S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (KDE)   4Kids Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (AEA)   Advance Amer Cash Advance Centers
USA: (AFCE)   AFC Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (AMC)   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
USA: (APAT)   APA Enterprises Inc.
USA: (APOG)   Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (ARCI)   Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.
USA: (EMAAX)   AXA Enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions Fund
USA: (BFUN)   Bam! Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (BGST)   BigStar Entertainment Inc.
USA: (BDLN)   Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc.
USA: (CZR)   Caesars Entertainment Corp.
USA: (CRS)   Carpenter Technology Corporation
USA: (CEC)   CEC Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (CDR)   Cedar Shopping Centers Inc
USA: (CNBC)   Center Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CLFC)   Center Financial Corporation
USA: (CVP)   Centerplate Inc.
USA: (CNP)   CenterPoint Energy, Inc (Holding Co)
USA: (CSCC)   CenterSpan Communications Corporation
USA: (CSFL)   Centerstate Banks of Florida, Inc.
USA: (CETV)   Central European Media Enterprises Ltd.
USA: (CHB)   Champion Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (CMPP)   Champps Entertainment, Inc
USA: (CCE)   Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
USA: (CTCO)   Commonwealth Tel Enterprises.
USA: (CJR)   Corus Entertainment Inc.
USA: (PLAY)   Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (DDE)   Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (DXPE)   DXP Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (ENTER)   Ensign Group
USA: (ETM)   Entercom Communications Corporation
USA: (ETR)   Entergy Corporation
USA: (EMO)   Entergy Mississippi Inc.
USA: (EMQ)   Entergy Mississippi Inc.
USA: (ETRM)   EnteroMedics Inc.
USA: (EBTC)   Enterprise Bancorp In
USA: (EFSC)   Enterprise Financial Services Corporation
USA: (EPE)   Enterprise GP Holdings L.P.
USA: (EPD)   Enterprise Products Partners L.P.
USA: (EIFAX)   Enterprise Technology Fund
USA: (EDCI)   Entertainment Distribution Company, Inc.
USA: (EPR)   Entertainment Properties Trust
USA: (FNLY)   Finlay Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (BDL)   Flanigan's Enterprises Inc.
USA: (FLE)   Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (FCE-A)   Forest City Enterprises
USA: (FCEA)   Forest City Enterprises Inc.
USA: (FCE.A)   Forest City Enterprises Inc
USA: (FCY)   Forest City Enterprises Inc
USA: (FCE-B)   Forest City Enterprises Inc.
USA: (GET)   Gaylord Entertainment Company
USA: (JOB)   General Employment Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (GLDC)   Golden Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (GTRC)   Guitar Center, Inc.
USA: (ZVUEL)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEW)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEZ)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (HET)   Harrahs Entertainment
USA: (HAST)   Hastings Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (HOVNP)   Hovnanian Enterprises Inc
USA: (HOV)   Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (IEP)   Icahn Enterprises, L.P.
USA: (DISK)   Image Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (IEAM)   Industrial Enterprises of America Inc.
USA: (NSIT)   Insight Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (JAENX)   Janus Enterprise Fund
USA: (LACO)   Lakes Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (LF)   LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (LEE)   Lee Enterprises, Incorporated
USA: (LGF)   Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
USA: (LNET)   LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation
USA: (LAEC)   Loyalty Alliance Enterprise Corporation
USA: (MGIC)   Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.
USA: (MECA)   Magna Entertainment Corporation
USA: (COOL)   Majesco Entertainment Company
USA: (MWD)   Marvel Entertainment Inc.
USA: (MVL)   Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (MVK)   Maverick Entertainment Group Plc
USA: (MPEL)   Melco Crown Entertainment Limited
USA: (MITY)   MITY Enterprises Inc.
USA: (NXRA)   Nextera Enterprises Inc.
USA: (NUS)   Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (ONAV)   Omega Navigation Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (PAE)   Peace Arch Entertainment
USA: (PNK)   Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (PLA-A)   Playboy Enterprises Inc.
USA: (PLA)   Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (PEJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertain
USA: (PEG)   Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.
USA: (TETSX)   RBC Enterprise Fund S
USA: (RGC)   Regal Entertainment Group
USA: (REG)   Regency Centers Corporation
USA: (RCII)   Rent-A-Center Inc.
USA: (RHIE)   RHI Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (GDIIX)   RNC Genter Div Inc Fd
USA: (RMISX)   Royce Enterprise Select Fund Investment
USA: (RUSHB)   Rush Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (RUSHA)   Rush Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (BFS)   Saul Centers, Inc.
USA: (SEAS)   SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (SFXE)   SFX Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (SNDA)   Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limite
USA: (SHU)   Shurgard Storage Centers Inc
USA: (SEN)   Southeastern Mich Gas Enterp
USA: (STEI)   Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (SYKE)   Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
USA: (SKT)   Tanger Factory Outlet Center
USA: (TCO)   Taubman Centers, Inc.
USA: (ORCD)   The Orchard Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (TKTM)   Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (TMI)   TM Entertainment and Media, Inc.
USA: (TWMC)   Trans World Entertainment Corp
USA: (TA)   TravelCenters of America
USA: (TRMP)   Trump Entertainment Resorts In
USA: (TWTR)   Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc
USA: (XPRSA)   U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (ACENX)   Van Kampen Enterprise A
USA: (SENTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Enterprise Inv
USA: (WERN)   Werner Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (WOC)   Wilshire Enterprises, Inc.
USA: (WPTE)   WPT Enterprises, Inc.
INDIA: (ADANIENT) Adani Enterprises Ltd.    (512599)
INDIA: (APOLLOHOSP) Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.    (508869)
INDIA: (DOLPHINOFF) Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I) Ltd.    (522261)
INDIA: (ENIL) Entertainment Network (India) Ltd.    (532700)
INDIA: () Galaxy Entertainment Corpn. Ltd.    (506186)
INDIA: () Indo Pacific Soft.& Entertainment    (531565)
INDIA: (INFOTECENT) Infotech Enterprises Ltd.    (532175)
INDIA: (NAHARINDUS) Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd    (519136)
INDIA: () Parenteral Drugs (India)    (524689)
INDIA: () Sahara One Media And Entert. Ltd.    (503691)
INDIA: () Vas Animations & Entertainment    (531574)
INDIA: (ZEEL) Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.    (505537)