S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (SMLC)   012 Smile.Communications Ltd.
USA: (AWWC)   Access Worldwide Communications Inc.
USA: (ACME)   ACME Communications, Inc.
USA: (ADAP)   Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC
USA: (ADCT)   ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
USA: (ARC)   Affordable Residential Communities Inc.
USA: (AIMT)   Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ALSK)   Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc
USA: (AACB)   Alliance Atlantis Communication
USA: (ALLT)   Allot Communications Ltd
USA: (ATGN)   AltiGen Communications, Inc.
USA: (ACC)   American Campus Cmmunities Inc
USA: (ACBA)   American Community Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (APO)   American Community Properties Trust
USA: (SAT)   Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited (ADR)
USA: (ATHR)   Atheros Communications, Inc.
USA: (AIMM)   Autommune Inc.
USA: (AVB)   Avalon Bay Communities Inc
USA: (AVAN)   Avant Immunotherapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AVSR)   Avistar Communications Corporation
USA: (BOGN)   Bogen Communications Inc.
USA: (BCGI)   Boston Communications Group, Inc.
USA: (BRCD)   Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
USA: (CDMS)   Cadmus Communications Corp.
USA: (CALC)   California Coastal Communities, Inc.
USA: (CATT)   Catapult Communicatons Corporation
USA: (CYCL)   Centennial Communications Corporation
USA: (CSCC)   CenterSpan Communications Corporation
USA: (CTLM)   Centillium Communications, Inc.
USA: (CVCY)   Central Valley Community Bancorp
USA: (CCS)   Century Communities, Inc.
USA: (CHTR)   Charter Communications, Inc.
USA: (CNTF)   China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited
USA: (CZN)   Citizens Communications
USA: (CZWI)   Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CCU)   Clear Channel Communications
USA: (CLRO)   ClearOne Communications, Inc.
USA: (CCOI)   Cogent Communications Group, Inc.
USA: (CICI)   Communication Intelligence Corporation
USA: (JCS)   Communications Systems, Inc
USA: (CBON)   Community Bancorp
USA: (CBIN)   Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc.
USA: (CBU)   Community Bank System, Inc.
USA: (BTC)   Community Bankers Trust Corporation
USA: (CMTY)   Community Banks, Inc.
USA: (SCB)   Community Bankshares Inc.
USA: (ALBY)   Community Capital Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (CPBK)   Community Capital Corporation
USA: (CYL)   Community Capital Corporation
USA: (CCBD)   Community Central Bank Corporation
USA: (CCFI)   Community Choice Financial
USA: (CFFC)   Community Financial Corp.
USA: (CYH)   Community Health Systems, Inc.
USA: (CHCT)   Community Healthcare Trust Incorporated
USA: (CNLA)   Community National Bank of the Lakeway Area
USA: (CPBC)   Community Partners Bancorp
USA: (CSHB)   Community Shores Bank Corp.
USA: (CTBI)   Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CVLL)   Community Valley Bancorp
USA: (CWBC)   Community West Bancshares
USA: (CMTL)   Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
USA: (CNSL)   Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
USA: (COSN)   CoSine Communications, Inc.
USA: (DVW)   Covad Communications Group Inc.
USA: (CVST)   Covista Communications Inc.
USA: (CTCI)   CT Communications, Inc.
USA: (DECC)   D&E Communications, Inc.
USA: (DCBK)   Desert Community Bank
USA: (DCOM)   Dime Community Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (DISCK)   Discovery Communications, Inc
USA: (DCEL)   Dobson Communications Corporation
USA: (DCO)   Ducommun Incorporated
USA: (TISHX)   DWS Communication;A
USA: (EGAN)   eGain Communications Corporation
USA: (ELEC)   eLEC Communications Corp.
USA: (ETF)   Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund Inc.
USA: (EMMS)   Emmis Communications Corporation
USA: (EMMSP)   Emmis Communications Corporation
USA: (ETM)   Entercom Communications Corporation
USA: (EVC)   Entravision Communications Corporation
USA: (ENTR)   Entropic Communications, Inc.
USA: (EONC)   eOn Communications Corporation
USA: (FRP)   FairPoint Communications, Inc.
USA: (FCBP)   First Community Bancorp
USA: (FCBC)   First Community Bancshares Inc
USA: (FCFL)   First Community Bank Corp. of America
USA: (FCCO)   First Community Corporation
USA: (FSCI)   Fisher Communications, Inc.
USA: (FTR)   Frontier Communications Corp
USA: (FSN)   Fusion Telecommunications Int'l, Inc.
USA: (GNCMA)   General Communication, Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (GCT)   GMH Communities Trust
USA: (GFLS)   Greater Community Bancorp
USA: (OTE)   Hellenic Telecommunication Org SA
USA: (HUGH)   Hughes Communications In
USA: (HTX)   Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited (ADR)
USA: (ICOG)   ICO Global Communications Holdings Limited D
USA: (ICTUX)   ICON Telecommunication & Utilities Fund
USA: (IKAN)   Ikanos Communications, Inc.
USA: (ILC)   iLinc Communications, Inc.
USA: (ICCC)   ImmuCell Corporatio
USA: (BLUD)   Immucor, Inc.
USA: (IMDZ)   Immune Design Corp.
USA: (IMMC)   Immunicon Corporation
USA: (IMGN)   ImmunoGen, Inc.
USA: (IMMU)   Immunomedics, Inc.
USA: (INCB)   Indiana Community Bancorp
USA: (IWA)   Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc.
USA: (IRDM)   Iridium Communications Inc.
USA: (IXP)   iShares S&P Global Telecommunications
USA: (JCOM)   j2 Global Communications In
USA: (JRN)   Journal Communications, Inc.
USA: (LLL)   L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LVLT)   Level 3 Communications, Inc.
USA: (LORL)   Loral Space & Communications Ltd.
USA: (MMUS)   MakeMusic, Inc.
USA: (MSGY)   Masergy Communications, Inc.
USA: (MCCC)   Mediacom Communications Corporation
USA: (INFO)   Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.
USA: (PCS)   MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
USA: (MMUFX)   MFS Utilities;A
USA: (MAA)   Mid America Apt Commun
USA: (MCBF)   Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (MRVC)   MRV Communications
USA: (HAVNP)   New York Community Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NYB)   New York Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (NMSS)   NMS Communications Corporation
USA: (NLCI)   Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
USA: (NECB)   Northeast Community Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NUAN)   Nuance Communications, Inc.
USA: (VIP)   Open Joint Stock Company Vimpel-Communications
USA: (OPLK)   Oplink Communications, Inc.
USA: (OCPI)   Optical Communication Products, Inc.
USA: (ORCT)   Orckit Communications, Limited
USA: (OXFD)   Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
USA: (PTNR)   Partner Communications Company Ltd
USA: (PCBI)   Peoples Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (APTS)   Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.
USA: (PREM)   Premier Community Bankshares Inc
USA: (PRTL)   Primus Telecommunications Group
USA: (PCBS)   Provident Community Bancshares Inc.
USA: (QXM)   Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
USA: (Q)   Qwest Communications International Inc.
USA: (RGCI)   Regent Communications, Inc.
USA: (RCI)   Rogers Communication, Inc.
USA: (RRST)   RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd
USA: (SGA)   Saga Communications, Inc.
USA: (SALM)   Salem Communications Corporatio
USA: (SBAC)   SBA Communications Corporation
USA: (SQNS)   Sequans Communications S.A.
USA: (SJR)   Shaw Communications Inc.
USA: (SHEN)   Shenandoah Telecommunications Company
USA: (SCKT)   Socket Communications, Inc.
USA: (SMRA)   Somera Communications Inc.
USA: (SMRAD)   Somera Communications Inc.
USA: (SDBT)   SoundBite Communications, Inc.
USA: (SCMF)   Southern Community Financial Corp.
USA: (SCMFO)   Southern Community Financial Corporation
USA: (SPRD)   Spreadtrum Communications, Inc.
USA: (SUI)   Sun Communities, Inc.
USA: (SURW)   SureWest Communication
USA: (PRMTX)   T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund
USA: (TCCO)   Technical Communications Corporation
USA: (TSYS)   TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
USA: (TERN)   Terayon Communication Systems Inc.
USA: (TLGD)   Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
USA: (TMWD)   Tumbleweed Communications Corp
USA: (LTL)   Ultra Telecommunications ProShares
USA: (TLL)   UltraShort Telecommunications ProShares
USA: (UCBA)   United Community Bancorp
USA: (UCBI)   United Community Banks, Inc.
USA: (UCFC)   United Community Financial Corp
USA: (VCI)   Valassis Communications, Inc.
USA: (VZ)   Verizon Communicatio
USA: (VRCC)   Vertical Communications Inc.
USA: (VOCL)   VocalTec Communications Ltd
USA: (VCRA)   Vocera Communications, Inc.
USA: (WCI)   WCI Communities, Inc.
USA: (WCIC)   WCI Communities, Inc.
USA: (MMU)   Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund Inc.
USA: (DGG)   WisdomTree International Communications
USA: (WJCI)   WJ Communications, Inc.
USA: (WGAT)   Worldgate Communications, Inc.
USA: (XCOM)   Xtera Communications, Inc.
INDIA: (GEMINI) Gemini Communications Ltd.    (532318)
INDIA: (HIMACHLFUT) Himachal Futuristic Communication    (500183)
INDIA: (J&KBANK) Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.    (532209)
INDIA: (PARACABLES) Paramount Communications Ltd.    (530555)
INDIA: (RCOM) Reliance Communications Ltd    (532712)
INDIA: (SASKEN) Sasken Communicatio Techno. Ltd.    (532663)
INDIA: () Spice Communications Ltd.    (532863)
INDIA: (UTVSOF) UTV Software Communications Ltd.    (532619)