S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='EL') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for EL:
USA: (AHC)   A. H. Belo Corporation
USA: (ABY)   Abengoa Yield plc
USA: (AVSGX)   ABN AMRO/Veredus Select Growth Fund
USA: (XLRN)   Acceleron Pharma Inc.
USA: (AXK)   Accelr8 Technology Corporation
USA: (ACCL)   Accelrys, Inc.
USA: (ACRX)   AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ACTT)   Act Teleconferencing Inc.
USA: (ACTL)   Actel Corporation
USA: (TBA)   Acucela
USA: (ADCT)   ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
USA: (LLUKX)   Adelante U.S. Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (AAAP)   Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.
USA: (CLACX)   AdvisorOne:Select App;N
USA: (CLSHX)   AdvisorOne:Shelter;N
USA: (AHYFX)   Aegis High Yield
USA: (CSTGX)   AIM Constellation A
USA: (GTDDX)   AIM Developing Markets Fund
USA: (AIXG)   Aixtron Aktiengesellschaft
USA: (AKS)   AK Steel Holding Corporation
USA: (TRMD)   Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Tor
USA: (AKZOY)   Akzo Nobel N.V.
USA: (ACEL)   Alfacell Corporation
USA: (ALGT)   Allegiant Travel Compan
USA: (AREAX)   AllianceBern Glbl Rel Est Invmt A
USA: (ARIIX)   AllianceBern Glbl Rel Est Invmt II
USA: (DGHCX)   Allianz:RCM Wellness;D
USA: (AT)   Alltel Corporation
USA: (AADDX)   Alpine:Accelerating Div
USA: (AMDWX)   Amana:Developing World
USA: (AMBA)   Ambarella, Inc.
USA: (APP)   American Apparel Inc.
USA: (TWCIX)   American Century Select Fund Inv
USA: (AEP)   American Elec Pwr Inc
USA: (AETI)   American Electric Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AEL)   American Equity Investment Life Holding
USA: (INEAX)   American Express High Yield Bond Fund
USA: (AIP)   American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd. (USA)
USA: (AISHX)   American Israeli Shared Values Cap App
USA: (SLA)   American Select Portfolio Inc.
USA: (TES)   American Telecom Services Inc.
USA: (AMDCX)   AMIDEX:35 Israel;C
USA: (AMPL)   Ampal-American Israel Corporatio
USA: (AGL)   Angelica Corp
USA: (ATS)   APT Satellite Holdings Limited
USA: (AQUA)   Aquacell Technologies Inc.
USA: (ARSD)   Arabian American Development Company
USA: (ARA)   Aracruz Cellulose SA (ADR)
USA: (ARCW)   ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.
USA: (MT)   ArcelorMittal
USA: (ADM)   Archer Daniels Midland Co
USA: (ARDX)   Ardelyx, Inc.
USA: (CAAPX)   Ariel Appreciation Fund
USA: (ARFFX)   Ariel Focus Fund
USA: (ARGFX)   Ariel Fund Inv
USA: (ARDFX)   Ariel:Discovery
USA: (ARW)   Arrow Electronics Inc
USA: (ARWD)   Arrow Resources Development Inc.
USA: (SAT)   Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited (ADR)
USA: (ASPN)   Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
USA: (MCGFX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Growth Fund N
USA: (AMCMX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Mid Cap Growth Fund N
USA: (ARSMX)   Aston/River Road Select Value Fund N
USA: (ATNI)   Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
USA: (AHD)   Atlas Pipeline Holdings, L.P.
USA: (APL)   Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (ATML)   Atmel Corporation
USA: (ABTL)   Autobytel Inc.
USA: (ACLS)   Axcelis Technologies, Inc.
USA: (AFT)   Axesstel, Inc
USA: (BEZ)   Baldor Electric Company
USA: (IRE)   Bank of Ireland (ADR)
USA: (BWFG)   Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (BRN)   Barnwell Industries, Inc.
USA: (BBISX)   BB&T Select Equity I
USA: (BBTEX)   BBH Core Select Fund
USA: (BSR)   BearLinx Alerian MLP Select Index ETN
USA: (BELFA)   Bel Fuse Inc
USA: (BELFB)   Bel Fuse Inc.
USA: (BDC)   Belden Inc.
USA: (BEL)   Bell Atlantic Corporation
USA: (BI)   Bell Industries Inc.
USA: (BELM)   Bell Microproducts Inc.
USA: (TRNDX)   Bell Worldwide Trends
USA: (BLPH)   Bellerophon Therapeutics LLC
USA: (BLCM)   Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (BLUS)   BELLUS Health Inc.
USA: (BLC)   Belo A H Corp
USA: (BHE)   Benchmark Electronics Inc
USA: (BIOD)   Biodel Inc
USA: (BDSI)   BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.
USA: (BIOF)   BioFuel Energy Corp.
USA: (CYE)   BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund III Inc.
USA: (COY)   BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund Inc.
USA: (HYV)   Blackrock Corporate High Yield Fund V Inc
USA: (HYT)   Blackrock Corporate High Yield Fund VI Inc
USA: (ECV)   Blackrock Enhanced Equity Yield Fund Inc.
USA: (EEF)   Blackrock Enhanced Equity Yield Fund Inc.
USA: (BKCC)   BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporatio
USA: (MYC)   BlackRock MuniYield California Fund Inc.
USA: (MCA)   BlackRock MuniYield California Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYF)   BlackRock MuniYield Florida Fund
USA: (MFT)   BlackRock MuniYield Florida Insured Fund
USA: (MYD)   Blackrock Muniyield Fund Inc
USA: (MYI)   BlackRock MuniYield Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYM)   BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund II Inc.
USA: (MIY)   BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYJ)   BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund Inc.
USA: (MJI)   BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MYN)   BlackRock MuniYield New York Insured Fund Inc.
USA: (MPA)   BlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Insured Fund
USA: (MQT)   BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund II Inc.
USA: (MQY)   BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund Inc.
USA: (MBGUX)   BlackRock:Ut&Tel;B1
USA: (BLOG)   BladeLogic
USA: (ADRD)   BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index
USA: (BSI)   Blue Square-Israel Ltd.
USA: (BXC)   BlueLinx Holdings Inc.
USA: (MFOMX)   BNY Mellon Focused Equity Opportunities Fund M
USA: (MPPMX)   BNY Mellon International Appreciation Fund M
USA: (MPITX)   BNY Mellon International Fund M
USA: (MPLCX)   BNY Mellon Large Cap Stock M
USA: (MPMCX)   BNY Mellon Mid Cap Multi-Strategy Fund M
USA: (MNYIX)   BNY Mellon NY Intermediate T/E Bd Inv
USA: (MNYMX)   BNY Mellon NY Intermediate T/E Bd M
USA: (MPPIX)   BNY Mellon PA Interm Muni Bd M
USA: (MPSSX)   BNY Mellon Small Cap Stock Fund M
USA: (MPBFX)   BNY Mellon:Bond;M
USA: (MIEGX)   BNY Mellon:Emg Mkts;Inv
USA: (MEMKX)   BNY Mellon:Emg Mkts;M
USA: (MIISX)   BNY Mellon:Inc Stock;Inv
USA: (MPISX)   BNY Mellon:Inc Stock;M
USA: (MPIBX)   BNY Mellon:Int Bond;M
USA: (MPNIX)   BNY Mellon:Nat Int;M
USA: (MPSTX)   BNY Mellon:Nat Sh-Tm;M
USA: (MMCIX)   BNY Mellon:Sm/Mid Cp;Inv
USA: (MMCMX)   BNY Mellon:Sm/Mid Cp;M
USA: (BWP)   Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
USA: (WIFI)   Boingo Wireless, Inc.
USA: (ACBGX)   Bonnel Growth Fund
USA: (BNSO)   Bonso Electronics International Inc.
USA: (WEL)   Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc.
USA: (BRP)   Brasil Telecom Participacoes SA
USA: (BTM)   Brasil Telecom S.A. (ADR)
USA: (BLSW)   Bridgeline Software, Inc.
USA: (CELL)   Brightpoint, Inc.
USA: (BHS)   Brookfield Homes Corporation
USA: (BIP)   Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.
USA: (BPO)   Brookfield Properties Corporation (USA)
USA: (BSM)   BSD Medical Corporation develops
USA: (BKI)   Buckeye Cellulose Corp
USA: (BUFHX)   Buffalo:High Yield
USA: (CAB)   Cabelas Incorporated
USA: (CCMP)   Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (CHYDX)   Calamos High Yield Fund
USA: (COAGX)   Caldwell&Orkin:Mkt Op
USA: (ELY)   Callaway Golf Company
USA: (CIS)   Camelot Information Systems Inc.
USA: (CPRFX)   Camelot Premium Rtn;A
USA: (CPB)   Campbell Soup Co
USA: (CANGX)   CAN SLIM Select Growth
USA: (CLZR)   Candela Corporation
USA: (CMN)   Cantel Medical Corporation
USA: (CD)   Cantex Mine Development Corp.
USA: (CPLA)   Capella Education Compan
USA: (CWST)   Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
USA: (CSTL)   Castelle
USA: (CBG)   CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc.
USA: (CVM)   CEL-SCI Corporatio
USA: (CLDN)   Celadon Group, Inc.
USA: (CE)   Celanese Corporation
USA: (BDAY)   Celebrate Express, Inc.
USA: (CLS)   Celestica, Inc.
USA: (CELG)   Celgene Corporation
USA: (CEGE)   Cell Genesys, Inc.
USA: (CTIC)   Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CTICD)   Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CLDN)   Celladon Corporation
USA: (CEL)   Cellcom Israel, Ltd.
USA: (CLDX)   Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (CLLS)   Cellectis S.A.
USA: (CLGY)   Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (CLU)   Cellu Tissue Holdings, Inc.
USA: (ICEL)   Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.
USA: (CTSC)   Cellular Technical Services Company Inc.
USA: (CLSN)   Celsion Corporation
USA: (CLN)   Celsion Corporation
USA: (CYAD)   Celyad SA
USA: (CSMCX)   Century Small Cap Select Fund Instl
USA: (CTL)   CenturyTel, Inc.
USA: (ECOM)   ChannelAdvisor Corporation
USA: (CHNL)   Channell Commercial Corporation
USA: (CHAP)   Chaparral Steel Company
USA: (CWF)   Chartwell Dividend and Income Fund Inc.
USA: (HELI)   CHC Group Ltd.
USA: (FLI)   CHC Helicopter Corporation
USA: (CHTP)   Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd.
USA: (CHLN)   China Housing & Land Development, Inc.
USA: (CPSL)   China Precision Steel, Inc.
USA: (CNTF)   China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited
USA: (CTDC)   China Technology Development Group Corporation
USA: (CHA)   China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR)
USA: (CHH)   Choice Hotels International, Inc.
USA: (CHT)   Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
USA: (CBB)   Cincinnati Bell Inc.
USA: (CIT)   CIT Group Inc (DEL)
USA: (CDL)   Citadel Broadcasting Corporation
USA: (CTEL)   City Telecom (H.K.) Limited
USA: (PLTE)   Claymont Steel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (EEN)   Claymore/BNY Mellon EW Euro-Pacific LDRs
USA: (SEA)   Claymore/Delta Global Shipping
USA: (CDTI)   Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CLNE)   Clean Energy Fuels Corp
USA: (CCU)   Clear Channel Communications
USA: (CCO)   Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CLFD)   Clearfield, Inc.
USA: (CBLI)   Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.
USA: (CLF)   Cleveland-Cliffs Inc
USA: (COBR)   Cobra Electronics Corporation
USA: (CCH)   Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co SA (ADR)
USA: (CDRB)   Code Rebel Corporation
USA: (CSA)   Cogdell Spencer Inc.
USA: (ACFFX)   Columbia Acorn International Select Fund Z
USA: (ACTWX)   Columbia Acorn Select Fund Z
USA: (CPPL)   Columbia Pipeline Partners LP
USA: (UMLGX)   Columbia Select Large Cap Growth Fund Z
USA: (SLVAX)   Columbia Select Large-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (UMLCX)   Columbia Select Small Cap Fund Z
USA: (SSCVX)   Columbia Select Smaller Cap Value Fund A
USA: (SHGTX)   Columbia Seligman Global Technology A
USA: (SLMCX)   Columbia:Sel C&I;A
USA: (CTCO)   Commonwealth Tel Enterprises.
USA: (CICI)   Communication Intelligence Corporation
USA: (ELP)   Companhia Parana de Energy
USA: (CTC)   Compania de Telecomunicaciones de Chile S.A.
USA: (CML)   Compellent Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CMTL)   Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
USA: (STZ-B)   Constellation Brands Inc B
USA: (STZ)   Constellation Brands, Inc.
USA: (CEG)   Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
USA: (CEP)   Constellation Energy Partners LLC
USA: (CSTM)   Constellium Holdco B.V.
USA: (XLY)   Consumer Discretionry Select Sector SPDR
USA: (XLP)   Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR
USA: (COPY)   CopyTele Inc.
USA: (CREL)   Corel Corporation
USA: (CRN)   Cornell Corrections Inc
USA: (CRVL)   CorVel Corp.
USA: (CPFSX)   Counterpoint Select
USA: (CRXL)   Crucell NV
USA: (CYCCP)   Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (CYCC)   Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (CELP)   Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (DFR)   Deerfield Triarc Capital Corp.
USA: (DFRG)   Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, LLC
USA: (DLM)   Del Monte Foods Company
USA: (DASAX)   Delaware American Services Fund
USA: (DPFIX)   Delaware Core Bond;A
USA: (DEGGX)   Delaware Core+Bond;A
USA: (DGCIX)   Delaware Corp Bond;Inst
USA: (DGCAX)   Delaware Corporate Bond Fund
USA: (DDFAX)   Delaware Div Fltg Rt;A
USA: (DDIAX)   Delaware Dividend Income Fund
USA: (DPDFX)   Delaware Dvsfd Inc;A
USA: (DEMAX)   Delaware Em Mkt;A
USA: (DEMBX)   Delaware Em Mkt;B
USA: (DEMCX)   Delaware Em Mkt;C
USA: (DEMIX)   Delaware Em Mkt;Inst
USA: (DEMRX)   Delaware Em Mkt;R
USA: (DEX)   Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend
USA: (DEEAX)   Delaware Ext Dur Bd;A
USA: (DGGIX)   Delaware Focus Global Growth Instl
USA: (DFEIX)   Delaware Foundation Equity Instl
USA: (DLRIX)   Delaware Global Real Estate I
USA: (DABAX)   Delaware Global Value A
USA: (DLHAX)   Delaware Healthcare;A
USA: (DHOAX)   Delaware Hi Yld Opp;A
USA: (DIPAX)   Delaware Inf Pro Bd;A
USA: (DEGIX)   Delaware International Value Equity Fund A
USA: (VAZ)   Delaware Investments Arizona Municipal Income Fund
USA: (VCF)   Delaware Investments Colorado Insured Municipal Income Fund
USA: (DDF)   Delaware Investments Dividend and Income Fund Inc.
USA: (VFL)   Delaware Investments Florida Insured Municipal Income Fund
USA: (DGF)   Delaware Investments Global Dividend and Income Fund Inc.
USA: (VMM)   Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II
USA: (DDCIX)   Delaware Large Cap Core Instl
USA: (DELDX)   Delaware Large Cap Value Fund A
USA: (DTRIX)   Delaware Ltd-Tm Dvs;A
USA: (DMGIX)   Delaware Macq Gl Infr;I
USA: (OIIEX)   Delaware Optimum International Inst
USA: (OILGX)   Delaware Optimum Large Cap Growth Instl
USA: (OILVX)   Delaware Optimum Large Cap Value Instl
USA: (DCFIX)   Delaware Pld:Core Foc FI
USA: (DCPFX)   Delaware Pld:Core Pls FI
USA: (DPEGX)   Delaware Pld:Emg Mkt II
USA: (DPEMX)   Delaware Pld:Emrg Mkt
USA: (DPGIX)   Delaware Pld:Gl Fixed
USA: (DPHYX)   Delaware Pld:Hi Yld Bond
USA: (DPIFX)   Delaware Pld:Intl Fxd
USA: (DPRTX)   Delaware Pld:Real Est II
USA: (DPCEX)   Delaware Pld:Select 20
USA: (DGROX)   Delaware Pooled Glbl Real Estate Sec Org
USA: (DPIEX)   Delaware Pooled International Equity Fund O
USA: (DELPX)   Delaware Pooled Labor Select International Equity Fund
USA: (DPLGX)   Delaware Pooled Large-Cap Growth Equity
USA: (DPDEX)   Delaware Pooled Large-Cap Value Equity
USA: (DPREX)   Delaware REIT Fund A
USA: (DVEAX)   Delaware Sel Gro;A
USA: (DVEBX)   Delaware Sel Gro;B
USA: (DVECX)   Delaware Sel Gro;C
USA: (VAGGX)   Delaware Sel Gro;Inst
USA: (DFSRX)   Delaware Sel Gro;R
USA: (DCCIX)   Delaware Small Cap Core Fund I
USA: (DFCIX)   Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (FTNYX)   Delaware Tax-Free NY A
USA: (DMUSX)   Delaware TF USA Int;A
USA: (DELTX)   Delaware Trend Portfolio
USA: (DVTFX)   Delaware Tx-Fr CA;B
USA: (DVFTX)   Delaware Tx-Fr CA;C
USA: (DVTNX)   Delaware Tx-Fr NY;B
USA: (DVFNX)   Delaware Tx-Fr NY;C
USA: (DPTBX)   Delaware Tx-Fr PA;B
USA: (DPTCX)   Delaware Tx-Fr PA;C
USA: (DUGAX)   Delaware US Growth Fund A
USA: (DDVAX)   Delaware Value Fund A
USA: (DCTH)   Delcath Systems, Inc.
USA: (DKL)   Delek Logistics Partners, LP
USA: (DK)   Delek US Holdings, Inc.
USA: (DEG)   Delhaize Group (ADR)
USA: (DLIA)   dELiAs, Inc
USA: (DELL)   Dell Inc.
USA: (DLPX)   DelphaxTechnologies Inc.
USA: (DLPH)   Delphi Automotive PLC
USA: (DFY)   Delphi Financial Group Inc.
USA: (DFG)   Delphi Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (DAL)   Delta Air Lines, Inc.
USA: (DLA)   Delta Apparel, Inc.
USA: (DFC)   Delta Financial Corporation
USA: (DELT)   Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
USA: (DGAS)   Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.
USA: (DPTR)   Delta Petroleum Corporation
USA: (DGEN)   Deltagen, Inc.
USA: (DDDC)   deltathree Inc
USA: (PROJ)   Deltek Inc.
USA: (DEL)   Deltic Timber Corporation
USA: (DLX)   Deluxe Corporation
USA: (DSWL)   Deswell Industries, Inc.
USA: (DT)   Deutsche Telekom AG
USA: (DDR)   Developers Diversified Realty Corporation
USA: (DFELX)   DFA Enhanced US Large Company Portfolio I
USA: (DFSHX)   DFA Select Hedged Gl
USA: (DGIT)   DG FastChannel Inc.
USA: (DIGA)   Digital Angel Corporation
USA: (DOC)   Digital Angel Corporation
USA: (DEIX)   Directed Electronics, Inc.
USA: (DXDLX)   Direxion Monthly Developed Markets Bull 2x Fund Inv
USA: (DXELX)   Direxion:M EM Bl 2x;Inv
USA: (SFHYX)   Direxion:Spect Sel A;Svc
USA: (DCEL)   Dobson Communications Corporation
USA: (DIIB)   Dorel Industries, Inc. (USA)
USA: (DBLFX)   DoubleLine:Cr Fxd In;I
USA: (DMLAX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;A
USA: (DMLIX)   DoubleLine:Mlt-Ast Gro;I
USA: (DBLTX)   DoubleLine:Tot Rtn;I
USA: (DRELX)   Dreyfus Emerging Leaders Fund
USA: (DHF)   Dreyfus High Yield Strategies
USA: (DLHRX)   Dreyfus High Yield;I
USA: (DSGIX)   Dreyfus Sel Mgr SC Gro;I
USA: (DMVIX)   Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Value Fund I
USA: (DRSLX)   Driehaus:Select Credit
USA: (DUF)   Duff & Phelps Corporation
USA: (DNP)   Duff & Phelps Utilities Income Inc
USA: (DTF)   Duff & Phelps Utilities Tax-Free Income Inc.
USA: (DUC)   Duff & Phelps Utility and Corporate Bond Trust Inc.
USA: (DNHYX)   Dunham:High-Yield Bond;N
USA: (ELNK)   EarthLink, Inc.
USA: (ELC)   Eastern Light Capital Inc.
USA: (ELFLX)   Eaton Vance AMT-Fr LM;B
USA: (ELCAX)   Eaton Vance CA Ltd Maturity Muni Inc B
USA: (ELNAX)   Eaton Vance Nat LM;B
USA: (ELNYX)   Eaton Vance NY LM;B
USA: (ELON)   Echelon Corporation
USA: (ECIL)   ECI Telecom Ltd.
USA: (ECTX)   ECtel Ltd.
USA: (EDUC)   Educational Development Corporation
USA: (EP)   El Paso Corporation
USA: (EE)   El Paso Electric Company
USA: (EPB)   El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P.
USA: (LOCO)   El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc.
USA: (ELN)   Elan Corporation, plc
USA: (EMITF)   Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd.
USA: (ESLT)   Elbit Systems Ltd.
USA: (ELCO)   Elcom International Inc.
USA: (ELDO)   Eldorado Artesian Springs Inc.
USA: (EGO)   Eldorado Gold Corporation
USA: (ELEC)   eLEC Communications Corp.
USA: (ASY)   Elecsys Corporation
USA: (ELGT)   Electric & Gas Technology Inc.
USA: (EEEI)   Electro Energy Inc.
USA: (ELRC)   Electro Rent Corporation
USA: (ESIO)   Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.
USA: (MELA)   Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc.
USA: (ELSE)   Electro-Sensors, Inc.
USA: (EGLS)   Electroglas, Inc.
USA: (ELMD)   Electromed, Inc.
USA: (ERTS)   Electronic Arts Inc
USA: (ECIG)   Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd.
USA: (ECHO)   Electronic Clearing House, Inc.
USA: (EDS)   Electronic Data Systems Corporation
USA: (EFII)   Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
USA: (GWO)   ELEMENTS CS Global Warming ETN
USA: (DOD)   ELEMENTS DJ High Yield Select 10 ETN
USA: (WMW)   ELEMENTS Morningstar Wide Moat Focus ETN
USA: (RJA)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Agric ETN
USA: (RJN)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Enrgy ETN
USA: (RJI)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity ETN
USA: (RJZ)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Metal ETN
USA: (EBIO)   Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.
USA: (EINFX)   Elfun Income Fund
USA: (EGLBX)   Elfun International Equity Fund
USA: (ELFNX)   Elfun Trusts
USA: (LLY)   Eli Lilly and Company
USA: (ELGIX)   Elite Group:Growth & Inc
USA: (ELINX)   Elite Group:Income
USA: (ELI)   Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (EGT)   Elixir Gaming Technologies, Inc.
USA: (RDEN)   Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
USA: (ELLI)   Ellie Mae, Inc.
USA: (EARN)   Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
USA: (ECF)   Ellsworth Fund Ltd.
USA: (ESBK)   Elmira Savings Bank, FSB (The)
USA: (LONG)   eLong Inc
USA: (ELOQ)   Eloqua Limited
USA: (ELOY)   eLoyalty Corporation
USA: (ELRN)   Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.
USA: (ELT)   Elster Group SE
USA: (ELTK)   Eltek Ltd.
USA: (ELXS)   ELXSI Corporation
USA: (AKOA)   Embotelladora Andina S.A.
USA: (AKO-B)   Embotelladora Andina S.A. (ADR)
USA: (ETF)   Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund Inc.
USA: (EMR)   Emerson Electric Company
USA: (EDN)   Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A.
USA: (EOC)   Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A. (ADR)
USA: (ELMG)   EMS Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ELX)   Emulex Corporation
USA: (ELE)   Endesa S.A. (ADR)
USA: (ELGX)   Endologix In
USA: (EN)   Enel Societa per Azioni
USA: (XLE)   Energy Select Sector SPDR
USA: (ENTL)   Entellus Medical, Inc.
USA: (ELS)   Equity Lifestyle Properties
USA: (ESCH)   Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
USA: (ESP)   Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp.
USA: (ETEL)   eTelecare Global Solutions, Inc.
USA: (EVRC)   Evercel Inc.
USA: (EKHAX)   Evergreen High Yield Bond Fund
USA: (EXM)   Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd.
USA: (XLTC)   Excel Technology, Inc
USA: (EXL)   Excel Trust, Inc.
USA: (UMBIX)   Excelsior Value & Restructuring Fund
USA: (EXEL)   Exelixis, Inc.
USA: (EXC)   Exelon Corporation
USA: (EXFO)   EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering
USA: (FAVLX)   Fallen Angels Value Fund
USA: (FCH)   Felcor Suite Hotels Inc
USA: (FMP)   Feldman Mall Properties, Inc.
USA: (FGP)   Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.
USA: (FTGX)   Fibernet Telecom Group, Inc.
USA: (FGL)   Fidelity & Guaranty Life
USA: (FBTAX)   Fidelity Adv Biotech;A
USA: (FCMBX)   Fidelity Adv CA Muni;B
USA: (FCMKX)   Fidelity Adv CA Muni;C
USA: (FDETX)   Fidelity Adv Cap Dev;O
USA: (FHKAX)   Fidelity Adv Ch Reg;A
USA: (FHKBX)   Fidelity Adv Ch Reg;B
USA: (FCHKX)   Fidelity Adv Ch Reg;C
USA: (FHKIX)   Fidelity Adv Ch Reg;I
USA: (FHKTX)   Fidelity Adv Ch Reg;T
USA: (FCNAX)   Fidelity Adv Cns Dis;A
USA: (FACVX)   Fidelity Adv Cnv Sec;A
USA: (FCBVX)   Fidelity Adv Cnv Sec;B
USA: (FCCVX)   Fidelity Adv Cnv Sec;C
USA: (FTCVX)   Fidelity Adv Cnv Sec;T
USA: (FDMAX)   Fidelity Adv Com Eqp;A
USA: (FDGTX)   Fidelity Adv Div Gro;T
USA: (FELAX)   Fidelity Adv Electrn;A
USA: (FEAAX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;A
USA: (FERBX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;B
USA: (FERCX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;C
USA: (FERIX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;I
USA: (FEATX)   Fidelity Adv Em Asia;T
USA: (FMEAX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;A
USA: (FEMBX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;B
USA: (FEMCX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;C
USA: (FIEMX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;I
USA: (FEMTX)   Fidelity Adv Em EMEA;T
USA: (FAMKX)   Fidelity Adv EM;A
USA: (FBMKX)   Fidelity Adv EM;B
USA: (FMCKX)   Fidelity Adv EM;C
USA: (FIMKX)   Fidelity Adv EM;Inst
USA: (FTMKX)   Fidelity Adv EM;T
USA: (FAGNX)   Fidelity Adv Energy;T
USA: (EPGAX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Gro;A
USA: (EPGBX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Gro;B
USA: (EPGCX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Gro;C
USA: (EQPGX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Gro;Ins
USA: (FAEGX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Gro;T
USA: (FEIAX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;A
USA: (FEIBX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;B
USA: (FEICX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;C
USA: (EQPIX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;Ins
USA: (FEIRX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Inc;T
USA: (FAVAX)   Fidelity Adv Eq Val;A
USA: (FAEAX)   Fidelity Adv Eu CA;A
USA: (FBEAX)   Fidelity Adv Eu CA;B
USA: (FCEAX)   Fidelity Adv Eu CA;C
USA: (FIEAX)   Fidelity Adv Eu CA;Ins
USA: (FAECX)   Fidelity Adv Eu CA;T
USA: (FFRIX)   Fidelity Adv Float;I
USA: (FAFDX)   Fidelity Adv FnSv;A
USA: (FAGAX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;A
USA: (FABGX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;B
USA: (FACGX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;C
USA: (FAGCX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;Ins
USA: (FAGOX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;T
USA: (FGVAX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Str;A
USA: (FGVBX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Str;B
USA: (FGECX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Str;C
USA: (FRVIX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Str;I
USA: (FAHYX)   Fidelity Adv HI Advt;T
USA: (FHNIX)   Fidelity Adv Hi Inc;I
USA: (FACDX)   Fidelity Adv Hlth;A
USA: (FCLAX)   Fidelity Adv Inds;A
USA: (EFIPX)   Fidelity Adv Int Bd;I
USA: (FPJAX)   Fidelity Adv Japan;A
USA: (FJPBX)   Fidelity Adv Japan;B
USA: (FJPCX)   Fidelity Adv Japan;C
USA: (FJPIX)   Fidelity Adv Japan;I
USA: (FJPTX)   Fidelity Adv Japan;T
USA: (FLNAX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;A
USA: (FLNBX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;B
USA: (FLNEX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;C
USA: (FLNOX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;I
USA: (FLNTX)   Fidelity Adv LCG;T
USA: (FLUAX)   Fidelity Adv LCV;A
USA: (FLUBX)   Fidelity Adv LCV;B
USA: (FLUEX)   Fidelity Adv LCV;C
USA: (FLUIX)   Fidelity Adv LCV;I
USA: (FLUTX)   Fidelity Adv LCV;T
USA: (FLFAX)   Fidelity Adv Ltn Amer;A
USA: (FLFBX)   Fidelity Adv Ltn Amer;B
USA: (FLFCX)   Fidelity Adv Ltn Amer;C
USA: (FLFIX)   Fidelity Adv Ltn Amer;I
USA: (FLFTX)   Fidelity Adv Ltn Amer;T
USA: (FGCAX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;A
USA: (FGCBX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;B
USA: (FGCCX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;C
USA: (FGCOX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;I
USA: (FGCTX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;T
USA: (FMCDX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;A
USA: (FMCBX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;B
USA: (FMCEX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;C
USA: (FMCCX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;I
USA: (FMCAX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;T
USA: (FITIX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cp2;T
USA: (FNMAX)   Fidelity Adv NY Muni;A
USA: (FNYBX)   Fidelity Adv NY Muni;B
USA: (FNYCX)   Fidelity Adv NY Muni;C
USA: (FNYPX)   Fidelity Adv NY Muni;T
USA: (FASFX)   Fidelity Adv Sh Fxd;T
USA: (FDCIX)   Fidelity Adv Stk SAC;I
USA: (FTQAX)   Fidelity Adv Str Gro;A
USA: (FTQBX)   Fidelity Adv Str Gro;B
USA: (FTQCX)   Fidelity Adv Str Gro;C
USA: (FTQIX)   Fidelity Adv Str Gro;I
USA: (FTQTX)   Fidelity Adv Str Gro;T
USA: (FSIAX)   Fidelity Adv Str In;T
USA: (FTXAX)   Fidelity Adv TM Stk;A
USA: (FTXBX)   Fidelity Adv TM Stk;B
USA: (FTXCX)   Fidelity Adv TM Stk;C
USA: (FTXIX)   Fidelity Adv TM Stk;I
USA: (FTXTX)   Fidelity Adv TM Stk;T
USA: (FUGAX)   Fidelity Adv Util;A
USA: (FDVIX)   Fidelity Advisor Diversified International Fund I
USA: (FDESX)   Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock O
USA: (FMKAX)   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Inc A
USA: (FMKIX)   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Inc I
USA: (FAEMX)   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Inc T
USA: (FGETX)   Fidelity Advisor Global Capital Apprec T
USA: (FGIOX)   Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income Fund I
USA: (FGVTX)   Fidelity Advisor Growth Strategies Fund T
USA: (FIATX)   Fidelity Advisor International Capital Appreciation Fund T
USA: (FAIDX)   Fidelity Advisor International Discovery Fund A
USA: (FLSAX)   Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock Fund A
USA: (FIIAX)   Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II Fund A
USA: (FNIAX)   Fidelity Advisor New Insights Fund A
USA: (FEMIX)   Fidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc I
USA: (FAERX)   Fidelity Advisor Overseas Fund T
USA: (FHEIX)   Fidelity Advisor Real Estate Fund I
USA: (FSCDX)   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Fund A
USA: (FCCGX)   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth Fund C
USA: (FCVAX)   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Value Fund A
USA: (FADTX)   Fidelity Advisor Technology A
USA: (FAVFX)   Fidelity Advisor Value Fund A
USA: (FVLAX)   Fidelity Advisor Value Leaders A
USA: (FBALX)   Fidelity Balanced
USA: (FSBI)   Fidelity Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FBCFX)   Fidelity Blue Chip Gr;F
USA: (FBGKX)   Fidelity Blue Chip Gr;K
USA: (FBGRX)   Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund
USA: (FBCVX)   Fidelity Blue Chip Value Fund
USA: (FCSTX)   Fidelity CA S-I T-F Bd
USA: (FICDX)   Fidelity Canada Fund
USA: (FDCAX)   Fidelity Cap App
USA: (FAGIX)   Fidelity Capital & Inc
USA: (FDRXX)   Fidelity Cash Reserves
USA: (FHKCX)   Fidelity China Region
USA: (FFCSX)   Fidelity Comm Strat Fd
USA: (CNGRX)   Fidelity Congress Street
USA: (FCNTX)   Fidelity Contrafund
USA: (FCNKX)   Fidelity Contrafund;K
USA: (FCBFX)   Fidelity Corporate Bond
USA: (FCNVX)   Fidelity Csv Inc Bd;Inst
USA: (FDEQX)   Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund
USA: (FDEFX)   Fidelity Discpln Eq;F
USA: (FDEKX)   Fidelity Discpln Eq;K
USA: (FDIVX)   Fidelity Diversified International Fund
USA: (FDGFX)   Fidelity Dividend Gr
USA: (FEMEX)   Fidelity Em EMEA
USA: (FSEAX)   Fidelity Emerg Asia
USA: (FEMKX)   Fidelity Emerg Mkts
USA: (FKEMX)   Fidelity Emerg Mkts;K
USA: (FEQIX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc
USA: (FEQTX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc II
USA: (FETKX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc II;K
USA: (FEIKX)   Fidelity Equity-Inc;K
USA: (FIEUX)   Fidelity Europe
USA: (FECAX)   Fidelity Europe Cap Ap
USA: (FDLEX)   Fidelity Exchange
USA: (FEXPX)   Fidelity Export & Multinational
USA: (FFRHX)   Fidelity Floating Rate High Income
USA: (FHIFX)   Fidelity Focused Hi Inc
USA: (FTQGX)   Fidelity Focused Stock Fund
USA: (FFNOX)   Fidelity Four-in-One I
USA: (FFFDX)   Fidelity Freedom 2020
USA: (FFTWX)   Fidelity Freedom 2025
USA: (FFFEX)   Fidelity Freedom 2030
USA: (FDGRX)   Fidelity Gro Company
USA: (FGRFX)   Fidelity Gro Company;F
USA: (FGCKX)   Fidelity Gro Company;K
USA: (FDSVX)   Fidelity Gro Discovery
USA: (FGDKX)   Fidelity Gro Discovery;K
USA: (FAGKX)   Fidelity Gro Strat;K
USA: (FGRIX)   Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio
USA: (FDEGX)   Fidelity Growth Strategies Fund
USA: (SPHIX)   Fidelity High Income
USA: (FIGXX)   Fidelity IMM:Govt;I
USA: (FMPXX)   Fidelity IMM:MM;I
USA: (FNSXX)   Fidelity IMM:MM;Inst
USA: (FIDXX)   Fidelity IMM:Prm MM;I
USA: (FIPXX)   Fidelity IMM:Prm MM;Inst
USA: (FGMNX)   Fidelity Inc:GNMA
USA: (FGOVX)   Fidelity Inc:Govt Inc
USA: (FDFFX)   Fidelity Independence
USA: (FDFKX)   Fidelity Independence;K
USA: (FINPX)   Fidelity Infla-Prot Bond
USA: (FTHRX)   Fidelity Int Bond
USA: (FLTMX)   Fidelity Int Muni Inc
USA: (FIVFX)   Fidelity International Capital Appreciation Fund
USA: (FIGRX)   Fidelity International Discovery Fund
USA: (FIENX)   Fidelity International Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FIGFX)   Fidelity International Growth Fund
USA: (FISMX)   Fidelity International Small Cap Fund
USA: (FSCOX)   Fidelity International Small Cap Opportunities Fund
USA: (FIVLX)   Fidelity International Value Fund
USA: (FIREX)   Fidelity Intl Real Est
USA: (FBNDX)   Fidelity Inv Grade Bond
USA: (FJPNX)   Fidelity Japan
USA: (FJSCX)   Fidelity Japan Sm Co
USA: (FLCEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Core Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLGEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Growth Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLCSX)   Fidelity Large Cap Stock Fund
USA: (FLVEX)   Fidelity Large Cap Value Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FLATX)   Fidelity Latin America
USA: (FLVCX)   Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock Fund
USA: (FSLGX)   Fidelity Lg Cap Gro;LCG
USA: (FSLVX)   Fidelity Lg Cap Val;LCV
USA: (FLPSX)   Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund
USA: (FMAGX)   Fidelity Magellan Fund
USA: (FGRTX)   Fidelity Mega Cap Stock Fund
USA: (FSMGX)   Fidelity Mid Cap Growth Fund
USA: (FSMVX)   Fidelity Mid Cap Value Fund
USA: (FRTXX)   Fidelity MM:Retirement
USA: (FMSFX)   Fidelity Mtge Sec;Mtge
USA: (FTEXX)   Fidelity Muni Money Mkt
USA: (FNCMX)   Fidelity NASDAQ Com Ix
USA: (ONEQ)   Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking
USA: (FNF)   Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
USA: (FIS)   Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.
USA: (FNMIX)   Fidelity New Markets Income
USA: (FMILX)   Fidelity New Millennium
USA: (FTFMX)   Fidelity New York Municipal Income
USA: (FNORX)   Fidelity Nordic
USA: (FOCPX)   Fidelity OTC
USA: (FOCKX)   Fidelity OTC;K
USA: (FOSFX)   Fidelity Overseas Fund
USA: (FPBFX)   Fidelity Pacific Basin
USA: (FPURX)   Fidelity Puritan
USA: (FRIFX)   Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund
USA: (FRESX)   Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio
USA: (FSTFX)   Fidelity S-I Muni Inc
USA: (FSAIX)   Fidelity Sel Air Trans
USA: (FSAVX)   Fidelity Sel Auto
USA: (FSRBX)   Fidelity Sel Banking
USA: (FBIOX)   Fidelity Sel Bio Tech
USA: (FSCHX)   Fidelity Sel Chemicals
USA: (FSCPX)   Fidelity Sel Cnsmr Dsc
USA: (FDFAX)   Fidelity Sel Cnsmr Stp
USA: (FSHOX)   Fidelity Sel Cnst&Hous
USA: (FSDCX)   Fidelity Sel Comm Eqp
USA: (FDCPX)   Fidelity Sel Computer
USA: (FSDAX)   Fidelity Sel Defense
USA: (FSELX)   Fidelity Sel Elctronic
USA: (FSENX)   Fidelity Sel Energy
USA: (FSLEX)   Fidelity Sel Env&Alt Eng
USA: (FIDSX)   Fidelity Sel Financial
USA: (FSPHX)   Fidelity Sel Health
USA: (FSCGX)   Fidelity Sel Ind Equip
USA: (FCYIX)   Fidelity Sel Industrls
USA: (FSPCX)   Fidelity Sel Insurance
USA: (FBSOX)   Fidelity Sel IT Svcs
USA: (FDLSX)   Fidelity Sel Leisure
USA: (FSDPX)   Fidelity Sel Materials
USA: (FSMEX)   Fidelity Sel Med Equip
USA: (FSHCX)   Fidelity Sel Medical
USA: (FBMPX)   Fidelity Sel Mltimedia
USA: (FSNGX)   Fidelity Sel Nat Gas
USA: (FSRPX)   Fidelity Sel Retailing
USA: (FSCSX)   Fidelity Sel Software
USA: (FSTCX)   Fidelity Sel Telecomm
USA: (FSRFX)   Fidelity Sel Transport
USA: (FSUTX)   Fidelity Sel Utilities
USA: (FWRLX)   Fidelity Sel Wireless
USA: (FSLBX)   Fidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt
USA: (FSESX)   Fidelity Select Energy Service
USA: (FNARX)   Fidelity Select Natural Resources
USA: (FSPTX)   Fidelity Select Technology
USA: (FOHIX)   Fidelity Series 100 Index Fund
USA: (FSGEX)   Fidelity Series Global ex US Index
USA: (FIGSX)   Fidelity Series International Growth Fund
USA: (FSTSX)   Fidelity Series International Small Cap Fund
USA: (FINVX)   Fidelity Series International Value Fund
USA: (FLVSX)   Fidelity Series Large Cap Value Fund
USA: (FSOPX)   Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities Fund
USA: (FSHBX)   Fidelity Sh-Tm Bond
USA: (FSCRX)   Fidelity Small Cap Discovery Fund
USA: (FCPEX)   Fidelity Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FCPGX)   Fidelity Small Cap Growth Fund
USA: (FCPVX)   Fidelity Small Cap Value Fund
USA: (LION)   Fidelity Southern Corporation
USA: (FLBIX)   Fidelity Sp LT TBI;Inv
USA: (FUSVX)   Fidelity Sp S&P 500;Adv
USA: (FUSEX)   Fidelity Sp S&P 500;Inv
USA: (FSTMX)   Fidelity Sp Tot Mk;Inv
USA: (FSIIX)   Fidelity Spartan International Index Fund Inv
USA: (FSAEX)   Fidelity Srs All-Sctr
USA: (FBMAX)   Fidelity Srs Brd Mkt Opp
USA: (FCSSX)   Fidelity Srs Comm Str
USA: (FEMSX)   Fidelity Srs Emg Mkts
USA: (FEMFX)   Fidelity Srs Emg Mkts;F
USA: (FSHFX)   Fidelity Srs High Inc;F
USA: (FSIPX)   Fidelity Srs I-P Bd Id
USA: (FSIGX)   Fidelity Srs Inv Gd Bd
USA: (FLVFX)   Fidelity Srs Lg Cap Vl;F
USA: (FDSSX)   Fidelity Stock Selector All Cap Fund
USA: (FDSCX)   Fidelity Stock Selector Small Cap Fund S
USA: (FPCIX)   Fidelity Str Adv Cre Inc
USA: (FSAMX)   Fidelity Str Adv Emg Mkt
USA: (FPIOX)   Fidelity Str Adv Inc Opp
USA: (FSCFX)   Fidelity Str Adv Sm-Mid
USA: (FUSOX)   Fidelity Str Adv US Op
USA: (FUSPX)   Fidelity Str Adv US Op 2
USA: (FSDIX)   Fidelity Strat Div&Inc
USA: (FSICX)   Fidelity Strat Inc
USA: (FVSAX)   Fidelity Strategic Advisers Value Fund
USA: (FTXMX)   Fidelity Tax-Mgd Stock
USA: (FIUIX)   Fidelity Telecom & Utils
USA: (FTBFX)   Fidelity Total Bond
USA: (FTIEX)   Fidelity Total International Equity Fund
USA: (FTRNX)   Fidelity Trend
USA: (FUSFX)   Fidelity Ultra-Sht Bd
USA: (FVDFX)   Fidelity Value Discv
USA: (FDVLX)   Fidelity Value Fund
USA: (FWWFX)   Fidelity Worldwide
USA: (FFIDX)   Fidelity® Fund
USA: (FMEIX)   Fidelity® Mid Cap Enhanced Index Fund
USA: (FMCSX)   Fidelity® Mid-Cap Stock Fund
USA: (FSLSX)   Fidelity® Value Strategies Fund
USA: (FUSIX)   Fidility PAS International Fidelity
USA: (FPP)   Fieldpoint Petroleum Corporation
USA: (FICC)   Fieldstone Investment Corporation
USA: (KNISX)   Fifth:Eq Index;Sel
USA: (FTYIX)   Fifth:High Yield Bd;Inst
USA: (XLF)   Financial Select Sector SPDR
USA: (ISYCX)   First American International Select Fund Y
USA: (FLRYX)   First American Large Cap Select Y
USA: (FICGX)   First Inv Eq:Sel Gro;A
USA: (FIGBX)   First Inv Eq:Sel Gro;B
USA: (ISL)   First Israel Fund Inc.
USA: (FGD)   First Trust DJ Global Select Dividend
USA: (FDD)   First Trust DJ STOXX Select Dividend 30
USA: (FDM)   First Trust Dow Jones Select MicroCap
USA: (FIVE)   Five Below, Inc.
USA: (FLML)   Flamel Technologies S.A.
USA: (FLXS)   Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
USA: (FMSLX)   FMC Select Fund
USA: (FELP)   Foresight Energy LP
USA: (FNSAX)   Formula Inv US Sel;A
USA: (KIFAX)   Forward Select Income Fund A
USA: (FWLTW)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FWLTZ)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FWLT)   Foster Wheeler Ltd.
USA: (FTE)   France Telecom S.A. (ADR)
USA: (FELE)   Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
USA: (FEP)   Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.
USA: (FEIM)   Frequency Electronics, Inc.
USA: (FDP)   Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
USA: (FSYS)   Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.
USA: (FTEK)   Fuel Tech, Inc.
USA: (FCEL)   FuelCell Energy, Inc.
USA: (FSIN)   Fushi Copperweld, Inc.
USA: (FSN)   Fusion Telecommunications Int'l, Inc.
USA: (GIII)   G-III Apparel Group, LTD.
USA: (GABAX)   Gabelli Asset;AAA
USA: (GABBX)   Gabelli Blue Chip Value AAA
USA: (GCAEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;A
USA: (GABEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;AAA
USA: (GCBEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;B
USA: (GCCEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;C
USA: (GCIEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;I
USA: (GAB)   Gabelli Equity Trust Inc. (The)
USA: (GABCX)   Gabelli Inv:ABC;AAA
USA: (GADVX)   Gabelli Inv:ABC;Adv
USA: (GABSX)   Gabelli Small Cap Growth Fund AAA
USA: (SRIAX)   Gabelli SRI Green Fund A
USA: (GABUX)   Gabelli Utilities;AAA
USA: (GUT)   Gabelli Utility Trust
USA: (GABVX)   Gabelli Value Fund;A
USA: (GVCAX)   Gabelli Value Fund;AAA
USA: (GVCBX)   Gabelli Value Fund;B
USA: (GVCCX)   Gabelli Value Fund;C
USA: (GVCIX)   Gabelli Value Fund;I
USA: (GNLB)   Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
USA: (GEG)   General Elec Cap Cop
USA: (GEJ)   General Electric Capital Corporation
USA: (GER)   General Electric Capital Corporation
USA: (GE)   General Electric Company
USA: (GSI)   General Steel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GEL)   Genesis Energy, L.P.
USA: (GNA)   Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation (USA)
USA: (GILT)   Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
USA: (GTIIX)   Glenmede Philadelphia International
USA: (GDWTX)   GMO Developed World Stock III
USA: (GOL)   GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A. (ADR)
USA: (GFI)   Gold Fields Limited
USA: (GLDN)   Golden Telecom, Inc.
USA: (GV)   Goldfield Corporation
USA: (GSHIX)   Goldman:High Yield;I
USA: (GTN)   Gray Televisio
USA: (SRVY)   Greenfield Online, Inc.
USA: (GBEWX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA International Realty Fund
USA: (GBEIX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA Realty Income Fund A
USA: (GBEUX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA US Realty Fund A
USA: (GBE)   Grubb & Ellis Compan
USA: (OMAB)   Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte S.A.B. de C.V.
USA: (PAC)   Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico, S.A. de C.V.
USA: (ASR)   Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ADR)
USA: (TV)   Grupo Televisa S.A.
USA: (HAIN)   Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (ZVUEL)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEW)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (ZVUEZ)   Handheld Entertainment Inc.
USA: (HRBN)   Harbin Electric Inc.
USA: (HAHAX)   Hartfd:High Yield;A
USA: (HRVE)   Harvey Electronics Inc.
USA: (HE)   Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc
USA: (HELX)   Head N.V. (ADR)
USA: (XLV)   Health Care Select Sector SPDR
USA: (HTV)   Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.
USA: (HNSVX)   Heartland:Sel Val;Inst
USA: (HRSVX)   Heartland:Sel Val;Inv
USA: (HLYS)   Heelys, Inc.
USA: (HELE)   Helen of Troy Limited
USA: (HLCS)   Helicos BioSciences Corp.
USA: (HMNA)   Helios & Matheson North America Inc.
USA: (HLX)   Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.
USA: (OTE)   Hellenic Telecommunication Org SA
USA: (HP)   Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
USA: (HSVFX)   Hennessy Select Large Value Fund Original
USA: (HBE)   Henry Bros. Electronics, Inc.
USA: (CUBA)   Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (HXL)   Hexcel Corp New
USA: (HSVLY)   Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation Limited
USA: (HLN)   Hilton Hotels Corporation
USA: (HLT)   Hilton Hotels Corporation
USA: (HMHC)   HMH Holdings (Delaware), Inc.
USA: (HMIN)   Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.
USA: (HON)   Honeywell Inc
USA: (HRL)   Hormel Foods Corporation
USA: (HST)   Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
USA: (HWHIX)   Hotchkis:High Yield;I
USA: (HOTJ)   House of Taylor Jewelry Inc.
USA: (HTC)   Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp
USA: (HTX)   Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited (ADR)
USA: (ICTUX)   ICON Telecommunication & Utilities Fund
USA: (IECE)   IEC Electronics Corp.
USA: (ICCC)   ImmuCell Corporatio
USA: (XLI)   Industrial Select Sector SPDR
USA: (AELIX)   ING Index Plus LargeCap I
USA: (IIIN)   Insteel Industries
USA: (IESC)   Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
USA: (INTC)   Intel Corporation
USA: (PEER)   IntelePeer, Inc.
USA: (IDN)   Intelli-Check, Inc.
USA: (INS)   Intelligent Systems Corporatio
USA: (ITLN)   Intellon Corporation
USA: (I)   Intelsat Global Holdings S.A.
USA: (INTL)   Inter-Tel, Incorporated
USA: (ININ)   Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
USA: (IHG)   InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (ADR)
USA: (IEIB)   International Electronics Inc.
USA: (IHR)   Interstate Hotels and Resorts Inc
USA: (ACDAX)   Invesco Capital Development Fund A
USA: (AMHYX)   Invesco High Yield;A
USA: (ASRAX)   Invesco Sel RE Inc;A
USA: (ATIAX)   Invesco Select Companies Fund A
USA: (ACHYX)   Invesco VK Hi Yield;A
USA: (IHO)   Invitel Holdings A/S
USA: (IWA)   Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc.
USA: (JJN)   iPath DJ AIG Nickel TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (IDV)   iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend
USA: (DVY)   iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index
USA: (IYZ)   iShares Dow Jones US Telecom
USA: (HYG)   iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bd
USA: (KLD)   iShares KLD Select Social Index
USA: (EWK)   iShares MSCI Belgium Investable Mkt Idx
USA: (EIS)   iShares MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mkt Index
USA: (IWF)   iShares Russell 1000 Growth Index
USA: (IWB)   iShares Russell 1000 Index
USA: (IWD)   iShares Russell 1000 Value Index
USA: (IWO)   iShares Russell 2000 Growth Index
USA: (IWM)   iShares Russell 2000 Index
USA: (IWN)   iShares Russell 2000 Value Index
USA: (IWZ)   iShares Russell 3000 Growth Index
USA: (IWV)   iShares Russell 3000 Index
USA: (IWW)   iShares Russell 3000 Value Index
USA: (IWC)   iShares Russell Microcap Index
USA: (IWP)   iShares Russell Midcap Growth Index
USA: (IWR)   iShares Russell Midcap Index
USA: (IWS)   iShares Russell Midcap Value Index
USA: (IWL)   iShares Russell Top 200 Index
USA: (IXP)   iShares S&P Global Telecommunications
USA: (ICL)   Israel Corporation Ltd.
USA: (TSHYX)   J Hancock High Yield;B
USA: (JACO)   Jaco Electronics, Inc.
USA: (JAHYX)   Janus High-Yield;T
USA: (JMI)   JAVELIN Mortgage Investment
USA: (JAV)   Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (JGYIX)   JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield I
USA: (JOHIX)   JOHCM International Select Fund I
USA: (DIV)   John Hancock Patriot Select Dividend Trust
USA: (JH)   Jolly Hotels Group
USA: (JNY)   Jones Apparel Group, Inc.
USA: (JGFSX)   JPMorgan Global Focus Select
USA: (OIEAX)   JPMorgan International Equity Index Select Fund
USA: (JPIAX)   JPMorgan Intrepid America Fund Select
USA: (JPGSX)   JPMorgan Intrepid Growth Fund Select
USA: (WOOPX)   JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap Fund Select
USA: (JPIVX)   JPMorgan Intrepid Value Fund Select
USA: (SEEGX)   JPMorgan Large Cap Growth Fund Select
USA: (HLQVX)   JPMorgan Large Cap Value Select
USA: (PGMIX)   JPMorgan Market Expansion Index Fund Select
USA: (VSNGX)   JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity Fund Select
USA: (HLGEX)   JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth Fund Select
USA: (VINTX)   JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Sel
USA: (VSSCX)   JPMorgan Small Cap Core Fund Select
USA: (VSEIX)   JPMorgan Small Cap Equity Fund Select
USA: (OGGFX)   JPMorgan Small Cap Growth Fund Select
USA: (JPTAX)   JPMorgan Tax Aware US Equity Sel
USA: (JPASX)   JPMorgan:Asia Eq;Sel
USA: (JCHSX)   JPMorgan:China Rg;Sel
USA: (WOBDX)   JPMorgan:Core Bond;Sel
USA: (HLIPX)   JPMorgan:Core Pl Bd;Sel
USA: (JOCSX)   JPMorgan:Cred Oppts;Sel
USA: (JEESX)   JPMorgan:Em Econ;Sel
USA: (JEMSX)   JPMorgan:Em Mkt;Sel
USA: (HLEIX)   JPMorgan:Equity Idx;Sel
USA: (HLIEX)   JPMorgan:Equity Inc;Sel
USA: (HLGAX)   JPMorgan:Govt Bd;Sel
USA: (JGASX)   JPMorgan:Gro Advtg;Sel
USA: (JGLSX)   JPMorgan:Gro Lng/Sht;Sel
USA: (OHYFX)   JPMorgan:High Yield;Sel
USA: (JIDSX)   JPMorgan:India;Sel
USA: (JRBSX)   JPMorgan:Infl Mgd Bd;Sel
USA: (VSITX)   JPMorgan:Int TF Bd;Sel
USA: (JCISX)   JPMorgan:Intl Cur;Sel
USA: (JFESX)   JPMorgan:Intr Eu;Sel
USA: (JIISX)   JPMorgan:Intr Multi;Sel
USA: (JLTSX)   JPMorgan:Latin Am;Sel
USA: (OGNIX)   JPMorgan:MCM Neut;Sel
USA: (JMLSX)   JPMorgan:Mlt-Cap L/S;Sel
USA: (OMBIX)   JPMorgan:Mtge Secs;Sel
USA: (HLTAX)   JPMorgan:Muni Inc;Sel
USA: (JRUSX)   JPMorgan:Russia;Sel
USA: (PGUIX)   JPMorgan:Sh-Int Muni;Sel
USA: (PSOPX)   JPMorgan:SmCp Val;Sel
USA: (JSOSX)   JPMorgan:Str Inc Opp;Sel
USA: (TXRSX)   JPMorgan:TA RR;Sel
USA: (JMTSX)   JPMorgan:Tot Rtrn;Sel
USA: (JILSX)   JPMorgan:US Dyn +;Sel
USA: (JTVSX)   JPMorgan:US LCV +;Sel
USA: (JVASX)   JPMorgan:Val Advtg;Sel
USA: (KED)   Kayne Anderson Energy Development Compan
USA: (KACVX)   Keeley All Cap Value Fund A
USA: (KMCVX)   Keeley Mid Cap Value Fund A
USA: (KSCVX)   Keeley Small Cap Value Fund A
USA: (KSMVX)   Keeley Small-Mid Cap Value Fund A
USA: (KSDVX)   KEELEY:Sm Cap Div Val;A
USA: (KSDIX)   KEELEY:Sm Cap Div Val;I
USA: (K)   Kellogg Company
USA: (KWD)   Kellwood Company
USA: (KELYB)   Kelly Services Inc.
USA: (KELYA)   Kelly Services, Inc.
USA: (KONE)   Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd
USA: (PHG)   Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
USA: (KEP)   Korea Electric Power Corporation
USA: (LBAI)   Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (LKFN)   Lakeland Financial Corporation
USA: (LAKE)   Lakeland Industries, Inc.
USA: (LHO)   Lasalle Hotels Properties
USA: (LEMSX)   Laudus Mo EM;Sel
USA: (ICSIX)   Laudus Rosenberg International Small Capitalization Fund Select
USA: (LIDSX)   Laudus Rosenberg Internationall Discovery Fund Select
USA: (LZESX)   Lazard International Equity Select Fund Open Share
USA: (LEAP)   Leap Wireless International, Inc.
USA: (LSLIX)   Legg Mason Mgr Sel Lg Cp Gr I
USA: (LGRIX)   Legg Mason Mgr Sel Lg Cp Val I
USA: (LSLTX)   Leuthold:Sel Indust
USA: (LVLT)   Level 3 Communications, Inc.
USA: (LBBB)   Liberty Bell Bank (NJ)
USA: (LIFC)   LifeCell Corporation
USA: (LOCK)   LifeLock, Inc.
USA: (LLNW)   Limelight Networks, Inc.
USA: (LECO)   Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
USA: (LFUS)   Littelfuse, Inc.
USA: (LTFD)   Littlefield Corporation
USA: (ERIC)   LM Ericsson Telephone Compan
USA: (LAGWX)   Lord Abbett Developing Growth Fund A
USA: (LYO)   Lyondell Chemical Company
USA: (MGLN)   Magellan Health Services, Inc.
USA: (MGG)   Magellan Midstream Partners L.P
USA: (MMP)   Magellan Midstream Partners LP
USA: (MPET)   Magellan Petroleum Corporation
USA: (MTA)   Magyar Telekom Plc.
USA: (MTE)   Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
USA: (EPSYX)   MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield I
USA: (ICSLX)   MainStay ICAP Select Equity Fund I
USA: (HYF)   Managed High Yield Plus Fund
USA: (MKV)   Markel Corporation
USA: (MKL)   Markel Corporation
USA: (HYD)   Market Vectors High-Yield Muni ETF
USA: (SLX)   Market Vectors Steel ETF
USA: (MFLDX)   Marketfield Fund
USA: (MWD)   Marvel Entertainment Inc.
USA: (MVL)   Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (MRVL)   Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
USA: (MFVSX)   MassMutual Sel:Fc Vl;S
USA: (MIEAX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;A
USA: (MMILX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;L
USA: (MMINX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;N
USA: (MMIEX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;S
USA: (MIEYX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;Y
USA: (MIEZX)   MassMutual Sel:Ix Eq;Z
USA: (MSPGX)   MassMutual Sel:Pim TR;A
USA: (MSGSX)   MassMutual Sel:SCG;S
USA: (MSCSX)   MassMutual Sel:SCoG;S
USA: (MMQAX)   MassMutual Sel:SCV;A
USA: (MMQLX)   MassMutual Sel:SCV;L
USA: (MMQNX)   MassMutual Sel:SCV;N
USA: (MMQSX)   MassMutual Sel:SCV;S
USA: (MMQYX)   MassMutual Sel:SCV;Y
USA: (MSBAX)   MassMutual Sel:St Bd;A
USA: (MMVAX)   MassMutual Sel:Vl Eq;A
USA: (MMVLX)   MassMutual Sel:Vl Eq;L
USA: (MMVNX)   MassMutual Sel:Vl Eq;N
USA: (MVEYX)   MassMutual Sel:Vl Eq;Y
USA: (MBCLX)   MassMutual Select Blue Chip Growth Fund L
USA: (MMTAX)   MassMutual Select Core Opportunities A
USA: (MMZSX)   MassMutual Select Diversified International Fund S
USA: (MDVSX)   MassMutual Select Diversified Value Fund S
USA: (MVUSX)   MassMutual Select Fundamental Value Fund S
USA: (MGRSX)   MassMutual Select Growth Opportunities Fund S
USA: (MLGSX)   MassMutual Select Large Cap Growth Fund S
USA: (MLVSX)   MassMutual Select Large Cap Value S
USA: (MGRFX)   MassMutual Select Mid Cap Gr Eq II S
USA: (MCGSX)   MassMutual Select Mid Cap Growth Eq S
USA: (MLUSX)   MassMutual Select Mid-Cap Value Fund S
USA: (MOSSX)   MassMutual Select Overseas Fund S
USA: (MSGLX)   MassMutual Select Small Cap Growth Equity Fund L
USA: (MSVSX)   MassMutual Select Small Company Value Fund S
USA: (MVESX)   MassMutual Select Value Equity Fund S
USA: (MSEFX)   Masters Sel:Equity;Inst
USA: (MSVFX)   Masters Sel:Value;Inst
USA: (MSILX)   Masters Select International Fund Inst
USA: (MSSFX)   Masters' Select Smaller Companies Fund Instl
USA: (XLB)   Materials Select Sector SPDR
USA: (MC)   Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd.
USA: (MAT)   Mattel, Inc.
USA: (MXWL)   Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
USA: (MTL)   Mechel OAO (ADR)
USA: (MPEL)   Melco Crown Entertainment Limited
USA: (MRD)   Melcor Developments Ltd.
USA: (MLNX)   Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.
USA: (MEL)   Mellon Financial Corporation
USA: (WFR)   Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.
USA: (MRD)   Memorial Resource Development Corp.
USA: (MTSL)   MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.
USA: (MELI)   MercadoLibre, Inc.
USA: (MSEL)   Merisel Inc.
USA: (PJJ)   Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Preferred Plus Trust ELP-1
USA: (MMPI)   Meruelo Maddux Properties, Inc.
USA: (MEI)   Methode Electronics Inc.
USA: (METH)   Methode Electronics, Inc.
USA: (INFO)   Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.
USA: (CMU)   MFS High Yield Municipal Trust
USA: (MHOAX)   MFS High Yield Opportunities Fund
USA: (MHELX)   MH Elite Small Cap Fund of Funds
USA: (MIM)   MI Developments Inc.
USA: (BKR)   Michael Baker Corporation
USA: (KORS)   Michael Kors (USA), Inc.
USA: (MIK)   Michaels Stores Inc.
USA: (MCRL)   Micrel, Incorporated
USA: (MCEL)   Millennium Cell Inc.
USA: (MICC)   Millicom International Cellular S.A.
USA: (MELCX)   Mirae:China Sect Ldr;I
USA: (MNEL)   Mission NewEnergy Limited
USA: (MIXT)   MiX Telematics Lilmited
USA: (MBT)   Mobile TeleSystems
USA: (MOBE)   Mobility Electronics, Inc.
USA: (MODN)   Model N, Inc.
USA: (MC)   Moelis & Company
USA: (MVFAX)   Monteagle Select Value;A
USA: (MVECX)   Monteagle Select Value;C
USA: (MVEIX)   Monteagle Select Value;I
USA: (MRH)   Montpelier RE Holdings Ltd
USA: (MGELX)   Morg Stan I:Oppty;L
USA: (MTIIX)   Morg Stan I:Sel GI;I
USA: (MSY)   Morgan Stanley High Yield Fund Inc.
USA: (MSIVX)   Morgan Stanley Inst Large Cap Rel Val I
USA: (MHGC)   Morgans Hotel Group Co
USA: (MLI)   Mueller Industries, Inc.
USA: (MWA)   Mueller Water Products, Inc.
USA: (MFLX)   Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.
USA: (NTE)   Nam Tai Electronics, Inc.
USA: (NFG)   National Fuel Gas Co.
USA: (NOV)   National-Oilwell Varco, Inc.
USA: (NEFJX)   Natixis Vaughan Nelson Small Cap Value Fund A
USA: (VNVYX)   Natixis Vaughan Nelson Value Opportunity Fund Y
USA: (NPMDX)   Navellier MidCap Growth Fund
USA: (NNI)   Nelnet, Inc.
USA: (NBEAX)   Neuberger Berman Select Equities Fund A
USA: (NEWR)   New Relic, Inc.
USA: (NSE)   New Skies Sattelites Holdings Ltd.
USA: (NWL)   Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
USA: (NFX)   Newfield Exploration Company
USA: (WAVE)   NextWave Wireless In
USA: (NLSN)   Nielsen Holdings N.V.
USA: (NTT)   Nippon Telephone & Telegrap
USA: (NLCI)   Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
USA: (NTL)   Nortel Inversora S.A. (ADR
USA: (NT)   Nortel Networks Corporation
USA: (NFBK)   Northfield Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (NFLD)   Northfield Laboratories Inc.
USA: (NBF)   Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc.
USA: (NVD)   NovaDel Pharma Inc
USA: (TONS)   Novamerican Steel Inc.
USA: (NGPS)   NovAtel Inc.
USA: (NVTL)   Novatel Wireless, Inc.
USA: (NOVL)   Novell, Inc.
USA: (NVLS)   Novellus Systems, Inc.
USA: (NYLD)   NRG Yield, Inc.
USA: (NTLS)   NTELOS Holdings Corp.
USA: (NUHC)   Nu Horizons Electronics Corp.
USA: (FATCX)   Nuveen Mid Cap Select Fund I
USA: (NVN)   Nuveen New York Select Quality Municipal Fund Inc.
USA: (ARSTX)   Nuveen Small Cap Select Fund I
USA: (ASEIX)   Nuveen Small Cap Select Fund R
USA: (NCHBX)   NuveenCA High Yield Municipal Bond B
USA: (NUVO)   Nuvelo, Inc.
USA: (OTD)   O2Diesel Corporation
USA: (OAKWX)   Oakmark Global Select I
USA: (OAKLX)   Oakmark Select Fund I
USA: (ZEUS)   Olympic Steel, Inc.
USA: (OMCL)   Omnicell, Inc.
USA: (VIP)   Open Joint Stock Company Vimpel-Communications
USA: (OSVBX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;B
USA: (OSCVX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;C
USA: (OSVNX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;N
USA: (OSVYX)   Oppenheimer Sel Val;Y
USA: (OPTC)   Optelecom-NKF, Inc.
USA: (ORCH)   Orchid Cellmark Inc.
USA: (OEH)   Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.
USA: (OTT)   Otelco, Inc.
USA: (OUTD)   Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GLT)   P. H. Glatfelter Company
USA: (PACW)   Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.
USA: (PHF)   Pacholder High Yield Fund Inc.
USA: (PCG)   Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
USA: (PFSLX)   Paradigm Select Fund
USA: (PLLL)   Parallel Petroleum Corporation
USA: (PRXL)   PAREXEL International Corporation
USA: (PKE)   Park Electrochemical Corporation
USA: (PARN)   Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings
USA: (PYHRX)   Payden High-Yield Bond Fund
USA: (PCTI)   PC-Tel, Inc.
USA: (PEB)   Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
USA: (PBKAX)   Penn Street Berkshire Select Equity A
USA: (PKI)   PerkinElmer, Inc.
USA: (PERY)   Perry Ellis International Inc.
USA: (PETD)   Petroleum Development Corporatio
USA: (PPDI)   Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.
USA: (PDGI)   PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.
USA: (PHLY)   Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp.
USA: (PESC)   Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc.
USA: (PHI)   Philippine Long Dist Tele
USA: (PHYSX)   PIA High Yield;Inv
USA: (PSVFX)   Piedmont Select Equity Fund
USA: (PEC)   Pike Electric Corporation
USA: (PIKE)   Pike Electric Corporation
USA: (PELBX)   PIMCO Emerging Local Bond Instl
USA: (PELPX)   PIMCO Emerging Local Bond P
USA: (PHIYX)   PIMCO:High Yield;Inst
USA: (PMCTX)   Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (PXPL)   Pixelplus Co., Ltd.
USA: (PXLW)   Pixelworks, Inc.
USA: (PAA)   Plains All American Pipeline LP
USA: (PNTR)   Pointer Telocation Ltd
USA: (POR)   Portland General Electric C
USA: (PT)   Portugal Telecom, SGPS, SA (ADR)
USA: (PBPB)   Potbelly Corporation
USA: (POM)   Potomac Electric Power Company
USA: (POWL)   Powell Industries, Inc.
USA: (PFA)   PowerShares Dynamic Developed Intl Opps
USA: (PHW)   PowerShares Dynamic Hardware & Cons Elec
USA: (PTE)   PowerShares Dynamic Telecom & Wireless
USA: (PRFQ)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Telecom & Tech
USA: (PSTL)   PowerShares Global Steel
USA: (PHB)   PowerShares High Yield Corporate Bond
USA: (PEY)   PowerShares HighYield Dividend Achievers
USA: (PIV)   PowerShares Value Line Timeliness Select
USA: (PPID)   Prescient Applied Intelligence Inc.
USA: (PCLN)   priceline.com Incorporated
USA: (PRTL)   Primus Telecommunications Group
USA: (WCPIX)   ProFunds:Mobile Tel;Inv
USA: (TCPIX)   ProFunds:Telecomm;Inv
USA: (PRXM)   Proxim Wireless Corporation
USA: (PBHYX)   Pru High Yield;B
USA: (SPFAX)   Prudential Jennison Select Growth Fund A
USA: (TLK)   PT Telekom Indonesia
USA: (PGBZX)   Putnam Gl Telecomm;A
USA: (PHYMX)   Putnam High Yield Advantage Fund
USA: (PYM)   Putnam High Yield Municipal Trust
USA: (PHIGX)   Putnam High Yield;A
USA: (QGOG)   QGOG Constellation S.A.
USA: (XING)   Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc.
USA: (QTWW)   Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
USA: (QELP)   Quest Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (QDEL)   Quidel Corporatio
USA: (RHD)   R.H. Donnelley Corporation
USA: (RRD)   R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
USA: (RADA)   Rada Electronics Industries Limited
USA: (RAIHX)   Rainier:High Yield;Inst
USA: (RALY)   Rally Software Development Corp.
USA: (RAY)   Raytec Development Corp.
USA: (RSRFX)   Reaves Sel Rsrch;Inst
USA: (RLH)   Red Lion Hotels Corporation
USA: (REDE)   RedEnvelope, Inc.
USA: (ENL)   Reed Elsevier NV (ADR)
USA: (RUK)   Reed Elsevier plc (ADR)
USA: (RBC)   Regal Beloit Corporation
USA: (REAL)   Reliability Incorporated
USA: (RS)   Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.
USA: (RRI)   Reliant Energy, Inc.
USA: (RELV)   Reliv International, Inc.
USA: (RWC)   RELM Wireless Corporatio
USA: (RLYP)   Relypsa, Inc.
USA: (RELL)   Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
USA: (STTAX)   RidgeWorth Sel Large Cap Growth Stock Fund I
USA: (RIGL)   Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (RGLLX)   Rigel US Equity Large Cap Growth
USA: (SLDAX)   RiverSource LaSalle Global Rel Est A
USA: (AXGAX)   RiverSource Partners International Select Growth Fund A
USA: (FUEL)   Rocket Fuel, Inc.
USA: (ROK)   Rockwell Automation, Inc.
USA: (COL)   Rockwell Collins, Inc.
USA: (RMTI)   Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.
USA: (BULLX)   Roosevelt Multi-Cap
USA: (ROS)   Rostelecom OAO (ADR
USA: (RDSA)   Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA: (RDS.B)   Royal Dutch Shell PLC
USA: (RMISX)   Royce Enterprise Select Fund Investment
USA: (RSFTX)   Royce Fd:Glbl Sel;Inv
USA: (ROSFX)   Royce Fd:Oppty Sel;Inv
USA: (RYSFX)   Royce Select Fund I Invmt
USA: (RSFDX)   Royce Select Fund II Invmt
USA: (RSDGX)   RS Inv:Select Gr;A
USA: (RSDKX)   RS Select Growth Fund K
USA: (RKUS)   Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
USA: (RCCC)   Rural Cellular Corporation
USA: (RGESX)   Russell Global Equity S
USA: (RRESX)   Russell Global Real Estate Securities Fund S
USA: (RINYX)   Russell International Developed Markets Fund Y
USA: (RELEX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy E
USA: (REAAX)   Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy Fund
USA: (RFBSX)   Russell Short Duration Bond Fund
USA: (RETSX)   Russell Tax-Managed US Large Cap S
USA: (RTSSX)   Russell Tax-Managed US Mid & Small Cap Fund S
USA: (REAYX)   Russell US Core Equity Fund Y
USA: (RSGIX)   Russell US Growth I
USA: (REBYX)   Russell US Small Cap Equity Fund Y
USA: (RCCSX)   Russell:Comm Strat;S
USA: (REMAX)   Russell:Emerging Mkts;A
USA: (REMCX)   Russell:Emerging Mkts;C
USA: (REMEX)   Russell:Emerging Mkts;E
USA: (REMSX)   Russell:Emerging Mkts;S
USA: (REMYX)   Russell:Emerging Mkts;Y
USA: (RGCYX)   Russell:Gl Opp Credit;Y
USA: (RGISX)   Russell:Glbl Infr;S
USA: (RFAYX)   Russell:Inv Grade Bond;Y
USA: (RFCSX)   Russell:Strat Bond;I
USA: (RLVSX)   Russell:Tax Ex Bond;S
USA: (REUYX)   Russell:US Quant Eq;Y
USA: (RSVCX)   Russell:US Value;C
USA: (RSVEX)   Russell:US Value;E
USA: (RSVIX)   Russell:US Value;I
USA: (RSVSX)   Russell:US Value;S
USA: (RRY)   Rydex 2x Russell 2000
USA: (REA)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Energy
USA: (RFL)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Financial
USA: (RHM)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Health Care
USA: (RTG)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Technology
USA: (RRZ)   Rydex Inverse 2x Russell 2000
USA: (REC)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Enrgy
USA: (RFN)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Fincl
USA: (RHO)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Hlth
USA: (RTW)   Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Tech
USA: (RYRHX)   Rydex Russell 2000® Index Fund H
USA: (XLG)   Rydex Russell Top 50
USA: (RYFRX)   Rydex SGI International Long Short Select Fund A
USA: (RYSIX)   Rydex:Electronics;Inv
USA: (RYMIX)   Rydex:Telecom;Inv
USA: (SCHN)   Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
USA: (SWYSX)   Schwab Inv:YieldPlus
USA: (SCRX)   Sciele Pharma, Inc.
USA: (SHYAX)   SEI Inst:High Yield;A
USA: (SELCX)   SEI Instl Mgd Large Cap Growth A
USA: (JBR)   Select Asset Inc.
USA: (JBS)   Select Asset Inc.
USA: (SCSS)   Select Comfort Corporation
USA: (SIR)   Select Income REIT
USA: (SEM)   Select Medical Holdings Corporation
USA: (OSVAX)   Select Value Fund
USA: (SLASX)   Selected American Shares S
USA: (SLSSX)   Selected Special Shs;S
USA: (SLTC)   Selectica, Inc.
USA: (SGZ)   Selective Insurance Group Inc.
USA: (SIGI)   Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
USA: (SCFIX)   Seligman Capital A
USA: (SHEMX)   Seligman Emerging Markets Fund
USA: (SGRFX)   Seligman Growth A
USA: (SLS)   Seligman LaSalle International Real Estate Fund Inc.
USA: (SHMCX)   Seligman Muni:CA HY;C
USA: (SCTQX)   Seligman Muni:CA Qlt;A
USA: (SCQCX)   Seligman Muni:CA Qlt;C
USA: (SNYTX)   Seligman Muni:NY;A
USA: (SNYCX)   Seligman Muni:NY;C
USA: (SFLEX)   Seligman Municipal FL A
USA: (SFLCX)   Seligman Municipal FL C
USA: (SEL)   Seligman Select Municipal Fund Inc.
USA: (BRGRX)   Sentinel Capital Growth Fund A
USA: (SENCX)   Sentinel Common Stock Fund
USA: (BRFOX)   Sentinel Growth Leaders Fund A
USA: (SWRLX)   Sentinel International Equity Fund A
USA: (SNTNX)   Sentinel Mid Cap Fund A
USA: (SYVIX)   Sentinel Mid Cap Value Instl
USA: (SAGWX)   Sentinel Small Company Fund A
USA: (WAEGX)   Sentinel Sustainable Growth Oppotunities Fund A
USA: (SEGSX)   Sentinel:Govt Secs;A
USA: (SMGCX)   Sentinel:Mid Cap;C
USA: (CEGIX)   Sentinel:Sus Gro Op;I
USA: (SCTRX)   Sentinel:Tot Rtn Bd;C
USA: (SHLX)   Shell Midstream Partners, L.P.
USA: (SHLL)   Shells Seafood Restaurants Inc.
USA: (SHEN)   Shenandoah Telecommunications Company
USA: (SHOR)   ShoreTel, Inc.
USA: (RWM)   Short Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (SEBL)   Siebel Systems, Inc.
USA: (SWIR)   Sierra Wireless, Inc.
USA: (SGTL)   Sigmatel, Inc.
USA: (SIRI)   Sirius Satellite Radio Inc
USA: (SDMGX)   Sit Developing Mkts
USA: (SIZ)   Sizeler Property Investors Inc
USA: (SKM)   SK Telecom Co., Ltd.
USA: (FUEL)   SMF Energy Corporations
USA: (SMTH)   Smith Electric Vehicles Corp.
USA: (SFD)   Smithfield Foods, Inc.
USA: (SNSTA)   Sonesta International Hotels Corporation
USA: (SSS)   Sovran Self Storage, Inc.
USA: (JNK)   SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond
USA: (ELR)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap
USA: (ELG)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap Growth
USA: (ELV)   SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap Value
USA: (JPP)   SPDR Russell/Nomura PRIME Japan
USA: (JSC)   SPDR Russell/Nomura Small Cap Japan
USA: (IST)   SPDR S&P International Telecom Sector
USA: (SOAMX)   Spirit of America High Yield TF Bond Fund
USA: (S)   Sprint Nextel Corporatio
USA: (SSAIX)   SSgA International Stock Selection Fund Instl
USA: (SEMSX)   SSgA:Emerg Mkts;Sel
USA: (SSHYX)   SSgA:High Yield Bond
USA: (HOT)   Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc
USA: (STLD)   Steel Dynamics, Inc.
USA: (SCS)   Steelcase Inc
USA: (SCLD)   SteelCloud Inc
USA: (MLPOX)   SteelPath:MLP Alpha;I
USA: (MLPDX)   SteelPath:MLP Income;A
USA: (MLPTX)   SteelPath:MLP Sel 40;I
USA: (STEL)   StellarOne Corp.
USA: (STEM)   StemCells, Inc.
USA: (SEACX)   Steward:Select Bond;Inst
USA: (SF)   Stifel Financial Corp.
USA: (JNS)   Stilwell Financial Inc.
USA: (STM)   STMicroelectronics N.V.
USA: (BEE)   Strategic Hotels and Resorts In
USA: (SAPHX)   Summit High Yield Bond Fund
USA: (INN)   Summit Hotel Properties, Inc.
USA: (SRTI)   Sunrise Telecom Inc
USA: (SHO)   Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc.
USA: (SWSI)   Superior Well Services, Inc.
USA: (SPPR)   Supertel Hospitality Inc.
USA: (SPPRP)   Supertel Hospitality Inc.
USA: (ELOS)   Syneron Medical Ltd.
USA: (SYNT)   Syntel, Inc.
USA: (SXCI)   Systems Xcellence Inc
USA: (PRMTX)   T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund
USA: (TAGS)   Tarrant Apparel Group
USA: (TCLP)   TC Pipelines, LP
USA: (TGDVX)   TCW Relative Value Large Cap Fund N
USA: (TGONX)   TCW Relative Value Small Cap N
USA: (TGHYX)   TCW:High Yield Bond;I
USA: (TGCEX)   TCW:Select Equities;I
USA: (TGCNX)   TCW:Select Equities;N
USA: (XLK)   Technology Select Sector SPDR
USA: (TWLL)   Techwell, Inc.
USA: (TKLC)   Tekele
USA: (TELOZ)   TEL Offshore Trust
USA: (TIK)   Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp.
USA: (TDOC)   Teladoc, Inc.
USA: (TCN)   Tele Norte Celular Participacoes S.A. (ADR)
USA: (TNE)   Tele Norte Leste Participacoe AD
USA: (TEO)   Telecom Argentina Stet FR
USA: (NZT)   Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited
USA: (TTH)   Telecom HOLDRs
USA: (TI)   Telecom Italia S.p.A. (ADR)
USA: (TSYS)   TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
USA: (TSP)   Telecomunicacoes de Sao Paulo SA
USA: (TDY)   Teledyne Technologies Incorporate
USA: (TFX)   Teleflex Incorporated
USA: (TAR)   Telefonica de Argentina S.A. (ADR)
USA: (TEM)   Telefonica Moviles
USA: (TEF)   Telefonica S
USA: (TFONY)   Telefonos de Mexico
USA: (TMX)   Telefonos de Mexico, S.A.
USA: (TKA)   Telekom Austria AG
USA: (TMB)   Telemig Celular Participacoes S.A (ADR
USA: (TNAV)   TeleNav, Inc.
USA: (TDI)   Telephone & Data System Inc.
USA: (TDS)   Telephone and Data Systems Inc.
USA: (TSTC)   Telestone Technologies Corporation
USA: (TTEC)   TeleTech Holdings, Inc.
USA: (TELK)   Telik, Inc.
USA: (TKG)   Telkom SA Ltd
USA: (TKO)   Telkonet, Inc.
USA: (TLAB)   Tellabs, Inc.
USA: (TELT)   Teltronics Inc.
USA: (WRLS)   Telular Corporatio
USA: (TU)   TELUS Corporation (USA
USA: (TLVT)   Telvent GIT, S.A.
USA: (BK)   The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
USA: (DEFIX)   The Delafield Fund
USA: (EDE)   The Empire District Electric Company
USA: (EL)   The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
USA: (GCV)   The Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc.
USA: (GWSVX)   The Gabelli Focus Five Fund AAA
USA: (GDL)   The Gabelli Global Deal Fund
USA: (GGT)   The Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc.
USA: (GRX)   The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
USA: (HYI)   The High Yield Income Fund Inc.
USA: (HYP)   The High Yield Plus Fund Inc.
USA: (MIK)   The Michaels Companies, Inc.
USA: (IRL)   The New Ireland Fund Inc.
USA: (DESYX)   The Select Fund
USA: (SWZ)   The Swiss Helvetia Fund Inc.
USA: (TRV)   The Travelers Companies, Inc.
USA: (TNM)   Thomas Nelson Inc
USA: (TWPG)   Thomas Weisel Partners Group, Inc.
USA: (TDBK)   Tidelands Bancshares Inc.
USA: (TIRTZ)   Tidelands Royalty Trust B
USA: (TWTC)   Time Warner Telecom Inc
USA: (TRVIX)   Touchstone Large Cap Relative Value Inst
USA: (PTSGX)   Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Fund Z
USA: (TRSIX)   Transamerica Clarion Glb Rel Est Secs I2
USA: (TGS)   Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A. (ADR
USA: (TA)   TravelCenters of America
USA: (TAPA)   Travelers Property
USA: (TVPT)   Travelport Worldwide Limited
USA: (TZOO)   Travelzoo In
USA: (TRLG)   True Religion Apparel, Inc.
USA: (TTIL)   TTI Team Telecom International Ltd
USA: (TKC)   Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S
USA: (TEL)   Tyco Electronics Ltd
USA: (BIHYX)   UBS High Yield;Y
USA: (SPPXX)   UBS Select Prime Pref
USA: (UKW)   Ultra Russell MidCap Growth ProShares
USA: (UVU)   Ultra Russell MidCap Value ProShares
USA: (UKF)   Ultra Russell1000 Growth ProShares
USA: (UVG)   Ultra Russell1000 Value ProShares
USA: (UKK)   Ultra Russell2000 Growth ProShares
USA: (UWM)   Ultra Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (UVT)   Ultra Russell2000 Value ProShares
USA: (UWC)   Ultra Russell3000 ProShares
USA: (LTL)   Ultra Telecommunications ProShares
USA: (SDK)   UltraShort Russell MidCap Gr ProShares
USA: (SJL)   UltraShort Russell MidCap Val ProShares
USA: (SFK)   UltraShort Russell1000 Growth ProShares
USA: (SJF)   UltraShort Russell1000 Value ProShares
USA: (SKK)   UltraShort Russell2000 Growth ProShares
USA: (TWM)   UltraShort Russell2000 ProShares
USA: (SJH)   UltraShort Russell2000 Value ProShares
USA: (TWQ)   UltraShort Russell3000 ProShares
USA: (TLL)   UltraShort Telecommunications ProShares
USA: (UMC)   United Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (UPS)   United Parcel Service, Inc.
USA: (USM)   United States Cellular Corporation
USA: (X)   United States Steel Corporation
USA: (UEIC)   Universal Electronics Inc
USA: (XLU)   Utilities Select Sector SPDR
USA: (VKL)   Van Kampen Select Sector Municipal Trust
USA: (VDMIX)   Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund Inv
USA: (VYM)   Vanguard High Dividend Yield Indx ETF
USA: (VASVX)   Vanguard Selected Value Fund Inv
USA: (VOX)   Vanguard Telecom Services ETF
USA: (VWIAX)   Vanguard Wellesley;Adm
USA: (VWENX)   Vanguard Wellington;Adm
USA: (VWELX)   Vanguard Wellington;Inv
USA: (VPSVX)   Vantagepoint Select Value Fund
USA: (VELC)   Velcro Industries N.V
USA: (VEXP)   Velocity Express Corporatio
USA: (VIAC)   ViaCell, Inc.
USA: (VISIX)   Victory International Select Fund I
USA: (HHYIX)   Virtus:High Yield Inc;I
USA: (PHCHX)   Virtus:High Yield;A
USA: (VCP)   Votorantim Celulose e Papel AD
USA: (VJET)   voxeljet AG
USA: (UNCMX)   Waddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment Fund
USA: (UNCGX)   Waddell & Reed Advisors International Growth Fund A
USA: (UNSAX)   Waddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap Fund A
USA: (WDR)   Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.
USA: (WVAAX)   Waddell & Reed Value Fund A
USA: (WSVIX)   Walthausen:Sel Val;Inv
USA: (WSVRX)   Walthausen:Sel Val;Rtl
USA: (WWVY)   Warwick Valley Telephone Compan
USA: (WCG)   WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
USA: (WC)   WellChoice, Inc.
USA: (WLM)   Wellman, Inc.
USA: (WLP)   WellPoint Health Networks Inc
USA: (WFC)   Wells Fargo & C
USA: (GWF)   Wells Fargo & Company
USA: (JWF)   Wells Fargo & Company
USA: (SASPX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Asia Pacific Fund
USA: (CBMAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Mid Cap Value Fund
USA: (CBMDX)   Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Mid Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (SLGIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Capital Growth Fund Inv
USA: (STCSX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Common Stock Fund Inv
USA: (EVVTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Core Equity Adm
USA: (EVSAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Disciplined U.S. Core Fund A
USA: (STDIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Fund Inv
USA: (EYGLX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Discp Glb Eq Adm
USA: (NVDEX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified Equity Fund Adm
USA: (SILAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified International Fund A
USA: (STAEX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Endeavor Select Fund A
USA: (SENTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Enterprise Inv
USA: (WLVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Equity Value Fund Adm
USA: (EKGAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opps A
USA: (EHABX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Health Care A
USA: (WFEBX)   Wells Fargo Advantage International Equity Fund B
USA: (WFFAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage International Value Fund
USA: (SCOVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Small Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (EIVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Value Fund I
USA: (EWEAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrns Wld Eq A
USA: (EGOIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Core Fund I
USA: (STRFX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Growth Fund Inv
USA: (SGRIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Co Core Inv
USA: (NVLCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Co Gr Adm
USA: (SDVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Company Value Fund Inv
USA: (WFAKX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Lg Cp Apprec Admin
USA: (WFMCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Mid Cap Growth A
USA: (EKJBX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Premier Large Company Growth Fund B
USA: (MNSCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (WMNIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund Administration Class
USA: (WFSZX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NVSOX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Oppotunities Fund Adm
USA: (SSMVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (ECOAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small/Mid Cap Core Fund A
USA: (SMMVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small/Mid Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (WSRAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Social Sust Adm
USA: (ESPIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Special Small Cap Value Fund Adm
USA: (WFSTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Specialized Tech A
USA: (ESGIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Strategic Large Cap Growth Fund Instl
USA: (WBGAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage WealthBuilder Tactical Equity Fund WB
USA: (WSF)   Wells Fargo Capital IV
USA: (WPF)   Wells Fargo Capital Trust V
USA: (WPD)   Wells Fargo Capital V
USA: (NVDSX)   Wells Fargo Diversified Small Cap Fund Admin
USA: (WGA)   Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporatio
USA: (WG)   Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporatio
USA: (EKIZX)   WellsFargo:Adj Rt Gv;I
USA: (WFAAX)   WellsFargo:Asia Pc;A
USA: (WFADX)   WellsFargo:Asia Pc;Adm
USA: (WFCAX)   WellsFargo:Asia Pc;C
USA: (WFPIX)   WellsFargo:Asia Pc;Inst
USA: (CBEAX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;A
USA: (CBLLX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;Adm
USA: (CBEBX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;B
USA: (CBECX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;C
USA: (CBLSX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;I
USA: (CBEQX)   WellsFargo:C&B LCV;Inv
USA: (SFCIX)   WellsFargo:CA LT TF;A
USA: (SCTIX)   WellsFargo:CA LT TF;Adm
USA: (SFCCX)   WellsFargo:CA LT TF;C
USA: (SCTAX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;A
USA: (SGCAX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;Adm
USA: (SGCBX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;B
USA: (SCTCX)   WellsFargo:CA TxFr;C
USA: (WFBGX)   WellsFargo:CreBldr Ser G
USA: (EDSAX)   WellsFargo:Dsc Val;A
USA: (EDSCX)   WellsFargo:Dsc Val;C
USA: (EDSNX)   WellsFargo:Dsc Val;I
USA: (WFDVX)   WellsFargo:Dsc Val;Inv
USA: (EMGAX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;A
USA: (EMGYX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;Adm
USA: (EMGBX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;B
USA: (EMGCX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;C
USA: (EMGNX)   WellsFargo:Em Mkt Eq;I
USA: (WFGTX)   WellsFargo:Emer Gro;Inv
USA: (SENAX)   WellsFargo:Entprise;A
USA: (SEPKX)   WellsFargo:Entprise;Adm
USA: (WENCX)   WellsFargo:Entprise;C
USA: (WFEIX)   WellsFargo:Entprise;I
USA: (GVIXX)   WellsFargo:Govt MM;I
USA: (SGRAX)   WellsFargo:Growth;A
USA: (SGRKX)   WellsFargo:Growth;Adm
USA: (WGFCX)   WellsFargo:Growth;C
USA: (SGRNX)   WellsFargo:Growth;I
USA: (SGROX)   WellsFargo:Growth;Inv
USA: (STVSX)   WellsFargo:Gvt Secs;Inv
USA: (SHIXX)   WellsFargo:Hertge MM;I
USA: (WFJXX)   WellsFargo:Hertge MM;Sel
USA: (STHYX)   WellsFargo:Hi Inc;Inv
USA: (EKHBX)   WellsFargo:Hi Yld Bd;B
USA: (STYAX)   WellsFargo:Inc Plus;A
USA: (WFILX)   WellsFargo:Index;A
USA: (WFIOX)   WellsFargo:Index;Adm
USA: (WFIMX)   WellsFargo:Index;B
USA: (WFINX)   WellsFargo:Index;C
USA: (WFIRX)   WellsFargo:Index;Inv
USA: (IPBIX)   WellsFargo:Inf-Prot;Adm
USA: (SIMBX)   WellsFargo:Int TxAMT;Inv
USA: (ESIYX)   WellsFargo:Intl Bd;A
USA: (ESIDX)   WellsFargo:Intl Bd;Adm
USA: (ESIUX)   WellsFargo:Intl Bd;B
USA: (ESIVX)   WellsFargo:Intl Bd;C
USA: (ESICX)   WellsFargo:Intl Bd;I
USA: (EKOAX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;A
USA: (EOMYX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;Adm
USA: (EKOBX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;B
USA: (EKOCX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;C
USA: (EKONX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;I
USA: (EKORX)   WellsFargo:Omega Gr;R
USA: (SOPFX)   WellsFargo:Oppty;Inv
USA: (NVSCX)   WellsFargo:SCo Gro;Adm
USA: (SCVAX)   WellsFargo:SCo Val;A
USA: (SCVIX)   WellsFargo:SCo Val;Adm
USA: (SCVBX)   WellsFargo:SCo Val;B
USA: (SCVFX)   WellsFargo:SCo Val;C
USA: (SCVNX)   WellsFargo:SCo Val;Inst
USA: (WFPAX)   WellsFargo:Spec MCV;A
USA: (WFMDX)   WellsFargo:Spec MCV;Adm
USA: (WFPCX)   WellsFargo:Spec MCV;C
USA: (WFMIX)   WellsFargo:Spec MCV;I
USA: (SMCDX)   WellsFargo:Spec MCV;Inv
USA: (ESPAX)   WellsFargo:Spec SCV;A
USA: (ESPBX)   WellsFargo:Spec SCV;B
USA: (ESPCX)   WellsFargo:Spec SCV;C
USA: (ESPNX)   WellsFargo:Spec SCV;I
USA: (SSTBX)   WellsFargo:ST Bond;Inv
USA: (STHBX)   WellsFargo:ST HY B;Inv
USA: (STSMX)   WellsFargo:ST Mun Bd;Inv
USA: (MNTRX)   WellsFargo:Tot Rtn;Adm
USA: (EGWAX)   WellsFargo:Trad SCG;A
USA: (STADX)   WellsFargo:Ul ST Inc;Inv
USA: (SMUAX)   WellsFargo:Ul ST Mun;Inv
USA: (EVUAX)   WellsFargo:Util&Tel;A
USA: (WBGIX)   WellsFargo:WB Equity
USA: (WBGGX)   WellsFargo:WB Gr Alloc
USA: (WTSLX)   Westcore Select Fund Retail
USA: (WSTL)   Westell Technologies Inc.
USA: (DELIX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (WFD)   Westfield Financial, Inc.
USA: (WLB)   Westmoreland Coal Compan
USA: (WPSRX)   Westport Select Cap Fund R
USA: (WPSC)   Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corporation
USA: (WEDC)   White Electronic Designs Corporation
USA: (WOGSX)   White Oak Select Growth Fund
USA: (WMZ)   Williams Pipeline Partners L.P.
USA: (WEX)   Winland Electronics, Inc.
USA: (WFII)   Wireless Facilities, Inc.
USA: (WIREX)   Wireless Fund
USA: (WMH)   Wireless HOLDRs
USA: (RNIN)   Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.
USA: (WTT)   Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.
USA: (XWG)   Wireless Xcessories Group Inc.
USA: (WBELX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;I
USA: (WELIX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;Inst
USA: (WELNX)   WM Blair:Em Ldr Gr;N
USA: (WOS)   Wolseley plc (ADR)
USA: (INT)   World Fuel Services Corporation
USA: (WSBEX)   Wright Selected Blue Chip Equities Fund
USA: (XEL)   Xcel Energy Inc
USA: (BZI)   XELR8 Holdings, Inc.
USA: (XMSR)   XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
USA: (YELL)   Yell Group plc
USA: (YELP)   Yelp! Inc.
USA: (YQCEX)   YieldQuest:Core Eq;I
USA: (YQTRX)   YieldQuest:Tot Rtn;I
USA: (ZLTQ)   ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: (ADORWELD) Ador Welding Ltd.    (517041)
INDIA: (ADVANIHOTR) Advani Hotels and Resorts (India)    (523269)
INDIA: () Amzel Automotive Ltd.    (509356)
INDIA: (ASIANELEC) Asian Electronics Ltd.    (503940)
INDIA: (ASIANHOTEL) Asian Hotels Ltd.    (500023)
INDIA: () Bajaj Electricals Ltd.    (500031)
INDIA: (BALAJITELE) Balaji Telefilms Ltd.    (532382)
INDIA: (BELCERAMIC) Bell Ceramic    (515035)
INDIA: () Benares Hotel    (509438)
INDIA: (BEL) Bharat Electronics Ltd.    (500049)
INDIA: (BHEL) Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.    (500103)
INDIA: (BHARTIARTL) Bharti Airtel Ltd.    (532454)
INDIA: (BHUSANSTL) Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd.    (500055)
INDIA: (BUWALKASTL) Bhuwalka Steels Industries Ltd.    (513333)
INDIA: (BLUECOAST) Blue Coast Hotels And Resorts Ltd.    (531495)
INDIA: (BSELINFRA) BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd.    (532123)
INDIA: (COROMNFERT) Coromandel Fertilizer Ltd.    (506395)
INDIA: (DSKULKARNI) D.S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd.    (523890)
INDIA: (DCB) Development Credit Bank Limited    (532772)
INDIA: (EIHOTEL) EIH Ltd.    (500840)
INDIA: (EIMCOELECO) Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.    (523708)
INDIA: (ELDERPHARM) Elder Pharmacueticals Ltd.    (532322)
INDIA: (ELECON) Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd.    (505700)
INDIA: (ELECTCAST) Electrosteel Castings Ltd.    (500128)
INDIA: (ELECTHERM) Electrotherm (India) Ltd.    (526608)
INDIA: (ELGIEQUIP) Elgi Equipments Ltd.    (522074)
INDIA: (ELPROINTL) Elpro International    (504000)
INDIA: () Energy Development Co. Ltd.    (532219)
INDIA: (ESTL) Essar Steel Limited    (500627)
INDIA: (ESSELPACK) Essel Propack Ltd.    (500135)
INDIA: (EXCELCROP) Excel Crop Care Ltd    (532511)
INDIA: () FairField Atlas Ltd.    (520145)
INDIA: () G.L. Hotels Ltd.    (509546)
INDIA: (GABRIEL) Gabriel India Ltd.    (505714)
INDIA: (GALPOWTEL) Galada Power    (504697)
INDIA: (GENUSOVERE) Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd.    (530343)
INDIA: (GLOBALVECT) Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.    (532773)
INDIA: (GRINWELNOR) GrindWell Norton Ltd.    (506076)
INDIA: (GAEL) Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.    (524226)
INDIA: (GMDCLTD) Gujarat Mineral Development Corpn.    (532181)
INDIA: (HAVELLS) Havells India Ltd    (517354)
INDIA: (HELIOSMATH) Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.    (532347)
INDIA: () Hella India Lighting Limited    (520026)
INDIA: (SPICFINE) Henkel India Limited    (532671)
INDIA: (HONDAPOWER) Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.    (522064)
INDIA: (HONAUT) Honeywell Automation India Ltd.    (517174)
INDIA: (HOTELEELA) Hotel Leela Venture Ltd.    (500193)
INDIA: (HDIL) Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd.    (532873)
INDIA: (IDEA) Idea Cellular Ltd.    (532822)
INDIA: (INDNIPPON) India Nippon Electricals Ltd.    (532240)
INDIA: (INDHOTEL) Indian Hotels Co Ltd.    (500850)
INDIA: (IDFC) Infrastructure Development Finance Corp. Limited    (532659)
INDIA: () Insul Electronics Ltd    (512179)
INDIA: () Jetking Electronics Ltd.    (517063)
INDIA: (JINDALSTEL) Jindal Steel & Powers Ltd.    (532286)
INDIA: (JSWSTEEL) JSW Steel Ltd.    (500228)
INDIA: (KALYANISTL) Kalyani Steels Ltd.    (500235)
INDIA: (KAMATHOTEL) Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.    (526668)
INDIA: (KHAITANELE) Khaitan Electricals Ltd.    (504269)
INDIA: (KIRELECTRI) Kirloskar Electric Co    (590052)
INDIA: (KLGSYSTEL) KLG SysTel Ltd.    (531269)
INDIA: (LAKSELECON) Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems    (504258)
INDIA: (LLOYDELENG) Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.    (517518)
INDIA: (LLOYDSTEEL) Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.    (500254)
INDIA: () Magna Electro Castings Ltd    (517449)
INDIA: (MTNL) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.    (500108)
INDIA: () Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd    (504824)
INDIA: (GESCOCORP) Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd.    (532313)
INDIA: (MAHINDUGIN) Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.    (504823)
INDIA: (MAXWELL) Maxwell Industries Limited    (532613)
INDIA: (MCDHOLDING) McDowell Holdings Ltd.    (532852)
INDIA: (MCLEODRUS) McLeod Russel India Ltd.    (532654)
INDIA: (MIC) MIC Electronics Ltd.    (532850)
INDIA: (MIRCELECTR) MIRC Electronics Ltd.    (500279)
INDIA: () National Mineral Development Corporation    (526371)
INDIA: (NELCAST) NelCast Ltd.    (532864)
INDIA: (NELCO) NELCO Ltd.    (504112)
INDIA: (NDTV) New Delhi Television Ltd.    (532529)
INDIA: (NEYVELILIG) Neyveli Lignite Corpn.    (513683)
INDIA: (ORIENTHOT) Oriental Hotels Ltd.    (500314)
INDIA: (PANCHMSTEL) Panchmahal Steels Ltd.    (513511)
INDIA: (PATELENG) Patel Engineering Ltd    (531120)
INDIA: (PENARSTEEL) Pennar Industries Ltd.    (513228)
INDIA: () Raipur Alloys and Steel Ltd.    (504614)
INDIA: (RAJTV) Raj Television Network Ltd.    (532826)
INDIA: (RELAXOFOOT) Relaxo Footwears Ltd    (530517)
INDIA: (RELCAPITAL) Reliance Capital Ltd.    (500111)
INDIA: (RELCHEMQ) Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd    (503162)
INDIA: (RCOM) Reliance Communications Ltd    (532712)
INDIA: (RIIL) Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd    (523445)
INDIA: (RELIANCE) Reliance Industries Ltd.    (500325)
INDIA: (RELINFRA) Reliance Infrastructure Ltd    (500390)
INDIA: (RNRL) Reliance Natural Resources Ltd    (532709)
INDIA: (RPL) Reliance Petroleum Ltd    (532743)
INDIA: (RPOWER) Reliance Power Ltd    (532939)
INDIA: (ROHLTD) Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd    (532699)
INDIA: (SPSL) Shree Precoated Steels Limited    (513349)
INDIA: () Sinclairs Hotels Ltd    (523023)
INDIA: (SOBHA) Sobha Developers Ltd.    (532784)
INDIA: (SOLECTCENT) Solectron Centum Electronics Ltd    (517544)
INDIA: () Southern Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.    (530491)
INDIA: () Spanco Telesystems & Solutions Ltd.    (508976)
INDIA: (SAIL) Steel Authority of India Ltd.    (500113)
INDIA: (SSWL) Steel Strips Wheels Ltd.    (513262)
INDIA: () Steelcast Ltd.    (513517)
INDIA: (SURAJDIAMN) Su-raj Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd    (507892)
INDIA: (SUNFLAGIRN) SunFlag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.    (500404)
INDIA: (TAJGVK) Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.    (532390)
INDIA: (TATAELXSI) Tata Elxsi Ltd.    (500408)
INDIA: (TATASTEEL) Tata Steels Ltd.    (500470)
INDIA: (TTML) Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.    (532371)
INDIA: (TECHNOELEC) Techno Electric & Engg. Co. Ltd.    (505397)
INDIA: (TELEDATAIN) Tele Data Informatics Ltd.    (532358)
INDIA: (TV-18 & TV18) Television Eighteen India Ltd.    (532299)
INDIA: () U.P. Hotels Ltd.    (509960)
INDIA: (MCDOWELL-N) United Spirits Ltd.    (532432)
INDIA: (UTTAMSTL) Uttam Galva Steels Ltd.    (513216)
INDIA: (VICEROY) Viceroy Hotels Ltd.    (523796)
INDIA: () Vipul Infrastructure Developers    (511726)
INDIA: (VISASTEEL) Visa Steel Ltd.    (532721)
INDIA: (WEBELSOLAR) Webel-SL Energy Systems Ltd.    (517498)
INDIA: () Welcast Steels    (504988)
INDIA: (WELGUJ) Welspun Gujarat StahI Rohren Ltd.    (532144)
INDIA: (WELSPUNIND) Welspun India Ltd.    (514162)
INDIA: (WHEELS) Wheels India Ltd.    (590073)
INDIA: (KELVINATOR) Whirlpool India Limited    (500238)
INDIA: (WWIL) Wire and Wireless (India) Ltd.    (532795)
INDIA: (XLTL) XL Telecom and Energy Ltd.    (532788)
INDIA: (ZEEL) Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.    (505537)
INDIA: (ZICOM) Zicom Electronics Security Systems    (531404)