S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ANZ)   Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited
USA: (BDX)   Becton Dickinson & Co
USA: (BKC)   Burger King Holdings, Inc.
USA: (COAGX)   Caldwell&Orkin:Mkt Op
USA: (CPC)   Central Parking Corporation.
USA: (CMBC)   China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd.
USA: (CSBC)   Citizens South Banking Corporation
USA: (CLRK)   Color Kinetics Incorporated
USA: (COLB)   Columbia Banking System, Inc.
USA: (CMCO)   Columbus McKinnon Corporation
USA: (CSNT)   Crescent Banking Company
USA: (CYTK)   Cytokinetics, Incorporated
USA: (DNKN)   Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.
USA: (ONEQ)   Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking
USA: (FSRBX)   Fidelity Sel Banking
USA: (FKINX)   Franklin Cust:Inc;A
USA: (GOK)   Geokinetics Inc.
USA: (IASMX)   Guinn Atkin:Asia Focus
USA: (ICHKX)   Guinn Atkin:Ch&Hng Kng
USA: (IWIRX)   Guinn Atkin:Gl Innvtrs
USA: (GAADX)   Guinness Atkinson Asia Pacific Dividend Fund
USA: (GAGEX)   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund
USA: (HWKN)   Hawkins, Inc.
USA: (INWK)   InnerWorkings, Inc.
USA: (ILI)   Interleukin Genetics, Inc
USA: (EWU)   iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index
USA: (JMCVX)   Janus Perkins MCV;T
USA: (KMP)   Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP
USA: (KMR)   Kinder Morgan Management, LLC
USA: (KIN)   Kindred Biosciences, Inc.
USA: (KND)   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (KNMD)   KineMed, Inc.
USA: (KCI)   Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
USA: (WWWEX)   Kinetics Global No Load
USA: (WWWFX)   Kinetics Internet No Load
USA: (MEDRX)   Kinetics Medical No Load
USA: (KNPAX)   Kinetics Paradigm Fund
USA: (WWNPX)   Kinetics Paradigm Fund No Load
USA: (KWIAX)   Kinetics Water Infrastructure Adv A
USA: (KNPCX)   Kinetics:Paradigm;C
USA: (KNPYX)   Kinetics:Paradigm;Inst
USA: (KG)   King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (KFS)   Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
USA: (KONE)   Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd
USA: (KGC)   Kinross Gold Corporation
USA: (KNTA)   Kintera Inc.
USA: (LKINX)   LKCM International Fund Inst
USA: (LUFK)   Lufkin Industries, Inc.
USA: (MFNC)   Mackinac Financial Corporation
USA: (MNKD)   MannKind Corporation
USA: (NUS)   Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (OILT)   Oiltanking Partners, L.P.
USA: (PKI)   PerkinElmer, Inc.
USA: (PDFDX)   Perkins Discovery Fund
USA: (JNGOX)   Perkins Global Value D
USA: (JAPIX)   Perkins Large Cap Value Fund I
USA: (JSIVX)   Perkins Small Cap Value Fund L
USA: (JSCVX)   Perkins Small Cap Value Fund T
USA: (DBC)   PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking
USA: (PJB)   PowerShares Dynamic Banking
USA: (PXQ)   PowerShares Dynamic Networking
USA: (RYKIX)   Rydex:Banking;Inv
USA: (SBCF)   Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florid
USA: (KRE)   SPDR KBW Regional Banking
USA: (STAN)   Standard Parking Corporatio
USA: (TSTY)   Tasty Baking Compan
USA: (WALK)   The Walking Company Holdings, Inc.
USA: (TKS)   Tomkins PLC
USA: (TMP)   Tompkins Financial Corporatio
USA: (VSVAX)   Viking Small-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (VKTX)   Viking Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (WBCO)   Washington Banking Company
USA: (WBK)   Westpac Banking Corporation
USA: (YAVY)   Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company
INDIA: (ABSHEKINDS) Abhishek Industries Ltd.    (521064)
INDIA: (AMTEKINDIA) Amtek India Ltd.    (532282)
INDIA: (BANKINDIA) Bank of India    (532149)
INDIA: (HAWKINCOOK) Hawkins Cooker Limited    (508486)
INDIA: () Jetking Electronics Ltd.    (517063)