S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (GIGSX)   Aberdeen International Equity Fund I/S
USA: (BOGSX)   Black Oak Emerging Technology
USA: (SCGSX)   DWS Capital Growth Fund S
USA: (FIGSX)   Fidelity Series International Growth Fund
USA: (GSX)   Gasco Energy, Inc.
USA: (GTGSX)   Glenmede:US Emerging Gro
USA: (OPGSX)   Gold & Special Minerals Fund
USA: (HDGSX)   Hartfd:Div & Gro;R4
USA: (JPGSX)   JPMorgan Intrepid Growth Fund Select
USA: (LOGSX)   Live Oak Hlth Sci
USA: (LSGSX)   Loomis Sayles:Inf P;Inst
USA: (MTGSX)   Managers I:AMG TSCM;Svc
USA: (MSGSX)   MassMutual Sel:SCG;S
USA: (MLGSX)   MassMutual Select Large Cap Growth Fund S
USA: (MCGSX)   MassMutual Select Mid Cap Growth Eq S
USA: (MFGSX)   MFS Govt Sec;A
USA: (NGSX)   NeurogesX, Inc
USA: (BGSXX)   Northern Inst:Gvt Sl;Sh
USA: (FAGSX)   Nuveen Str Gro All;A
USA: (PFGSX)   Pac Fin Str Cnsv;Inst
USA: (PCGSX)   Pacific Capital Growth Stock A
USA: (PYGSX)   PaydenFunds:Gl Short Bd
USA: (POGSX)   Pin Oak Equity
USA: (ROGSX)   Red Oak Technology Slct
USA: (RYGSX)   Royce International Smaller-Companies Fund Service Class
USA: (SWGSX)   Schwab Inv:GNMA
USA: (SEGSX)   Sentinel:Govt Secs;A
USA: (PRGSX)   T. Rowe Price Global Stock
USA: (TRGSX)   T. Rowe Price Instl Global Equity
USA: (SSGSX)   Victory Small Company Opportunity Fund A
USA: (WHGSX)   WHG SmallCap Value Fund Instl
USA: (WOGSX)   White Oak Select Growth Fund
USA: (WBGSX)   WM Blair:Growth Fund;N