S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (LEND)   Accredited Home Lenders Holding Co.
USA: (A)   Agilent Technologies Inc
USA: (BAH)   Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
USA: (CTLT)   Catalent, Inc.
USA: (CCH)   Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co SA (ADR)
USA: (CDE)   Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
USA: (CML)   Compellent Technologies, Inc.
USA: (LENS)   Concord Camera Corp.
USA: (WFDCX)   Credit Suisse Large Cap Blend Comm
USA: (CHDEX)   Cullen High Dividend Equity Fund Retail
USA: (CIHDX)   Cullen International High Dividend Fund Retail
USA: (CFR)   Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
USA: (ETH)   Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.
USA: (EVH)   Evolent Health, Inc.
USA: (FAVLX)   Fallen Angels Value Fund
USA: (FMILX)   Fidelity New Millennium
USA: (GLBZ)   Glen Burnie Bancorp
USA: (GLRP)   Glen Rose Petroleum Corporation
USA: (GLE)   Glencairn Gold Corporation
USA: (GTCIX)   Glenmede International Fund
USA: (GTIIX)   Glenmede Philadelphia International
USA: (GTCSX)   Glenmede Small Cap Equity Fund Adv
USA: (GTLOX)   Glenmede:Large Cap 100
USA: (GTLLX)   Glenmede:Large Cap Gro
USA: (GTMEX)   Glenmede:Large Cap Value
USA: (GTAPX)   Glenmede:Long/Short
USA: (GTCMX)   Glenmede:Muni Intmdt
USA: (GTSOX)   Glenmede:Secured Options
USA: (GTCEX)   Glenmede:Strat Equity
USA: (GTGSX)   Glenmede:US Emerging Gro
USA: (HELE)   Helen of Troy Limited
USA: (OTE)   Hellenic Telecommunication Org SA
USA: (HB)   Hillenbrand Industries, Inc.
USA: (HI)   Hillenbrand, Inc.
USA: (LPS)   Lender Processing Services, Inc.
USA: (LC)   LendingClub Corporation
USA: (LEN)   Lennar Corporation
USA: (LII)   Lennox International, Inc.
USA: (LNX)   Lenox Group Inc.
USA: (LAS)   Lentuo International Inc.
USA: (LSBAX)   Lord Abbett Small-Cap Blend Fund A
USA: (LSBYX)   Lord Abbett Small-Cap Blend Fund I
USA: (EXDAX)   Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Conservative Term Fund
USA: (MMC)   Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
USA: (MUSEX)   MFS Blended Research Core Equity I
USA: (MM)   Millennial Media, Inc.
USA: (MBVA)   Millennium Bankshares Corporation
USA: (MCEL)   Millennium Cell Inc.
USA: (MQC.U)   Millennium India Acquisition Company Inc. Units
USA: (MLNM)   Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (MUHLX)   Muhlenkamp Fund
USA: (CVFCX)   Pioneer Cullen Value Fund A
USA: (LENS)   Presbia PLC
USA: (PILBX)   Principal Discp Large Cap Blend Inst
USA: (PLBIX)   Principal Large Cap Blend II Fund Inst
USA: (PMBPX)   Principal MidCap Blend R5 Fund
USA: (PSBPX)   Principal SmallCap Blend R5 Fund
USA: (PBQFX)   Prudential Jennison Blend Fund B
USA: (SWRG)   Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (SXCI)   Systems Xcellence Inc
USA: (TNAV)   TeleNav, Inc.
USA: (TMRFX)   Third Millennium Russia Fund
USA: (TRBIX)   TIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Index Fund Retire
USA: (VLNC)   Valence Technology, Inc.
USA: (VLTS)   Valentis, Inc.
USA: (VDM)   Van Der Moolen Holding N.V. (ADR)
INDIA: (GLENMARK) Glenmanrk Pharmaceuticals Ltd.    (532296)
INDIA: (LLOYDELENG) Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.    (517518)
INDIA: (PATELENG) Patel Engineering Ltd    (531120)
INDIA: (PLASTIBLEN) Plastiblends India    (523648)