S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for GY:
USA: (ICC)   21st Century Oncology Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CAFD)   8point3 Energy Partners LP
USA: (ABLE)   Able Energy Inc
USA: (AXK)   Accelr8 Technology Corporation
USA: (ACGY)   Acergy S.A.
USA: (AE)   Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
USA: (ADEP)   Adept Technology, Inc.
USA: (AEIS)   Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
USA: (ACM)   Aecom Technology Corporatio
USA: (AFFI)   Affinity Technology Group Inc.
USA: (ATAC)   Aftermarket Technology Corp.
USA: (AGYS)   Agilysys, Inc.
USA: (IENAX)   AIM Energy Fund
USA: (ALGN)   Align Technology, Inc.
USA: (AYE)   Allegheny Energy Inc
USA: (ABGYX)   AllianceBern Global Value Adv
USA: (APGYX)   AllianceBernstein Large Cap Growth Fund Adv
USA: (LNT)   Alliant Energy Corporation
USA: (DRGTX)   Allianz RCM Technology Instl
USA: (ALJ)   Alon USA Energy, Inc.
USA: (AIGYX)   Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund A
USA: (ECOL)   American Ecology Corporation
USA: (ATCO)   American Technology Corporation
USA: (AMKR)   Amkor Technology, Inc.
USA: (ATA)   Apogee Technology, Inc.
USA: (APSG)   Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
USA: (APRS)   Apropos Technology Inc.
USA: (AQGYX)   AQR Global Equity Y
USA: (HRT)   Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc.
USA: (ARTG)   Art Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (AZPN)   Aspen Technology, Inc.
USA: (ATHL)   Athlon Energy Inc.
USA: (ATN)   Atlas Energy Resources, LLC
USA: (ATO)   Atmos Energy Corp
USA: (AURX)   Audeo Oncology
USA: (AUGT)   August Technology Corporation
USA: (AEN)   Austral Pac Energy Ltd.
USA: (AVR)   Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (AVID)   Avid Technology, Inc.
USA: (AVZA)   Aviza Technology, Inc.
USA: (BLD)   Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
USA: (BAS)   Basic Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (BTE)   Baytex Energy Trust
USA: (BIOF)   BioFuel Energy Corp.
USA: (BLTI)   BioLase Technology, Inc.
USA: (BOGSX)   Black Oak Emerging Technology
USA: (BGR)   Black Rock Global Energy and Resources Trust
USA: (BACIX)   BlackRock All-Cap Engy & Res Inst
USA: (SSGRX)   BlackRock Energy & Resources Inv A
USA: (BGY)   Blackrock International Ltd.
USA: (BGSAX)   BlackRock Science & Technology Opp Inv A
USA: (BDCO)   Blue Dolphin Energy Company
USA: (MPMCX)   BNY Mellon Mid Cap Multi-Strategy Fund M
USA: (BDE)   Bois d.Arc Energy, Inc.
USA: (BTJ)   Bolt Technology Corp
USA: (BCEI)   Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.
USA: (BBEP)   BreitBurn Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (BRSE)   BrightSource Energy, Inc.
USA: (BTSR)   BrightStar Information Technology Group Inc.
USA: (CJES)   C&J Energy Services
USA: (GYB)   CABCO Series 2004-101 Trust
USA: (CGAEX)   Calvert Global Alternative Energy A
USA: (OLED)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (OLG)   Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
USA: (SNG)   Canadian Superior Energy Inc
USA: (CNR)   CanArgo Energy Corporatio
USA: (CRS)   Carpenter Technology Corporation
USA: (CESI)   Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (CLGY)   Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (CNP)   CenterPoint Energy, Inc (Holding Co)
USA: (CHG)   CH Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (CYOU)   Changyou.com Limited
USA: (CQH)   Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC
USA: (CQP)   Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (LNG)   Cheniere Energy, Inc.
USA: (CHK)   Chesapeake Energy Corporation
USA: (CNPT)   China Power Technology Incorporation
USA: (CSUN)   China Sunergy Co., Ltd.
USA: (CNTF)   China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited
USA: (CTDC)   China Technology Development Group Corporation
USA: (CTFO)   China TransInfo Technology Corp.
USA: (XEC)   Cimarex Energy C
USA: (TAN)   Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy
USA: (ENY)   Claymore/SWM Canadian Energy Income
USA: (CWEI)   Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
USA: (CLNE)   Clean Energy Fuels Corp
USA: (CLVS)   Clovis Oncology, Inc.
USA: (CMS)   CMS Energy Corporation
USA: (CTSH)   Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation
USA: (SHGTX)   Columbia Seligman Global Technology A
USA: (CMTFX)   Columbia:Technology;Z
USA: (EGR)   Commerce Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (GGY)   Compagnie Generale de Geophysique
USA: (ELP)   Companhia Parana de Energy
USA: (CMVT)   Comverse Technology Inc
USA: (CNX)   Consol Energy Inc.
USA: (CEG)   Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (CEP)   Constellation Energy Partners LLC
USA: (CVG)   Convergys Corporation
USA: (CPNO)   Copano Energy, L.L.C.
USA: (GYA)   Corporate Asset Backed Corp CABCO
USA: (GYC)   Corporate Asset Backed Corp CABCO
USA: (CGRB)   Cougar Biotechnology, Inc.
USA: (CREAF)   Creative Technology Ltd.
USA: (XTXI)   Crosstex Energy, Inc.
USA: (XTEX)   Crosstex Energy, L.P.
USA: (KRU)   Crusader Energy Group Inc.
USA: (CVI)   CVR Energy, Inc.
USA: (CELP)   Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (DVN)   Devon Energy Corporation
USA: (DTPI)   Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, Inc.
USA: (FANG)   Diamondback Energy, Inc.
USA: (ERY)   Direxion Daily Energy Bear 3X Shares
USA: (ERX)   Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares
USA: (TYP)   Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares
USA: (TYH)   Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3X Shares
USA: (DESC)   Distributed Energy Systems Corporation
USA: (DGYAX)   Dreyfus Global Sustainability A
USA: (DTGRX)   Dreyfus Premier Technology Growth Fund
USA: (DTE)   DTE Energy Company
USA: (DUK)   Duke Energy Corporation
USA: (DEP)   Duncan Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (DNE)   Dune Energy, Inc.
USA: (DFT)   DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.
USA: (KTCAX)   DWS Technology;A
USA: (DWEIX)   Dynamic Energy Income Fd I
USA: (DYN)   Dynegy Inc.
USA: (UBN)   E-TRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Energy ETN
USA: (EROC)   Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (EEI)   Ecology and Environment, Inc.
USA: (EDGW)   Edgewater Technology, Inc.
USA: (EFUT)   eFuture Information Technology Inc.
USA: (EEO)   EGS DJ Emerging Mkts Energy Titans
USA: (ELGT)   Electric & Gas Technology Inc.
USA: (EEEI)   Electro Energy Inc.
USA: (RJN)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Enrgy ETN
USA: (EMES)   Emerge Energy Services LP
USA: (EEQ)   Enbridge Energy Management LLC
USA: (EEP)   Enbridge Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (ENP)   Encore Energy Partners LP
USA: (ENXP)   Energy & Exploration Partners, Inc.
USA: (ENER)   Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
USA: (EAS)   Energy East Corporation
USA: (FBST)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (EFOI)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (EIIU)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corp.
USA: (EII)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation
USA: (EPL)   Energy Partners, Ltd.
USA: (ERII)   Energy Recovery, Inc.
USA: (XLE)   Energy Select Sector SPDR
USA: (ESA.U)   Energy Services Acq Corp Units
USA: (ETE)   Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.
USA: (ETP)   Energy Transfer Partners
USA: (EWST)   Energy West, Inc.
USA: (EXXI)   Energy XXI (Bermuda) Limited
USA: (ES)   EnergySolutions, Inc.
USA: (ENSI)   EnergySouth, Inc.
USA: (ENPH)   Enphase Energy, Inc.
USA: (ENT)   Entarra Energy Cor
USA: (ETR)   Entergy Corporation
USA: (EMO)   Entergy Mississippi Inc.
USA: (EMQ)   Entergy Mississippi Inc.
USA: (EIFAX)   Enterprise Technology Fund
USA: (EPE)   EP Energy Corporation
USA: (ERES)   eResearch Technology Inc.
USA: (ESST)   ESS Technology, Inc
USA: (EVEP)   EV Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (EEE)   Evergreen Energy Inc.
USA: (XLTC)   Excel Technology, Inc
USA: (INFIX)   Famco MLP & Energy Inc;I
USA: (MLPPX)   Famco MLP & Energy Infr
USA: (FBRTX)   FBR Technology Investor
USA: (FAGNX)   Fidelity Adv Energy;T
USA: (FADTX)   Fidelity Advisor Technology A
USA: (FSENX)   Fidelity Sel Energy
USA: (FSESX)   Fidelity Select Energy Service
USA: (FSPTX)   Fidelity Select Technology
USA: (FQGYX)   First American Quantitative Lg Cp Gr Y
USA: (FBT)   First Trust AMEX Biotechnology Index
USA: (FXN)   First Trust Energy AlphaDEX
USA: (FAN)   First Trust Global Wind Energy
USA: (FXL)   First Trust Technology AlphaDEX
USA: (FE)   FirstEnergy Corp.
USA: (ALTEX)   Firsthand Alternative Energy
USA: (TLFQX)   Firsthand Technology Leaders
USA: (VIFL)   Food Technology Service, Inc.
USA: (FELP)   Foresight Energy LP
USA: (FET)   Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FCEL)   FuelCell Energy, Inc.
USA: (FXEN)   FX Energy, Inc.
USA: (FXFIX)   FX Strategy;I
USA: (GSX)   Gasco Energy, Inc.
USA: (GDCT)   GDC Technology Limited
USA: (GY)   GenCorp Inc.
USA: (GNBT)   Generex Biotechnology Corporatio
USA: (GEL)   Genesis Energy, L.P.
USA: (GYI)   Getty Images, Inc.
USA: (GNH)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (GNSY)   Global Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
USA: (GTE)   Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
USA: (GXP)   Great Plains Energy Inc
USA: (GPRE)   Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (GRH)   GreenHunter Energy, Inc.
USA: (GSIT)   GSI Technology, Inc.
USA: (GAGEX)   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund
USA: (GPOR)   Gulfport Energy Corporatio
USA: (GU)   Gushan Environmental Energy Limited
USA: (GYMB)   Gymboree Corporation (The)
USA: (GYRO)   Gyrodyne Company of America, Inc.
USA: (HDGYX)   Hartfd:Div & Gro;Y
USA: (HTE)   Harvest Energy Trust
USA: (HTV)   Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.
USA: (HLX)   Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.
USA: (HFGAX)   Henderson Global Technology Fund
USA: (HTGC)   Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.
USA: (HSR)   Hi-Shear Technology Corporation
USA: (HSFT)   HiSoft Technology International Limited
USA: (HEP)   Holly Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (HUSA)   Houston American Energy Corporation
USA: (HTCH)   Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
USA: (IBIS)   Ibis Technology Corporation
USA: (ICENX)   ICON:Energy;S
USA: (ICTEX)   ICON:Info Technology;S
USA: (DSKY)   iDreamSky Technology Limited
USA: (NRGP)   Inergy Holdings, L.P.
USA: (NRGM)   Inergy Midstream, L.P.
USA: (NRGY)   Inergy, L.P.
USA: (IFNY)   Infinity Energy Resources, Inc.
USA: (IDTI)   Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
USA: (IGT)   International Game Technology
USA: (FSTEX)   Invesco Energy;Inv
USA: (ITG)   Investment Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (JJE)   iPath DJ AIG Energy TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (QAI)   IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
USA: (IYE)   iShares Dow Jones US Energy
USA: (IYW)   iShares Dow Jones US Technology
USA: (IBB)   iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
USA: (ICLN)   iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index
USA: (IXC)   iShares S&P Global Energy
USA: (NUCL)   iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index
USA: (IXN)   iShares S&P Global Technology
USA: (IGM)   iShares S&P North Amer Technology
USA: (IVAN)   Ivanhoe Energy, Inc.
USA: (IEYAX)   Ivy:Energy;A
USA: (JNGTX)   Janus Global Technology D
USA: (JGYIX)   JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield I
USA: (JONE)   Jones Energy, Inc.
USA: (JPEP)   JP Energy Partners LP
USA: (KED)   Kayne Anderson Energy Development Compan
USA: (KYE)   Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (KEG)   Key Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (KEGS)   Key Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (KTEC)   Key Technology, Inc.
USA: (KMP)   Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP
USA: (KNOL)   Knology, Inc.
USA: (KURA)   Kura Oncology, Inc.
USA: (LSBC)   Large Scale Biology Corporation
USA: (LDIS)   Leadis Technology, Inc.
USA: (LIME)   Lime Energy Co.
USA: (LLTC)   Linear Technology Corporation
USA: (LINE)   Linn Energy, LLC
USA: (ALFAX)   Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy Fund A
USA: (LOXO)   Loxo Oncology
USA: (LRE)   LRR Energy, L.P.
USA: (MTSI)   M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MGYR)   Magyar Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (MTA)   Magyar Telekom Plc.
USA: (ME)   Mariner Energy, Inc.
USA: (MEDC)   Mariner Energy, Inc.
USA: (GEX)   Market Vectors Glbl Alter. Engy ETF Trst
USA: (NLR)   Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF
USA: (KWT)   Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF
USA: (MWE)   MarkWest Energy Partners LP
USA: (MRVL)   Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
USA: (MSGY)   Masergy Communications, Inc.
USA: (MEE)   Massey Energy Company
USA: (MTSN)   Mattson Technology, Inc.
USA: (MKTY)   Mechanical Technology Incorporated
USA: (MXC)   Mexco Energy Corporation
USA: (MTCAX)   MFS Technology A
USA: (MGEE)   MGE Energy Inc
USA: (MCTI)   Micro Component Technology Inc.
USA: (MCHP)   Microchip Technology Incorporated
USA: (MU)   Micron Technology, Inc.
USA: (MSTR)   MicroStrategy Incorporate
USA: (MCEP)   Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP
USA: (MEP)   Midcoast Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (MNEL)   Mission NewEnergy Limited
USA: (MMCE)   MMC Energy, Inc.
USA: (MTIC)   MTI Technology Corporation
USA: (MPFAX)   Munder Energy A
USA: (MUGYX)   Munder Large Cap Value Y
USA: (GBR)   New Concept Energy, Inc.
USA: (NOEC)   New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp.
USA: (NSE)   New Source Energy
USA: (NSLP)   New Source Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (NEP)   NextEra Energy Partners, LP
USA: (NGL)   NGL Energy Partners LP
USA: (NHWK)   NightHawk Radiology Holdings, Inc.
USA: (NINE)   Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited
USA: (NRE)   Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings Limited
USA: (NBP)   Noble Energy, Inc
USA: (NBL)   Noble Energy, Inc.
USA: (NOA)   North American Energy Partners Inc
USA: (NTCHX)   Northern Fds:Technology
USA: (NTI)   Northern Tier Energy, Inc.
USA: (NTFY)   Notify Technology Corporation
USA: (NRG)   NRG Energy, Inc.
USA: (NS)   NuStar Energy L.P
USA: (FSGYX)   Nuveen Str Gro All;I
USA: (JTA)   Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy Fund
USA: (NVE)   NV Energy, Inc.
USA: (OGE)   OGE Energy Corporation
USA: (OMNI)   OMNI Energy Services Corp.
USA: (OESX)   Orion Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (ORYX)   Oryx Technology Corp.
USA: (PTC)   PAR Technology Corporatio
USA: (PMTC)   Parametric Technology Corporation
USA: (PE)   Parsley Energy, Inc.
USA: (PEGI)   Pattern Energy Group Inc.
USA: (PTEN)   Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.
USA: (PBF)   PBF Energy Inc.
USA: (BTU)   Peabody Energy Corporation
USA: (PGH)   Pengrowth Energy Trust (USA
USA: (PWE)   Penn West Energy Trus
USA: (HK)   Petrohawk Energy Corporatio
USA: (PQ)   PetroQuest Energy Inc
USA: (PV)   Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (ADR)
USA: (PESC)   Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc.
USA: (PISIX)   PIMCO International StocksPLUS TR Strategy Fund I
USA: (PSKIX)   PIMCO Intl StkPLUS Tr Strategy Fund (Unhedged) I
USA: (PRRSX)   PIMCO RealEstateRealReturn Strategy Fund INSTL
USA: (PGYBX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;Y
USA: (PSE)   Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (FRAC)   Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.
USA: (PLXT)   PLX Technology, Inc.
USA: (DBE)   PowerShares DB Energy
USA: (PXI)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy
USA: (PXE)   PowerShares Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod
USA: (PTF)   PowerShares Dynamic Technology
USA: (PRFE)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Energy
USA: (PBD)   PowerShares Global Clean Energy
USA: (PKN)   PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy
USA: (PWND)   PowerShares Global Wind Energy
USA: (PBW)   PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy
USA: (PUW)   PowerShares WilderHill Progrsv Energy
USA: (PLS)   PPL Energy Supply LLC
USA: (PRAN)   Prana Biotechnology Ltd
USA: (PRB)   PRB Energy, Inc.
USA: (PNRG)   PrimeEnergy Corporation
USA: (PWI)   PrimeWest Energy Trust
USA: (TEPIX)   ProFunds Technology UltraSector Inv
USA: (PGN)   Progress Energy, Inc.
USA: (PVX)   Provident Energy Trus
USA: (PSD)   Puget Sound Energy
USA: (PGGYX)   Putnam Glbl Income;Y
USA: (PGEAX)   Putnam Global Energy A
USA: (PGTAX)   Putnam Global Technology A
USA: (QIHU)   Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
USA: (QRE)   QR Energy, LP
USA: (QELP)   Quest Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (QUIN)   Quinton Cardiology Systems, Inc.
USA: (RAMEW)   RAM Energy Resources Inc.
USA: (RAME)   RAM Energy Resources, Inc.
USA: (H)   Realogy Corp
USA: (RLGY)   Realogy Corporation
USA: (ROGSX)   Red Oak Technology Slct
USA: (RGNC)   Regency Energy Partners L
USA: (RRI)   Reliant Energy, Inc.
USA: (RNGY)   Renegy Holdings, Inc.
USA: (REGI)   Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (REN)   Resolute Energy Corporation
USA: (REXX)   Rex Energy Corporation
USA: (RICE)   Rice Energy Inc.
USA: (RVEP)   Rio Vista Energy Partners L.P.
USA: (RVBD)   Riverbed Technology, Inc.
USA: (ROYL)   Royale Energy Inc.
USA: (RPQ)   RP Technology ETF
USA: (RSIFX)   RS Technology A
USA: (RBCN)   Rubicon Technology, Inc.
USA: (RELEX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy E
USA: (REAAX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy Fund
USA: (REA)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Energy
USA: (RTG)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Technology
USA: (REC)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Enrgy
USA: (RYE)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Energy
USA: (RYT)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Technology
USA: (RYEIX)   Rydex:Energy Fund;Inv
USA: (RYVIX)   Rydex:Energy Svcs;Inv
USA: (SN)   Sanchez Energy Corporation
USA: (SD)   SandRidge Energy Inc.
USA: (SFF)   Santa Fe Energy Trust
USA: (SBMBX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;A
USA: (SPEBX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;B
USA: (SEPCX)   Saratoga:Energy&BM;C
USA: (SATC)   SatCon Technology Corporation
USA: (STX)   Seagate Technology
USA: (SWATW)   Security With Advanced Technology Inc.
USA: (SWAT)   Security With Advanced Technology, Inc.
USA: (SGLP)   SemGroup Energy Partners
USA: (SRE)   Sempra Energy
USA: (SHPGY)   Shire pl
USA: (SIMO)   Silicon Motion Technology Corporatio
USA: (SSTI)   Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
USA: (SIRF)   SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FUEL)   SMF Energy Corporations
USA: (SXE)   Southcross Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (SWN)   Southwestern Energy C
USA: (SPKE)   Spark Energy, Inc.
USA: (MTK)   SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology
USA: (IPW)   SPDR S&P International Energy Sector
USA: (IPK)   SPDR S&P International Technology Sector
USA: (SE)   Spectra Energy Cor
USA: (SEP)   Spectra Energy Partners, LP
USA: (SGY)   Stone Energy Corporatio
USA: (SCU)   Storm Cat Energy Corporation
USA: (SXCP)   SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (SXC)   SunCoke Energy, Inc.
USA: (SU)   Suncor Energy Inc.
USA: (GOMO)   Sungy Mobile Limited
USA: (SPN)   Superior Energy Svcs In
USA: (SFY)   Swift Energy Compan
USA: (SYBR)   Synergy Brands Inc
USA: (SYNF)   Synergy Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (SYMX)   Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (TTES)   T-3 Energy Services In
USA: (PRGTX)   T. Rowe Price Global Technology
USA: (TLM)   Talisman Energy Inc
USA: (TEGP)   Tallgrass Energy GP, LP
USA: (TEP)   Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP
USA: (TGGYX)   TCW:Growth;N
USA: (TICC)   Technology Investment Capital Corp
USA: (TRCI)   Technology Research Corporation
USA: (XLK)   Technology Select Sector SPDR
USA: (TSCC)   Technology Solutions Company
USA: (TE)   TECO Energy, Inc.
USA: (TEC)   Teton Energy Corporation
USA: (TMG)   Thermal Energy International Inc.
USA: (TRU)   Torch Energy Royalty Trust
USA: (TYG)   Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corporation
USA: (TYN)   Tortoise North American Energy Corp
USA: (TGA)   TransGlobe Energy Corporation
USA: (TRPH)   Tripath Technology Inc.
USA: (TNP)   Tsakos Energy Navigation Limite
USA: (USEG)   U.S. Energy Corp.
USA: (USEY)   U.S. Energy Systems, Inc.
USA: (ROM)   Ultra Technology ProShares
USA: (REW)   UltraShort Technology ProShares
USA: (UNS)   UniSource Energy Corporation
USA: (URZ)   Uranerz Energy Corporation
USA: (USBE)   US BioEnergy Corporation
USA: (EGY)   VAALCO Energy, Inc.
USA: (VLNC)   Valence Technology, Inc.
USA: (VLO)   Valero Energy Corporatio
USA: (VLP)   Valero Energy Partners LP
USA: (VDE)   Vanguard Energy ETF
USA: (VGENX)   Vanguard Energy Inv
USA: (VGT)   Vanguard Information Technology ETF
USA: (VEI)   Vantage Energy Inc.
USA: (VSE)   Verasun Energy Corporatio
USA: (VRGY)   Verigy Ltd
USA: (VPGYX)   Victory Global Equity I
USA: (VISG)   Viisage Technology, Inc.
USA: (VNOM)   Viper Energy Partners LP
USA: (VSH)   Vishay Intertechnology
USA: (VOC)   VOC Energy Trust
USA: (VTTI)   VTTI Energy Partners LP
USA: (WEGAX)   W&R Adv:Energy;A
USA: (WHQ)   W-H Energy services Inc.
USA: (WARR)   Warrior Energy Services
USA: (WAGTX)   Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund
USA: (WTEK)   Waste Technology Corp.
USA: (PROG)   Wayside Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (WSTG)   Wayside Technology Group, Inc.
USA: (EMGYX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;Adm
USA: (WRS)   Westar Energy, Inc.
USA: (WR)   Westar Energy, Inc.
USA: (PCGYX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (WMLIX)   Wilmington Large-Cap Strategy Inst
USA: (WMSIX)   Wilmington Small-Cap Strategy Fund Inst
USA: (WEC)   Wisconsin Energy Corporatio
USA: (DKA)   WisdomTree International Energy
USA: (DBT)   WisdomTree International Technology
USA: (WPPGY)   WPP Group pl
USA: (XEL)   Xcel Energy Inc
USA: (XTO)   XTO Energy Inc.
USA: (YGE)   Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limite
INDIA: () Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd.    (530619)
INDIA: (BHAGYNAGAR) Bhagyanagar India Ltd    (512296)
INDIA: () Energy Development Co. Ltd.    (532219)
INDIA: (HELIOSMATH) Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.    (532347)
INDIA: () High Energy Batteries (India)    (504176)
INDIA: (SUZLON) Suzlon Energy Ltd.    (532667)
INDIA: () Wearology Ltd.    (523628)
INDIA: (WEBELSOLAR) Webel-SL Energy Systems Ltd.    (517498)
INDIA: (XLTL) XL Telecom and Energy Ltd.    (532788)