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd.    (532629)
INDIA: (MLL) Mercator Lines Ltd    (526235)
INDIA: (MONNETISPA) Monnet Ispat Ltd    (513446)
INDIA: () Mount Everest Mineral Water    (531096)
INDIA: () National Mineral Development Corporation    (526371)
INDIA: (NAVINFLUOR) Navin Fluorine International Ltd.    (532504)
INDIA: (NAVNETPUBL) Navneet Publications Ltd.    (508989)
INDIA: (NECLIFE) Nectar Lifesciences Limited    (532649)
INDIA: () Neemtek Organic Products Ltd    (502893)
INDIA: (NELCAST) NelCast Ltd.    (532864)
INDIA: (NELCO) NELCO Ltd.    (504112)
INDIA: () Nesco Ltd    (505355)
INDIA: (NESTLE) Nestle India Ltd.    (500790)
INDIA: (NETWORK18) Network 18 Fincap Ltd.    (532798)
INDIA: (NDTV) New Delhi Television Ltd.    (532529)
INDIA: (NEYVELILIG) Neyveli Lignite Corpn.    (513683)
INDIA: (PARADYNE) Paradyne Infotech    (532672)
INDIA: (PARAL) Parekh Aluminex Ltd.    (532606)
INDIA: (PATELENG) Patel Engineering Ltd    (531120)
INDIA: (PETRONENGG) Petron Engineering Construction Ltd.    (530381)
INDIA: (PETRONET) Petronet LNG Ltd.    (532522)
INDIA: (PIONEEREMB) Pioneer Embroideries Ltd.    (514300)
INDIA: () Pioneer Investcorp    (507864)
INDIA: (PRAENG) Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd.    (531746)
INDIA: (RAJTV) Raj Television Network Ltd.    (532826)
INDIA: (RAMANEWS) Rama Newsprints & Papers Ltd.    (500356)
INDIA: (REVL) Rane Engine Valves Ltd.    (532490)
INDIA: (RANEHOLDIN) Rane Holdings Limited.    (505800)
INDIA: () Rasandik Engineering Industries India Ltd    (522207)
INDIA: (SADBHAV) Sadbhav Engineering Ltd.    (532710)
INDIA: () Sahara One Media And Entert. Ltd.    (503691)
INDIA: () SAN Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd    (505155)
INDIA: () Schenectady-Beck India Ltd.    (500123)
INDIA: () Sharon Bio Medicine Ltd.    (590034)
INDIA: (SHREEASHTA) Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.    (532793)
INDIA: (SHRIDINESH) Shri Dinesh Mills    (503804)
INDIA: (SHRINGAR) Shringar Cinemas Limited    (532631)
INDIA: (SILVERLINE) Silverline Technologies Ltd.    (500389)
INDIA: (SBBJ) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur    (501061)
INDIA: () Stone India Ltd    (522085)
INDIA: (SUNTV) Sun TV Network Ltd.    (532733)
INDIA: (SUNDRMFAST) Sundaram Fastners Ltd.    (500403)
INDIA: (SUNILHITEC) Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd.    (532711)
INDIA: (SUPRAJIT) Suprajit Engineering Ltd    (532509)
INDIA: (SUZLON) Suzlon Energy Ltd.    (532667)
INDIA: (SWARAJENG) Swaraj Engines Ltd.    (500407)
INDIA: (TVTODAY) T.V. Today Network Ltd.    (532515)
INDIA: (TNPL) Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers    (531426)
INDIA: (TANEJAERO) Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.    (522229)
INDIA: (TRIVENI) Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited    (532356)
INDIA: (VALECHAENG) Valecha Engineering Ltd.    (532389)
INDIA: (WEBELSOLAR) Webel-SL Energy Systems Ltd.    (517498)
INDIA: (XLTL) XL Telecom and Energy Ltd.    (532788)
INDIA: (ZEENEWS) Zee News Ltd.    (532794)