S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='IND') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for IND:
USA: (FIFG)   1st Independence Financial Group Inc.
USA: (ABM)   ABM Industries Inc
USA: (AEIS)   Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
USA: (AEPI)   AEP Industries Inc.
USA: (FEED)   AgFeed Industries, Inc.
USA: (AAII)   Alabama Aircraft Industries, Inc.
USA: (AW)   Allied Waste Industries Inc
USA: (INDAX)   ALPS/Kotak India Gro;A
USA: (INFCX)   ALPS/Kotak India Gro;C
USA: (INDIX)   ALPS/Kotak India Gro;I
USA: (TBBIX)   Am Ind:Abs Rtn BB Bd;I
USA: (ATMIX)   Am Ind:Act Int Rt Mgmt;I
USA: (IIISX)   Am Ind:Core Plus;Inst
USA: (AFFSX)   Am Ind:Fusion;Inst
USA: (AMLAX)   Am Ind:Lg Cap Gro;A
USA: (AIFLX)   Am Ind:Lg Cap Gro;Inst
USA: (ISBSX)   Am Ind:Sh-Tm Bd;Inst
USA: (FFIHX)   Am Ind:US Infl-Idx;Inst
USA: (INDZX)   American Express
USA: (AMIC)   American Independence Corp
USA: (IMSSX)   American Independence International Equity Fund I
USA: (ISISX)   American Independence Stock Fund I
USA: (AMIN)   American International Industries, Inc.
USA: (ARII)   American Railcar Industries, Inc.
USA: (AIT)   Applied Industrial Technologies
USA: (AWI)   Armstrong World Industries In
USA: (ASTE)   Astec Industries, Inc.
USA: (ARIVX)   Aston/River Road Independent Value Fund N
USA: (ACWDX)   Aston:Crosswind SC Gr;N
USA: (JEM)   Barclays GEMS Index ETN
USA: (BRN)   Barnwell Industries, Inc.
USA: (BSET)   Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated
USA: (BSR)   BearLinx Alerian MLP Select Index ETN
USA: (BI)   Bell Industries Inc.
USA: (BIND)   BIND Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MDIIX)   BlackRock International Index Fund A
USA: (MASKX)   BlackRock Small Cap Index Fund I
USA: (ADRA)   BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index
USA: (ADRD)   BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index
USA: (ADRE)   BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index
USA: (ADRU)   BLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index
USA: (BMC)   BMC Industries Inc
USA: (BRLIX)   Bridgeway Blue Chip 35 Index Fund
USA: (BURFX)   Burnham Inv:Fnl Ind;A
USA: (SMCIX)   California Investment S&P Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (CSAR)   Caraustar Industries, Inc.
USA: (CBIO)   Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.
USA: (CVCO)   Cavco Industries, Inc.
USA: (CAW)   CCA Industries, Inc.
USA: (CF)   CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CHMP)   Champion Industries, Inc.
USA: (GTLS)   Chart Industries, Inc.
USA: (CDII)   China Direct Industries, Inc.
USA: (MY)   China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited
USA: (CHDX)   Chindex International, Inc.
USA: (CUT)   Claymore/Clear Global Timber Index
USA: (COA)   Coachmen Industries, Inc.
USA: (COI)   Cobra Industries
USA: (NMPAX)   Columbia Mid Cap Index Fund Z
USA: (NMSCX)   Columbia Small Cap Index Fund Z
USA: (NEIAX)   Columbia:LgCp Index;A
USA: (CLIBX)   Columbia:LgCp Index;B
USA: (NINDX)   Columbia:LgCp Index;Z
USA: (CBIN)   Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc.
USA: (CNRD)   Conrad Industries Inc.
USA: (CBE)   Cooper Industries, Ltd.
USA: (CSS)   CSS Industries, Inc.
USA: (CTIB)   CTI Industries Corporation
USA: (CYT)   Cytec Industries Inc.
USA: (DCT)   DCT Industrial Trust In
USA: (DII)   Decorator Industries, Inc.
USA: (DELT)   Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
USA: (DSWL)   Deswell Industries, Inc.
USA: (DIIB)   Dorel Industries, Inc. (USA)
USA Index: (^DJI)   Dow Jones Industrial Average
USA: (DW)   Drew Industries Incorporated
USA: (DIIAX)   Dreyfus India Fund;A
USA: (DIICX)   Dreyfus India Fund;C
USA: (DIIIX)   Dreyfus India Fund;I
USA: (DIISX)   Dreyfus International Stock Index Fund
USA: (PESPX)   Dreyfus Midcap Index Fund, Inc.
USA: (PEOPX)   Dreyfus S&P 500 Index
USA: (DISSX)   Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund
USA: (BTAEX)   DWS EAFE Equity Index Fund Inst
USA: (DY)   Dycom Industries
USA: (UBM)   E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Ind Metal ETN
USA: (ETGIX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ind;A
USA: (EMGIX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ind;B
USA: (ECGIX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ind;C
USA: (EGIIX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ind;I
USA: (ESIO)   Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.
USA: (ELRN)   Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.
USA: (EMINX)   EM Cap India Gateway;A
USA: (EMIIX)   EM Cap India Gateway;I
USA: (NPO)   EnPro Industries, Inc.
USA: (ERIE)   Erie Indemnity Company
USA: (FMDCX)   Federated Mid-Cap Index Fund SS
USA: (FCLAX)   Fidelity Adv Inds;A
USA: (FDFFX)   Fidelity Independence
USA: (FDFKX)   Fidelity Independence;K
USA: (FIENX)   Fidelity International Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLCEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Core Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLGEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Growth Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLVEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Value Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (ONEQ)   Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking
USA: (FSCGX)   Fidelity Sel Ind Equip
USA: (FCYIX)   Fidelity Sel Industrls
USA: (FOHIX)   Fidelity Series 100 Index Fund
USA: (FSGEX)   Fidelity Series Global ex US Index
USA: (FCPEX)   Fidelity Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FSIIX)   Fidelity Spartan International Index Fund Inv
USA: (FMEIX)   Fidelity® Mid Cap Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (KNIDX)   Fifth:Eq Index;A
USA: (FBINX)   Fifth:Eq Index;B
USA: (FCINX)   Fifth:Eq Index;C
USA: (KNIEX)   Fifth:Eq Index;Inst
USA: (KNIPX)   Fifth:Eq Index;Prf
USA: (KNISX)   Fifth:Eq Index;Sel
USA: (KNITX)   Fifth:Eq Index;Tr
USA: (FBEI)   First Bancorp of Indiana Inc.
USA: (FINB)   First Indiana Corporation
USA: (FR)   First Industrial Realty Trust
USA: (FBT)   First Trust AMEX Biotechnology Index
USA: (FDV)   First Trust DB Strategic Value Index
USA: (FDN)   First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index
USA: (FAN)   First Trust Global Wind Energy
USA: (FXR)   First Trust Indust/Producer Dur AlphaDEX
USA: (FPX)   First Trust IPOX-100 Index
USA: (FNI)   First Trust ISE Chindia
USA: (QTEC)   First Trust NASDAQ-100-Tech Index
USA: (FVD)   First Trust Value Line Dividend Index
USA: (FVI)   First Trust Value Line Equity Allc Index
USA: (FLXS)   Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
USA: (FLA)   Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.
USA: (FRK)   Florida Rock Industries Inc.
USA: (FTK)   Flotek Industries, Inc.
USA: (FFI)   Fortune Industries, Inc.
USA: (FORD)   Forward Industries, Inc.
USA: (FPB)   Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc.
USA: (FINGX)   Franklin India Gr;A
USA: (FIGZX)   Franklin India Gr;Adv
USA: (FINDX)   Franklin India Gr;C
USA: (FRD)   Friedman Industries
USA: (FFEX)   Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
USA: (GENC)   Gencor Industries, Inc.
USA: (ROCK)   Gibraltar Industries, Inc.
USA: (GLBL)   Global Industries, Ltd.
USA: (GCC)   GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index
USA: (HAR)   Harman International Industries Inc.
USA: (HE)   Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc
USA: (HFNAX)   Henderson Industries of the Future Fund
USA: (HRLY)   Herley Industries, Inc.
USA: (HB)   Hillenbrand Industries, Inc.
USA: (HSTIX)   Homestead:Stock Index
USA: (HQS)   HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc.
USA: (HDRAU)   Hydra Industries Acquisition Corp.
USA: (ICTRX)   ICON:Industrials;S
USA: (IPII)   Imperial Industries, Inc.
USA: (ICD)   Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.
USA: (IFSB)   Independence Federal Savings Bank
USA: (IHC)   Independence Holding Company
USA: (IRT)   Independence Realty Trust, Inc.
USA: (INDB)   Independent Bank Corp.
USA: (IBCP)   Independent Bank Corporation
USA: (IBCPO)   Independent Bank Corporation
USA: (IBTX)   Independent Bank Group, Inc.
USA: (IDEV)   Indevus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (IQHIX)   IndexIQ:Alph Hedge;Instl
USA: (IFN)   India Fund Inc
USA: (IGC)   India Globalization Capital, Inc.
USA: (INCB)   Indiana Community Bancorp
USA: (IJD)   Indiana Michigan Power Co.
USA: (IINT)   Indus Intl
USA: (IDGR)   Industrial Distribution Group, Inc.
USA: (IEAM)   Industrial Enterprises of America Inc.
USA: (XLI)   Industrial Select Sector SPDR
USA: (IDSA)   Industrial Services of America, Inc.
USA: (IBA)   Industrias Bachoco, S.A.B. de C.V.
USA: (ILFIX)   Industry Leaders Investor
USA: (IMB)   IndyMac Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (IND)   Ing Group N V
USA: (IFIIX)   ING Index Plus International Equity Fund I
USA: (AELIX)   ING Index Plus LargeCap I
USA: (AISAX)   ING Index Plus SmallCap Fund A
USA: (IIIN)   Insteel Industries
USA: (BWV)   iPath CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index ETN
USA: (JJM)   iPath DJ AIG Ind Metals TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (INP)   iPath MSCI India Index ETN
USA: (GSP)   iPath S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN
USA: (DVY)   iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index
USA: (IYY)   iShares Dow Jones U.S. Index
USA: (IYJ)   iShares Dow Jones US Industrial
USA: (IEO)   iShares Dow Jones US Oil & Gas Ex Index
USA: (IEZ)   iShares Dow Jones US Oil Equipment Index
USA: (FCHI)   iShares FTSE China (HK Listed) Index
USA: (FIO)   iShares FTSE NAREIT Industrl/Offc Cp Idx
USA: (FXI)   iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index
USA: (DSI)   iShares KLD 400 Social Index
USA: (KLD)   iShares KLD Select Social Index
USA: (JKD)   iShares Morningstar Large Core Index
USA: (JKE)   iShares Morningstar Large Growth Index
USA: (JKF)   iShares Morningstar Large Value Index
USA: (JKG)   iShares Morningstar Mid Core Index
USA: (JKH)   iShares Morningstar Mid Growth Index
USA: (JKI)   iShares Morningstar Mid Value Index
USA: (JKJ)   iShares Morningstar Small Core Index
USA: (JKK)   iShares Morningstar Small Growth Index
USA: (JKL)   iShares Morningstar Small Value Index
USA: (ACWX)   iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Index
USA: (ACWI)   iShares MSCI ACWI Index
USA: (EWA)   iShares MSCI Australia Index
USA: (EWZ)   iShares MSCI Brazil Index
USA: (BKF)   iShares MSCI BRIC Index
USA: (EWC)   iShares MSCI Canada Index
USA: (EFG)   iShares MSCI EAFE Growth Index
USA: (EFA)   iShares MSCI EAFE Index
USA: (SCZ)   iShares MSCI EAFE Small Cap Index
USA: (EFV)   iShares MSCI EAFE Value Index
USA: (ESR)   iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Eastern Europe Index Fund
USA: (EEM)   iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index
USA: (EZU)   iShares MSCI EMU Index
USA: (EWQ)   iShares MSCI France Index
USA: (EWG)   iShares MSCI Germany Index
USA: (EWH)   iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index
USA: (EIS)   iShares MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mkt Index
USA: (EWI)   iShares MSCI Italy Index
USA: (EWJ)   iShares MSCI Japan Index
USA: (SCJ)   iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap Index
USA: (TOK)   iShares MSCI Kokusai Index
USA: (EWM)   iShares MSCI Malaysia Index
USA: (EWS)   iShares MSCI Singapore Index
USA: (EZA)   iShares MSCI South Africa Index
USA: (EWY)   iShares MSCI South Korea Index
USA: (EWP)   iShares MSCI Spain Index
USA: (EWD)   iShares MSCI Sweden Index
USA: (EWL)   iShares MSCI Switzerland Index
USA: (EWT)   iShares MSCI Taiwan Index
USA: (THD)   iShares MSCI Thailand Invest Mkt Index
USA: (TUR)   iShares MSCI Turkey Invest Mkt Index
USA: (EWU)   iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index
USA: (NY)   iShares NYSE 100 Index
USA: (NYC)   iShares NYSE Composite Index
USA: (IWF)   iShares Russell 1000 Growth Index
USA: (IWB)   iShares Russell 1000 Index
USA: (IWD)   iShares Russell 1000 Value Index
USA: (IWO)   iShares Russell 2000 Growth Index
USA: (IWM)   iShares Russell 2000 Index
USA: (IWN)   iShares Russell 2000 Value Index
USA: (IWZ)   iShares Russell 3000 Growth Index
USA: (IWV)   iShares Russell 3000 Index
USA: (IWW)   iShares Russell 3000 Value Index
USA: (IWC)   iShares Russell Microcap Index
USA: (IWP)   iShares Russell Midcap Growth Index
USA: (IWR)   iShares Russell Midcap Index
USA: (IWS)   iShares Russell Midcap Value Index
USA: (IWL)   iShares Russell Top 200 Index
USA: (OEF)   iShares S&P 100 Index
USA: (ISI)   iShares S&P 1500 Index
USA: (IVW)   iShares S&P 500 Growth Index
USA: (IVV)   iShares S&P 500 Index
USA: (IVE)   iShares S&P 500 Value Index
USA: (AIA)   iShares S&P Asia 50 Index
USA: (IEV)   iShares S&P Europe 350 Index
USA: (IOO)   iShares S&P Global 100 Index
USA: (ICLN)   iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index
USA: (EXI)   iShares S&P Global Industrials
USA: (IGF)   iShares S&P Global Infrastructure Index
USA: (NUCL)   iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index
USA: (GSG)   iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust
USA: (ILF)   iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index
USA: (IJK)   iShares S&P MidCap 400 Growth Index
USA: (IJH)   iShares S&P MidCap 400 Index
USA: (IJJ)   iShares S&P MidCap 400 Value Index
USA: (IJR)   iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Index
USA: (IJS)   iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Value Index
USA: (PFF)   iShares S&P U.S. Preferred Stock Index
USA: (ITF)   iShares S&P/TOPIX 150 Index
USA: (INDY)   iShares Trust - iShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund
USA: (ITT)   ITT Industries, Inc.
USA: (JIFNX)   J Hancock II:Ind 500;NAV
USA: (JHX)   James Hardie Industries N.V. (ADR)
USA: (FIDAX)   JHancock Financial Industries A
USA: (JLG)   JLG Industries Inc.
USA: (AMJ)   JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN
USA: (OIEAX)   JPMorgan International Equity Index Select Fund
USA: (PGMIX)   JPMorgan Market Expansion Index Fund Select
USA: (JIDAX)   JPMorgan:India;A
USA: (JIDCX)   JPMorgan:India;C
USA: (JIDSX)   JPMorgan:India;Sel
USA: (JPST)   JPS Industries Inc.
USA: (KEYS)   Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.
USA: (KMP)   Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP
USA: (KMR)   Kinder Morgan Management, LLC
USA: (KIN)   Kindred Biosciences, Inc.
USA: (KND)   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (KOR)   Koor Industries Limited
USA: (KLIC)   Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
USA: (KVHI)   KVH Industries, Inc.
USA: (LAKE)   Lakeland Industries, Inc.
USA: (LGINX)   Leuthold Global Industries Retail
USA: (LSLTX)   Leuthold:Sel Indust
USA: (LNN)   Lindsay Corporation
USA: (SBSPX)   LM BFM S&P 500 Index;A
USA: (SBSDX)   LM BFM S&P 500 Index;D
USA: (LXU)   LSB Industries
USA: (LYTS)   LSI Industries Inc
USA: (LUFK)   Lufkin Industries, Inc.
USA: (MCSEX)   MainStay:Equity Index
USA: (MIXIX)   MainStay:Indexed Bd;I
USA: (MNKD)   MannKind Corporation
USA: (IDX)   Market Vectors Indonesia ETF
USA: (DEIGX)   MassMutual Premier Enhanced Index Gr Y
USA: (DENVX)   MassMutual Premier Enhanced Index Val Y
USA: (MC)   Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd.
USA: (MIDNX)   Matthews Asia:India;Inst
USA: (MINDX)   Matthews Asia:India;Inv
USA: (MDMD)   MediaMind Technologies Inc.
USA: (MDCI)   Medical Action Industries Inc.
USA: (MRM)   Merrimac Industries, Inc.
USA: (MQC.U)   Millennium India Acquisition Company Inc. Units
USA: (MLR)   Miller Industries, Inc.
USA: (MNDO)   MIND C.T.I. Ltd.
USA: (MR)   Mindray Medical International Limite
USA: (MSPD)   Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MFN)   Minefinders Corporation Ltd
USA: (MIND)   Mitcham Industries, Inc.
USA: (MMDEX)   MMA Praxis Growth Index Fund I
USA: (MVIAX)   MMA Praxis Value Index Fund A
USA: (MHK)   Mohawk Industries, Inc.
USA: (IIF)   Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc.
USA: (FOOLX)   Motley Fool Independence Fund
USA: (MSM)   MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc.
USA: (MLI)   Mueller Industries, Inc.
USA: (MUXAX)   Munder:Index 500;A
USA: (MUXBX)   Munder:Index 500;B
USA: (MUXKX)   Munder:Index 500;K
USA: (MUXRX)   Munder:Index 500;R
USA: (MUXYX)   Munder:Index 500;Y
USA: (MYE)   Myers Industries, Inc.
USA: (NBR)   Nabors Industries Ltd.
USA: (NC)   NACCO Industries, Inc.
USA: (NPK)   National Presto Industries Inc.
USA: (GIXIX)   Nationwide International Index Fund Instl
USA: (GMXIX)   Nationwide Mid Cap Market Index Fund Instl
USA: (GMRIX)   Nationwide Small Cap Index Fund Instl
USA: (NL)   NL Industries, Inc.
USA: (NPIAX)   Nomura:India;A
USA: (NPICX)   Nomura:India;C
USA: (NPIIX)   Nomura:India;I
USA: (NIDB)   Northeast Indiana Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NOBOX)   Northern Fds:Bond Index
USA: (NGREX)   Northern Global Real Estate Index
USA: (NSRIX)   Northern Global Sustainability Index
USA: (NI)   Northern Indiana Public Service Company
USA: (BIEIX)   Northern Institutional International Equity Index Fund A
USA: (BSCAX)   Northern Institutional Small Company Index Fund A
USA: (NOINX)   Northern International Equity Index Fund
USA: (NOMIX)   Northern Mid Cap Index Fund
USA: (NSIDX)   Northern Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (FAEIX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;A
USA: (FAEQX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;B
USA: (FCEIX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;C
USA: (FEIIX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;I
USA: (FADSX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;R3
USA: (ASETX)   Nuveen Small Cap Index Fund I
USA: (NWGAX)   Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap A
USA: (NTRGX)   Nuveen Tradewinds Global Resources I
USA: (NGRRX)   Nuveen Tradewinds International Value Fund I
USA: (OHEIX)   Orinda Mlt-Mngr Hdgd E;I
USA: (OXM)   Oxford Industries, Inc.
USA: (PFIN)   P & F Industries, Inc.
USA: (PMED)   Paradigm Medical Industries Inc.
USA: (PBHC)   Pathfinder Bancorp Inc.
USA: (PATK)   Patrick Industries, Inc.
USA: (PXWEX)   Pax World Glbl Womens Equity Ind Inv
USA: (PGRNX)   Pax World Global Green Individual Inv
USA: (PXINX)   Pax World International Individual Fund Inv
USA: (PXSCX)   Pax World Small Cap Fund Individual Inv
USA: (TUZ)   Pimco 1-3 Year U.S. Treasury Index Fund
USA: (STPZ)   PIMCO 1-5 Year US TIPS Index ETF
USA: (LTPZ)   PIMCO 15+ Year US TIPS Index ETF
USA: (FIVZ)   PIMCO 3-7 Year U.S. Treasury Index ETF
USA: (TENZ)   PIMCO 7-15 Year U.S. Treasury Index ETF
USA: (PTHPX)   PIMCO EqS Pathfinder P
USA: (PINDX)   Pioneer Independence Fund A
USA: (PII)   Polaris Industries Inc.
USA: (POWL)   Powell Industries, Inc.
USA: (DBC)   PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking
USA: (UDN)   PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish
USA: (UUP)   PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish
USA: (PRN)   PowerShares Dynamic Industrials
USA: (PRFN)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Industrials
USA: (PWND)   PowerShares Global Wind Energy
USA: (PIN)   PowerShares India
USA: (PYH)   PowerShares Value Line Industry Rotation
USA: (PPG)   PPG Industries, Inc.
USA: (PIDIX)   Principal International Eq Index Instl
USA: (PMFPX)   Principal MidCap S&P 400 Index R5 Fund
USA: (PSSPX)   Principal SmallCap S&P 600 Index R5 Fund
USA: (IDPIX)   ProFunds:Industrials;Inv
USA: (PSIAX)   Pru Stock Index;A
USA: (PBSIX)   Pru Stock Index;B
USA: (PSICX)   Pru Stock Index;C
USA: (PDSIX)   Pru Stock Index;I
USA: (PSIFX)   Pru Stock Index;Z
USA: (IIT)   PT Indosat Tbk
USA: (TLK)   PT Telekom Indonesia
USA: (PGIAX)   Putnam Gl Industrials;A
USA: (LQU)   Quilmes Industrial (Quinsa) SA (ADR)
USA: (RADA)   Rada Electronics Industries Limited
USA: (RAVN)   Raven Industries Incorporated
USA: (REDF)   Rediff.com India Limited
USA: (REXR)   Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc.
USA: (REXL)   Rexhall Industries Inc.
USA: (RFIL)   RF Industries Inc.
USA: (SIEIX)   RidgeWorth International Equity Index Fund I
USA: (ISIAX)   RiverSource Small Company Index A
USA: (ROP)   Roper Industries, Inc.
USA: (GUSPX)   RS Inv:S&P 500 Index;A
USA: (RSPBX)   RS Inv:S&P 500 Index;B
USA: (RSAPX)   RS Inv:S&P 500 Index;C
USA: (RSPIX)   RS Inv:S&P 500 Index;K
USA: (RYRHX)   Rydex Russell 2000® Index Fund H
USA: (RGI)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Industrials
USA: (^GSPC)   S&P 500 INDEX
USA: (SABR)   Sabre Industries
USA: (SMIT)   Schmitt Industries Inc.
USA: (SCHN)   Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
USA: (SNXFX)   Schwab 1000 Index Inv
USA: (SFILX)   Schwab Fdmtl Intl Small Mid Co Index Fund
USA: (SFNNX)   Schwab Fundametal International Large Co Index TM Fund
USA: (SWISX)   Schwab International Index Fund
USA: (SWSSX)   Schwab Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (SHMR)   Shamir Optical Industry Ltd
USA: (SHLO)   Shiloh Industries, Inc.
USA: (SIF)   SIFCO Industries, Inc.
USA: (SPIL)   Siliconware Precision Industries
USA: (SLI)   SL Industries, Inc.
USA: (SWI)   SolarWinds, Inc.
USA: (SMIFX)   Sound Mind Investing
USA: (SJI)   South Jersey Industries
USA: (FSEMX)   Spartan® Extended Market Index Fund Inv
USA: (IPN)   SPDR S&P International Industrial Sector
USA: (SVSPX)   SSgA:S&P 500 Index
USA: (STIR)   STAG Industrial, Inc.
USA: (SIIAX)   State Farm International Index Fund A Legacy
USA: (SMIAX)   State Farm Small Cap Index Fund A Legacy
USA: (SLT)   Sterlite Industries (India) Limited
USA: (SNTCX)   Steward International Enhanced Index Fund Inst
USA: (TRDFX)   Steward Small-Mid Cap Enhanced Idx Indv
USA: (SUMX)   Summa Industries
USA: (SUP)   Superior Industries International Inc.
USA: (STS)   Supreme Industries, Inc.
USA: (PEXMX)   T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market Index Fund
USA: (PIEQX)   T. Rowe Price International Equity Index Fund
USA: (TDD)   TDX Independence 2010 ETF
USA: (TDH)   TDX Independence 2020 ETF
USA: (TDN)   TDX Independence 2030 ETF
USA: (TDV)   TDX Independence 2040 ETF
USA: (TDX)   TDX Independence In-Target ETF
USA: (TRA)   Terra Industries In
USA: (TEVA)   Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limite
USA: (TXI)   Texas Industries, Inc.
USA: (TGE)   TGC Industries, Inc.
USA: (CRBI)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Indl Mtls Eq Idx
USA: (THO)   Thor Industries, Inc.
USA: (TFIIX)   TIAA-CREF Enhanced International Equity Index Fund Inst
USA: (TLIIX)   TIAA-CREF Enhanced Large Cap Growth Index Fund Inst
USA: (TEVIX)   TIAA-CREF Enhanced Large Cap Value Index Fund Inst
USA: (TRIEX)   TIAA-CREF International Equity Index Fund Retire
USA: (TILIX)   TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Gr Index Fund Instl
USA: (TILVX)   TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Index Fund Inst
USA: (TRBIX)   TIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Index Fund Retire
USA: (TBIIX)   TIAA-CREF:Bond Indx;Inst
USA: (TR)   Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.
USA: (DSKIX)   Transam P:Stock Index
USA: (TRN)   Trinity Industries, Inc.
USA: (UXI)   Ultra Industrials ProShares
USA: (SIJ)   UltraShort Industrials ProShares
USA: (INDM)   United America Indemnity, Ltd.
USA: (UIC)   United Industrial Corporation
USA: (USMIX)   USAA Extended Market Index Fund
USA: (USNQX)   USAA NASDAQ-100 Index Fund
USA: (USSPX)   USAA S&P 500 Index;Memb
USA: (USPRX)   USAA S&P 500 Index;Rewd
USA: (VMI)   Valmont Industries, Inc.
USA: (VFIAX)   Vanguard 500 Index;Adm
USA: (VFINX)   Vanguard 500 Index;Inv
USA: (VIFSX)   Vanguard 500 Index;Sig
USA: (VDMIX)   Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund Inv
USA: (VXF)   Vanguard Extended Market Index ETF
USA: (VEXMX)   Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund Investor Shares
USA: (VFSVX)   Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index Fund Inv
USA: (VFTSX)   Vanguard FTSE Social Index Inv
USA: (VIGRX)   Vanguard Growth Index Fund Inv
USA: (VYM)   Vanguard High Dividend Yield Indx ETF
USA: (VIS)   Vanguard Industrials ETF
USA: (VIIIX)   Vanguard Instl Indx;InsP
USA: (VINIX)   Vanguard Instl Indx;Inst
USA: (MGK)   Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Gr Index ETF
USA: (MGC)   Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Index ETF
USA: (MGV)   Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Value Index ETF
USA: (VMCIX)   Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund Institutional Shares
USA: (VNQ)   Vanguard REIT Index ETF
USA: (VGSIX)   Vanguard REIT Index Fund Inv
USA: (VISGX)   Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Fund
USA: (VSGIX)   Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Fund Instl
USA: (NAESX)   Vanguard Small Cap Index Fund Inv
USA: (VISVX)   Vanguard Small-Cap Value Index Fund Inv
USA: (VGTSX)   Vanguard Total International Stock Index Inv
USA: (VT)   Vanguard Total World Stock Index ETF
USA: (VIVAX)   Vanguard Value Index Fund INV
USA: (VWNFX)   Vanguard Windsor II Fund Inv
USA: (VWNAX)   Vanguard Windsor II;Adm
USA: (VWNEX)   Vanguard Windsor;Adm
USA: (VWNDX)   Vanguard Windsor;Inv
USA: (VPOIX)   Vantagepoint Overseas Equity Index Fund I
USA: (VELC)   Velcro Industries N.V
USA: (VII)   Vicon Industries, Inc.
USA: (SSTIX)   Victory:Stock Index;A
USA: (VINGX)   Victory:Stock Index;R
USA: (WLT)   Walter Industries In
USA: (WWIN)   Waste Industries USA, Inc.
USA: (WEBC)   Webco Industries, Inc.
USA: (WFILX)   WellsFargo:Index;A
USA: (WFIOX)   WellsFargo:Index;Adm
USA: (WFIMX)   WellsFargo:Index;B
USA: (WFINX)   WellsFargo:Index;C
USA: (WFIRX)   WellsFargo:Index;Inv
USA: (WMSI)   Williams Industries Incorporated
USA: (WFIVX)   Wilshire:5000 Index;Inv
USA: (WIND)   Wind River Systems, Inc.
USA: (WIN)   Windstream Corporatio
USA: (WEGI)   Windswept Environmental Group Inc.
USA: (WGO)   Winnebago Industries, Inc.
USA: (ICN)   WisdomTree Dreyfus Indian Rupee
USA: (EPI)   WisdomTree India Earnings
USA: (DDI)   WisdomTree International Industrial
USA: (WMS)   WMS Industries Inc.
USA: (WOR)   Worthington Industries, Inc.
USA: (WSCI)   WSI Industries, Inc.
INDIA: (3MINDIA) 3M India Ltd.    (523395)
INDIA: (AARTIIND) Aarti Industries Ltd.    (524208)
INDIA: (BOOTSPHARM) Abbott India Ltd.    (500488)
INDIA: (ABGHEAVY) ABG Heavy Industries Ltd    (520155)
INDIA: (ABSHEKINDS) Abhishek Industries Ltd.    (521064)
INDIA: (ACE) ACE India Ltd.    (530093)
INDIA: () Acrow India Ltd.    (513149)
INDIA: (ADVANIHOTR) Advani Hotels and Resorts (India)    (523269)
INDIA: (ADVANTA) Advanta India Ltd.    (532840)
INDIA: () Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.    (532811)
INDIA: (ALBRMORARJ) Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Ltd    (506230)
INDIA: () Alembic Glass Industries Limited    (502207)
INDIA: (ALFALAVAL) Alfa Laval (India) Ltd.    (505885)
INDIA: (ALFREDHERB) Alfred Herbert (India)    (505216)
INDIA: (ALOKTEXT) Alok Industries Ltd.    (521070)
INDIA: (ALPHAGEO) Alphageo (India) Ltd.    (526397)
INDIA: (ALPSINDUS) Alps Industries Ltd.    (530715)
INDIA: (ABBALPO) Alstom Power India Ltd.    (532309)
INDIA: (AMTEKINDIA) Amtek India Ltd.    (532282)
INDIA: (ANANTRAJ) Anant Raj Industries Ltd.    (515055)
INDIA: (APARINDS) Apar Industries Ltd.    (532259)
INDIA: () Areva T & D India Ltd.    (522275)
INDIA: (ARVINDMILL) Arvind Mills Ltd.    (500101)
INDIA: (ASAHIINDIA) Asahi India Glass Ltd.    (515030)
INDIA: (ATLASCOPCO) Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.    (526991)
INDIA: (AUROPHARMA) Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.    (524804)
INDIA: (AUTOIND) Autoline Industries Ltd.    (532797)
INDIA: (AUTOLITIND) AutoLite Ind.    (500029)
INDIA: (BAJAJHIND) Bajaj Hindustan Ltd.    (500032)
INDIA: (BALKRISIND) Balkrishna Industires Ltd.    (502355)
INDIA: (BILT) Ballarpur Industries Ltd.    (500102)
INDIA: (BANCOINDIA) Banco Products (India) Ltd.    (500039)
INDIA: (BANKINDIA) Bank of India    (532149)
INDIA: (BARTRONICS) Bartronics India Ltd.    (532694)
INDIA: (BASF) BASF India Ltd.    (500042)
INDIA: (BATAINDIA) Bata India Ltd.    (500043)
INDIA: () Bayer Diagnostics India    (506559)
INDIA: (BERGEPAINT) Berger Paints India Ltd.    (509480)
INDIA: (BHAGYNAGAR) Bhagyanagar India Ltd    (512296)
INDIA: (BUWALKASTL) Bhuwalka Steels Industries Ltd.    (513333)
INDIA: (BINANIIND) Binani Industries Ltd.    (500059)
INDIA: (BLUEBIRD) Blue Bird (India) Ltd.    (532781)
INDIA: (BRITANNIA) Britannia Industries Ltd.    (500825)
INDIA: (CAIRN) Cairn India Ltd.    (532792)
INDIA: () Carnation Industries Ltd    (530609)
INDIA: (CASTROL) Castrol India Ltd.    (500870)
INDIA: (CCL) CCL Products (India) Ltd.    (519600)
INDIA: (CENTURYPLY) Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.    (532548)
INDIA: () Champagne Indage Ltd.    (522059)
INDIA: (CINEMAX) Cinemax India Ltd.    (532807)
INDIA: (CLNINDIA) Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.    (506390)
INDIA: (CLASSIC) Classic Diamonds (India) Ltd.    (523200)
INDIA: (COLGATE) Colgate Palmoive(India)    (500830)
INDIA: (CONCOR) Container Corporation of India    (531344)
INDIA: () Country Club (India) Ltd    (526550)
INDIA: (CUMMINSIND) Cummins India Ltd    (500480)
INDIA: (D-LINK) D-Link (India) Ltd.    (532419)
INDIA: (DABUR) Dabur India Ltd.    (500096)
INDIA: () Denison Hydraulics India    (505232)
INDIA: (NIPPONDENS) Denso India Ltd.    (520022)
INDIA: (DICIND) DIC India Ltd.    (500089)
INDIA: () DISA India Limited    (500068)
INDIA: (DISHTV) Dish TV India Ltd.    (532839)
INDIA: (DONEAR) Donear Industries Ltd    (512519)
INDIA: (DREDGECORP) Dredging Corporation of India    (523618)
INDIA: (EASTSILK) Eastern Silk Industries    (590022)
INDIA: (ECEIND) ECE Industries Ltd.    (532491)
INDIA: (EIMCOELECO) Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.    (523708)
INDIA: (ELECTHERM) Electrotherm (India) Ltd.    (526608)
INDIA: () Empire Industries Ltd.    (509525)
INDIA: (ENGINERSIN) Engineers India Ltd.    (532178)
INDIA: () English Indian Clays Ltd.    (526560)
INDIA: (ENIL) Entertainment Network (India) Ltd.    (532700)
INDIA: (ERACONS) Era Constructions (India) Ltd.    (530323)
INDIA: (ESABINDIA) Esab India Ltd.    (500133)
INDIA: (UNIONCARBI) Eveready Industries Limited    (531508)
INDIA: (EVERESTIND) Everest Indistries Ltd.    (508906)
INDIA: (EKC) Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd.    (532684)
INDIA: (EVERONN) Everonn Systems India    (532876)
INDIA: (EXIDEIND) Exide Industries Co. Ltd.    (500086)
INDIA: (FAGBEARING) Fag Bearings India Ltd.    (505790)
INDIA: (FMGOETZE) Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd.    (505744)
INDIA: (FIEMIND) Fiem Inds.    (532768)
INDIA: (FINPIPE) Finolex Industries Ltd.    (500940)
INDIA: (FLATPROD) Flat Products Equipments (India)    (500147)
INDIA: (FOSECOIND) Foseco India Ltd.    (500150)
INDIA: (FULFORD) Fulford (India) Ltd.    (506803)
INDIA: (GABRIEL) Gabriel India Ltd.    (505714)
INDIA: (GAIL) Gail (India) Ltd.    (532155)
INDIA: (GAMMONIND) Gammon India Ltd.    (509550)
INDIA: (GILLETTE) Gillette India Ltd.    (507815)
INDIA: (GMRINDSTRS) Gmr Industries Ltd.    (500162)
INDIA: (GODFRYPHLP) Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.    (500163)
INDIA: (GODREJIND) Godrej Industries Ltd.    (500164)
INDIA: (GOODYEAR) Goodyear India Ltd.    (500168)
INDIA: (GRANULES) Granules Ind.    (532482)
INDIA: (GRAPHITE) Graphite India Ltd.    (509488)
INDIA: (GRASIM) Grasim Industries Ltd.    (500300)
INDIA: (GREENPLY) Greenply Industries Ltd.    (526797)
INDIA: (GRINWELNOR) GrindWell Norton Ltd.    (506076)
INDIA: (GTCIND) GTC Industries Ltd.    (500151)
INDIA: (GUJAPOLLO) Gujarat Apollo Industries    (522217)
INDIA: (GIPCL) Gujarat Industries Power Co. Ltd.    (517300)
INDIA: (GWALCHEM) Gwalior Chemical Iindustries Ltd.    (532764)
INDIA: (HAVELLS) Havells India Ltd    (517354)
INDIA: () Hella India Lighting Limited    (520026)
INDIA: (SPICFINE) Henkel India Limited    (532671)
INDIA: (HERITGFOOD) Heritage Foods (India) Ltd.    (519552)
INDIA: () High Energy Batteries (India)    (504176)
INDIA: (HCIL) Himadri Chemicals & Inds. Ltd.    (500184)
INDIA: (HINDRECT) Hind Rectifiers    (504036)
INDIA: (HINDALC0) Hindalco Industries Ltd.    (500440)
INDIA: (HINDUJAFIN) Hinduja TMT Ltd.    (500189)
INDIA: (HINDCOMPOS) Hindustan Composites    (509635)
INDIA: (HCC) Hindustan Construction Co Ltd.    (500185)
INDIA: (HINDDORROL) Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd    (509627)
INDIA: (HINDLEVER) Hindustan Lever Ltd.    (500696)
INDIA: (HMT) Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd.    (500191)
INDIA: (HINDMOTOR) Hindustan Motors Ltd.    (500500)
INDIA: () Hindustan National Glass & Industries    (515145)
INDIA: (HINDOILEXP) Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd.    (500186)
INDIA: (HOCL) Hindustan Organic Chemical Ltd.    (500449)
INDIA: (HINDPETRO) Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd.    (500104)
INDIA: (HINPOWPLUS) Hindustan PowerPlus Ltd.    (517244)
INDIA: (HINDSANIT) Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Limited    (500187)
INDIA: (HINDZINC) Hindustan Zinc Ltd.    (500188)
INDIA: (HITACHIHOM) Hitachi Home & Life Soln. (India) Ltd.    (523398)
INDIA: (HONAUT) Honeywell Automation India Ltd.    (517174)
INDIA: (HYDRBADIND) Hyderabad Industries Ltd.    (509675)
INDIA: (ICSA) I.C.S.A. (India) Ltd.    (531524)
INDIA: (ICI) ICI India Ltd.    (500710)
INDIA: (INDLMETER) IMP Powers Ltd.    (517571)
INDIA: (INDIACEM) India Cements Ltd.    (530005)
INDIA: (INDIAGLYCO) India Glycols Ltd.    (500201)
INDIA: (INDIAINFO) India Infoline Ltd.    (532636)
INDIA: (IMPAL) India Motor Parts and Accessories    (590065)
INDIA: (INDNIPPON) India Nippon Electricals Ltd.    (532240)
INDIA: (INDIABULLS) Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd.    (532544)
INDIA: (IBREALEST) Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.    (532832)
INDIA: () Indiaco Ventures Ltd    (506131)
INDIA: (INDIANB) Indian Bank    (532814)
INDIA: (INDIANCARD) Indian Card Clothing Co. Ltd.    (509692)
INDIA: (INDHOTEL) Indian Hotels Co Ltd.    (500850)
INDIA: (INDIANHUME) Indian Hume Pipe Company Ltd.    (504741)
INDIA: (IOC) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.    (530965)
INDIA: (IOB) Indian Overseas Bank    (532388)
INDIA: (IPCL) Indian Petrochemicals Corp Ltd.    (500105)
INDIA: () IndiaNivesh Ltd.    (501700)
INDIA: (INDOASIFU) Indo Asian FuseGear Limited    (532658)
INDIA: () Indo National Ltd.    (504058)
INDIA: () Indo Pacific Soft.& Entertainment    (531565)
INDIA: (INDORAMA) Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.    (500207)
INDIA: (INDOTECH) Indo Tech Transformers Ltd.    (532717)
INDIA: (INDOCO) Indoco Remedies Ltd.    (532612)
INDIA: (IGL) Indraprastha Gas Ltd.    (532514)
INDIA: (INDRAMEDCO) Indraprastha Medical Corpn. Ltd.    (532150)
INDIA: (INDUSFILA) Indus Fila Ltd.    (532821)
INDIA: (INDUSINDBK) Indusind Bank Ltd.    (532187)
INDIA: () Industrial & Prudential Investment Company Ltd    (501298)
INDIA: (IDBI) Industrial Dev Bank of India    (500116)
INDIA: (NAUKRI) Infoedge (India) Ltd.    (532777)
INDIA: (INFOMEDIA) Infomedia India Ltd.    (509069)
INDIA: (INGERRAND) Ingersoll - Rand (India) Ltd.    (500210)
INDIA: () Integra Hindustan Control    (517250)
INDIA: () International Combustion (India)    (505737)
INDIA: (IONEXCHANG) ION Exchange (India) Ltd.    (500214)
INDIA: (NIPPONDENR) Ispat Industries Ltd.    (500305)
INDIA: () IT People (India) Ltd.    (532342)
INDIA: (ITDCEM) ITD Cementation India Ltd.    (509496)
INDIA: () J.K. Tyre & Industries Ltd.    (530007)
INDIA: (JAGAJITIND) Jagatjit Industries Ltd.    (507155)
INDIA: (JBFIND) JBF Industries Ltd.    (514034)
INDIA: (JETAIRWAYS) Jet Airway (India) Limited    (532617)
INDIA: () Jhaveri Flexo India Ltd.    (507796)
INDIA: (JINDALDRIL) Jindal Drilling Industries Ltd.    (511034)
INDIA: (JINDALPOLY) Jindal Poly Films Ltd.    (500227)
INDIA: (JINDALSAW) Jindal Saw Ltd.    (500378)
INDIA: (JINDALSWHL) Jindal South West Holdings Ltd.    (532642)
INDIA: (JSTAINLESS) Jindal Stainless Ltd.    (532508)
INDIA: (JINDALSTEL) Jindal Steel & Powers Ltd.    (532286)
INDIA: () JL Morison (India)    (506522)
INDIA: (JMCPROJECT) JMC Projects (India) Ltd.    (522263)
INDIA: (KAKATCEM) Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Ltd    (500234)
INDIA: (KALINDEE) Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd.    (522259)
INDIA: (KAMATHOTEL) Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.    (526668)
INDIA: (KANORICHEM) Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited    (506525)
INDIA: () Kaycee Industries    (504084)
INDIA: (KEI) KEI Industries Ltd.    (517569)
INDIA: () Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd.    (526015)
INDIA: () KennaMetal India Ltd.    (505890)
INDIA: (KERNEX) Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited    (532686)
INDIA: (KESORAMIND) Kesoram Industries Ltd.    (502937)
INDIA: () Khaitan India    (590068)
INDIA: () Khoday India Ltd.    (507435)
INDIA: () Kilitch Drugs (India)    (524500)
INDIA: (KIRLOSFERR) Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.    (500245)
INDIA: (KOTAKBANK) Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.    (500247)
INDIA: () KSL and Industries Ltd.    (530149)
INDIA: (LAKSHMIEFL) Lakshmi Overseas Industries Ltd.    (519570)
INDIA: (LANCOIN) Lanco Industries Ltd.    (513605)
INDIA: () LinkHouse Industries Ltd.    (512349)
INDIA: (LLOYDSTEEL) Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.    (500254)
INDIA: (LOTTEINDIA) Lotte India Corporation Ltd.    (590004)
INDIA: (LUMAXIND) Lumax Industries Ltd.    (517206)
INDIA: (MACMILLAN) Macmillan India Ltd.    (532440)
INDIA: (M&MFIN) Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.    (532720)
INDIA: (M&M) Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.    (500520)
INDIA: () Mahindra Forgines Ltd    (532756)
INDIA: (GESCOCORP) Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd.    (532313)
INDIA: (MAHINDUGIN) Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.    (504823)
INDIA: (MANINDS) Man Industries (India) Ltd    (513269)
INDIA: (MANUGRAPH) Manugraph India Ltd.    (505324)
INDIA: (MAX) Max India Ltd.    (500271)
INDIA: (MAXWELL) Maxwell Industries Limited    (532613)
INDIA: (MCLEODRUS) McLeod Russel India Ltd.    (532654)
INDIA: (MICROTECH) Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.    (532494)
INDIA: (MINDAIND) Minda Industries Ltd.    (532539)
INDIA: (MINDTREE) Mindtree Consulting Ltd.    (532819)
INDIA: () Modern India Ltd    (503015)
INDIA: (MONSANTO) Monsanto India Ltd.    (524084)
INDIA: (MOSERBAER) Moser Baer India Ltd.    (517140)
INDIA: (MURLIIND) Murli Industries Ltd.    (519323)
INDIA: (NAHARINDUS) Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd    (519136)
INDIA: (NOCIL) National Organic Chemicals Inds. Ltd.    (500730)
INDIA: (NESTLE) Nestle India Ltd.    (500790)
INDIA: (NICOLASPIR) Nicholas Piramal India    (500302)
INDIA: (NITINFIRE) Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd.    (532854)
INDIA: (NOVARTIND) Novartis India Ltd.    (500672)
INDIA: (OCL) OCL India Ltd.    (502165)
INDIA: () Ondeo Nalco India Limited    (524101)
INDIA: (OPTOCIRCUI) Opto Circuits (India) Ltd.    (532391)
INDIA: (ORIENTPPR) Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.    (502420)
INDIA: (PAGEIND) Page Industries Ltd.    (532827)
INDIA: () Pan Packaging Industries Ltd    (532114)
INDIA: () Pantaloon Industries Ltd.    (521153)
INDIA: (PANTALOONR) Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd.    (523574)
INDIA: () Parenteral Drugs (India)    (524689)
INDIA: (PARRYAGRO) Parry Agro Industries Ltd.    (508184)
INDIA: (PENARSTEEL) Pennar Industries Ltd.    (513228)
INDIA: (PIDILITIND) Pidilite Industries Ltd.    (500331)
INDIA: (PLASTIBLEN) Plastiblends India    (523648)
INDIA: (PRAJIND) Praj Industries Ltd.    (522205)
INDIA: (PRAKASH) Prakash Industries Ltd.    (506022)
INDIA: (PRATIBHA) Pratibha Industries Ltd.    (532718)
INDIA: (PRECWIRE) Precision Wires India Ltd.    (523539)
INDIA: (PROVOGUE) Provogue (India) Ltd.    (532647)
INDIA: (PTC) PTC India Ltd.    (532524)
INDIA: (RAJVIR) Rajvir Industries    (532665)
INDIA: (RALLIS) Rallis India Ltd.    (500355)
INDIA: (RAMCOIND) Ramco Industries Ltd.    (532369)
INDIA: (RAMSARUP) Ramsarup Industries Limited    (532690)
INDIA: () Rasandik Engineering Industries India Ltd    (522207)
INDIA: (BAUSCHLOMB) Rayban Sun Optics India Ltd.    (500044)
INDIA: () RDB Industries Ltd    (526723)
INDIA: (REDINGTON) Redington (India) ltd.    (532805)
INDIA: (RELCHEMQ) Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd    (503162)
INDIA: (RIIL) Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd    (523445)
INDIA: (RELIANCE) Reliance Industries Ltd.    (500325)
INDIA: (REPRO) Repro India Ltd.    (532687)
INDIA: (RICOAUTO) Rico Auto Industries Ltd.    (520008)
INDIA: (ROLTA) Rolta India Ltd.    (500366)
INDIA: (RUCHISOYA) Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.    (500368)
INDIA: () SAINT-GOBAIN Sekurit India Ltd.    (515043)
INDIA: (SANGAMIND) Sangam India Ltd.    (514234)
INDIA: (SANGHIIND) Sanghi Industries Ltd.    (526521)
INDIA: (SAREGAMA) Saregama India Limited    (532163)
INDIA: () Satra Properties India Ltd    (508996)
INDIA: () Schenectady-Beck India Ltd.    (500123)
INDIA: (SCI) Shipping Corp Of India Ltd.    (523598)
INDIA: (SIGROUPIND) SI Group India Ltd.    (506460)
INDIA: (SINTEX) Sintex Industries Ltd.    (502742)
INDIA: (SKFINDIA) SKF India Ltd.    (500472)
INDIA: () Solvay Pharma India Ltd.    (532447)
INDIA: (SOUTHBANK) South Indian Bank Ltd.    (532218)
INDIA: (SPENTEX) Spentex Industries Ltd.    (521082)
INDIA: (STDIND) Standard Industries Ltd.    (530017)
INDIA: (SBIN) State Bank of India    (500112)
INDIA: (STCINDIA) State Trading Corporation of India Ltd    (512531)
INDIA: (SAIL) Steel Authority of India Ltd.    (500113)
INDIA: (STER) Sterlite Industries Ltd.    (500900)
INDIA: () Stewarts and Lloyds of India    (504960)
INDIA: () Stone India Ltd    (522085)
INDIA: () Stovec Industries Ltd    (504959)
INDIA: (SULZER) Sulzer India Ltd    (522087)
INDIA: (SUNPHARMA) Sun Pharmaceutical Inds Ltd.    (524715)
INDIA: (SUPERSALES) Super Sales India    (512527)
INDIA: (SUPREMEIND) Supreme Industries Ltd.    (509930)
INDIA: (SURANAIND) Surana Industries Ltd.    (513597)
INDIA: (SUTLEJTEX) Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd.    (532782)
INDIA: () Syngenta India Ltd.    (532409)
INDIA: () TCI Industries Ltd    (532262)
INDIA: (TECHM) Tech Mahindra Ltd.    (532755)
INDIA: (TIIL) Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd.    (532804)
INDIA: (TV-18 & TV18) Television Eighteen India Ltd.    (532299)
INDIA: (THIRUSUGAR) Thiru Arooran Sugars Industries Ltd.    (507450)
INDIA: (THOMASCOOK) Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.    (500413)
INDIA: (TIDEWATER) Tide Water Oil India Ltd    (590005)
INDIA: (TIL) TIL India Ltd.    (505196)
INDIA: (TIMKEN) Timken India Ltd.    (522113)
INDIA: (TINPLATE) TinPlate Company Of India Ltd.    (504966)
INDIA: (TITAN) Titan Industries Ltd.    (500114)
INDIA: (TCI) Transport Corporation Of India Ltd.    (532349)
INDIA: (TRICOM) Tricom India Ltd.    (531675)
INDIA: (TRIVENI) Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited    (532356)
INDIA: (TUBEINVEST) Tube Investments Of India Ltd.    (504973)
INDIA: (UNIONBANK) Union Bank of India    (532477)
INDIA: (VIPIND) V.I.P. Industries Ltd.    (507880)
INDIA: (VESUVIUS) Vesuvius India Ltd.    (520113)
INDIA: (VIDEOIND) Videocon Industries Ltd.    (511389)
INDIA: (VSTIND) VST Industries Ltd.    (509966)
INDIA: () Vyapar Industries Ltd.    (506142)
INDIA: (WALCHANNAG) Walchandnagar Industries Ltd    (507410)
INDIA: (WARTSILA) Wartsila India Ltd    (500443)
INDIA: (WELSPUNIND) Welspun India Ltd.    (514162)
INDIA: (WENDTINDIA) Wendt (India) Ltd.    (505412)
INDIA: (WHEELS) Wheels India Ltd.    (590073)
INDIA: (KELVINATOR) Whirlpool India Limited    (500238)
INDIA: (WWIL) Wire and Wireless (India) Ltd.    (532795)
INDIA: (YOKOGAWA) Yokogawa India Limited    (517216)
INDIA: (YUKENINDIA) Yuken India Ltd.    (522108)
INDIA: (ZFSTEERING) ZF Steering Gear (India) Ltd.    (505163)
INDIA: (ZUARIAGRO) Zuari Industries Ltd.    (500780)