S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for GP:
USA: (RGP)  
USA: (LGPIX)   Large Cap Growth ProFund Inv
USA: (AFGPX)   Alger Large Cap Growth Fund B
USA: (AHGP)   Alliance Holdings GP, L.P.
USA: (AAGPX)   American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (AGP)   AMERIGroup Corporation.
USA: (AGPLX)   Appleton Group PLUS Fund
USA: (BE)   Bearingpoint Inc
USA: (BJGP)   Beijing Med-Pharm Corporatio
USA: (MGPYX)   BlackRock:PA Muni;B
USA: (BGP)   Borders Group Inc
USA: (BGH)   Buckeye GP Holdings L.P
USA: (CGPI)   CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (CSGP)   CoStar Group, Inc.
USA: (SFGPX)   Direxion:Spect Gl Pr;Svc
USA: (EGP)   EastGroup Properties, Inc.
USA: (EPE)   Enterprise GP Holdings L.P.
USA: (EQGP)   EQT GP Holdings, LP
USA: (FGP)   Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.
USA: (GPIC)   Gaming Partners International Corporatio
USA: (GPRO)   Gen-Probe Incorporated
USA: (GGP)   General Growth Properties, Inc.
USA: (GPM)   General Motors Corporation
USA: (GPC)   Genuine Parts Company
USA: (GPRK)   GeoPark Limited
USA: (GPR)   GeoPetro Resources Company
USA: (GPD)   Georgia Power Company
USA: (GPJ)   Georgia Power Company
USA: (GPW)   Georgia Power Company
USA: (GPU)   Georgia Power Company
USA: (GPACU)   Global Partner Acquisition Corp.
USA: (GPTX)   Global Payment Technologies, Inc.
USA: (GPN)   Global Payments Inc.
USA: (GPBFX)   GMO:Core Plus Bond;IV
USA: (GPH)   Golden Pond Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (GPRO)   GoPro, Inc.
USA: (GPP)   Government Properties Trust, Inc.
USA: (GPX)   GP Strategies Corporation
USA: (GPCB)   GPC Biotech AG (ADR)
USA: (AFCFX)   GPS:Core + FI;Svc
USA: (GMOPX)   GPS:Oppty Eq;Svc
USA: (GPFWX)   Grant Park Mgd Fut Str;W
USA: (GPK)   Graphic Packaging Corporation
USA: (GPP)   Green Plains Partners LP
USA: (GPRE)   Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
USA: (GPI)   Group 1 Automotive, Inc.
USA: (GPOR)   Gulfport Energy Corporatio
USA: (HPGP)   Hiland Holdings GP, LP
USA: (HGPI)   Horizon Group Properties Inc.
USA: (HHGP)   Hudson Highland Group, Inc.
USA: (NRGP)   Inergy Holdings, L.P.
USA: (INGP)   ING Groep N.V.
USA: (IPGP)   IPG Photonics Corporation
USA: (JGPAX)   JHancock Global Opportunities A
USA: (LGP)   Lehigh Gas Partners LP
USA: (MIGP)   Mercer Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (MGPI)   MGP Ingredients, Inc.
USA: (MGPIX)   Mid-Cap Growth ProFund Inv
USA: (MEGPX)   Morg Stan I:Oppty;P
USA: (GP)   N
USA: (NGPC)   NGP Capital Resources Company
USA: (NGPS)   NovAtel Inc.
USA: (NSH)   NuStar GP Holdings,
USA: (PFGPX)   Pac Fin Expl;Inst
USA: (PVG)   Penn Virginia GP Holdings, L.P.
USA: (PGP)   Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income Fund
USA: (PAGP)   Plains GP Holdings, L.P.
USA: (PT)   Portugal Telecom, SGPS, SA (ADR)
USA: (DGP)   PowerShares DB Gold Double Long ETN
USA: (SAGPX)   Principal SAM Conservative Growth A
USA: (PSGPX)   Principal:SAM Str G;R-3
USA: (SGPIX)   ProFunds:Sm-Cap Gro;Inv
USA: (UGPIX)   ProFunds:UltraChina;Inv
USA: (UGPSX)   ProFunds:UltraChina;Svc
USA: (PBGPX)   Pru Govt Inc;B
USA: (GPSCX)   RS Inv:Sm Cap Equity;A
USA: (GPAFX)   RS Large Cap Alpha Fund A
USA: (SGP)   Schering-Plough Corporatio
USA: (SHP)   ShangPharma Corporation
USA: (TEGP)   Tallgrass Energy GP, LP
USA: (TRGP)   Targa Resources Investments Inc.
USA: (TGP)   Teekay LNG Partners L.P.
USA: (GPS)   The Gap, Inc.
USA: (TMWE)   TIM w.e. SGPS, S.A.
USA: (TWGP)   Tower Group, Inc.
USA: (RIGP)   Transocean Partners LLC
USA: (UGP)   Ultrapar Participacoes S.A. (ADR
USA: (VEH)   Valero GP Holdings
USA: (VSGPX)   Vanguard Structured Lg-Cap Gr Instl Plus
USA: (WGP)   Western Gas Equity Partners, LP
USA: (HOGS)   Zhongpin Inc.
INDIA: (GPIL) Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd.    (532734)