S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for FE:
USA: (ACTT)   Act Teleconferencing Inc.
USA: (ADLS)   Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FEED)   AgFeed Industries, Inc.
USA: (ADG)   Allied Defense Group Inc.
USA: (ACDEX)   Alpha Defensive Growth;I
USA: (EAG)   American Defense Systems Inc
USA: (AEL)   American Equity Investment Life Holding
USA: (ASI)   American Safety Insurance Holdings, Ltd.
USA: (ACFC)   Atlantic Coast Federal Corporation
USA: (BFED)   Beacon Federal Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (BRLI)   Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc.
USA: (BLFS)   BioLife Solutions Inc.
USA: (BTZ)   Blackrock Preferred
USA: (PSW)   Blackrock Preferred and Corporate Income Strategies Fund Inc
USA: (PSY)   Blackrock Preferred Income Strategies Fund Inc
USA: (TFDXX)   BlkRk Lq:FedFund;Instl
USA: (BFSB)   Brooklyn Federal Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (BUFEX)   Buffalo Large Cap Fund
USA: (BNI)   Burlington Northn Santa Fe Corp
USA: (PRSS)   CafePress Inc
USA: (CALP)   Caliper Life Sciences Inc
USA: (CALPW)   Caliper Life Sciences Inc
USA: (CAPE)   Cape Fear Bank Corporation
USA: (CCPCN)   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
USA: (CFFN)   Capitol Federal Financial
USA: (CBOU)   Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.
USA: (CFBK)   Central Federal Corporation
USA: (LFC)   China Life Insurance Company Limited
USA: (DEF)   Claymore/Sabrient Defensive Equity
USA: (KOF)   Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V.
USA: (JVA)   Coffee Holding Co., Inc.
USA: (RNP)   Cohen & Steers Reit and Preferred Income Fund Inc
USA: (NLGIX)   Columbia LifeGoal Growth Fund A
USA: (NFEAX)   Columbia Marsico Focused Equities Fund A
USA: (CNFR)   Conifer Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CRY)   CryoLife, Inc.
USA: (CTNA)   Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc.
USA: (DR)   Darwin Professional Underwriters, Inc.
USA: (RPFEX)   Davis:Opportunity;B
USA: (DFEIX)   Delaware Foundation Equity Instl
USA: (DFETX)   DFA Emg Mkts II;I
USA: (DFESX)   DFA Emg Mkts Soc Core;I
USA: (DFEVX)   DFA Emg Mkts Value;I
USA: (DFEPX)   DFA Emg Mkts Value;R2
USA: (DFEMX)   DFA Emg Mkts;I
USA: (DFELX)   DFA Enhanced US Large Company Portfolio I
USA: (DFEQX)   DFA Sh-Trm Ext Qual;I
USA: (DFEOX)   DFA US Core Eq 1;I
USA: (DDRX)   Diedrich Coffe
USA: (SFEOX)   Direxion:Spect Eq Op;Svc
USA: (BTAEX)   DWS EAFE Equity Index Fund Inst
USA: (EW)   Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
USA: (ETE)   Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.
USA: (ETP)   Energy Transfer Partners
USA: (ELS)   Equity Lifestyle Properties
USA: (EXLSX)   Exeter Life Sciences Fund
USA: (FTHR)   Featherlite Manufacturing, Inc.
USA: (AGM)   Federal Agric Mortgage Corp.
USA: (FNM)   Federal National Mortgage Associatio
USA: (FNMA)   Federal National Mortgage Association
USA: (FRT)   Federal Realty Inv. Trust
USA: (FSCR)   Federal Screw Works
USA: (FSS)   Federal Signal Corporation
USA: (FDML)   Federal-Mogul Corporation
USA: (FEUGX)   Federated Adj Rt;Inst
USA: (BAFAX)   Federated Bal All;A
USA: (ISHIX)   Federated Bond;F
USA: (FEDEX)   Federated Capital Appreciation Fund A
USA: (FRFXX)   Federated Capital Rsvs
USA: (VSFAX)   Federated Clover Small Value Fund A
USA: (VFCAX)   Federated Clover Value Fund A
USA: (IHIAX)   Federated Emerging Market Debt A
USA: (IHIFX)   Federated Emerging Market Debt F
USA: (LEIFX)   Federated Equity Inc;A
USA: (LEIBX)   Federated Equity Inc;B
USA: (LEICX)   Federated Equity Inc;C
USA: (LFEIX)   Federated Equity Inc;F
USA: (FUSGX)   Federated Fd for Gvt;A
USA: (FFRSX)   Federated Float Rt;Inst
USA: (FGMAX)   Federated GNMA;Inst
USA: (GOIXX)   Federated Govt Obl;Inst
USA: (GRFXX)   Federated Govt Rsvs
USA: (FGOIX)   Federated Gv Inc Sec;F
USA: (FGUSX)   Federated Gv Ulsh;Inst
USA: (FHIIX)   Federated Hi Inc Bd;A
USA: (FHYTX)   Federated Hi Yld Tr;InSv
USA: (FIHBX)   Federated HY Bond;Inst
USA: (FICMX)   Federated Income;Inst
USA: (FIIFX)   Federated Int Crp;Inst
USA: (FGCIX)   Federated Int Gv/Co;Inst
USA: (FIMTX)   Federated Int Mu Tr;Inst
USA: (RIMAX)   Federated InterContinental Fund A
USA: (FGFAX)   Federated International Leaders Fund A
USA: (ISCAX)   Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund A
USA: (IVFIX)   Federated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund Inst
USA: (FTIIX)   Federated Intl Bond;A
USA: (FTBBX)   Federated Intl Bond;B
USA: (FTIBX)   Federated Intl Bond;C
USA: (FII)   Federated Investors, Inc
USA: (FKASX)   Federated Kauf SC;A
USA: (KLCAX)   Federated Kaufmann Large Cap Fund A
USA: (KAUAX)   Federated Kaufmann;A
USA: (KAUBX)   Federated Kaufmann;B
USA: (KAUCX)   Federated Kaufmann;C
USA: (KAUFX)   Federated Kaufmann;R
USA: (MXCCX)   Federated Max-Cp Id;C
USA: (FISPX)   Federated Max-Cp Id;Inst
USA: (FMXSX)   Federated Max-Cp Id;InSv
USA: (FMXKX)   Federated Max-Cp Id;R
USA: (FGSAX)   Federated MC Gr Str;A
USA: (FGSBX)   Federated MC Gr Str;B
USA: (FGSCX)   Federated MC Gr Str;C
USA: (FGSIX)   Federated MC Gr Str;Inst
USA: (FGSKX)   Federated MC Gr Str;R
USA: (QIACX)   Federated MDT ACC;Inst
USA: (QALGX)   Federated MDT Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (QBLGX)   Federated MDT LCG;B
USA: (QCLGX)   Federated MDT LCG;C
USA: (QILGX)   Federated MDT LCG;Inst
USA: (QISGX)   Federated MDT SCG;Inst
USA: (QISCX)   Federated MDT Small Cap Core Fund Instl
USA: (FSTKX)   Federated MDT Stock Trust Fund Svc
USA: (FMDCX)   Federated Mid-Cap Index Fund SS
USA: (FGFIX)   Federated Mrtge;Inst
USA: (FMUUX)   Federated Muni Ulst;A
USA: (NYIFX)   Federated NY Mun Inc;A
USA: (NYIBX)   Federated NY Mun Inc;B
USA: (PAMFX)   Federated PA Mun Inc;A
USA: (FPABX)   Federated PA Mun Inc;B
USA: (FMN)   Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund
USA: (PCOXX)   Federated Prime Csh;Inst
USA: (POIXX)   Federated Prime Obl;Inst
USA: (BEARX)   Federated Prudent Bear;A
USA: (PBRCX)   Federated Prudent Bear;C
USA: (PBRIX)   Federated Prudent Bear;I
USA: (PSAFX)   Federated Prudent DlBr;A
USA: (FPGCX)   Federated Prudent DlBr;C
USA: (FPGIX)   Federated Prudent DlBr;I
USA: (RRFAX)   Federated Real Rtn;A
USA: (FSHIX)   Federated Sh-Int Dr;Inst
USA: (FSTIX)   Federated Sh-Tm Inc;Inst
USA: (SVAAX)   Federated Str Vl Dv;A
USA: (SVACX)   Federated Str Vl Dv;C
USA: (SVAIX)   Federated Str Vl Dv;Inst
USA: (SINCX)   Federated Strat Inc;C
USA: (FTRBX)   Federated T Ret Bd;Inst
USA: (TOIXX)   Federated Treas Obl;Inst
USA: (UTIXX)   Federated Treas Res;Inst
USA: (FULBX)   Federated Ultra Sht;InSv
USA: (FEDBX)   Federated US Gvt Bd;InSv
USA: (FDX)   FedEx Corporation
USA: (FFCO)   FedFirst Financial Corporation
USA: (FEIC)   FEI Company
USA: (FCH)   Felcor Suite Hotels Inc
USA: (FMP)   Feldman Mall Properties, Inc.
USA: (FNDR)   Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
USA: (FENX)   Fenix Parts, Inc.
USA: (RACE)   Ferrari N.V.
USA: (FGP)   Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.
USA: (FOE)   Ferro Corporatio
USA: (FGL)   Fidelity & Guaranty Life
USA: (FELAX)   Fidelity Adv Electrn;A
USA: (FEAAX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;A
USA: (FERBX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;B
USA: (FERCX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;C
USA: (FERIX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;I
USA: (FEATX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;T
USA: (FEMBX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;B
USA: (FEMCX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;C
USA: (FEMTX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;T
USA: (FEIAX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;A
USA: (FEIBX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;B
USA: (FEICX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;C
USA: (FEIRX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;T
USA: (FEMIX)   Fidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc I
USA: (FEMEX)   Fidelity Em EMEA
USA: (FEMKX)   Fidelity Emerg Mkts
USA: (FEQIX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc
USA: (FEQTX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc II
USA: (FETKX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc II;K
USA: (FEIKX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc;K
USA: (FECAX)   Fidelity Europe Cap Ap
USA: (FEXPX)   Fidelity Export & Multinational
USA: (FFFEX)   Fidelity Freedom 2030
USA: (FSDAX)   Fidelity Sel Defense
USA: (FEMSX)   Fidelity Srs Emg Mkts
USA: (FEMFX)   Fidelity Srs Emg Mkts;F
USA: (FEINX)   Fifth Third Disciplined Large-Cap Value Fund
USA: (FIF)   Financial Federal Corporation
USA: (FEYE)   FireEye, Inc.
USA: (FEAFX)   First Eagle:Fd Amer;Y
USA: (FEVAX)   First Eagle:Value;A
USA: (FFBH)   First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas Inc
USA: (FFSX)   First Federal Bankshares, Inc.
USA: (FFNM)   First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FRCCO)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FRCCP)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FEX)   First Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX
USA: (FEO)   First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
USA: (FE)   FirstEnergy Corp.
USA: (FED)   FirstFed Financial Corp.
USA: (PFD)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Incorporated
USA: (PFO)   Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Incorporated
USA: (FFC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities Income Fd In
USA: (FELP)   Foresight Energy LP
USA: (FET)   Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.
USA: (FEMMX)   Forward:Emerg Mkt;M
USA: (FELE)   Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
USA: (FEP)   Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.
USA: (FKITX)   Franklin TF:Fed Intm;A
USA: (FFTFX)   Franklin TF:Fed L-T;A
USA: (FEIM)   Frequency Electronics, Inc.
USA: (FFEX)   Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
USA: (GDEF)   Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc.
USA: (MPDAX)   GMG Defensive Beta Fund
USA: (GFFEX)   GMO Flexible Equities VI
USA: (GMCR)   Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
USA: (GFED)   Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (HQL)   H&Q Life Sciences Investors
USA: (HLFMX)   Harding Loevner:FEM;I
USA: (HLMOX)   Harding Loevner:FEM;Inv
USA: (FECLX)   Hartford Growth L
USA: (HFEAX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;A
USA: (HFEBX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;B
USA: (HFECX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;C
USA: (HFEIX)   Henderson:Euro Foc;I
USA: (HLF)   Herbalife Ltd.
USA: (CUBA)   Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (HOMF)   Home Federal Bancor
USA: (HOME)   Home Federal Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (HFBC)   HopFed Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CAFE)   Host America Corporation
USA: (HPCCP)   Huntington Preferred Capital Inc.
USA: (IFSB)   Independence Federal Savings Bank
USA: (IART)   Integra LifeSciences Corporation
USA: (JO)   iPath DJ AIG Coffee TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (ITA)   iShares Dow Jones US Aerospace & Defense
USA: (EFG)   iShares MSCI EAFE Growth Index
USA: (EFA)   iShares MSCI EAFE Index
USA: (SCZ)   iShares MSCI EAFE Small Cap Index
USA: (EFV)   iShares MSCI EAFE Value Index
USA: (PFF)   iShares S&P U.S. Preferred Stock Index
USA: (JNGLX)   Janus Global Life Sciences D
USA: (JEF)   Jefferies Group, Inc.
USA: (JFBI)   Jefferson Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (JFBC)   Jeffersonville Bancorp
USA: (JEN)   Jennifer Convertibles, Inc.
USA: (JFEIX)   JPMorgan:Intr Eu;Inst
USA: (JFESX)   JPMorgan:Intr Eu;Sel
USA: (KFED)   K-Fed Bancor
USA: (KCLI)   Kansas City Life Insurance Compan
USA: (KFFB)   Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
USA: (KFY)   Korn/Ferry International
USA: (KTOS)   Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
USA: (LPHI)   Life Partners Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LSR)   Life Sciences Research Inc.
USA: (LIFE)   Life Technologies Corp
USA: (LTM)   Life Time Fitness, Inc.
USA: (LIFC)   LifeCell Corporation
USA: (LCBM)   Lifecore Biomedical, Inc.
USA: (LOCK)   LifeLock, Inc.
USA: (LPNT)   LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.
USA: (LFTAX)   Lifetime Achievement Fund
USA: (LCUT)   Lifetime Brands, Inc.
USA: (LWAY)   Lifeway Foods, Inc.
USA: (LXFR)   Luxfer Holdings PLC
USA: (PJH)   Merrill Lynch Dep Preferred Plus Trust Series BLC-2 Trust Ctf
USA: (PJJ)   Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Preferred Plus Trust ELP-1
USA: (PKH)   Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Preferred Plus Trust Ser QWS-1 7.7
USA: (PJE)   Merrill Lynch PreferredPlus Tr
USA: (MLG)   MetLife Inc.
USA: (MET)   MetLife, Inc.
USA: (MSA)   Mine Safety Appliances Compan
USA: (NWLIA)   National Western Life Insurance Compan
USA: (NWLI)   National Western Life Insurance Company
USA: (MFE)   Networks Associates, Inc.
USA: (FFEIX)   Nuveen Eqty Inc;A
USA: (FFECX)   Nuveen Eqty Inc;C
USA: (FEISX)   Nuveen Eqty Inc;R3
USA: (FEIIX)   Nuveen Eqty Index;I
USA: (NMFLX)   Nuveen FL Preference Municipal Bond I
USA: (JPC)   Nuveen Preferred and Convertible Income Fund
USA: (JQC)   Nuveen Preferred and Convertible Income Fund 2
USA: (JTP)   Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund
USA: (JPS)   Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund 2
USA: (GLT)   P. H. Glatfelter Company
USA: (PFED)   Park Bancorp Inc.
USA: (PEET)   Peets Coffee & Tea, Inc.
USA: (PWRD)   Perfect World Co., Ltd.
USA: (PFEQX)   Performance Large Cap Equity Instl
USA: (PV)   Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (ADR)
USA: (PFNX)   Pfenex Inc.
USA: (PFE)   Pfizer Inc
USA: (FENG)   Phoenix New Media Limited
USA: (PPA)   PowerShares Aerospace & Defense
USA: (PGF)   PowerShares Financial Preferred
USA: (PRFE)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Energy
USA: (PGX)   PowerShares Preferred
USA: (APTS)   Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.
USA: (PFBC)   Preferred Bank
USA: (PJK)   Preferred Plus Trust
USA: (PJT)   Preferred Plus Trust GEC-1 6.05
USA: (PJA)   Preferred Plus Trust Ser QWS 2 Tr Ctf
USA: (PJL)   Preferredplus Tr
USA: (PJS)   PreferredPlus Trust
USA: (PJV)   Preferredplus Trust
USA: (PLFE)   Presidential Life Corporatio
USA: (IPDN)   Professional Diversity Network, LLC
USA: (EFO)   ProShares Ultra MSCI EAFE ETF
USA: (PL)   Protective Life Corp.
USA: (RELEX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy E
USA: (REAAX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy Fund
USA: (SB)   Safe Bulkers, Inc.
USA: (SAF)   SAFECO Corporation
USA: (SFOAX)   SAFECO Dividend Income Fund
USA: (SFE)   Safeguard Scientifi
USA: (SFNT)   Safenet Inc
USA: (SAFT)   Safety Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (SWY)   Safeway Inc
USA: (SFF)   Santa Fe Energy Trust
USA: (SFEF)   Santa Fe Financial Corp.
USA: (GSF)   Santa Fe International Corporation
USA: (SFENX)   Schwab Cap:Fdm Em Mkt Ix
USA: (SRLS)   SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc.
USA: (EFZ)   Short MSCI EAFE ProShares
USA: (SFBC)   Slades Ferry Bancorp
USA: (SFFS)   Sound Federal Bancorp
USA: (SSLGX)   SSgA Life Solutions Growth Instl
USA: (STRZ)   Star Buffet Inc.
USA: (SF)   Stifel Financial Corp.
USA: (SLF)   Sun Life Financial Inc
USA: (FESAX)   SunAmerica:Foc Eqty;A
USA: (SYNO)   Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.
USA: (PRFEX)   T. Rowe Price Instl Intl Growth Equity
USA: (TFEQX)   Templeton Instl Foreign Eq Ser Primary
USA: (AGM-A)   The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
USA: (FHC)   The Female Health Company
USA: (FHR)   The Female Health Company
USA: (FHCO)   The Female Health Company
USA: (TFEMX)   Touchstone:Em Mk Eq II;A
USA: (TFEAX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;A
USA: (TFECX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;C
USA: (TFEIX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;Inst
USA: (TFEYX)   Touchstone:Focsd Eq;Y
USA: (ULBI)   Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
USA: (EFU)   UltraShort MSCI EAFE ProShares
USA: (WFSL)   Washington Federal, Inc.
USA: (WVE)   Wave Life Sciences Pte Ltd.
USA: (WCFB)   Webster City Federal Bancorp
USA: (WBSTP)   Webster Preferred Capital Corp
USA: (WFEBX)   Wells Fargo Advantage International Equity Fund B
USA: (WFEIX)   WellsFargo:Entprise;I
USA: (TEFEX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (DFE)   WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend
USA: (WWE)   World Wrestling Federatio
INDIA: (CHAMBLFERT) Chambal Fertilisers & Chemical    (500085)
INDIA: (COROMNFERT) Coromandel Fertilizer Ltd.    (506395)
INDIA: (DEEPAKFERT) Deepak Fert. & Petrochemicals    (500645)
INDIA: (FEDDERLOYD) Fedders Llyod Corporation Ltd.    (500139)
INDIA: (FEDERALBNK) Federal Bank Ltd.    (500469)
INDIA: (FMGOETZE) Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd.    (505744)
INDIA: () Fem Care Pharma Ltd.    (524608)
INDIA: (GNFC) Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertiliser    (500670)
INDIA: (GSFC) Gujarat State Fertlisers & Chem. Ltd.    (500690)
INDIA: (HITACHIHOM) Hitachi Home & Life Soln. (India) Ltd.    (523398)
INDIA: (KIRLOSFERR) Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.    (500245)
INDIA: () Mangalore Chemicals & Fert. Ltd.    (530011)
INDIA: (MUDRA) Mudra LifeStyle Ltd.    (532820)
INDIA: (NAGARFERT) Nagarjuna Fertilz. & Chem. Ltd.    (500075)
INDIA: (NFL) National Fertilisers Ltd.    (523630)
INDIA: (NECLIFE) Nectar Lifesciences Limited    (532649)
INDIA: (RCF) Rashtriya Chem & Fert. Ltd.    (524230)
INDIA: (SUVEN) Suven Life Sciences Ltd.    (530239)
INDIA: (TATACOFFEE) Tata Coffee Ltd.    (532301)
INDIA: () VBC Ferro Alloys Ltd    (513005)