S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for LOB:
USA: (Brokers")   "Claymore/Clear Global Exchanges
USA: (GLLAX)   Aberdeen Global Equity A
USA: (GLFAX)   Aberdeen Global Financial Services A
USA: (FCO)   Aberdeen Global Income Fund Inc.
USA: (WVCCX)   Aberdeen Global Small Cap A
USA: (GGHCX)   AIM Global Healthcare Fund
USA: (ABZYX)   AllianceBern Global Growth Adv
USA: (ALTFX)   AllianceBern Global Thematic Gr A
USA: (ABGYX)   AllianceBern Global Value Adv
USA: (AWF)   AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund Inc.
USA: (NGBIX)   Allianz AGIC Global Instl
USA: (ANUIX)   Allianz NFJ Global Dividend Value Instl
USA: (AECOX)   Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends A
USA: (RGLIX)   Allianz RCM Global Resources Instl
USA: (DGSCX)   Allianz RCM Global Small-Cap Fund
USA: (AWTAX)   Allianz RCM Global Water A
USA: (AGD)   Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AWP)   Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund
USA: (TWGGX)   American Century Global Growth Inv
USA: (AQGYX)   AQR Global Equity Y
USA: (BJGQX)   Artio Global Equity Fund
USA: (ART)   Artio Global Investors Inc.,
USA: (BJBHX)   Artio:Global Hi Inc;A
USA: (ARTHX)   Artisan Global Equity Inv
USA: (ARTGX)   Artisan Global Value Investor
USA: (BATS)   BATS Global Markets, Inc.
USA: (BMGEX)   Beck Mack & Oliver Global Equity
USA: (BGR)   Black Rock Global Energy and Resources Trust
USA: (BGT)   Blackrock Global
USA: (MDEGX)   BlackRock Global Dynamic Equity Inv A
USA: (BFD)   Blackrock Global Equity Income Trust
USA: (MDFNX)   BlackRock Global Financial Svcs Inv A
USA: (MDGGX)   BlackRock Global Growth Inv A
USA: (BROAX)   BlackRock Global Opportunities Inv A
USA: (MDGCX)   BlackRock Global SmallCap Inv A
USA: (BGVIX)   Brandes Institutional Global Equity I
USA: (CHW)   Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
USA: (CAGEX)   Calamos Global Equity A
USA: (CGO)   Calamos Global Total Return Fund
USA: (CGAEX)   Calvert Global Alternative Energy A
USA: (CFWAX)   Calvert Global Water A
USA: (CGVIX)   Causeway Global Value Inst
USA: (CGW)   Claymore S&P Global Water
USA: (CUT)   Claymore/Clear Global Timber Index
USA: (SEA)   Claymore/Delta Global Shipping
USA: (TAN)   Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy
USA: (ROB)   Claymore/Robb Report Global Luxury
USA: (LVL)   Claymore/S&P Global Dividend Opp
USA: (CLM)   Clemente Global Growth
USA: (CNH)   CNH Global N.V. (ADR)
USA: (CSSPX)   Cohen & Steers Global Realty I
USA: (GRI)   Cohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF
USA: (GRSIX)   Cohen & Steers Instl Global Realty
USA: (IGLGX)   Columbia Global Equity A
USA: (NCGLX)   Columbia Global Value C
USA: (COGAX)   Columbia Marsico Global A
USA: (SHGTX)   Columbia Seligman Global Technology A
USA: (CNGLX)   Commonwealth Global Fund
USA: (CRIWX)   CRM Global Opportunity Instl
USA: (DGFAX)   Davis Global A
USA: (DEX)   Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend
USA: (DGGIX)   Delaware Focus Global Growth Instl
USA: (DLRIX)   Delaware Global Real Estate I
USA: (DABAX)   Delaware Global Value A
USA: (DGF)   Delaware Investments Global Dividend and Income Fund Inc.
USA: (DGEIX)   DFA Global Equity I
USA: (DFGEX)   DFA Global Real Estate Securities
USA: (DGI)   DigitalGlobe, Inc.
USA: (DCW)   Dividend Capital Strategic Global Realty Fund
USA: (DODWX)   Dodge & Cox Global Stock
USA: (DDGAX)   Dreyfus Diversified Global A
USA: (DQEIX)   Dreyfus Global Equity Income I
USA: (DRLIX)   Dreyfus Global Real Estate Sec I
USA: (DGLRX)   Dreyfus Global Stock I
USA: (DGYAX)   Dreyfus Global Sustainability A
USA: (DRGGX)   Driehaus Global Growth
USA: (DGW)   Duoyuan Global Water Inc.
USA: (LBF)   DWS Global High Income Fund Inc.
USA: (KGDAX)   DWS Global Opportunities Fund
USA: (SGSCX)   DWS Global Small Cap Growth S
USA: (SGQAX)   DWS Global Thematic Fund
USA: (SCOBX)   DWS Global Thematic S
USA: (RRGAX)   DWS RREEF Global Real Estate Secs A
USA: (EIIGX)   E.I.I. Global Property Institutional
USA: (EDIAX)   Eaton Vance Global Dividend Income A
USA: (ETO)   Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Global Dividend Opp
USA: (ETG)   Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund
USA: (EADIX)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc A
USA: (EXG)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund
USA: (GWO)   ELEMENTS CS Global Warming ETN
USA: (ENG)   ENGlobal Corporation
USA: (ETEL)   eTelecare Global Solutions, Inc.
USA: (EOD)   Evergreen Global Dividend Opportunity Fund
USA: (EVGIX)   Evermore Global Value I
USA: (FGETX)   Fidelity Advisor Global Capital Apprec T
USA: (FSGEX)   Fidelity Series Global ex US Index
USA: (SGENX)   First Eagle:Global;A
USA: (FIISX)   First Investors Global A
USA: (FGD)   First Trust DJ Global Select Dividend
USA: (FAN)   First Trust Global Wind Energy
USA: (FAGRX)   Franklin Global Real Estate A
USA: (FORK)   Fuling Global Inc.
USA: (FSTM)   FusionStorm Global Inc.
USA: (GICPX)   GAMCO Global Growth AAA
USA: (GABOX)   GAMCO Global Opportunity AAA
USA: (GZT)   Gazit-Globe Ltd.
USA: (GEGEX)   GE Global Equity A
USA: (GGR)   GeoGlobal Resources Inc.
USA: (GLAH)   Global Aviation Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GBT)   Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (BRSS)   Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GCA)   Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GCRSF)   Global Cornerstone Holdings
USA: (GLBC)   Global Crossing Ltd
USA: (GDEF)   Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc.
USA: (GNH)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (GNSY)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (GEPT)   Global ePoint Inc.
USA: (OPPAX)   Global Fund
USA: (GHI)   Global High Income Fund Inc.
USA: (GCF)   Global Income & Currency Fund Inc.
USA: (GLBL)   Global Industries, Ltd.
USA: (GMC)   Global Market Group Limited
USA: (CTG)   Global Minerals Ltd.
USA: (OPGIX)   Global Opportunities Fund
USA: (GPACU)   Global Partner Acquisition Corp.
USA: (GLP)   Global Partners LP
USA: (GPTX)   Global Payment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (GPN)   Global Payments Inc.
USA: (GSL)   Global Ship Lease, Inc.
USA: (GSOL)   Global Sources Ltd.
USA: (GNET)   Global Traffic Network, Inc.
USA: (GXF)   Global X FTSE Nordic 30 ETF
USA: (GXG)   Global X/InterBolsa FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
USA: (GAI)   Global-Tech Appliances Inc.
USA: (GLOI)   GlobalOptions Group, Inc.
USA: (GSAT)   Globalstar, Inc.
USA: (GLOB)   Globant S.A.
USA: (GSM)   Globe Specialty Metals, Inc.
USA: (GCOM)   Globecomm Systems Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (GBIM)   GlobeImmune, Inc.
USA: (THNX)   Globoforce Limited
USA: (GMED)   Globus Medical, Inc.
USA: (GMGEX)   GMO Global Equity Allocation III
USA: (GMGBX)   GMO:Global Bond;III
USA: (GGL)   Goodman Global, Inc.
USA: (GAGEX)   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund
USA: (HGGAX)   Harbor Global Growth Instl
USA: (HAGVX)   Harbor Global Value Inst
USA: (HLMGX)   Harding Loevner Global Equity Fund
USA: (HALAX)   Hartford Global Growth A
USA: (HGHAX)   Hartford Global Health A
USA: (HLEAX)   Hartford Global Research A
USA: (HFQAX)   Henderson Global Equity Income Fund
USA: (HFPAX)   Henderson Global Opportunities A
USA: (HFGAX)   Henderson Global Technology Fund
USA: (HTZ)   Hertz Global Holdings, Inc
USA: (IAO)   IA Global Inc.
USA: (ICOG)   ICO Global Communications Holdings Limited D
USA: (IGC)   India Globalization Capital, Inc.
USA: (IGA)   ING Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
USA: (IGD)   ING Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund
USA: (IAGEX)   ING Global Equity Dividend Fund
USA: (LEXMX)   ING Global Natural Resources A
USA: (IAFAX)   ING Global Opportunities Fund A
USA: (IGLAX)   ING Global Real Estate A
USA: (NAWGX)   ING Global Value Choice A
USA: (INGBX)   ING:Global Bond;A
USA: (IGBBX)   ING:Global Bond;B
USA: (IGBCX)   ING:Global Bond;C
USA: (IGBIX)   ING:Global Bond;I
USA: (IGBOX)   ING:Global Bond;O
USA: (IGBWX)   ING:Global Bond;W
USA: (I)   Intelsat Global Holdings S.A.
USA: (ATKAX)   Invesco Global A
USA: (GADAX)   Invesco Global Advantage A
USA: (AWSAX)   Invesco Global Core Equity A
USA: (GLBBX)   Invesco Global Div Gr Secs B
USA: (GTNDX)   Invesco Global Equity A
USA: (AGGAX)   Invesco Global Growth A
USA: (AGREX)   Invesco Global Real Estate A
USA: (AGAAX)   Invesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr A
USA: (ATKBX)   Invesco Global;B
USA: (ATKCX)   Invesco Global;C
USA: (MSGAX)   Invesco Van Kampen Global Equity Allc A
USA: (VGFAX)   Invesco Van Kampen Global Franchise A
USA: (GRN)   iPath Global Carbon ETN
USA: (GRES)   IQ ARB Global Resources ETF
USA: (IBGFX)   IronBridge Frontegra Global Fund
USA: (IOO)   iShares S&P Global 100 Index
USA: (ICLN)   iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index
USA: (RXI)   iShares S&P Global Cons Discretionary
USA: (KXI)   iShares S&P Global Consumer Staples
USA: (IXC)   iShares S&P Global Energy
USA: (IXG)   iShares S&P Global Financials
USA: (IXJ)   iShares S&P Global Healthcare
USA: (EXI)   iShares S&P Global Industrials
USA: (IGF)   iShares S&P Global Infrastructure Index
USA: (MXI)   iShares S&P Global Materials
USA: (NUCL)   iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index
USA: (IXN)   iShares S&P Global Technology
USA: (IXP)   iShares S&P Global Telecommunications
USA: (WOOD)   iShares S&P Global Timber & Forestry Idx
USA: (JXI)   iShares S&P Global Utilities
USA: (ICDAX)   Ivy Cundill Global Value A
USA: (IGNAX)   Ivy Global Natural Resources Fund
USA: (IVSAX)   Ivy:Global Bond;A
USA: (IVSBX)   Ivy:Global Bond;B
USA: (IVSCX)   Ivy:Global Bond;C
USA: (IVSIX)   Ivy:Global Bond;I
USA: (IVSYX)   Ivy:Global Bond;Y
USA: (JCOM)   j2 Global Communications In
USA: (JGBAX)   Janus Global Bond;A
USA: (JGBCX)   Janus Global Bond;C
USA: (JGBDX)   Janus Global Bond;D
USA: (JGBIX)   Janus Global Bond;I
USA: (JGBSX)   Janus Global Bond;S
USA: (JHBTX)   Janus Global Bond;T
USA: (JNGLX)   Janus Global Life Sciences D
USA: (JERIX)   Janus Global Real Estate I
USA: (JARFX)   Janus Global Research T
USA: (JNGTX)   Janus Global Technology D
USA: (JGPAX)   JHancock Global Opportunities A
USA: (JWDIX)   JHancock2 Global Timber I
USA: (JGYIX)   JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield I
USA: (JAGOX)   JHFunds2 Core Global Diversification 1
USA: (JHAMX)   JHFunds2 Global Real Estate NAV
USA: (USGLX)   John Hancock U.S. Global Leaders Growth Fund A
USA: (JOYG)   Joy Global Inc.
USA: (JGFSX)   JPMorgan Global Focus Select
USA: (JHYIX)   Julius Baer Global High Income Fund
USA: (BJBGX)   Julius Baer Global Income Fund
USA: (KBIO)   KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (KGIAX)   Kensington Global Infrastructure Fund
USA: (WWWEX)   Kinetics Global No Load
USA: (LGEVX)   Laudus Mondrian Global Equity Instl
USA: (LGI)   Lazard Global Total Return and Income Fund
USA: (CFIPX)   Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq A
USA: (SBIEX)   Legg Mason Global Currents International All Cap Opportunity Fund A
USA: (LGCIX)   Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl
USA: (LGINX)   Leuthold Global Industries Retail
USA: (LBTYB)   Liberty Global Inc.
USA: (LBTYK)   Liberty Global Inc.
USA: (LBTYA)   Liberty Global, Inc.
USA: (LOB)   Live Oak Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (LAGEX)   Lord Abbett Global Allocation A
USA: (MGU)   Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (EPACX)   MainStay Epoch Global Choice I
USA: (EPSYX)   MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield I
USA: (ICGRX)   MainStay ICAP Global I
USA: (MGCSX)   Managed Account Global SmallCap
USA: (MGGBX)   Managers:Global Bond
USA: (MGLBX)   Marsico Global
USA: (MGFSX)   MassMutual Premier Global S
USA: (MF)   MF Global Ltd.
USA: (MGBAX)   MFS Global Bond;A
USA: (MGBBX)   MFS Global Bond;B
USA: (MGBDX)   MFS Global Bond;C
USA: (MGBJX)   MFS Global Bond;I
USA: (MGBKX)   MFS Global Bond;R1
USA: (MGBLX)   MFS Global Bond;R2
USA: (MGBMX)   MFS Global Bond;R3
USA: (MGBNX)   MFS Global Bond;R4
USA: (MWEBX)   MFS Global Equity B
USA: (MWOFX)   MFS Global Growth A
USA: (MGLIX)   MFS Global Real Estate I
USA: (MLNK)   ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc
USA: (CMGI)   ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc.
USA: (MOLG)   MOL Global, Inc.
USA: (MGB)   Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity Bond Fund Inc.
USA: (MGGHX)   Morgan Stanley Inst Global Opportunity H
USA: (MRC)   MRC Global Inc.
USA: (MDISX)   Mutual Global Discovery Z
USA: (NGGLX)   Newgate Global Resources A
USA: (NPGIX)   Nomura Partners Global Alpha Equity I
USA: (NPWIX)   Nomura Partners Global Equity Income I
USA: (NGREX)   Northern Global Real Estate Index
USA: (NSRIX)   Northern Global Sustainability Index
USA: (JGG)   Nuveen Global Government Enhanced Income Fund
USA: (FGIYX)   Nuveen Global Infr;I
USA: (JGV)   Nuveen Global Value Opportunities Fund
USA: (NWGAX)   Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap A
USA: (NTRGX)   Nuveen Tradewinds Global Resources I
USA: (OAKGX)   Oakmark Global I
USA: (OAKWX)   Oakmark Global Select I
USA: (OWSMX)   Old Westbury Global Small & Mid Cap
USA: (SNCI)   Otix Global, Inc
USA: (OXFD)   Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
USA: (PGRNX)   Pax World Global Green Individual Inv
USA: (PYGEX)   Payden Global Equity
USA: (JNGOX)   Perkins Global Value D
USA: (PGP)   Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income Fund
USA: (RCS)   PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund Inc.
USA: (GLOSX)   Pioneer Global Equity A
USA: (PGVFX)   Polaris Global Value Fund
USA: (PAGG)   PowerShares Global Agriculture
USA: (PBTQ)   PowerShares Global Biotech
USA: (PBD)   PowerShares Global Clean Energy
USA: (PKOL)   PowerShares Global Coal
USA: (PSAU)   PowerShares Global Gold & Prec Metals
USA: (PKN)   PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy
USA: (PTRP)   PowerShares Global Progressive Transport
USA: (PSTL)   PowerShares Global Steel
USA: (PIO)   PowerShares Global Water
USA: (PWND)   PowerShares Global Wind Energy
USA: (PGI)   Premiere Global Services Inc
USA: (POSAX)   Principal Global Real Estate Sec A
USA: (GTRAX)   Pru Global Tot Rtn;A
USA: (PBTRX)   Pru Global Tot Rtn;B
USA: (PCTRX)   Pru Global Tot Rtn;C
USA: (PZTRX)   Pru Global Tot Rtn;Z
USA: (PURAX)   Prudential Global Real Estate A
USA: (PGEAX)   Putnam Global Energy A
USA: (PEQUX)   Putnam Global Equity Fund
USA: (PGFFX)   Putnam Global Financial A
USA: (PHSTX)   Putnam Global Health Care A
USA: (EBERX)   Putnam Global Natural Resources A
USA: (PGTAX)   Putnam Global Technology A
USA: (QTRAX)   Quaker Inv:Global TA;A
USA: (QTRCX)   Quaker Inv:Global TA;C
USA: (SGAIX)   RBB SAM Sustainable Global Active Instl
USA: (SLDAX)   RiverSource LaSalle Global Rel Est A
USA: (RIVFX)   Royce Global Value Svc
USA: (RRST)   RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd
USA: (RSNRX)   RS Global Natural Resources A
USA: (RGESX)   Russell Global Equity S
USA: (RRESX)   Russell Global Real Estate Securities Fund S
USA: (SEQAX)   Rydex SGI Global A
USA: (SGOLX)   Rydex SGI Global Inst
USA: (SCMGX)   Sands Capital Global Growth Inst
USA: (SWASX)   Schwab Global Real Estate
USA: (GCS)   Scudder Global Commodities Stock Fund Inc
USA: (SERV)   ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GDGIX)   Sit Global Dividend Growth I
USA: (DGT)   SPDR DJ Global Titans
USA: (RWO)   SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate
USA: (GII)   SPDR FTSE/Macquarie Global Infra 100
USA: (SSAG)   SSA Global Technologies, Inc
USA: (SGISX)   Steward Global Equity Income Inst
USA: (SGL)   Strategic Global Income Fund Inc.
USA: (RPGEX)   T. Rowe Price Global Large-Cap Stock
USA: (TRGRX)   T. Rowe Price Global Real Estate
USA: (PRGSX)   T. Rowe Price Global Stock
USA: (PRGTX)   T. Rowe Price Global Technology
USA: (TRGSX)   T. Rowe Price Instl Global Equity
USA: (RPIGX)   T. Rowe Price Instl Global Large-Cap Eq
USA: (TEAM)   TechTeam Global
USA: (GIM)   Templeton Global Income Fd
USA: (TEGOX)   Templeton Global Opportunities A
USA: (TEMGX)   Templeton Global Smaller Comp A
USA: (TGESX)   Templeton Inst Global Equity Series Adv
USA: (GLBL)   TerraForm Global
USA: (GDL)   The Gabelli Global Deal Fund
USA: (GGT)   The Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc.
USA: (TGLO)   theglobe.com inc.
USA: (CRBQ)   Thomson R/J CRB Global Commodity Eq Idx
USA: (RTNAX)   Threadneedle Global Equity Income A
USA: (TGFIX)   Touchstone Global Equity Inst
USA: (TRFIX)   Touchstone Global Real Estate Inst
USA: (TGA)   TransGlobe Energy Corporation
USA: (TBGVX)   Tweedy Browne Global Value Fund
USA: (TBCUX)   Tweedy,Browne Global Value II Ccy Unhdg
USA: (PSPFX)   U.S. Global Investors Global Resources Fund
USA: (GROW)   U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
USA: (BNGBX)   UBS Global Bond;A
USA: (BNDBX)   UBS Global Bond;B
USA: (BNDCX)   UBS Global Bond;C
USA: (BPGBX)   UBS Global Bond;Y
USA: (BPGEX)   UBS Global Equity Y
USA: (GEMFX)   US Glbl:Global Emerg Mkt
USA: (GHAAX)   Van Eck Global Hard Assets A
USA: (VHGEX)   Vanguard Global Equity Inv
USA: (VPGYX)   Victory Global Equity I
USA: (NWWOX)   Virtus Global Opportunities A
USA: (VGSAX)   Virtus Global Real Estate Securities A
USA: (VGCIX)   Virtus:Global Comm Stk;I
USA: (PGUAX)   Virtus:Global Infr;A
USA: (WAGOX)   Wasatch Global Opportunities
USA: (WAGTX)   Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund
USA: (EKGAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opps A
USA: (GDF)   Western Asset Global Partners Income Fund Inc.
USA: (WGFIX)   William Blair Global Growth I
INDIA: (ALLCARGO) All Cargo Global Logistics Ltd.    (532749)
INDIA: () Almondz Global Securities Ltd    (531400)
INDIA: (AVAYAGCL) Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd.    (500463)
INDIA: (GBN) Global Broadcast News Ltd.    (532800)
INDIA: (GLOBALVECT) Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.    (532773)
INDIA: (HTMTGLOBAL) HTMT Global Solutions Ltd.    (532859)
INDIA: (IGS) iGATE Global Solutions Ltd.    (532337)
INDIA: () Mascon Global Ltd.    (531131)