S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (DRIEX)   Allianz RCM Disciplined International Equity Fund Inst
USA: (ARDIX)   AllianzGI Disciplined Equity Fund Inst
USA: (ACLI)   American Commercial Lines Inc
USA: (AHD)   Atlas Pipeline Holdings, L.P.
USA: (APL)   Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (BOSC)   B.O.S. Better Online Solutions
USA: (BWP)   Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
USA: (EPAY)   Bottomline Technologies
USA: (BLSW)   Bridgeline Software, Inc.
USA: (BRKL)   Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CENF)   Central Freight Lines Inc.
USA: (CEA)   China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd.
USA: (JRJC)   China Finance Online Co. Limited
USA: (ZNH)   China Southern Airlines Limited
USA: (FAA)   Claymore/NYSE Arca Airline
USA: (GEVTX)   Columbia Disciplined Value Z
USA: (CPPL)   Columbia Pipeline Partners LP
USA: (CAL)   Continental Airlines, Inc.
USA: (DAL)   Delta Air Lines, Inc.
USA: (DBLFX)   DoubleLine:Cr Fxd In;I
USA: (DMLAX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;A
USA: (DMLIX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;I
USA: (DBLTX)   DoubleLine:Tot Rtn;I
USA: (DDSTX)   Dreyfus Disciplined Stock Fund
USA: (EDGR)   EDGAR Online, Inc.
USA: (EPB)   El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (ESL)   Esterline Technologies Corporation
USA: (EDSIX)   Evergreen Disciplined Value I
USA: (FDEQX)   Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund
USA: (FSSIX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FEINX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund
USA: (FINL)   Finish Line, Inc. (The)
USA: (FVL)   First Trust Value Line 100 ETF
USA: (FVD)   First Trust Value Line Dividend Index
USA: (FVI)   First Trust Value Line Equity Allc Index
USA: (FRNT)   Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FRO)   Frontline Ltd.
USA: (GSK)   GlaxoSmithKline plc
USA: (SRVY)   Greenfield Online, Inc.
USA: (HAIAX)   Hartford Disciplined Equity Fund A
USA: (HRZ)   Horizon Lines, Inc.
USA: (ICTAX)   Incline Cap Trend Foll;A
USA: (IBI)   Interline Brands, Inc.
USA: (IGLD)   Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd.
USA: (AWEIX)   Invesco Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (JPIEX)   JPMorgan Disciplined Equity Fund Instl
USA: (LFL)   Lan Airlines S.A.
USA: (LLTC)   Linear Technology Corporation
USA: (LINE)   Linn Energy, LLC
USA: (LISRX)   Loomis Sayles Disciplined Equity Y
USA: (MADEX)   Madison Disciplined Equity Fund Y
USA: (SKSEX)   Managers AMG:Skyline
USA: (MXL)   MaxLinear, Inc.
USA: (MFLX)   Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.
USA: (NBCIX)   Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disciplined Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NWA)   Northwest Airlines Corporatio
USA: (NCLH)   Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
USA: (ODFL)   Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
USA: (OLBK)   Old Line Bancshares Inc.
USA: (ORCC)   Online Resources Corporation
USA: (PNCL)   Pinnacle Airlines Corp.
USA: (SRSGX)   Pioneer Disciplined Growth Fund A
USA: (SERSX)   Pioneer Disciplined Value Fund A
USA: (PAA)   Plains All American Pipeline LP
USA: (PYH)   PowerShares Value Line Industry Rotation
USA: (PIV)   PowerShares Value Line Timeliness Select
USA: (PLPC)   Preformed Line Products Compan
USA: (PCLN)   priceline.com Incorporated
USA: (RSDIX)   RiverSource Disciplined Intl Equity I
USA: (SKY)   Skyline Corporation
USA: (LUV)   Southwest Airlines Co.
USA: (SAVE)   Spirit Airlines, Inc.
USA: (SSMTX)   SSgA Disciplined Equity Instl
USA: (STML)   Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (STRM)   Streamline Health Solutions, Inc.
USA: (TCLP)   TC Pipelines, LP
USA: (UNTD)   United Online, Inc.
USA: (UGA)   United States Gasoline
USA: (VAGIX)   Value Line Aggr Income
USA: (VALCX)   Value Line Convertible
USA: (VLEOX)   Value Line Emerging Opportunities Fund
USA: (VLIFX)   Value Line Fund
USA: (VALIX)   Value Line Income & Growth Fund
USA: (VALLX)   Value Line Larger Companies Fund
USA: (VLNYX)   Value Line NY Tx Ex Tr
USA: (VALSX)   Value Line Premier Gr
USA: (VALU)   Value Line, Inc.
USA: (EVSAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Disciplined U.S. Core Fund A
USA: (WMZ)   Williams Pipeline Partners L.P.
USA: (WHLYX)   Wintrust Capital Disciplined Equity Y
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: (AUTOIND) Autoline Industries Ltd.    (532797)
INDIA: (GSKCONS) Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare    (500676)
INDIA: (GLAXO) Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.    (500660)
INDIA: (INDIAINFO) India Infoline Ltd.    (532636)
INDIA: (MLL) Mercator Lines Ltd    (526235)
INDIA: (SILVERLINE) Silverline Technologies Ltd.    (500389)