S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (PGD)   Barclays Asian & Gulf Currency Reval ETN
USA: (GGC)   Georgia Gulf Corporation
USA: (GIFI)   Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc.
USA: (GUL)   Gulf Power Co
USA: (GMRK)   GulfMark Offshore, Inc.
USA: (GLF)   GulfMark Offshore, Inc.
USA: (GPOR)   Gulfport Energy Corporatio
USA: (MES)   Market Vectors Gulf States ETF
USA: (GULF)   WisdomTree Middle East Dividend
INDIA: () Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd.    (506480)