S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='HE') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for HE:
USA: (ACRS)   Aclaris Therapeutics
USA: (ACOR)   Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ACUS)   Acusphere, Inc.
USA: (ARXT)   Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ADAP)   Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC
USA: (ADPT)   Adeptus Health Inc.
USA: (ADH)   Adherex Technologies Inc.
USA: (ABHB)   Advanced BioHealing, Inc.
USA: (CLSHX)   AdvisorOne:Shelter;N
USA: (AFMD)   Affimed Therapeutics B.V.
USA: (AGRX)   Agile Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (GGHCX)   AIM Global Healthcare Fund
USA: (AIMT)   Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ALPHX)   AIP Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund
USA: (APD)   Air Prods & Chems In
USA: (AKBA)   Akebia Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ALDX)   Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AHSAX)   Alger:Health Sci;A
USA: (AYE)   Allegheny Energy Inc
USA: (ATI)   Allegheny Technologies
USA: (ALTFX)   AllianceBern Global Thematic Gr A
USA: (AHCI)   Allied HealthCare International Inc
USA: (AHPI)   Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.
USA: (ALLI)   Allion Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (ALTH)   Allos Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MDRX)   Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc
USA: (IDGX)   AltheaDx, Inc.
USA: (TWHIX)   American Century Heritage Fund Inv
USA: (FOLD)   Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AHS)   AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.
USA: (APH)   Amphenol Corp
USA: (AMM)   AMS Health Scirnces Inc.
USA: (BUD)   Anheuser Busch Cos In
USA: (ANIK)   Anika Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (AHII)   Animal Health Internstional Inc
USA: (APA)   Apache Corporation
USA: (AHG)   Apria Healthcare Group Inc
USA: (PETX)   Aratana Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ARBX)   Arbinet-thexchange, Inc.
USA: (ARJ)   Arch Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (ARCHX)   Archer Balanced Fund
USA: (ADM)   Archer Daniels Midland Co
USA: (ARINX)   Archer Income Fund
USA: (ARSKX)   Archer Stock Fund
USA: (ARGS)   Argos Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ARWR)   Arrowhead Research Corporatio
USA: (ARYX)   ARYx Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AALIX)   Aston/Herndon Large Cap Value Fund - N
USA: (ATRA)   Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AHN)   ATC Healthcare Inc
USA: (ATHN)   Athenahealth, Inc.
USA: (AGIX)   AtheroGenics, Inc.
USA: (ATHR)   Atheros Communications, Inc.
USA: (ATHX)   Athersys, Inc.
USA: (ASFN)   Atlantic Southern Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (AUTH)   AuthenTec, Inc.
USA: (ADAT)   Authentidate Holding Corp.
USA: (AAVL)   Avalanche Biotechnologies
USA: (AVAN)   Avant Immunotherapeutics, Inc.
USA: (AXSM)   Axsome Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (BHI)   Baker Hughes Inc
USA: (BCPC)   Balchem Corporatio
USA: (BCAR)   Bank of the Carolinas Corporation
USA: (OZRK)   Bank of the Ozarks
USA: (BTRX)   Barrier Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (BBHEX)   BBH International Equity Fund N
USA: (BSC)   Bear Stearns Companies, Inc (The)
USA: (BLPH)   Bellerophon Therapeutics LLC
USA: (BLUS)   BELLUS Health Inc.
USA: (BHE)   Benchmark Electronics Inc
USA: (BIND)   BIND Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (BHRT)   BioHeart, Inc.
USA: (BMTI)   BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (BSMD)   BioSphere Medical, Inc.
USA: (BITI)   Biotie Therapies OYJ
USA: (BSG)   BISYS Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (BLK)   Blackrock 2001 Term Tr Inc The
USA: (BME)   Blackrock Health Sciences Trust
USA: (MAHCX)   BlackRock Healthcare Instl
USA: (PEFX)   BlackRock S&P 500 Protected Equity Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (CACH)   Cache, Inc.
USA: (CPKI)   California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
USA: (CALA)   Calithera Biosciences, Inc.
USA: (CAMH)   Cambridge Heart Inc
USA: (CCOW)   Capital Corp of the West
USA: (CARA)   Cara Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CBYL)   Carbylan Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CAH)   Cardinal Health, Inc.
USA: (CXM)   Cardium Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (CSLT)   Castlight Health, Inc.
USA: (CHSI)   Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc.
USA: (CTIC)   Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CTICD)   Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CLDX)   Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CPHD)   Cepheid Inc
USA: (CTU)   CHAD Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CHC)   Champion Healthcare Corporation
USA: (HELI)   CHC Group Ltd.
USA: (FLI)   CHC Helicopter Corporation
USA: (CHKP)   Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
USA: (CHEK)   Check-Cap Ltd.
USA: (CKFR)   CheckFree Corporation
USA: (CKP)   Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
USA: (CAKE)   Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (The)
USA: (CMCM)   Cheetah Mobile Inc.
USA: (CHEF)   Chefs' Warehouse Holdings, LLC
USA: (CHGG)   Chegg, Inc.
USA: (CHTP)   Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd.
USA: (CHE)   Chemed Corp
USA: (CXSP)   Chemgenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd
USA: (CHFC)   Chemical Financial Corporation
USA: (CQH)   Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC
USA: (CQP)   Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (LNG)   Cheniere Energy, Inc.
USA: (CHKE)   Cherokee Inc.
USA: (CHRK)   Cherokee International Corporation
USA: (CHMI)   Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation
USA: (CSK)   Chesapeake Corporation
USA: (CHK)   Chesapeake Energy Corporation
USA: (CHKR)   Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust
USA: (CHESX)   Chesapeake Growth;Inst
USA: (CHEAX)   Chesapeake Growth;Inv
USA: (CHKM)   Chesapeake Midstream Partners, L.P.
USA: (CPK)   Chesapeake Utilities Corporatio
USA: (CLIDX)   Cheswold Lane International High Dividend Fund Instl
USA: (CHEV)   Cheviot Financial Corp
USA: (CVX)   Chevron Texaco Corp
USA: (PLCE)   Childrens Place Retail Stores, Inc. (The)
USA: (CMBC)   China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd.
USA: (SNP)   China Petroleum & Chemical
USA: (ZNH)   China Southern Airlines Limited
USA: (CCIH)   ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.
USA: (CBK)   Christopher & Banks Corporation
USA: (CSB)   Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc.
USA: (CDTX)   Cidara Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CIPH)   Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
USA: (CZNC)   Citizens & Northern Corp
USA: (CVTS)   Civitas Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CLRS)   Clarus Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (UEM)   Claymore U.S.-1-The Capital Markets Idx
USA: (CLX)   Clorox Company (The)
USA: (CCH)   Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co SA (ADR)
USA: (RLF)   Cohen & Steers Advantage Income Realty Fund Inc.
USA: (FOF)   Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund Inc.
USA: (DVM)   Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors Fund
USA: (DVFAX)   Cohen & Steers Dividend Value Fund
USA: (APFAX)   Cohen & Steers EM RE;A
USA: (CSUAX)   Cohen & Steers Gl I;A
USA: (CSSPX)   Cohen & Steers Global Realty I
USA: (GRI)   Cohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF
USA: (CSRIX)   Cohen & Steers Institutional Realty Shares
USA: (GRSIX)   Cohen & Steers Instl Global Realty
USA: (IRFIX)   Cohen & Steers Itl R;I
USA: (RPF)   Cohen & Steers Premium Income Realty Fund Inc
USA: (RQI)   Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc.
USA: (CSEIX)   Cohen & Steers Realty Income Fund A
USA: (CSRSX)   Cohen & Steers Realty Shares
USA: (RNP)   Cohen & Steers Reit and Preferred Income Fund Inc
USA: (RTU)   Cohen & Steers REIT and Utility Income Fund Inc
USA: (RFI)   Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund Inc.
USA: (RWF)   Cohen & Steers Worldwide Realty Income Fund Inc.
USA: (CNS)   Cohen & Steers, Inc.
USA: (COHR)   Coherent, Inc.
USA: (CHRS)   Coherus BioSciences, Inc.
USA: (COHT)   Cohesant Technologies Inc.
USA: (CYH)   Community Health Systems, Inc.
USA: (CHCT)   Community Healthcare Trust Incorporated
USA: (CNLA)   Community National Bank of the Lakeway Area
USA: (CTBC)   Connecticut Bank and Trust Company (The)
USA: (CORT)   Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated
USA: (EXBD)   Corporate Executive Board Company (The)
USA: (CVH)   Coventry Health Care, Inc.
USA: (CRTX)   Critical Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CCRN)   Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (CVTX)   CV Therapeutics
USA: (CTMX)   CytomX Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CYTX)   Cytori Therapeutics Inc
USA: (DHR)   Danaher Corporation
USA: (DLHAX)   Delaware Healthcare;A
USA: (DSGX)   Descartes Systems Group Inc. (The)
USA: (DB)   Deutsche Bank AG
USA: (DXB)   Deutsche Bank AG
USA: (DUA)   Deutsche Bank Cap Fdg Tr VIII
USA: (DT)   Deutsche Telekom AG
USA: (DFSHX)   DFA Select Hedged Gl
USA: (DHCC)   Diamondhead Casino Corporation
USA: (DMTX)   Dimension Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (DMLP)   Dorchester Minerals, L.P.
USA: (DRAX)   Draxis Health Inc.
USA: (DBRN)   Dress Barn, Inc. (The)
USA: (SDIEX)   Dreyfus/The Boston Co Intl Core Equity Fund I
USA: (SDEQX)   Dreyfus/The Boston Co Lg Cp Cr I
USA: (STSVX)   Dreyfus/The Boston Company Small Cap Value Fund I
USA: (SDSCX)   Dreyfus/The Boston Company Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (DUF)   Duff & Phelps Corporation
USA: (DNP)   Duff & Phelps Utilities Income Inc
USA: (DTF)   Duff & Phelps Utilities Tax-Free Income Inc.
USA: (DUC)   Duff & Phelps Utility and Corporate Bond Trust Inc.
USA: (DNB)   Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (The)
USA: (DRTX)   Durata Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (SGQAX)   DWS Global Thematic Fund
USA: (SCOBX)   DWS Global Thematic S
USA: (SCHLX)   DWS Health Care;S
USA: (DYII)   Dynacq Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (HEICX)   Eagle International Equity Fund C
USA: (EMN)   Eastman Chemical Company
USA: (ELON)   Echelon Corporation
USA: (EHTH)   eHealth, Inc.
USA: (EBIO)   Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ESBK)   Elmira Savings Bank, FSB (The)
USA: (EMIS)   Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
USA: (HEV)   Ener1, Inc.
USA: (ENHT)   Enherent Corp.
USA: (EVHC)   Envision Healthcare Holdings, Inc.
USA: (ENZ)   Enzo Biochem, Inc.
USA: (ESCH)   Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
USA: (ESPR)   Esperion Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ESCC)   Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation
USA: (EVDY)   Everyday Health, Inc.
USA: (EVH)   Evolent Health, Inc.
USA: (FARM)   Farmer Brothers Compan
USA: (FATE)   Fate Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (FTHR)   Featherlite Manufacturing, Inc.
USA: (FHEIX)   Fidelity Advisor Real Estate Fund I
USA: (FSCHX)   Fidelity Sel Chemicals
USA: (FSPHX)   Fidelity Sel Health
USA: (LION)   Fidelity Southern Corporation
USA: (FINL)   Finish Line, Inc. (The)
USA: (FAF)   First American Corporation (The)
USA: (FBMS)   First Bancshares, Inc. (The) (MS)
USA: (FFNM)   First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FXH)   First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX
USA: (FSCI)   Fisher Communications, Inc.
USA: (FPRX)   Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PFD)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Incorporated
USA: (PFO)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Incorporated
USA: (FFC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities Income Fd In
USA: (FLC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return Fund Inc
USA: (FLXN)   Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (FWLT)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FWLTW)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FWLTZ)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FRBSX)   Franklin Balance Sheet Investment Fund A
USA: (FEP)   Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.
USA: (FHEMX)   Frontegra:Hexam Emg Mkt
USA: (GAB)   Gabelli Equity Trust Inc. (The)
USA: (AJG)   Gallagher Arthur J & Co
USA: (GCAA)   GC Aesthetics plc
USA: (GHCI)   Genesis HealthCare Corporation
USA: (GHDX)   Genomic Health, Inc.
USA: (GTIV)   Gentiva Health Services, Inc.
USA: (GRT)   Glimcher Realty Trust
USA: (GBT)   Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (GMOCX)   GMO Currency Hedged International Equity Fund III
USA: (GGHEX)   GMO:Alpha Only;III
USA: (GPH)   Golden Pond Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (GR)   Goodrich Corporation (The)
USA: (GAP)   Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (The)
USA: (GNI)   Great Northern Iron Ore Properties
USA: (GSBC)   Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (GTCB)   GTC Biotherapeutics Inc
USA: (GSH)   Guangshen Railway Co Ltd
USA: (GYMB)   Gymboree Corporation (The)
USA: (HEES)   H&E Equipment Services, Inc.
USA: (HQH)   H&Q Healthcare Investors
USA: (HAIN)   Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (HTI)   Halozyme Therapeutics
USA: (HU)   Halozyme Therapeutics
USA: (HALO)   Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ZVUEL)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEW)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEZ)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (HEMMX)   Hansberger Emerging Markets Fund
USA: (HEMGX)   Hansberger:Em Mkts;Inst
USA: (HET)   Harrahs Entertainment
USA: (HGHAX)   Hartford Global Health A
USA: (HE)   Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc
USA: (HED)   Head N.V. (ADR)
USA: (HELX)   Head N.V. (ADR)
USA: (HW)   Headwaters Incorporated
USA: (HCN)   Health Care REIT, Inc.
USA: (XLV)   Health Care Select Sector SPDR
USA: (FIT)   Health Fitness Corporation
USA: (HGRD)   Health Grades, Inc.
USA: (HIIQ)   Health Insurance Innovations, Inc.
USA: (HMA)   Health Management Associates, Inc.
USA: (HNT)   Health Net, Inc.
USA: (HAXS)   HealthAxis Inc
USA: (HR)   Healthcare Realty Trust Inc
USA: (HCSG)   Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
USA: (HCTL)   Healthcare Technologies Ltd.
USA: (HQY)   HealthEquity, Inc.
USA: (HETC)   HealtheTech Inc.
USA: (HLEX)   HealthExtras, Inc.
USA: (HGAT)   HealthGate Data Corp.
USA: (HHA)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHB)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHD)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHE)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHG)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHJ)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHK)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHM)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHN)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHQ)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHR)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHT)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHU)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHV)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HHZ)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HRD)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HRJ)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HRW)   HealthShares Exchange-Traded Funds
USA: (HLS)   HealthSouth Corporatio
USA: (HS)   Healthspring, Inc.
USA: (HSTM)   HealthStream, Inc.
USA: (HTRN)   HealthTronics, Inc.
USA: (HWAY)   Healthways, Inc.
USA: (HTV)   Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.
USA: (HTLD)   Heartland Express, Inc.
USA: (HTLF)   Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
USA: (HPY)   Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.
USA: (HRTVX)   Heartland Value Fund Inv
USA: (HRVIX)   Heartland Value Plus Fund Inv
USA: (HNSVX)   Heartland:Sel Val;Inst
USA: (HRSVX)   Heartland:Sel Val;Inv
USA: (HNVIX)   Heartland:Value Pl;Inst
USA: (HTWR)   HeartWare International, Inc.
USA: (EAR)   HearUSA, Inc.
USA: (HTBX)   Heat Biologics, Inc.
USA: (HEK)   Heckmann Corporation
USA: (HL)   Hecla Mining Compan
USA: (HLYS)   Heelys, Inc.
USA: (HEII)   HEI, Inc.
USA: (HEI)   HEICO Corporation
USA: (HEI-A)   HEICO Corporation
USA: (HSII)   Heidrick and Struggles International, Inc.
USA: (HNZ)   Heinz H J Co
USA: (HELE)   Helen of Troy Limited
USA: (HLCS)   Helicos BioSciences Corp.
USA: (HMNA)   Helios & Matheson North America Inc.
USA: (HLX)   Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.
USA: (OTE)   Hellenic Telecommunication Org SA
USA: (HP)   Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
USA: (HEMA)   HemaCare Corporation
USA: (HMGN)   Hemagen Diagnostics Inc.
USA: (HEB)   Hemisphere Biopharma In
USA: (HEM)   HemoSense Inc.
USA: (HFQAX)   Henderson Global Equity Income Fund
USA: (HFPAX)   Henderson Global Opportunities A
USA: (HFGAX)   Henderson Global Technology Fund
USA: (HFNAX)   Henderson Industries of the Future Fund
USA: (HIEIX)   Henderson International Equity Fund I
USA: (HFOAX)   Henderson International Opportunities Fund A
USA: (HEMAX)   Henderson:Em Mkt Opp;A
USA: (HEMCX)   Henderson:Em Mkt Opp;C
USA: (HEMIX)   Henderson:Em Mkt Opp;I
USA: (HFEAX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;A
USA: (HFEBX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;B
USA: (HFECX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;C
USA: (HFEIX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;I
USA: (HFJAX)   Henderson:Japan-Asia;A
USA: (HFJCX)   Henderson:Japan-Asia;C
USA: (HFAAX)   Henderson:Ww Income;A
USA: (HFABX)   Henderson:Ww Income;B
USA: (HFACX)   Henderson:Ww Income;C
USA: (HCACU)   Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.
USA: (HFCGX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Inv
USA: (HENLX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Series II O
USA: (HFLGX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Fund
USA: (HFTFX)   Hennessy Focus 30 Fund
USA: (HSVFX)   Hennessy Select Large Value Fund Original
USA: (SPJSX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn Sm Co
USA: (SPARX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn;Inst
USA: (SPXJX)   Hennessy SPARX:Jpn;Orig
USA: (HDOGX)   Hennessy Total Return Fund
USA: (HILGX)   Hennessy:Crnst Lg Gr;I
USA: (HBE)   Henry Bros. Electronics, Inc.
USA: (HSIC)   Henry Schein, Inc.
USA: (HLF)   Herbalife Ltd.
USA: (HPC)   Hercules Incorporated
USA: (HERO)   Hercules Offshore, Inc.
USA: (HTGC)   Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.
USA: (HTBK)   Heritage Commerce Corp.
USA: (HFWA)   Heritage Financial Corporation
USA: (HBOS)   Heritage Financial Group
USA: (HRTG)   Heritage Insurance Holdings, LLC
USA: (HMCAX)   Heritage Mid Cap Stock Fund
USA: (HEOP)   Heritage Oaks Bancorp
USA: (HCCI)   Heritage-Crystal Clean
USA: (HRLY)   Herley Industries, Inc.
USA: (MLHR)   Herman Miller, Inc.
USA: (HT)   Hersha Hospitality Trus
USA: (HTZ)   Hertz Global Holdings, Inc
USA: (CUBA)   Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (HSKA)   Heska Corporation
USA: (HES)   Hess Corporation
USA: (HEW)   Hewitt Associates, Inc.
USA: (HPQ)   Hewlett-Packard Company
USA: (HXL)   Hexcel Corp New
USA: (HSR)   Hi-Shear Technology Corporation
USA: (ONE)   Higher One Holdings Inc
USA: (HEOAX)   Highland Long/Short Equity A
USA: (HEACX)   HighMark Diversified Equity Allocation C
USA: (HEGMX)   HighMark:Enhcd Gro;M
USA: (HEPH)   Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (HEP)   Holly Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (ZINC)   Horsehead Holding
USA: (HUGH)   Hughes Communications In
USA: (EROX)   Human Pheromone Sciences Inc.
USA: (HPTX)   Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (IAS)   Iasis Healthcare Corp.
USA: (ICHCX)   ICON:Healthcare;S
USA: (KANG)   iKang Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (IMRX)   ImaRX Therapeutics
USA: (IMS)   IMS Health Holdings, Inc.
USA: (RX)   IMS Health Incorporate
USA: (IQHIX)   IndexIQ:Alph Hedge;Instl
USA: (INSY)   Insys Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (IDN)   Intelli-Check, Inc.
USA: (INGN)   Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (VTIV)   inVentiv Health, Inc.
USA: (SNAK)   Inventure Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (IPCM)   IPC The Hospitalist Company, Inc.
USA: (QAI)   IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
USA: (ICF)   iShares Cohen & Steers Realty Majors
USA: (IYH)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare
USA: (IHF)   iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider
USA: (IHE)   iShares Dow Jones US Pharmaceuticals
USA: (EWN)   iShares MSCI Netherlands Invstbl Mkt Idx
USA: (IXJ)   iShares S&P Global Healthcare
USA: (JHEIX)   J Hancock II:Eq-Inc;NAV
USA: (JHVTX)   J Hancock II:Heritge;NAV
USA: (JKHY)   Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
USA: (JBX)   Jack In The Box Inc.
USA: (JACK)   Jack In The Box Inc.
USA: (JTX)   Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
USA: (JAGX)   Jaguar Animal Health, Inc.
USA: (JHGRX)   John Hancock Health Sciences Fund
USA: (JNC)   John Nuveen Company (The)
USA: (JUNO)   Juno Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (KSU)   Kansas City Southern
USA: (KPTI)   Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (KHA)   KBL Healthcare Acquisition Corp.
USA: (KND)   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (KMGB)   KMG Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (KF)   Korea Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (KR)   Kroger Company (The)
USA: (KYTH)   KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (SCX)   L.S. Starrett Company (The)
USA: (LAB)   LaBranche & Co., Inc.
USA: (LNTH)   Lantheus Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LRP)   Legacy Healthcare Properties Trust Inc.
USA: (LHEQX)   Leuthold:Hedged Equity;R
USA: (LITB)   LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd.
USA: (LMT)   Lockheed Martin Corporation
USA: (LYO)   Lyondell Chemical Company
USA: (MACM)   MacroChem Corporation
USA: (MGLN)   Magellan Health Services, Inc.
USA: (MAY)   Malaysia Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (TMNG)   Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (MANU)   Manchester United Limited
USA: (MCHXP)   Marchex Inc.
USA: (MCHX)   Marchex, Inc.
USA: (MCS)   Marcus Corporation (The)
USA: (MHE)   Massachusetts Health and Education Tax-Exempt Trust
USA: (MATR)   Matria Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (MXXVX)   Matthew 25 Fund
USA: (MATFX)   Matthews Asia Sci & Tech Investor
USA: (MICDX)   Matthews Asia:Ch Dv;Inst
USA: (MCDFX)   Matthews Asia:Ch Dv;Inv
USA: (MICFX)   Matthews Asia:China;Inst
USA: (MCHFX)   Matthews Asia:China;Inv
USA: (MIPIX)   Matthews Asia:Div;Inst
USA: (MAPIX)   Matthews Asia:Div;Inv
USA: (MICSX)   Matthews Asia:G&I;Inst
USA: (MACSX)   Matthews Asia:G&I;Inv
USA: (MIDNX)   Matthews Asia:India;Inst
USA: (MINDX)   Matthews Asia:India;Inv
USA: (MIJFX)   Matthews Asia:Japan;Inst
USA: (MJFOX)   Matthews Asia:Japan;Inv
USA: (MIKOX)   Matthews Asia:Korea;Inst
USA: (MAKOX)   Matthews Asia:Korea;Inv
USA: (MIPTX)   Matthews Asia:Pac T;Inst
USA: (MAPTX)   Matthews Asia:Pac T;Inv
USA: (MIAPX)   Matthews Asia:Pac;Inst
USA: (MPACX)   Matthews Asia:Pac;Inv
USA: (MSMLX)   Matthews Asia:SmCo;Inv
USA: (MATW)   Matthews International Corporation
USA: (MNI)   McClatchy Company (The)
USA: (MHP)   McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (The)
USA: (MTL)   Mechel OAO (ADR)
USA: (MHS)   MedcoHealth Solutions Inc
USA: (MDCO)   Medicines Company (The)
USA: (MRGE)   Merge Healthcare Incorporated
USA: (MBRX)   Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc
USA: (MEILU)   Methes Energies International Ltd.
USA: (MDF)   Metropolitan Health Network
USA: (MHELX)   MH Elite Small Cap Fund of Funds
USA: (MTIX)   Micro Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MIRN)   Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MOH)   Molina Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (MOS)   Mosaic Company (The)
USA: (MHFAX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;A
USA: (MHFCX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;C
USA: (NBRV)   Nabriva Therapeutics AG
USA: (NSPH)   Nanosphere, Inc.
USA: (NHR)   National Health Realty, Inc.
USA: (NHC)   National HealthCare Corporatio
USA: (NHHC)   National Home Health Care Corp.
USA: (NMHC)   National Medical Health Card Systems, Inc.
USA: (NHRXU)   NationsHealth Inc.
USA: (NHRXW)   NationsHealth Inc.
USA: (NHRX)   NationsHealth, Inc.
USA: (NHP)   Nationwide Health Properties, Inc.
USA: (NHI)   Natl Health Investors
USA: (BHIP)   Natural Health Trends Corp.
USA: (NLS)   Nautilus Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (NAVG)   Navigators Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (NKTR)   Nektar Therapeutics
USA: (NEOS)   Neos Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (NEOT)   Neothetics, Inc.
USA: (NRMX)   Neurochem In
USA: (NCEM)   Nevada Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (NOEC)   New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp.
USA: (NWS)   News Corporation Limited (The
USA: (NWS.A)   News Corporation Limited (The)
USA: (NICH)   Nitches, Inc.
USA: (NVLS)   Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (NSC)   Norfolk Southern Corp
USA: (NBN)   Northeast Bancorp/ME
USA: (NECB)   Northeast Community Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NIDB)   Northeast Indiana Bancorp Inc.
USA: (NTHEX)   Northeast Inv Trust
USA: (NTHFX)   Northeast Investors Growth Fund
USA: (NU)   Northeast Utilities System
USA: (NAK)   Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd
USA: (NOLCX)   Northern Enhanced Large Cap Fund
USA: (NOBOX)   Northern Fds:Bond Index
USA: (NCITX)   Northern Fds:CA Int TxEx
USA: (NOEMX)   Northern Fds:EM Eq Idx
USA: (NOFIX)   Northern Fds:Fxd Income
USA: (NOIFX)   Northern Fds:Gl Fxd Inc
USA: (NHFIX)   Northern Fds:HY Fxd Inc
USA: (NOIEX)   Northern Fds:Income Eqty
USA: (NOITX)   Northern Fds:Intmdt TxEx
USA: (NMMEX)   Northern Fds:Mlt-Mg EM
USA: (NMHYX)   Northern Fds:Mlt-Mg HYOp
USA: (NSIUX)   Northern Fds:Sh-Int Gov
USA: (NSITX)   Northern Fds:Sh-Int TxEx
USA: (NOSIX)   Northern Fds:Stock Idx
USA: (NTCHX)   Northern Fds:Technology
USA: (NTAUX)   Northern Fds:Tx-A U-S FI
USA: (NUSFX)   Northern Fds:Ultra-Sh FI
USA: (NOUGX)   Northern Fds:US Govt
USA: (NGREX)   Northern Global Real Estate Index
USA: (NSRIX)   Northern Global Sustainability Index
USA: (NI)   Northern Indiana Public Service Company
USA: (BBPAX)   Northern Inst:Bond;A
USA: (NOCBX)   Northern Inst:Core;A
USA: (BEIAX)   Northern Inst:Eq Idx;A
USA: (BEICX)   Northern Inst:Eq Idx;C
USA: (BEIDX)   Northern Inst:Eq Idx;D
USA: (BUSAX)   Northern Inst:Gvt Sec;A
USA: (BGSXX)   Northern Inst:Gvt Sl;Sh
USA: (NIBAX)   Northern Inst:Intm Bd;A
USA: (BSBAX)   Northern Inst:Sh Bd;A
USA: (BTIAX)   Northern Inst:Trs Idx;A
USA: (BIGAX)   Northern Institutional International Equity Fund A
USA: (BIEIX)   Northern Institutional International Equity Index Fund A
USA: (BFGAX)   Northern Institutional Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (BSCAX)   Northern Institutional Small Company Index Fund A
USA: (NOIGX)   Northern International Equity Fund
USA: (NOINX)   Northern International Equity Index Fund
USA: (NOGEX)   Northern Large Cap Equity Fund
USA: (BDVAX)   Northern Large Cap Equity Fund A
USA: (NOEQX)   Northern Large Cap Growth Fund
USA: (NOLVX)   Northern Large Cap Value Fund
USA: (NOMIX)   Northern Mid Cap Index Fund
USA: (NMMGX)   Northern Multi-Manager Glbl Real Estate
USA: (NMIEX)   Northern Multi-Manager International Equity Fund
USA: (NMMLX)   Northern Multi-Manager Large Cap Fund
USA: (NMMCX)   Northern Multi-Manager Mid Cap Fund
USA: (NMMSX)   Northern Multi-Manager Small Cap Fund
USA: (NOG)   Northern Oil and Gas, Inc.
USA: (NTO)   Northern Orion Resources Inc. (USA)
USA: (NSGRX)   Northern Small Cap Core Fund
USA: (NSIDX)   Northern Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (NSFC)   Northern States Financial Corporation
USA: (XCH)   Northern STS Power Co MINN
USA: (NTI)   Northern Technologies International Corporation
USA: (NTI)   Northern Tier Energy, Inc.
USA: (NTRS)   Northern Trust Corporation
USA: (NCX)   NOVA Chemicals Corporation (USA)
USA: (OBCI)   Ocean Bio-Chem Inc.
USA: (OCUL)   Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.
USA: (ODSY)   Odyssey Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (OBRTX)   Old Mutual Heitman REIT Fund Z
USA: (OHI)   Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.
USA: (OMTH)   Omthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ONTX)   Onconova Therapeutics
USA: (OPXA)   Opexa Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (ONYBX)   Oppenheimer AMT-F NY;B
USA: (ONYCX)   Oppenheimer AMT-F NY;C
USA: (ONYYX)   Oppenheimer AMT-F NY;Y
USA: (OCAYX)   Oppenheimer CA Muni;Y
USA: (OPTFX)   Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation Fund A
USA: (OPIGX)   Oppenheimer Core Bond Fund
USA: (OFIAX)   Oppenheimer Corp Bond;A
USA: (ODMAX)   Oppenheimer Dev Mkts;A
USA: (ODVBX)   Oppenheimer Dev Mkts;B
USA: (ODVCX)   Oppenheimer Dev Mkts;C
USA: (ODVNX)   Oppenheimer Dev Mkts;N
USA: (ODVYX)   Oppenheimer Dev Mkts;Y
USA: (ODINX)   Oppenheimer Discovery Fund N
USA: (OEGAX)   Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund
USA: (OPPSX)   Oppenheimer Growth Fund
USA: (OPY)   Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. (USA
USA: (OIDAX)   Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund A
USA: (OIGAX)   Oppenheimer International Growth Fund A
USA: (OSMAX)   Oppenheimer International Small Company Fund A
USA: (OIBBX)   Oppenheimer Intl Bd;B
USA: (OIBCX)   Oppenheimer Intl Bd;C
USA: (OIBNX)   Oppenheimer Intl Bd;N
USA: (OIBYX)   Oppenheimer Intl Bd;Y
USA: (OLCBX)   Oppenheimer Ltd CA;B
USA: (OLCCX)   Oppenheimer Ltd CA;C
USA: (OLCYX)   Oppenheimer Ltd CA;Y
USA: (MSIGX)   Oppenheimer Main Street Fund
USA: (OMDAX)   Oppenheimer MidCap Fund
USA: (OPABX)   Oppenheimer PA Muni;B
USA: (OPACX)   Oppenheimer PA Muni;C
USA: (OPAYX)   Oppenheimer PA Muni;Y
USA: (QRAAX)   Oppenheimer Real Asset Fund
USA: (OREAX)   Oppenheimer Real Estate Fund A
USA: (OSVBX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;B
USA: (OSCVX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;C
USA: (OSVNX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;N
USA: (OSVYX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;Y
USA: (OOSAX)   Oppenheimer Sen Flt;A
USA: (OOSCX)   Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate C
USA: (OOSYX)   Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Y
USA: (CGRWX)   Oppenheimer Value Fund
USA: (OREX)   Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (OHEIX)   Orinda Mlt-Mngr Hdgd E;I
USA: (ORNH)   Orion Healthcorp, Inc.
USA: (ONH)   Orion Healthcorp, Inc.
USA: (OSIR)   Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PHLI)   PacificHealth Laboratories Inc.
USA: (PTIE)   Pain Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (PKE)   Park Electrochemical Corporation
USA: (PAYX)   Paychex, Inc.
USA: (PBTC)   Peoples BancTrust Company, Inc. (The)
USA: (PBY)   Pep Boys-Manny, Moe & Jack (The)
USA: (PIP)   PharmAthene, Inc.
USA: (PAHC)   Phibro Animal Health Corporation
USA: (PVH)   Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
USA: (PNX)   Phoenix Companies, Inc. (The)
USA: (PSKIX)   PIMCO Intl StkPLUS Tr Strategy Fund (Unhedged) I
USA: (PHC)   Pioneer Behavioral Health
USA: (PMI)   PMI Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (POTP)   Point Therapeutics Inc
USA: (POT)   Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc
USA: (PTH)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare
USA: (PTJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare Services
USA: (PRFH)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Health Care
USA: (PRAH)   PRA Health Sciences, Inc.
USA: (HCPIX)   ProFunds:Health Care;Inv
USA: (DNAI)   ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PRQR)   ProQR Therapeutics B.V.
USA: (PLX)   Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc.
USA: (PRTO)   Proteon Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PTIL)   Protherics Plc
USA: (PHLAX)   Pru Jenn Health Sci;A
USA: (PMD)   Psychemedics Corporation
USA: (PTCT)   PTC Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PHSTX)   Putnam Global Health Care A
USA: (PMH)   Putnam Tax-Free Health Care Fund
USA: (QBPAX)   Quaker Biotech Pharma-Healthcare Fund
USA: (KWR)   Quaker Chemical Corporation
USA: (RTSX)   Radiation Therapy Services, Inc.
USA: (RDUS)   Radius Health, Inc.
USA: (RPT)   Ramco-Gershenson Property Trus
USA: (RTN)   Ratheon Compan
USA: (RGLS)   Regulus Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (RPRX)   Repros Therapeutics Inc
USA: (RVNC)   Revance Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (ORAZX)   Rochester Arizona Municipal Fund
USA: (RMUNX)   Rochester Fund Municipals
USA: (ORMDX)   Rochester Maryland Municipal Fund
USA: (ORMAX)   Rochester Massachusetts Municipal Fund
USA: (ROCM)   Rochester Medical Corporatio
USA: (ORMIX)   Rochester Michigan Municipal Fund
USA: (OPAMX)   Rochester Minnesota Municipal Fund
USA: (ORNAX)   Rochester National Municipals
USA: (OPNCX)   Rochester North Carolina Municipal Fund
USA: (OROHX)   Rochester Ohio Municipal Fund
USA: (ORVAX)   Rochester Virginia Municipal Fund
USA: (ROHI)   Rotech Healthcare Inc.
USA: (RDSA)   Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA: (RDS.B)   Royal Dutch Shell PLC
USA: (RGFAX)   Royce Heritage Fund Svc
USA: (RHM)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Health Care
USA: (RYH)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Health Care
USA: (RYHIX)   Rydex:Health Care;Inv
USA: (RYMSX)   Rydex:SGI Multi-Hedge;H
USA: (RYL)   Ryland Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (SAGE)   Sage Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (SN)   Sanchez Energy Corporation
USA: (SGP)   Schering-Plough Corporatio
USA: (SWHEX)   Schwab Cap:Hdg Eq
USA: (SWHFX)   Schwab Cap:Health Care
USA: (SMG)   Scotts Company (The
USA: (SHEMX)   Seligman Emerging Markets Fund
USA: (MCRB)   Seres Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (SVM)   ServiceMaster Company (The)
USA: (SGR)   Shaw Group Inc. (The
USA: (SHLX)   Shell Midstream Partners, L.P.
USA: (SHLL)   Shells Seafood Restaurants Inc.
USA: (SHEN)   Shenandoah Telecommunications Company
USA: (SDTH)   ShengdaTech, Inc.
USA: (SHW)   Sherwin-Williams Company
USA: (SFCMX)   Sherwood Forest L/S;Inst
USA: (SIE)   Sierra Health Services Inc.
USA: (SLW)   Silver Wheaton Corp
USA: (SHI)   Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited
USA: (SKX)   Skechers USA, Inc.
USA: (SKH)   Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (SNN)   Smith & Nephew plc
USA: (BID)   Sothebys Holdings Inc
USA: (TSFG)   South Financial Group Inc. (The
USA: (SEN)   Southeastern Mich Gas Enterp
USA: (SO)   Southern C
USA: (SCMF)   Southern Community Financial Corp.
USA: (SCMFO)   Southern Community Financial Corporation
USA: (SSE)   Southern Connecticut Bancorp Inc.
USA: (PCU)   Southern Copper Corporation
USA: (SFST)   Southern First Bancshares Inc.
USA: (SMBC)   Southern Missouri Bancorp Inc.
USA: (SONA)   Southern National Bancorp of Virginia Inc.
USA: (SUG)   Southern Union Company
USA: (ONCE)   Spark Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (IRY)   SPDR S&P International HealthCare Sector
USA: (SFN)   Spherion Corporation
USA: (SPEX)   Spherix Incorporated
USA: (JOE)   St. Joe Company (The
USA: (SWK)   Stanley Works (The
USA: (STML)   Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (STMGX)   Stephens Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (STSGX)   Stephens Sm Cp Gro;A
USA: (STSIX)   Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (THENX)   Strategic Invest L/S;NL
USA: (STRM)   Streamline Health Solutions, Inc.
USA: (SMMT)   Summit Therapeutics plc
USA: (SUNH)   Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.
USA: (SSY)   SunLink Health Systems, Inc.
USA: (SLD)   Sutherland Asset Management
USA: (SYMD)   SyntheMed Inc.
USA: (SYMX)   Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (NZYM)   Synthetech Inc.
USA: (SYI)   Synvista Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (PRHSX)   T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund
USA: (TLB)   Talbots, Inc. (The)
USA: (TLCR)   Talecris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corp.
USA: (TLF)   Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.
USA: (TARG)   Targanta Therapeutics
USA: (TMH)   Team Health Holdings Inc
USA: (TSH)   Teche Holding Company
USA: (THC)   Tenet Healthcare Corporatio
USA: (ACTV)   The Active Network, Inc.
USA: (ARTL)   The Aristotle Corporatio
USA: (ARTLP)   The Aristotle Corporation
USA: (APB)   The Asia Pacific Fund Inc.
USA: (GRR)   The Asia Tigers Fund Inc.
USA: (TBBK)   The Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (TBHS)   The Bank Holdings, Inc.
USA: (BK)   The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
USA: (BNS)   The Bank of Nova Scotia
USA: (BRCO)   The Beard Company
USA: (BX)   The Blackstone Group L.P
USA: (BA)   The Boeing Company
USA: (BCO)   The Brinks Compan
USA: (BKE)   The Buckle, Inc.
USA: (CATO)   The Cato Corporation
USA: (CTR)   The Cato Corporation
USA: (CHCGX)   The Chesapeake Core Growth Fund
USA: (CH)   The Chile Fund Inc.
USA: (CHN)   The China Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (CRV)   The Coast Distribution System, Inc.
USA: (COLLX)   The Collar Fund
USA: (COO)   The Cooper Companies, Inc.
USA: (DEFIX)   The Delafield Fund
USA: (DTV)   The DIRECTV Group, Inc.
USA: (DXYN)   The Dixie Group, Inc.
USA: (DOW)   The Dow Chemical Company
USA: (DREVX)   The Dreyfus Fund Incorporated
USA: (DRTHX)   The Dreyfus Third Century Fund, Inc.
USA: (SSP)   The E.W. Scripps Company
USA: (EML)   The Eastern Company
USA: (EDE)   The Empire District Electric Company
USA: (ENSG)   The Ensign Group, Inc.
USA: (ATF)   The Equity Investor Fund
USA: (EL)   The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
USA: (EEA)   The European Equity Fund Inc.
USA: (ETGLX)   The Eventide Gilead Retail Fund N
USA: (XONE)   The ExOne Company
USA: (AGM-A)   The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
USA: (FHC)   The Female Health Company
USA: (FHR)   The Female Health Company
USA: (FHCO)   The Female Health Company
USA: (FNVG)   The Finova Group Inc
USA: (FNLC)   The First Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FMD)   The First Marblehead Corporation
USA: (TFM)   The Fresh Market, Inc.
USA: (GCV)   The Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc.
USA: (GWSVX)   The Gabelli Focus Five Fund AAA
USA: (GDL)   The Gabelli Global Deal Fund
USA: (GGT)   The Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc.
USA: (GRX)   The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
USA: (GABGX)   The GAMCO Growth Fund AAA
USA: (GPS)   The Gap, Inc.
USA: (GEO)   The Geo Group In
USA: (GT)   The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
USA: (GRC)   The Gorman-Rupp Compan
USA: (GVEQX)   The Government Street Equity Fund
USA: (GBX)   The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.
USA: (HCKT)   The Hackett Group, Inc.
USA: (HWG)   The Hallwood Group Incorporated
USA: (THG)   The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (HCTAX)   The Hartford Capital Appreciation II Fund
USA: (HFMCX)   The Hartford MidCap Fund A
USA: (HSMAX)   The Hartford Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund A
USA: (HEQFX)   The Henssler Equity Fund Inv
USA: (HSY)   The Hershey Company
USA: (HYI)   The High Yield Income Fund Inc.
USA: (HYP)   The High Yield Plus Fund Inc.
USA: (HTR)   The Hyperion Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (AIVSX)   The Investment Company of America® (growth-and-income fund) A
USA: (JAMEX)   The Jamestown Equity Fund
USA: (JEQ)   The Japan Equity Fund Inc.
USA: (JENSX)   The Jensen Portfolio
USA: (JYNT)   The Joint Corp.
USA: (LGFIX)   The Lacerte Guardian Fund I
USA: (LDF)   The Latin American Discovery Fund Inc.
USA: (LGL)   The LGL Group, Inc.
USA: (MAC)   The Macerich Company
USA: (MW)   The Men's Wearhouse, Inc.
USA: (MXE)   The Mexico Equity and Income Fund Inc.
USA: (MXF)   The Mexico Fund Inc.
USA: (MIK)   The Michaels Companies, Inc.
USA: (DOLL)   The Middleton Doll Company
USA: (GF)   The New Germany Fund Inc.
USA: (NWHM)   The New Home Company LLC
USA: (IRL)   The New Ireland Fund Inc.
USA: (NYT)   The New York Times Company
USA: (ORCD)   The Orchard Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (KIDS)   The Parent Company
USA: (PBG)   The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.
USA: (PTFDX)   The Primary Trend Fund
USA: (REVU)   The Princeton Review, Inc
USA: (PFG)   The Principal Financial Group
USA: (PVALX)   The Profit Fund
USA: (PGR)   The Progressive Corporation
USA: (PRSC)   The Providence Service Corporation
USA: (RUBI)   The Rubicon Project, Inc.
USA: (SAVB)   The Savannah Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (DESYX)   The Select Fund
USA: (SGF)   The Singapore Fund Inc.
USA: (SMD)   The Singing Machine Company, Inc.
USA: (SNF)   The Spain Fund Inc.
USA: (SPNC)   The Spectranetics Corporation
USA: (SR)   The Standard Register Company
USA: (SNS)   The Steak n Shake Company
USA: (TSC)   The Stephan Co.
USA: (SRR)   The Stride Rite Corp.
USA: (STU)   The Student Loan Corp.
USA: (SWZ)   The Swiss Helvetia Fund Inc.
USA: (TWN)   The Taiwan Fund Inc.
USA: (TEBRX)   The Teberg Fund
USA: (TBL)   The Timberland Company
USA: (TTC)   The Toro Company
USA: (TRV)   The Travelers Companies, Inc.
USA: (TKF)   The Turkish Investment Fund Inc.
USA: (UNPIX)   The UltraInternational ProFund Inv
USA: (VAL)   The Valspar Corporation
USA: (WALK)   The Walking Company Holdings, Inc.
USA: (DIS)   The Walt Disney Company
USA: (WPO)   The Washington Post Company
USA: (WSB)   The Washington Savings Bank F.S.B.
USA: (GIW)   The Wilber Corporation
USA: (NCTY)   The9 Limited (ADR
USA: (TGLO)   theglobe.com inc.
USA: (TGX)   Theragenics Corporatio
USA: (THRX)   Theravance, Inc.
USA: (TWAV)   Therma Wave Inc
USA: (THMD)   Thermadyne Holdings Corporation
USA: (THRM)   Thermage, Inc.
USA: (TMG)   Thermal Energy International Inc.
USA: (TMO)   Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
USA: (KOOL)   ThermoGenesis Corp
USA: (THR)   Thermon Group Holdings, Inc.
USA: (TNH)   Thermos Remediation In
USA: (TFLEX)   Thesis Flexible Fund
USA: (TSCM)   TheStreet.com, Inc.
USA: (TKR)   Timken Company (The
USA: (TJX)   TJX Companies, Inc. (The)
USA: (TBRA)   Tobira Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (THEMX)   Toews Hedged Emg Mkt
USA: (THHYX)   Toews Hedged Hi Yld Bd
USA: (TOL)   Toll Brothers Inc
USA: (TTPY)   TomoTherapy Incorporate
USA: (TOMO)   TomoTherapy Incorporated
USA: (TD)   Toronto Dominion Bank (The
USA: (TPTX)   TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (TSRX)   Trius Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (TZIX)   TriZetto Group, Inc. (The
USA: (OVEN)   TurboChef Technologies, Inc.
USA: (HTM)   U.S. Geothermal Inc.
USA: (USPH)   U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.
USA: (RXL)   Ultra Health Care ProShares
USA: (RXD)   UltraShort Health Care ProShares
USA: (UAHC)   United American Healthcare Corporatio
USA: (UHCP)   United Heritage Corporation
USA: (UHN)   United States Heating Oil
USA: (UTHR)   United Therapeutics Corporatio
USA: (UNH)   UnitedHealth Group Inc.
USA: (UNIZ)   UnitedHealth Group Inc.
USA: (UHT)   Universal Health Realty Income Trust
USA: (UHS)   Universal Health Services, Inc.
USA: (USNA)   USANA Health Sciences Inc
USA: (VPF)   Valpey Fisher Corporation
USA: (VHT)   Vanguard Health Care ETF
USA: (VGHCX)   Vanguard Health Care Inv
USA: (VGHAX)   Vanguard Health Care;Adm
USA: (VHS)   Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.
USA: (VAS)   Viasys Healthcare Inc.
USA: (GETGX)   Victory Established Value Fund R
USA: (VKTX)   Viking Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (HEMZX)   Virtus:Emg Mkt Oppty;A
USA: (HEQIX)   Virtus:Value Equity;I
USA: (VTL)   Vital Therapies, Inc.
USA: (VYGR)   Voyager Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (VTVT)   vTv Therapeutics Inc.
USA: (WAHGX)   Wasatch:Heritage Gro
USA: (WFT)   Weatherford International Ltd.
USA: (WBMD)   WebMD Health Cor
USA: (WTW)   Weight Watchers International, Inc.
USA: (WCG)   WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
USA: (WLP)   WellPoint Health Networks Inc
USA: (EHABX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Health Care A
USA: (SHIXX)   WellsFargo:Hertge MM;I
USA: (WFJXX)   WellsFargo:Hertge MM;Sel
USA: (WU)   Western Union Company (The
USA: (WLK)   Westlake Chemical Corporatio
USA: (WLKP)   Westlake Chemical Partners LP
USA: (WTSLA)   Wet Seal, Inc. (The)
USA: (WPSC)   Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corporation
USA: (WGH)   WhiteGlove House Call Health, Inc.
USA: (WWAV)   WhiteWave Foods (The)
USA: (WHEAX)   WHV Emerg Mkt Eqty;A
USA: (WHEIX)   WHV Emerg Mkt Eqty;I
USA: (WLSN)   Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc
USA: (DBR)   WisdomTree International Health Care
USA: (WHRT)   World Heart Corporatio
USA: (XCYT)   Xcyte Therapies, Inc.
USA: (YTEC)   Yucheng Technologies Limited
USA: (ZLTQ)   ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.
USA: (ZOES)   Zoe's Kitchen, Inc.
INDIA: (ABGHEAVY) ABG Heavy Industries Ltd    (520155)
INDIA: (ABSHEKINDS) Abhishek Industries Ltd.    (521064)
INDIA: (AEGISCHEM) Aegis Logistics Ltd.    (500003)
INDIA: (ALBRMORARJ) Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Ltd    (506230)
INDIA: (ALFREDHERB) Alfred Herbert (India)    (505216)
INDIA: (SHAPURMIN) Ashapura Minechem Ltd.    (527001)
INDIA: (BHEL) Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.    (500103)
INDIA: () Bharti Healthcare Ltd    (506887)
INDIA: (BRIGHTBROS) Bright Brothers Limited    (526731)
INDIA: (CADILAHC) Cadila Healthcare Ltd.    (532321)
INDIA: (CHAMBLFERT) Chambal Fertilisers & Chemical    (500085)
INDIA: () Chembond Chemicals    (530871)
INDIA: (CHEMPLAST) ChemPlast Sanmar Ltd.    (506355)
INDIA: (CHENNPETRO) Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.    (500110)
INDIA: (CHETNADCEM) Chettinad Cement    (590001)
INDIA: () Cheviot Company    (526817)
INDIA: (CIBASPEC) Ciba Speciality Chemicals (I)    (532184)
INDIA: (CLNINDIA) Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.    (506390)
INDIA: (DEEPAKFERT) Deepak Fert. & Petrochemicals    (500645)
INDIA: (DISHMAN) Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited    (532526)
INDIA: (EICHERMOT) Eicher Motors Ltd.    (505200)
INDIA: (ELECTHERM) Electrotherm (India) Ltd.    (526608)
INDIA: (FORTIS) Fortis Healthcare Ltd.    (532843)
INDIA: (GSKCONS) Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare    (500676)
INDIA: (GLOBALVECT) Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.    (532773)
INDIA: (GUJALKALI) Gujarat Alkalies & Chem Ltd.    (530001)
INDIA: (GUJFLUORO) Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.    (500173)
INDIA: (GUJSIDHCEM) Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd.    (518029)
INDIA: (GSFC) Gujarat State Fertlisers & Chem. Ltd.    (500690)
INDIA: (GWALCHEM) Gwalior Chemical Iindustries Ltd.    (532764)
INDIA: (HEG) H.E.G Ltd.    (509631)
INDIA: (HELIOSMATH) Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.    (532347)
INDIA: () Hella India Lighting Limited    (520026)
INDIA: (SPICFINE) Henkel India Limited    (532671)
INDIA: (HERBETSON) Herbertsons Limited    (500181)
INDIA: () Hercules Hoists Ltd.    (505720)
INDIA: (HERITGFOOD) Heritage Foods (India) Ltd.    (519552)
INDIA: (HEROHONDA) Hero Honda Motors Ltd.    (500182)
INDIA: (HCIL) Himadri Chemicals & Inds. Ltd.    (500184)
INDIA: (HOCL) Hindustan Organic Chemical Ltd.    (500449)
INDIA: (IPCL) Indian Petrochemicals Corp Ltd.    (500105)
INDIA: (INDORAMA) Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.    (500207)
INDIA: (JBCHEPHARM) J.B. Chemicals & Pharma Ltd.    (506943)
INDIA: (KANORICHEM) Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited    (506525)
INDIA: (KBL) Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.    (500241)
INDIA: (MANALIPET) Manali PetroChemicals Ltd.    (500268)
INDIA: () Mangalore Chemicals & Fert. Ltd.    (530011)
INDIA: (MATHPLATT) Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd.    (532469)
INDIA: (MOTHERSUMI) Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.    (517334)
INDIA: () Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd.    (524709)
INDIA: (NAGARFERT) Nagarjuna Fertilz. & Chem. Ltd.    (500075)
INDIA: (NOCIL) National Organic Chemicals Inds. Ltd.    (500730)
INDIA: (ORCHIDCHEM) Orchid Chemicals Pharmaceuticals    (524372)
INDIA: () Panama Petrochem    (524820)
INDIA: (POLYCHEM) PolyChem Ltd.    (506605)
INDIA: (PSTL) Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd.    (532791)
INDIA: (RAJESHEXPO) Rajesh Exports Ltd.    (531500)
INDIA: (RCF) Rashtriya Chem & Fert. Ltd.    (524230)
INDIA: (RELCHEMQ) Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd    (503162)
INDIA: (SAVITACHEM) Savita Chemicals Ltd.    (524667)
INDIA: () Schenectady-Beck India Ltd.    (500123)
INDIA: (SHASUNCHEM) Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd.    (524552)
INDIA: (SAPL) South Asian PetroChem Ltd.    (532452)
INDIA: () Southern Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.    (530491)
INDIA: (SSWL) Steel Strips Wheels Ltd.    (513262)
INDIA: (SUPPETRO) Supreme Petrochem Ltd    (500405)
INDIA: (TATACHEM) Tata Chemicals Ltd.    (500770)
INDIA: (KCP) The KCP Limited    (590066)
INDIA: (THEMISMED) Themis Medicare Ltd.    (530199)
INDIA: (THERMAX) Thermax Ltd.    (500411)
INDIA: (TIRUMALCHM) Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.    (500412)
INDIA: (TIMEXWATCH) Timex Watches Ltd    (500414)
INDIA: (UNICHEMLAB) Unichem Laboratories Ltd.    (506690)
INDIA: (WHEELS) Wheels India Ltd.    (590073)