S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ABEIX)   Am Beacon:Evercr SCE;Ins
USA: (BHBC)   Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc
USA: (BNV)   Beverly National Corporation
USA: (BDJ)   Blackrock Enhanced Dividend Achievers Trust
USA: (CBEV)   Capital Beverage Corporation
USA: (CCBEF)   Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation
USA: (EVK)   Ever-Glory International Group, Inc.
USA: (EVER)   EverBank Financial Corp
USA: (EVRC)   Evercel Inc.
USA: (EVR)   Evercore Partners In
USA: (EVAMX)   Everest America Fund
USA: (RE)   Everest Re Group, Ltd.
USA: (ESAAX)   Evergreen Adjustable Rate Fund
USA: (EOCAX)   Evergreen CA Municipal A
USA: (EOCBX)   Evergreen CA Municipal B
USA: (EOCCX)   Evergreen CA Municipal C
USA: (EOCIX)   Evergreen CA Municipal I
USA: (EDSIX)   Evergreen Disciplined Value I
USA: (EEE)   Evergreen Energy Inc.
USA: (EFVAX)   Evergreen Fundamental Mid Cap Value A
USA: (EOD)   Evergreen Global Dividend Opportunity Fund
USA: (EKHAX)   Evergreen High Yield Bond Fund
USA: (ESMGX)   Evergreen Sml-Md Gr;A
USA: (ESLR)   Evergreen Solar, Inc.
USA: (EVST)   Everlast Worldwide Inc.
USA: (EVEAX)   Evermore Eur Val;A
USA: (EVECX)   Evermore Eur Val;C
USA: (EVEIX)   Evermore Eur Val;I
USA: (EVGIX)   Evermore Global Value I
USA: (EVTC)   Evertec, Inc.
USA: (ET)   Evertz Technologies Limited
USA: (EVDY)   Everyday Health, Inc.
USA: (FLSAX)   Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock Fund A
USA: (FLVCX)   Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock Fund
USA: (FCG)   First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas
USA: (FIZZ)   National Beverage Corp
USA: (FIZ)   National Beverage Corp.
USA: (PKW)   PowerShares Buyback Achievers
USA: (PFM)   PowerShares Dividend Achievers
USA: (PBJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage
USA: (PEY)   PowerShares HighYield Dividend Achievers
USA: (PID)   PowerShares Intl Dividend Achievers
USA: (SVBI)   Severn Bancorp Inc
USA: (UN)   Unilever N.V
USA: (UL)   Unilever plc
INDIA: (UNIONCARBI) Eveready Industries Limited    (531508)
INDIA: (EVERESTIND) Everest Indistries Ltd.    (508906)
INDIA: (EKC) Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd.    (532684)
INDIA: (EVERONN) Everonn Systems India    (532876)
INDIA: (HINDLEVER) Hindustan Lever Ltd.    (500696)
INDIA: () Mount Everest Mineral Water    (531096)
INDIA: () Mounteverest Trading & Investment Ltd    (532724)