S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ANAD)   Anadigics Inc
USA: (ADSX)   Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
USA: (BDLN)   Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc.
USA: (STV)   China Digital TV Holding Co. Ltd
USA: (CIDM)   Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp.
USA: (DGII)   Digi International Inc.
USA: (DMRC)   Digimarc Corporation
USA: (DRAD)   Digirad Corporation
USA: (DGLY)   Digital Ally, Inc.
USA: (DOC)   Digital Angel Corporation
USA: (DIGA)   Digital Angel Corporation
USA: (DCIN)   Digital Cinema Destinations Corp.
USA: (DDMG)   Digital Domain Media Group, Inc.
USA: (DIGF)   Digital Fusion Inc.
USA: (DIGL)   Digital Lightwave Inc.
USA: (DMGI)   Digital Music Group, Inc.
USA: (DPW)   Digital Power Corporation
USA: (DLR)   Digital Realty Trust, Inc.
USA: (DRIV)   Digital River, Inc.
USA: (DXN)   DigitalFX International Inc.
USA: (DGI)   DigitalGlobe, Inc.
USA: (EDIG)   e.Digital Corporation
USA: (EIGIX)   Eaton Vance Inv Grd In;I
USA: (EIGI)   Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FIGI)   Fortress International Group Inc.
USA: (HAUP)   Hauppauge Digital, Inc.
USA: (HSVFX)   Hennessy Select Large Value Fund Original
USA: (ICOPW)   ICOP Digital Inc.
USA: (ICOP)   ICOP Digital, Inc.
USA: (IG)   IGI Laboratories, Inc.
USA: (IGIAX)   Integrity Growth & Income Fund
USA: (IDCC)   InterDigital, Inc.
USA: (KRNT)   Kornit Digital Ltd.
USA: (IGI)   N
USA: (SEED)   Origin Agritech Limite
USA: (PIGIX)   PIMCO:Inv Grd Crp;Inst
USA: (RIMMX)   Rainier Mid Cap Equity Fund Original Shares
USA: (RIMSX)   Rainier Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund Original Share
USA: (SIGI)   Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (TRLG)   True Religion Apparel, Inc.
USA: (WDC)   Western Digital Corporatio
INDIA: (ADSL) Allied Digital Services    (532875)