S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for GLBL:
USA: (AREAX)   AllianceBern Glbl Rel Est Invmt A
USA: (ARIIX)   AllianceBern Glbl Rel Est Invmt II
USA: (AWCGX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Cons Gro
USA: (AIFRX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Infr
USA: (EXB)   Claymore/Beacon Glbl Exchanges
USA: (DGROX)   Delaware Pooled Glbl Real Estate Sec Org
USA: (SZGAX)   DWS Enh Glbl Bond;A
USA: (SZGBX)   DWS Enh Glbl Bond;B
USA: (SZGCX)   DWS Enh Glbl Bond;C
USA: (SSTGX)   DWS Enh Glbl Bond;S
USA: (TIPAX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;A
USA: (TIPTX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;B
USA: (TIPCX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;C
USA: (TIPIX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;Inst
USA: (TIPSX)   DWS Glbl Infl Pl;S
USA: (GLBL)   Global Industries, Ltd.
USA: (GSGIX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;A
USA: (GSLBX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;B
USA: (GSLCX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;C
USA: (GSGLX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;I
USA: (GBIRX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;IR
USA: (GGISX)   Goldman:Glbl Inc;Svc
USA: (GGBFX)   GuideStone:Glbl Bond;GS4
USA: (GEX)   Market Vectors Glbl Alter. Engy ETF Trst
USA: (MECGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;A
USA: (MCCGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;C
USA: (MICGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;I
USA: (MALGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Sect Ldr;A
USA: (MCLGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Sect Ldr;C
USA: (MILGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Sect Ldr;I
USA: (MSFAX)   Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Franchise I
USA: (MRLAX)   Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Real Estate I
USA: (NPEAX)   Nomura:Glbl Emg Mkts;A
USA: (NPECX)   Nomura:Glbl Emg Mkts;C
USA: (NPEIX)   Nomura:Glbl Emg Mkts;I
USA: (NMMGX)   Northern Multi-Manager Glbl Real Estate
USA: (PXWEX)   Pax World Glbl Womens Equity Ind Inv
USA: (PGGIX)   Putnam Glbl Income;A
USA: (PGLBX)   Putnam Glbl Income;B
USA: (PGGMX)   Putnam Glbl Income;M
USA: (PGBRX)   Putnam Glbl Income;R
USA: (PGGYX)   Putnam Glbl Income;Y
USA: (RSFTX)   Royce Fd:Glbl Sel;Inv
USA: (RGISX)   Russell:Glbl Infr;S
USA: (GLBL)   TerraForm Global
USA: (CRBA)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Agriculture Eq Idx
USA: (CRBI)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Indl Mtls Eq Idx
USA: (GBTFX)   US Glbl:All Am Eqty
USA: (USCOX)   US Glbl:China Region
USA: (EUROX)   US Glbl:East European
USA: (GEMFX)   US Glbl:Global Emerg Mkt
USA: (NEARX)   US Glbl:Near Term Tx Fr
USA: (UNHHX)   W&R Adv:Glbl Bd;A
USA: (WGBBX)   W&R Adv:Glbl Bd;B
USA: (WGBCX)   W&R Adv:Glbl Bd;C
USA: (WGBYX)   W&R Adv:Glbl Bd;Y