S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ARC)   Affordable Residential Communities Inc.
USA: (AHT)   Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
USA: (BRID)   Bridgford Foods Corporatio
USA: (CRD-B)   Crawford & Company
USA: (CRD-A)   Crawford & Company
USA: (CRDB)   Crawford & Company
USA: (CDGCX)   Crawford Div Growth;C
USA: (CDGIX)   Crawford Div Growth;I
USA: (F)   Ford Motor Company
USA: (FCZ)   Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC
USA: (FCJ)   Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC
USA: (FDG)   Fording Canadian Coal Trust
USA: (FORD)   Forward Industries, Inc.
USA: (HAIAX)   Hartford Disciplined Equity Fund A
USA: (HDVYX)   Hartford Diversified International Y
USA: (HIG)   Hartford Financial Services Group
USA: (HFFAX)   Hartford Fundamental Growth Fund A
USA: (HALAX)   Hartford Global Growth A
USA: (HGHAX)   Hartford Global Health A
USA: (HLEAX)   Hartford Global Research A
USA: (HGIAX)   Hartford Growth HLS IA
USA: (FECLX)   Hartford Growth L
USA: (HSF)   Hartford Income Shares Fund Inc.
USA: (HIPAX)   Hartford Inflation Plus Fund
USA: (HNCAX)   Hartford International Growth Fund A
USA: (IHOAX)   Hartford International Opportunities Fund A
USA: (HILYX)   Hartford International Value Y
USA: (HNSYX)   Hartford Intl Small Company Y
USA: (HMVAX)   Hartford Mid Cap Value Fund A
USA: (HMVIX)   Hartford MidCap Value HLS Fund IA
USA: (HBSGX)   Hartford Small Cap Growth HLS Fund IB
USA: (HIAVX)   Hartford Value HLS IA
USA: (HVFYX)   Hartford Value Y
USA: (HAVGX)   Haverford Quality Growth Stock Fund
USA: (OXFD)   Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
USA: (OXM)   Oxford Industries, Inc.
USA: (OXF)   Oxford Resource Partners, LP
USA: (PENX)   Penford Corporatio
USA: (REXR)   Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc.
USA: (ROFO)   Rockford Corporation
USA: (HCTAX)   The Hartford Capital Appreciation II Fund
USA: (HFMCX)   The Hartford MidCap Fund A
USA: (HSMAX)   The Hartford Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund A
USA: (WFT)   Weatherford International Ltd.
INDIA: (FULFORD) Fulford (India) Ltd.    (506803)