S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ACTS)   Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
USA: (AMD)   Advanced Micro Devices Inc
USA: (ASX)   Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.
USA: (SPEDX)   Alger II:Dynamic Oppts;A
USA: (ALSC)   Alliance Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (AUMIX)   Allianz AGIC Ultra Micro Cap Fund I
USA: (AMCIX)   Allianz:AGIC Micro;Inst
USA: (AOSL)   Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited.
USA: (AOMAX)   AlphaOne Mic Cp Eq;Inv
USA: (ADVDX)   Alpine Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AGD)   Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AOD)   Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (ADFSX)   Alpine:Dynamic Fin Svc
USA: (ADINX)   Alpine:Dynamic Innvtrs
USA: (AMIC)   American Independence Corp
USA: (AMK)   American Technical Ceramics, Corp.
USA: (FOLD)   Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ANCCX)   Ancora MicroCap;C
USA: (ANCDX)   Ancora MicroCap;D
USA: (ANGO)   AngioDynamics, Inc.
USA: (AMCC)   Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
USA: (ARJ)   Arch Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (JMCIX)   Artio US Microcap Fund I
USA: (AGMX)   AutoGenomics, Inc.
USA: (BELM)   Bell Microproducts Inc.
USA: (BMCFX)   Bjurman Barry Micro-cap Growth Fund
USA: (MDEGX)   BlackRock Global Dynamic Equity Inv A
USA: (MYM)   BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund II Inc.
USA: (MIY)   BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (BJMIX)   Brazos Micro Cap Fund
USA: (BRMCX)   Bridgeway Micro-Cap Limited
USA: (BUFOX)   Buffalo Micro Cap Fund
USA: (CCMP)   Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (CHW)   Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
USA: (CAMD)   California Micro Devices Corporation
USA: (CRR)   Carbo Ceramics, Inc.
USA: (CDIC)   CardioDynamics Int'l Corp
USA: (CSCD)   Cascade Microtech, Inc.
USA: (CATS)   Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
USA: (ICEL)   Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.
USA: (CHRT)   Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.
USA: (CHFC)   Chemical Financial Corporation
USA: (SNP)   China Petroleum & Chemical
USA: (CSB)   Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc.
USA: (ULQ)   Claymore U.S. Capital Mkts Micro-Trm F/I
USA: (GNOM)   Complete Genomics, Inc.
USA: (cy)   Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (DFSCX)   DFA US Micro Cap Fund I
USA: (DDYIX)   Dreyfus Dynamic Altern;I
USA: (DGDAX)   Dreyfus Gl Dynamic Bd;A
USA: (DGDCX)   Dreyfus Gl Dynamic Bd;C
USA: (DGDIX)   Dreyfus Gl Dynamic Bd;I
USA: (DWGVX)   Dynamic Contrarian Advantage I
USA: (DWGDX)   Dynamic Discovery I
USA: (DWEIX)   Dynamic Energy Income Fd I
USA: (DWGIX)   Dynamic Infrastructur;I
USA: (BOOM)   Dynamic Materials Corporation
USA: (DOR)   Dynamic Offshore Resources, Inc.
USA: (DWUGX)   Dynamic US Growth;I
USA: (DRCO)   Dynamics Research Corporation
USA: (EMN)   Eastman Chemical Company
USA: (EZCH)   EZchip Semiconductor Ltd.
USA: (FCS)   Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc.
USA: (FSCHX)   Fidelity Sel Chemicals
USA: (HCE)   Fiduciary/Claymore Dynamic Equity Fund
USA: (MXCAX)   Fifth:Mic Cap Val;A
USA: (MXCBX)   Fifth:Mic Cap Val;B
USA: (MXCSX)   Fifth:Mic Cap Val;C
USA: (MXAIX)   Fifth:Mic Cap Val;Inst
USA: (FFNM)   First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FDM)   First Trust Dow Jones Select MicroCap
USA: (FLDGX)   Flex-Funds:Dynamic Gro
USA: (FMX)   Fomento Economico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (ADR)
USA: (FRMCX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund A
USA: (FVRMX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund Adv
USA: (FSL)   Freescale Semiconductor Holdings I, Ltd.
USA: (GMEAX)   Gartmore Micro Cap Equity Fund
USA: (GCTS)   GCT Semiconductor, Inc.
USA: (GD)   General Dynamics Corp
USA: (GNSS)   Genesis Microchip Inc.
USA: (GHDX)   Genomic Health, Inc.
USA: (HITT)   Hittite Microwave Corporation
USA: (HDY)   Hyperdynamics Corporation
USA: (IJD)   Indiana Michigan Power Co.
USA: (IM)   Ingram Micro Inc.
USA: (FIDYX)   Invesco Dynamics Fund Inv
USA: (IWC)   iShares Russell Microcap Index
USA: (IGW)   iShares S&P North Amer Tech-Semicondctrs
USA: (IGWAX)   Ivy:Micro Cap Growth;A
USA: (IGWBX)   Ivy:Micro Cap Growth;B
USA: (JMCRX)   James Adv:Micro Cap
USA: (VSCOX)   JP Morgan Dynamic Small Cap Fund
USA: (KMGB)   KMG Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (LSCC)   Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (LCMMX)   Lotsoff Capital Mgmt Micro Cap
USA: (LYO)   Lyondell Chemical Company
USA: (MIC)   Macquarie Infrastructure Company LLC
USA: (MIMFX)   Managers Institutional Micro-Cap Fund
USA: (MMCFX)   Managers Micro-Cap Fund Svc
USA: (MICDX)   Matthews Asia:Ch Dv;Inst
USA: (MICFX)   Matthews Asia:China;Inst
USA: (MICSX)   Matthews Asia:G&I;Inst
USA: (MKC)   McCormick & Company, Incorporated
USA: (MSSR)   McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (BKR)   Michael Baker Corporation
USA: (KORS)   Michael Kors (USA), Inc.
USA: (MIK)   Michaels Stores Inc.
USA: (MCRL)   Micrel, Incorporated
USA: (MCTI)   Micro Component Technology Inc.
USA: (MTIX)   Micro Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MCHP)   Microchip Technology Incorporated
USA: (MFI)   MicroFinancial Incorporated
USA: (MCLB)   Microlin Bio, Inc.
USA: (MLOG)   Microlog Corporation
USA: (MITI)   Micromet, Inc.
USA: (MUSE)   Micromuse Inc.
USA: (MU)   Micron Technology, Inc.
USA: (NOIZ)   Micronetics, Inc.
USA: (MCRS)   Micros Systems, Inc.
USA: (MSCC)   Microsemi Corporatio
USA: (msft)   Microsoft Corporation
USA: (MSTR)   MicroStrategy Incorporate
USA: (MTMD)   Microtek Medical Holdings Inc
USA: (TUNE)   Microtune, Inc.
USA: (MVIS)   Microvision, Inc.
USA: (MFCO)   Microwave Filter Company Inc.
USA: (MEND)   Micrus Endovascular Corporation
USA: (MICC)   Millicom International Cellular S.A.
USA: (MICGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;I
USA: (MICIX)   Munder International Core Equity Fund I
USA: (NSM)   National Semiconductor Corp
USA: (NETL)   NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (NCEM)   Nevada Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (NOEC)   New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp.
USA: (NCX)   NOVA Chemicals Corporation (USA)
USA: (NXPI)   NXP Semiconductors N.V.
USA: (OIIM)   O2Micro International Limited
USA: (OBMCX)   Oberweis:Micro-Cap
USA: (ONNN)   ON Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (PKE)   Park Electrochemical Corporation
USA: (PSMI)   Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (PSEM)   Pericom Semiconductor
USA: (PRCGX)   Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities Fund
USA: (PHTN)   Photon Dynamics, Inc.
USA: (PBMBX)   PineBridge:Micro Cp Gr;I
USA: (PCA)   PowerShares Autonomic Bal NFA Gbl Asset
USA: (PTO)   PowerShares Autonomic Gr NFA Gbl Asset
USA: (PGZ)   PowerShares Dynamic Aggressive Growth
USA: (PUA)   PowerShares Dynamic Asia Pacific
USA: (PJB)   PowerShares Dynamic Banking
USA: (PYZ)   PowerShares Dynamic Basic Materials
USA: (PBE)   PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome
USA: (PKB)   PowerShares Dynamic Building & Construct
USA: (PEZ)   PowerShares Dynamic Consumer Disc
USA: (PSL)   PowerShares Dynamic Consumer Staples
USA: (PVM)   PowerShares Dynamic Deep Value
USA: (PFA)   PowerShares Dynamic Developed Intl Opps
USA: (PXI)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy
USA: (PXE)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod
USA: (PEH)   PowerShares Dynamic Europe
USA: (PFI)   PowerShares Dynamic Financials
USA: (PBJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage
USA: (PHW)   PowerShares Dynamic Hardware & Cons Elec
USA: (PTH)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare
USA: (PTJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare Services
USA: (PRN)   PowerShares Dynamic Industrials
USA: (PIC)   PowerShares Dynamic Insurance
USA: (PJF)   PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap
USA: (PWB)   PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth
USA: (PWV)   PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value
USA: (PEJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertain
USA: (PIQ)   PowerShares Dynamic MagniQuant
USA: (PWC)   PowerShares Dynamic Market
USA: (PBS)   PowerShares Dynamic Media
USA: (PJG)   PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap
USA: (PWJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap Growth
USA: (PWP)   PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap Value
USA: (PXQ)   PowerShares Dynamic Networking
USA: (PXJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services
USA: (PWO)   PowerShares Dynamic OTC
USA: (PJP)   PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals
USA: (PMR)   PowerShares Dynamic Retail
USA: (PSI)   PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors
USA: (PJM)   PowerShares Dynamic Small Cap
USA: (PWT)   PowerShares Dynamic Small Cap Growth
USA: (PWY)   PowerShares Dynamic Small Cap Value
USA: (PSJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Software
USA: (PTF)   PowerShares Dynamic Technology
USA: (PTE)   PowerShares Dynamic Telecom & Wireless
USA: (PUI)   PowerShares Dynamic Utilities
USA: (PZI)   PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap
USA: (SMPIX)   ProFunds:Semiconduct;Inv
USA: (KWR)   Quaker Chemical Corporation
USA: (TMVAX)   RBC Microcp Val;A
USA: (TMVCX)   RBC Microcp Val;C
USA: (TMVSX)   RBC Microcp Val;S
USA: (RFMD)   RF Micro Devices, Inc.
USA: (RHJSX)   Rice Hall James Micro Cap Fund Instl
USA: (ORMIX)   Rochester Michigan Municipal Fund
USA: (ROSG)   Rosetta Genomics Ltd
USA: (RYOTX)   Royce Micro-Cap Fund Invmt
USA: (RMT)   Royce Micro-Cap Trust Inc.
USA: (SFUN)   Saifun Semiconductors Ltd.
USA: (SATMX)   Satuit Capital Micro Cap Fund
USA: (SCMM)   SCM Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (SMH)   Semiconductor HOLDRs
USA: (SMI)   Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
USA: (SHI)   Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited
USA: (SMDI)   Sirenza Microdevices, Inc.
USA: (SMSI)   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
USA: (SQM)   Sociedad Quimica y Minera
USA: (SEN)   Southeastern Mich Gas Enterp
USA: (XSD)   SPDR S&P Semiconductor
USA: (SVSCX)   SSgA Dynamic Small Cap Fund
USA: (SMSC)   Standard Microsystems Corporatio
USA: (STLD)   Steel Dynamics, Inc.
USA: (STM)   STMicroelectronics N.V.
USA: (SUNW)   Sun Microsystems Inc.
USA: (JAVA)   Sun Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (SEMI)   SunEdison Semiconductor, Inc.
USA: (SMCI)   Super Micro Computer, Inc.
USA: (TSM)   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limite
USA: (DOW)   The Dow Chemical Company
USA: (MIK)   The Michaels Companies, Inc.
USA: (TSEM)   Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
USA: (TSEMG)   Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
USA: (TMIC)   Trend Micro Incorporated
USA: (TRID)   Trident Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (TQNT)   TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
USA: (USD)   Ultra Semiconductor ProShares
USA: (SSG)   UltraShort Semiconductor ProShares
USA: (UMC)   United Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (UNIB)   University Bancorp Inc Michigan
USA: (VSEA)   Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.
USA: (VIMC)   Vimicro International Corporation
USA: (FMICX)   Virtus:Mid-Cap Val;C
USA: (VTSS)   Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (VLTR)   Volterra Semiconductor Corporatio
USA: (WMICX)   Wasatch Micro Cap Fund
USA: (WAMVX)   Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund
USA: (WTMIX)   Westcore Micro Cap Opportunity Fund Retail
USA: (WLK)   Westlake Chemical Corporatio
USA: (WLKP)   Westlake Chemical Partners LP
USA: (ZL)   Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (USA
INDIA: (ALBRMORARJ) Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Ltd    (506230)
INDIA: (ASTRAMICRO) Astra Microwave Products Ltd.    (532493)
INDIA: (BELCERAMIC) Bell Ceramic    (515035)
INDIA: (CHAMBLFERT) Chambal Fertilisers & Chemical    (500085)
INDIA: () Chembond Chemicals    (530871)
INDIA: (CIBASPEC) Ciba Speciality Chemicals (I)    (532184)
INDIA: (CLNINDIA) Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.    (506390)
INDIA: (DEEPAKFERT) Deepak Fert. & Petrochemicals    (500645)
INDIA: (DISHMAN) Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited    (532526)
INDIA: (EUROCERA) Euro Ceramics Ltd.    (532823)
INDIA: (GUJFLUORO) Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.    (500173)
INDIA: (GWALCHEM) Gwalior Chemical Iindustries Ltd.    (532764)
INDIA: (HCIL) Himadri Chemicals & Inds. Ltd.    (500184)
INDIA: (HOCL) Hindustan Organic Chemical Ltd.    (500449)
INDIA: (IPCL) Indian Petrochemicals Corp Ltd.    (500105)
INDIA: (JBCHEPHARM) J.B. Chemicals & Pharma Ltd.    (506943)
INDIA: (KAJARIACER) Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.    (500233)
INDIA: (KANORICHEM) Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited    (506525)
INDIA: (KERNEX) Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited    (532686)
INDIA: (LOGIXMICRO) Logix Microsystems Ltd.    (532341)
INDIA: (MANALIPET) Manali PetroChemicals Ltd.    (500268)
INDIA: () Mangalore Chemicals & Fert. Ltd.    (530011)
INDIA: (MIC) MIC Electronics Ltd.    (532850)
INDIA: (MICO) MICO Ltd.    (500530)
INDIA: (MICRO) Micro Inks Ltd.    (523886)
INDIA: (MICROTECH) Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.    (532494)
INDIA: () Microsec Capital Limited    (508197)
INDIA: (MURUDCERA) Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd.    (515037)
INDIA: (NOCIL) National Organic Chemicals Inds. Ltd.    (500730)
INDIA: (ORCHIDCHEM) Orchid Chemicals Pharmaceuticals    (524372)
INDIA: (PANORAMUNI) Panoramic Universal Ltd.    (531816)
INDIA: (SAVITACHEM) Savita Chemicals Ltd.    (524667)
INDIA: (SHASUNCHEM) Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd.    (524552)
INDIA: (TATACHEM) Tata Chemicals Ltd.    (500770)
INDIA: (TIRUMALCHM) Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.    (500412)