S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (MFRM - (OL)  
USA: (AKH)   Air France-KLM (ADR)
USA: (VALDX)   Al Frank Div Val;Inv
USA: (VALUX)   Al Frank Fund
USA: (VALAX)   Al Frank Fund;Adv
USA: (AIFRX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Infr
USA: (ALTAX)   Amer Cent:CA Lg TxFr;A
USA: (ALQBX)   Amer Cent:CA Lg TxFr;B
USA: (ALTCX)   Amer Cent:CA Lg TxFr;C
USA: (BCLIX)   Amer Cent:CA Lg TxFr;Ins
USA: (BCLTX)   Amer Cent:CA Lg TxFr;Inv
USA: (ANYAX)   Amer Cent:NY TxFr;A
USA: (ANTCX)   Amer Cent:NY TxFr;C
USA: (ANYOX)   American Century NY Tax-Free Instl
USA: (ANYIX)   American Century NY Tax-Free Inv
USA: (AFR)   American Financial Realty Trust
USA: (OPTAX)   AMT-Free Municipals
USA: (OPNYX)   AMT-Free New York Municipals
USA: (APITX)   API Efficient Frontier Growth C
USA: (APIGX)   API Trust Efficient Frontier Capital Income Fund
USA: (HULAX)   Aquila Hawaiian TxFr;A
USA: (BFR)   BBVA Banco Frances S.A.
USA: (BFBC)   Benjamin Franklin Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (BFRM)   BioForm Medical, Inc.
USA: (BUI)   BlackRock Utility & Infrastructure Trust
USA: (BFRAX)   BlackRock:Flt Rte I;A
USA: (BRDR)   Borderfree
USA: (BIP)   Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.
USA: (CFNTX)   CA Inv Tr:CA Tx-Fr Inc
USA: (CFK)   CE Franklin Ltd. (USA
USA: (CENF)   Central Freight Lines Inc.
USA: (CKFR)   CheckFree Corporation
USA: (RFRAX)   Columbia:Fltg Rt;A
USA: (SLFRX)   Columbia:Frontier;A
USA: (CCFRX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;R
USA: (RRIAX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;A
USA: (RRIBX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;B
USA: (RRICX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;C
USA: (RRIIX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;I
USA: (RRIRX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;R
USA: (RRIYX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;R4
USA: (RRIZX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;R5
USA: (CRIZX)   Columbia:Rec & Infr;Z
USA: (CNFR)   Conifer Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CFR)   Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
USA: (FXF)   CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
USA: (RPFRX)   Davis Real Estate Fund A
USA: (DFR)   Deerfield Triarc Capital Corp.
USA: (DFRG)   Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, LLC
USA: (DMGIX)   Delaware Macq Gl Infr;I
USA: (FTNYX)   Delaware Tax-Free NY A
USA: (DVTFX)   Delaware Tx-Fr CA;B
USA: (DVFTX)   Delaware Tx-Fr CA;C
USA: (DVTNX)   Delaware Tx-Fr NY;B
USA: (DVFNX)   Delaware Tx-Fr NY;C
USA: (DPTBX)   Delaware Tx-Fr PA;B
USA: (DPTCX)   Delaware Tx-Fr PA;C
USA: (DFRSX)   DFA Asia Pac Small Co;I
USA: (DFREX)   DFA Real Estate Fund I
USA: (DCACX)   Dreyfus CA AMT-Free;C
USA: (FRMAX)   Dreyfus Equity Gro;A
USA: (FRMEX)   Dreyfus Equity Gro;B
USA: (FRMDX)   Dreyfus Equity Gro;C
USA: (FRMUX)   Dreyfus Equity Gro;F
USA: (FRMRX)   Dreyfus Equity Gro;I
USA: (FRSPX)   Dreyfus Mid-Cap Growth Fund F
USA: (PSNYX)   Dreyfus NY AMT-Free;A
USA: (PRNBX)   Dreyfus NY AMT-Free;B
USA: (PNYCX)   Dreyfus NY AMT-Free;C
USA: (DNYIX)   Dreyfus NY AMT-Free;I
USA: (DTF)   Duff & Phelps Utilities Tax-Free Income Inc.
USA: (KCTAX)   DWS CA Tax-Free Inc;A
USA: (KCTBX)   DWS CA Tax-Free Inc;B
USA: (KCTCX)   DWS CA Tax-Free Inc;C
USA: (DFRPX)   DWS Floating Rate +;S
USA: (DFRAX)   DWS Floating Rate Plus A
USA: (DFRTX)   DWS Floating Rate Plus Instl
USA: (SNWYX)   DWS New York Tax-Free Income S
USA: (KNTAX)   DWS NY Tax-Free Inc;A
USA: (KNTBX)   DWS NY Tax-Free Inc;B
USA: (KNTCX)   DWS NY Tax-Free Inc;C
USA: (DWGIX)   Dynamic Infrastructur;I
USA: (ELFLX)   Eaton Vance AMT-Fr LM;B
USA: (EBFAX)   Eaton Vance FR Av;B
USA: (EFR)   Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund
USA: (EMBTX)   Empire Bldr Tx-Fr;Bldr
USA: (EMTPX)   Empire Bldr Tx-Fr;Prem
USA: (EIIU)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corp.
USA: (EII)   Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation
USA: (FRP)   FairPoint Communications, Inc.
USA: (MLPPX)   Famco MLP & Energy Infr
USA: (MCFFX)   FDP:Franklin Tmp TR;C
USA: (FRT)   Federal Realty Inv. Trust
USA: (FRFXX)   Federated Capital Rsvs
USA: (FFRSX)   Federated Float Rt;Inst
USA: (FFRIX)   Fidelity Adv Float;I
USA: (FRVIX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Str;I
USA: (FFRHX)   Fidelity Floating Rate High Income
USA: (FFFDX)   Fidelity Freedom 2020
USA: (FFTWX)   Fidelity Freedom 2025
USA: (FFFEX)   Fidelity Freedom 2030
USA: (FRTXX)   Fidelity MM:Retirement
USA: (FRIFX)   Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund
USA: (FRESX)   Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio
USA: (FSFR)   Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp.
USA: (FREAX)   First American Real Estate Secs Fund
USA: (FRMPX)   First American Small Growth Opportunities Fund
USA: (FFHS)   First Franklin Corporation
USA: (FR)   First Industrial Realty Trust
USA: (FRME)   First Merchants Corporation
USA: (FRGB)   First Regional Bancorp
USA: (FRC)   First Republic Bank
USA: (FRCCO)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FRCCP)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FFR)   First Trust FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Glb Real Es
USA: (FRI)   First Trust S&P REIT
USA: (FLRUX)   Flex-funds:Util & Infr
USA: (FRK)   Florida Rock Industries Inc.
USA: (FRPT)   Force Protection, Inc.
USA: (FRX)   Forest Laboratories, Inc.
USA: (FRF)   Fortegra Financial Corporation
USA: (FTAI)   Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors Ltd.
USA: (FFREX)   Forward Real Estate Fund Inv
USA: (FTE)   France Telecom S.A. (ADR)
USA: (FRAN)   Francesca's Holdings Corporation
USA: (FRNKX)   Frank Value;Inv
USA: (FTCOX)   Franklin All:Crflo;A
USA: (FRBSX)   Franklin Balance Sheet Investment Fund A
USA: (FBTX)   Franklin Bank Corp.
USA: (FKTFX)   Franklin CA TF Inc;A
USA: (FCAVX)   Franklin CA TF Inc;Adv
USA: (FCABX)   Franklin CA TF Inc;B
USA: (FRCTX)   Franklin CA TF Inc;C
USA: (FRCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Ins;A
USA: (FKCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Int;A
USA: (FCCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Int;C
USA: (FC)   Franklin Covey Co
USA: (FCMC)   Franklin Credit Management Corp
USA: (FKDNX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;A
USA: (FDYZX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;Adv
USA: (FDNBX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;B
USA: (FDYNX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;C
USA: (FKUSX)   Franklin Cust:Govt;A
USA: (FKINX)   Franklin Cust:Inc;A
USA: (FCISX)   Franklin Cust:Inc;C
USA: (FKUTX)   Franklin Cust:Util;A
USA: (FELE)   Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
USA: (FEP)   Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.
USA: (FSB)   Franklin Financial Network, Inc.
USA: (FRFLX)   Franklin FL Tax-Free Income A
USA: (FRFBX)   Franklin FL Tax-Free Income B
USA: (FRFIX)   Franklin FL Tax-Free Income C
USA: (FKCGX)   Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund
USA: (FAGRX)   Franklin Global Real Estate A
USA: (FHAIX)   Franklin High Inc;A
USA: (FINGX)   Franklin India Gr;A
USA: (FIGZX)   Franklin India Gr;Adv
USA: (FINDX)   Franklin India Gr;C
USA: (FKSCX)   Franklin International Small Cap Growth Fund Adv
USA: (FISAX)   Franklin Inv:Adj Gv;A
USA: (FROTX)   Franklin Inv:Cv Sec;C
USA: (FISEX)   Franklin Inv:Eq Inc;A
USA: (FBEIX)   Franklin Inv:Eq Inc;B
USA: (FRETX)   Franklin Inv:Eq Inc;C
USA: (FREIX)   Franklin Inv:Eq Inc;R
USA: (FAFRX)   Franklin Inv:Float;A
USA: (FLDAX)   Franklin Inv:LD TR
USA: (FRRAX)   Franklin Inv:RR;A
USA: (FKBAX)   Franklin Inv:TR;A
USA: (FLCIX)   Franklin Large Cap Equity Fund Adv
USA: (FLVAX)   Franklin Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FRDPX)   Franklin Mgd:Rs Dv;A
USA: (FRMCX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund A
USA: (FVRMX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund Adv
USA: (FMVAX)   Franklin Mid Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FBCAX)   Franklin Muni:CA HY;B
USA: (FCAHX)   Franklin Muni:CA HY;C
USA: (FRNRX)   Franklin Natural Resources A
USA: (FRNYX)   Franklin NY Insured Tax-Free Inc A
USA: (FNYKX)   Franklin NY Insured Tax-Free Inc C
USA: (FNYZX)   Franklin NY Interm-Term T/F Income Adv
USA: (FKNIX)   Franklin NY Intermediate T/F Income A
USA: (FNYTX)   Franklin NY TF Inc;A
USA: (FNYAX)   Franklin NY TF Inc;Adv
USA: (FTFBX)   Franklin NY TF Inc;B
USA: (FNYIX)   Franklin NY TF Inc;C
USA: (FKNCX)   Franklin NY TF:Int;C
USA: (FREEX)   Franklin Real Estate Securities Fund A
USA: (BEN)   Franklin Resources, Inc.
USA: (FRSGX)   Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (FBDIX)   Franklin Str:Bio Dsc;A
USA: (FCEQX)   Franklin Str:FCE;A
USA: (FKCAX)   Franklin Str:Fx Gr;Adv
USA: (FKCBX)   Franklin Str:Fx Gr;B
USA: (FCIIX)   Franklin Str:Fx Gr;C
USA: (FRCGX)   Franklin Str:Fx Gr;R
USA: (FGRAX)   Franklin Str:Gr Op;A
USA: (FRAAX)   Franklin Str:Gr Op;Adv
USA: (FKABX)   Franklin Str:Gr Op;B
USA: (FKACX)   Franklin Str:Gr Op;C
USA: (FKARX)   Franklin Str:Gr Op;R
USA: (FRSTX)   Franklin Str:Inc;A
USA: (FSGRX)   Franklin Str:SCG;A
USA: (FSMIX)   Franklin Strat Mtge
USA: (FSP)   Franklin Street Properties Corp.
USA: (FKITX)   Franklin TF:Fed Intm;A
USA: (FFTFX)   Franklin TF:Fed L-T;A
USA: (FRPAX)   Franklin TF:PA;A
USA: (FPFZX)   Franklin TF:PA;Adv
USA: (FBPTX)   Franklin TF:PA;B
USA: (FRPTX)   Franklin TF:PA;C
USA: (FT)   Franklin Universal Trust
USA: (FRAVX)   Franklin Val:AC Val;A
USA: (FRVLX)   Franklin Val:SC Val;A
USA: (FVADX)   Franklin Val:SC Val;Adv
USA: (FBVAX)   Franklin Val:SC Val;B
USA: (FRVFX)   Franklin Val:SC Val;C
USA: (FVFRX)   Franklin Val:SC Val;R
USA: (FI)   Franks International N.V.
USA: (FRE)   Freddie Mac
USA: (FRED)   Freds, Inc.
USA: (FMFIX)   Free Market Fxd Inc;Inst
USA: (FMUEX)   Free Market US Eq;Inst
USA: (FCX)   Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.
USA: (FSL)   Freescale Semiconductor Holdings I, Ltd.
USA: (FREE)   FreeSeas Inc
USA: (FREEW)   FreeSeas Inc.
USA: (FREEZ)   FreeSeas Inc.
USA: (RAIL)   FreightCar America, Inc.
USA: (FMT)   Fremont General Corporation
USA: (FEIM)   Frequency Electronics, Inc.
USA: (FMS)   Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (ADR)
USA: (FDP)   Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
USA: (FRPT)   Freshpet, Inc.
USA: (FRD)   Friedman Industries
USA: (FBR)   Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc.
USA: (FRN)   Friendly Ice Cream Corporation
USA: (FRS)   Frischs Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (IBSMX)   Frontegra IronBridge SMID Fund Instl
USA: (IBSCX)   Frontegra IronBridge Small Cap Fund
USA: (FMHIX)   Frontegra Mastholm International Equity Fund
USA: (FNSVX)   Frontegra Netols Small Cap Value Fund Instl
USA: (FRIGX)   Frontegra:Col Core
USA: (FRTRX)   Frontegra:Col Core+;Inst
USA: (FHEMX)   Frontegra:Hexam Emg Mkt
USA: (FTSGX)   Frontegra:Tmpni SCG;Inst
USA: (FRNT)   Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FTR)   Frontier Communications Corp
USA: (FTBK)   Frontier Financial Corporation
USA: (FTO)   Frontier Oil Corporation
USA: (FRO)   Frontline Ltd.
USA: (FICEX)   Frost Core Growth Equity Inst
USA: (FDSFX)   Frost Dvsfd Strategies;A
USA: (FITNX)   Frost International Equity Fund Inst
USA: (FIKTX)   Frost Kemp Trs&Inc;Inst
USA: (FILKX)   Frost LKCM MltCp Eq;Inst
USA: (FIKSX)   Frost LKCM Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund Inst
USA: (FILDX)   Frost Low Dur Bd; Inst
USA: (FILMX)   Frost Low Dur Mun B;Inst
USA: (FIHSX)   Frost Small Cap Equity Fund Inst
USA: (FIJEX)   Frost Tot Rtn Bd;Inst
USA: (FFEX)   Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
USA: (FRM)   Furmanite Corporatio
USA: (GMTCX)   GMO Tobacco Free Core III
USA: (GSDUX)   Goldman:Sh Dur TxFr;I
USA: (GFR)   Great American Financial Resources, Inc.
USA: (HASIC)   Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc.
USA: (XSFRX)   Highland Floating Rate Advantage A
USA: (HMCIX)   HighMark:CA Int TxFr;A
USA: (HCABX)   HighMark:CA Int TxFr;B
USA: (HCTCX)   HighMark:CA Int TxFr;C
USA: (REDX)   Infraredx, Inc.
USA: (HIFR)   InfraREIT, Inc.
USA: (IFS)   InfraSource Services, Inc.
USA: (IFRIX)   ING:Floating Rate;I
USA: (IFF)   Internationa Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
USA: (IIH)   Internet Infrastructure HOLDRs
USA: (CLFAX)   Invesco CA TxFr;A
USA: (CLFBX)   Invesco CA TxFr;B
USA: (CLFCX)   Invesco CA TxFr;C
USA: (CLFDX)   Invesco CA TxFr;Y
USA: (DDFRX)   Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund R
USA: (AFRAX)   Invesco Floating Rt;A
USA: (NYFAX)   Invesco NY Tax-Free Income A
USA: (NYFBX)   Invesco NY Tax-Free Income B
USA: (NYFDX)   Invesco NY Tax-Free Income Y
USA: (NYFCX)   Invesco NY TxFr;C
USA: (AITFX)   Invesco Tax-Fr Intm;A2
USA: (VGFAX)   Invesco Van Kampen Global Franchise A
USA: (IBGFX)   IronBridge Frontegra Global Fund
USA: (EWQ)   iShares MSCI France Index
USA: (EZA)   iShares MSCI South Africa Index
USA: (EMIF)   iShares S&P Emerging Mkts Infrastructure
USA: (IGF)   iShares S&P Global Infrastructure Index
USA: (JBRIX)   J Hancock II:Gl Infr;I
USA: (FRBFX)   J Hancock Reg Bnk;B
USA: (JNYIX)   JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Instl
USA: (VINTX)   JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Sel
USA: (VANTX)   JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bond A
USA: (JTFXX)   JPMorgan:TxFr MM;Inst
USA: (KGIAX)   Kensington Global Infrastructure Fund
USA: (KFRC)   Kforce, Inc.
USA: (KWIAX)   Kinetics Water Infrastructure Adv A
USA: (LMRK)   Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP
USA: (GLIFX)   Lazard:Gl Lstd Infr;Inst
USA: (LF)   LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (XFR)   Lehman ABS Corporation
USA: (NEFRX)   Loomis Sayles:Cr +;A
USA: (LCFIX)   Lord Abbett CA TxFr;A
USA: (CALAX)   Lord Abbett CA TxFr;C
USA: (LCFFX)   Lord Abbett CA TxFr;F
USA: (CAILX)   Lord Abbett CA TxFr;I
USA: (LCFRX)   Lord Abbett Convert;R3
USA: (LFRAX)   Lord Abbett Flt Rte;A
USA: (LISAX)   Lord Abbett Int TxFr;A
USA: (NYLIX)   Lord Abbett New York Tax-Free Income I
USA: (LANYX)   Lord Abbett NY Tax-Free Income A
USA: (LNYFX)   Lord Abbett NY Tax-Free Income F
USA: (NYLAX)   Lord Abbett NY TxFr;C
USA: (LAPAX)   Lord Abbett PA Tax-Free Income A
USA: (LAPFX)   Lord Abbett PA Tax-Free Income F
USA: (LXFR)   Luxfer Holdings PLC
USA: (MGU)   Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fund Inc.
USA: (MIC)   Macquarie Infrastructure Company LLC
USA: (MSSCX)   Managers I:Frntr SCG;S
USA: (AFK)   Market Vectors Africa ETF
USA: (MFRM)   Mattress Firm Holding Corp.
USA: (WFR)   Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.
USA: (MFRFX)   MFS Research Fund A
USA: (MSFRX)   MFS Total Return Fund
USA: (MTHFX)   Miller Tabak HC Transfrm
USA: (UTLBX)   Morg Stan Gl Infr;B
USA: (MSFAX)   Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Franchise I
USA: (MUTKX)   Munder:Tax-Fr Sh∬K
USA: (MHFAX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;A
USA: (MHFCX)   MutualHedge Frontr Lgd;C
USA: (NOOF)   New Frontier Media, Inc.
USA: (NAFAX)   Nile Pan Africa;A
USA: (NAFCX)   Nile Pan Africa;C
USA: (NAFIX)   Nile Pan Africa;I
USA: (FCCAX)   Nuveen CA Tax Free;C1
USA: (FGIYX)   Nuveen Global Infr;I
USA: (FAMBX)   Nuveen Int Tax Free;A
USA: (FSHYX)   Nuveen Short Tax Free;I
USA: (OCNF)   OceanFreight Inc.
USA: (ODFL)   Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
USA: (FRSH)   Papa Murphys Holdings
USA: (PARL)   Parlux Fragrances, Inc.
USA: (PJC)   Piper Jaffray Companies
USA: (FRAC)   Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.
USA: (PMNA)   PowerShares MENA Frontier Countries
USA: (PVI)   PowerShares VRDO Tax-Free Weekly
USA: (FRFZX)   Pru Flt Rate Income;Z
USA: (PMH)   Putnam Tax-Free Health Care Fund
USA: (FMNEX)   RBB Free Market Intl Equity Instl
USA: (FRZ)   Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc
USA: (FRBK)   Republic First Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (REFR)   Research Frontiers Incorporate
USA: (SAMBX)   RidgeWorth:FR HI;I
USA: (RLGAX)   RiverFront LT G&I;A
USA: (RLGCX)   RiverFront LT G&I;C
USA: (RLIIX)   RiverFront LT G&I;I
USA: (RLTAX)   RiverFront LT Gro;A
USA: (RLTCX)   RiverFront LT Gro;C
USA: (RLFIX)   RiverFront LT Gro;I
USA: (RLTSX)   RiverFront LT Gro;Inv
USA: (RLTIX)   RiverFront LT Gro;L
USA: (ROFRX)   Royce Fd:Oppty;R
USA: (RGISX)   Russell:Glbl Infr;S
USA: (RYFRX)   Rydex SGI International Long Short Select Fund A
USA: (SWNTX)   Schwab Inv:Tx Fr Bd
USA: (SWYTX)   Schwab Inv:Tx FrY+
USA: (GII)   SPDR FTSE/Macquarie Global Infra 100
USA: (GAF)   SPDR S&P Emerging Middle East & Africa
USA: (NFRCX)   SunAmerica Sen Float;C
USA: (TRAMX)   T Rowe Price Afr&ME
USA: (RPIFX)   T Rowe Price Inst:FR
USA: (PRFSX)   T Rowe Price Tx Fr Sh-In
USA: (PRNYX)   T Rowe Price Tx-Fr:NY Bd
USA: (PRMDX)   T Rowe Price Tx-Fr:Sh MD
USA: (TGFRX)   TANAKA:Growth Fund;R
USA: (TFR)   Tefron Ltd.
USA: (TEO)   Telecom Argentina Stet FR
USA: (TFMAX)   Templeton Front Mkt;A
USA: (FFRZX)   Templeton Front Mkt;Adv
USA: (FFRMX)   Templeton Front Mkt;C
USA: (TFM)   The Fresh Market, Inc.
USA: (TYG)   Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corporation
USA: (ULTA)   Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.
USA: (NEARX)   US Glbl:Near Term Tx Fr
USA: (UFLTX)   USAA FL Tax-Free Income
USA: (PGUAX)   Virtus:Global Infr;A
USA: (PSFRX)   Virtus:Senior Fltg Rt;A
USA: (SCTAX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;A
USA: (SGCAX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;Adm
USA: (SGCBX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;B
USA: (SCTCX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;C
USA: (FRCZX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (WPFRX)   Westport Fund
USA: (SZR)   WisdomTree Dreyfus South African Rand
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: (ALFREDHERB) Alfred Herbert (India)    (505216)
INDIA: (ANSALINFRA) Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd.    (500013)
INDIA: (BSELINFRA) BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd.    (532123)
INDIA: () DIL LTD (formar Duphar Interfran Ltd.)    (506414)
INDIA: (FSL) Fristsource Solutions Limited    (532809)
INDIA: (GMRINFRA) GMR Infrastructure Ltd.    (532754)
INDIA: (GODFRYPHLP) Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.    (500163)
INDIA: () Gremach Infrastructure Equipments and Projects Ltd.    (532836)
INDIA: (GTLINFRA) GTL Infrastructure Ltd.    (532775)
INDIA: (GVKPIL) GVK Power & Infrastracture Ltd    (532708)
INDIA: (HDIL) Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd.    (532873)
INDIA: (IFGLREFRAC) IFGL Refractors Ltd.    (532133)
INDIA: (IDFC) Infrastructure Development Finance Corp. Limited    (532659)
INDIA: (IVRCLINFRA) IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects    (530773)
INDIA: (LITL) Lanco Infratech Ltd    (532778)
INDIA: () OM Metals Infra Projects Ltd.    (531092)
INDIA: (RIIL) Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd    (523445)
INDIA: (RELINFRA) Reliance Infrastructure Ltd    (500390)
INDIA: (RUCHINFRA) Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd.    (509020)
INDIA: (SIMPLEXINF) Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.    (523838)
INDIA: (SREINTFIN) Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd.    (523756)
INDIA: (UNITY) Unity Infraprojects Ltd.    (532746)
INDIA: () Vipul Infrastructure Developers    (511726)