S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (AEM)   Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
USA: (AEMLW)   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
USA: (AEO)   American Eagle Outfitters
USA: (AEOS)   American Eagle Outfitters Inc.
USA: (DBLE)   Double Eagle Petroleum Co.
USA: (DBLEP)   Double Eagle Petroleum Company
USA: (EGBN)   Eagle Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (EGLE)   Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
USA: (HRCPX)   Eagle Capital Appreciation Fund A
USA: (HRCVX)   Eagle Growth & Income A
USA: (EHP)   Eagle Hospitality Properties Trust Inc
USA: (HEICX)   Eagle International Equity Fund C
USA: (HTCAX)   Eagle Large Cap Core A
USA: (EXP)   Eagle Materials Inc
USA: (HAGAX)   Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (EGRX)   Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ECC)   Eagle Point Credit Company
USA: (EROC)   Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (HSIIX)   Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (HSRRX)   Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund R3
USA: (EGEIX)   Eagle Smaller Company Fund I
USA: (EGLT)   Eagle Test Systems, Inc.
USA: (EGBCX)   Eagle:Invest Grade Bd;C
USA: (HMCCX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;C
USA: (HMCJX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;I
USA: (HMRRX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;R3
USA: (HMRSX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;R5
USA: (HRSCX)   Eagle:Sm Cap Growth;A
USA: (EAGL)   EGL, Inc.
USA: (SGOVX)   First Eagle Overseas Fund A
USA: (FEAFX)   First Eagle:Fd Amer;Y
USA: (SGENX)   First Eagle:Global;A
USA: (FEVAX)   First Eagle:Value;A
USA: (MFICX)   Monteagle Fixed Income;C
USA: (MGGAX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;A
USA: (MIICX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;C
USA: (MIIFX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;I
USA: (MFGIX)   Monteagle Quality Growth Fund I
USA: (MVFAX)   Monteagle Select Value;A
USA: (MVECX)   Monteagle Select Value;C
USA: (MVEIX)   Monteagle Select Value;I
USA: (MVRGX)   Monteagle Value:I
USA: (MVRAX)   Monteagle Value;A
USA: (MVRCX)   Monteagle Value;C
USA: (EAGLU)   Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp.