S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for CU:
USA: (CUGAX)   Aberdeen:Gl Fxd Inc;A
USA: (ARAY)   Accuray Incorporate
USA: (ACW)   Accuride Corporation
USA: (ACU)   Acme United Corporation
USA: (TBA)   Acucela
USA: (AYI)   Acuity Brands, Inc.
USA: (ACUR)   Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc
USA: (ACUS)   Acusphere, Inc.
USA: (ADAM)   Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd.
USA: (LLUKX)   Adelante U.S. Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (AGC)   Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund
USA: (AVK)   Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund
USA: (AMRI)   Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
USA: (ACV)   Alberto Culver Co
USA: (AFGIX)   Allianz CCM Focused Growth Instl
USA: (AFSIX)   American Century Focused Growth Fund Inv
USA: (TWCUX)   American Century Ultra Fund Inv
USA: (FOLD)   Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (APAC)   APAC Customer Services, Inc.
USA: (AMCC)   Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
USA: (ARFFX)   Ariel Focus Fund
USA: (ATRC)   AtriCure, Inc.
USA: (AUXFX)   Auxier Focus Fund
USA: (PGD)   Barclays Asian & Gulf Currency Reval ETN
USA: (CUDA)   Barracuda Networks, Inc.
USA: (BLCM)   Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (BNFT)   Benefitfocus, Inc.
USA: (BFOCX)   Berkshire:Focus
USA: (BFONX)   Biondo Focus;Inv
USA: (MAPNX)   BlackRock Focus Value I
USA: (MFOMX)   BNY Mellon Focused Equity Opportunities Fund M
USA: (BPSG)   Broadpoint Securities Group, Inc.
USA: (CFL)   Broadview Security
USA: (CCAFX)   Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund A
USA: (CULAX)   Calvert Fd:Ult-Sh Inc;A
USA: (CLACU)   Capitol Acquisition Corp. II
USA: (CSII)   Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
USA: (CUK)   Carnival plc (ADR)
USA: (CET)   Central Securities Corporation
USA: (CGMFX)   CGM Focus Fund
USA: (CFSG)   China Fire & Security Group, Inc.
USA: (CPBY)   China Information Security Tech, Inc.
USA: (CSR)   China Security & Surveillance Tech. Inc.
USA: (CC)   Circuit City Stores, Inc.
USA: (CUT)   Claymore/Clear Global Timber Index
USA: (CCU)   Clear Channel Communications
USA: (NFEAX)   Columbia Marsico Focused Equities Fund A
USA: (ACUIX)   Columbia:Div Opp;C
USA: (MOC)   Command Security Corporation
USA: (CU)   Compania Cervecerias Unidas S.A. (ADR)
USA: (CNQR)   Concur Technologies, Inc.
USA: (CCUR)   Concurrent Computer Corporation
USA: (CTBC)   Connecticut Bank and Trust Company (The)
USA: (CTWS)   Connecticut Water Service, Inc.
USA: (CUO)   Continental Materials Corporation
USA: (EXBD)   Corporate Executive Board Company (The)
USA: (CULS)   Cost-U-Less Inc.
USA: (CUZ)   Cousins Properties Inc
USA: (CUCAX)   Credit Suisse Large Cap Growth Comm
USA: (CTP)   CTPartners Executive Search LLC
USA: (CUB)   Cubic Corporation
USA: (CBST)   Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (FZN)   Cuisine Solutions, Inc.
USA: (CHDEX)   Cullen High Dividend Equity Fund Retail
USA: (CIHDX)   Cullen International High Dividend Fund Retail
USA: (CFR)   Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
USA: (CFI)   Culp, Inc.
USA: (CPIX)   Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
USA: (CMI)   Cummins Inc.
USA: (CMLS)   Cumulus Media Inc.
USA: (CRGN)   CuraGen Corporation
USA: (CRIS)   Curis, Inc.
USA: (CURN)   Curon Medical, Inc.
USA: (FXA)   CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust
USA: (FXB)   CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Tr
USA: (FXC)   CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust
USA: (FXE)   CurrencyShares Euro Trust
USA: (FXY)   CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust
USA: (FXM)   CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust
USA: (XRU)   CurrencyShares Russian Ruble Trust
USA: (FXS)   CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust
USA: (FXF)   CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
USA: (CW)   Curtiss-Wright Corporation
USA: (CUSIF)   Cusac Gold Mines Ltd.
USA: (CUBI)   Customers Bancorp
USA: (CTNA)   Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc.
USA: (CUTR)   Cutera, Inc.
USA: (CALEX)   Cutler Tr:Equity
USA: (CBUK)   Cutter & Buck, Inc.
USA: (CWBIX)   Cutwater Inv Grade Bd;I
USA: (DGGIX)   Delaware Focus Global Growth Instl
USA: (DFGEX)   DFA Global Real Estate Securities
USA: (DIAMX)   Diamond Hill Focus Long-Short Fund
USA: (DOCX)   Document Sciences Corporation
USA: (DMC)   Document Security Systems, Inc.
USA: (DCU)   Dryclean USA, Inc.
USA: (SCQGX)   DWS Large Company Focus Growth Fund S
USA: (RRRRX)   DWS RREEF Real Estate Securities Fund Inst
USA: (EILGX)   Eaton Vance Atlanta Capital Focused Growth Fund I
USA: (WMW)   ELEMENTS Morningstar Wide Moat Focus ETN
USA: (FBST)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (EFOI)   Energy Focus, Inc.
USA: (ETWCU)   etrials Worldwide Inc.
USA: (FOCIX)   Fairholme:Focused Income
USA: (FHIFX)   Fidelity Focused Hi Inc
USA: (FTQGX)   Fidelity Focused Stock Fund
USA: (FOEQX)   First Focus Core Equity Fund
USA: (FOGRX)   First Focus Growth Opportunities Fund
USA: (FMR)   First Mercury Financial Corporation
USA: (FSGI)   First Security Group, Inc.
USA: (FFC)   Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities Income Fd In
USA: (FMIOX)   FMI Focus Fund
USA: (FCSE)   Focus Enhancements, Inc.
USA: (FMCN)   Focus Media Holding Limited
USA: (FCCG)   Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.
USA: (FFLMX)   Forward Focus Fund A
USA: (FKDNX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;A
USA: (FDYZX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;Adv
USA: (FDNBX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;B
USA: (FDYNX)   Franklin Cust:Dyna;C
USA: (FKUSX)   Franklin Cust:Govt;A
USA: (FKINX)   Franklin Cust:Inc;A
USA: (FCISX)   Franklin Cust:Inc;C
USA: (FKUTX)   Franklin Cust:Util;A
USA: (FREEX)   Franklin Real Estate Securities Fund A
USA: (GTSOX)   Glenmede:Secured Options
USA: (GDEF)   Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc.
USA: (GCF)   Global Income & Currency Fund Inc.
USA: (GPACU)   Global Partner Acquisition Corp.
USA: (GMOCX)   GMO Currency Hedged International Equity Fund III
USA: (GMHBX)   GMO:Curr Hgd Intl Bd;III
USA: (GREZX)   GuideStone Funds Real Estate Securities Fund GS4
USA: (IASMX)   Guinn Atkin:Asia Focus
USA: (HCUSX)   HC Capital:US Gvt FI;Str
USA: (HCACU)   Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.
USA: (HFTFX)   Hennessy Focus 30 Fund
USA: (HPC)   Hercules Incorporated
USA: (HERO)   Hercules Offshore, Inc.
USA: (HTGC)   Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.
USA: (CUBA)   Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (HCMAX)   Hillman Focused Advantage Fund
USA: (HORT)   Hines Horticulture, Inc.
USA: (HTGM)   HTMolecular Diagnostics, Inc.
USA: (ICUCX)   ICON:Europe;C
USA: (ICUI)   ICU Medical, Inc.
USA: (INFS)   InFocus Corporation
USA: (IMI)   Intermolecular, Inc.
USA: (ISE)   International Securities Exchange Holdings Inc.
USA: (ACREX)   Invesco Van Kampen Real Estate Securities Fund A
USA: (JJA)   iPath DJ AIG Agriculture TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (ICDAX)   Ivy Cundill Global Value A
USA: (IRSAX )   Ivy Real Estate Securities Fund A
USA: (JBL)   Jabil Circuit, Inc.
USA: (JHS)   John Hancock Income Securities Trust
USA: (JGFSX)   JPMorgan Global Focus Select
USA: (JCIAX)   JPMorgan:Intl Cur;A
USA: (JNCCX)   JPMorgan:Intl Cur;C
USA: (JCISX)   JPMorgan:Intl Cur;Sel
USA: (KREAX)   Kensington Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (KTOS)   Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
USA: (LCMFX)   Leeb Focus Fund
USA: (SBIEX)   Legg Mason Global Currents International All Cap Opportunity Fund A
USA: (LMAT)   LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.
USA: (LCUT)   Lifetime Brands, Inc.
USA: (HGVSX)   LM WA Gvt Securities;B
USA: (LDMAX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency A
USA: (LDMBX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency B
USA: (LDMCX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency C
USA: (LDMFX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency F
USA: (LDMYX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency I
USA: (LDMPX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency P
USA: (LDMQX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency R2
USA: (LDMRX)   Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Currency R3
USA: (MACE)   Mace Security International, Inc.
USA: (MCUR)   Macrocure Ltd.
USA: (MAGS)   Magal Security Systems Ltd.
USA: (MRESX)   Managers Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (MMI)   Marcus & Millichap, Inc.
USA: (MCS)   Marcus Corporation (The)
USA: (MFOCX)   Marsico Focus Fund
USA: (MOUAX)   MassMutual Premier Focused International Fund A
USA: (MRCY)   Mercury Computer Systems
USA: (MCY)   Mercury General Corporation
USA: (MEND)   Micrus Endovascular Corporation
USA: (MDCC)   Molecular Devices
USA: (MIPI)   Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (MTS)   Montgomery Street Income Securities Inc.
USA: (ICB)   Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc.
USA: (ICS)   Morgan Stanley Insured California Municipal Securities
USA: (IMS)   Morgan Stanley Insured Municipal Securities
USA: (IQN)   Morgan Stanley New York Quality Municipal Securities
USA: (IQM)   Morgan Stanley Quality Municipal Securities
USA: (IQC)   MS California Municipal Securities
USA: (MSGI)   MSGI Security Solutions Inc.
USA: (BMLEX)   Mt Lucas US Focus Eq;I
USA: (NSSC)   Napco Security Systems, Inc.
USA: (NSEC)   National Security Group, Inc.
USA: (NBFAX)   Neuberger Berman Focus Fund
USA: (NBSSX)   Neuberger Berman Focus Fund Inv
USA: (CUR)   Neuralstem, Inc.
USA: (NVCR)   NovoCure Limited
USA: (JGT)   Nuveen Multi-Currency Short-Term Government Income Fund
USA: (FARCX)   Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund I
USA: (OCCX)   OccuLogix, Inc.
USA: (OCUL)   Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.
USA: (OCLS)   Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.
USA: (OBFVX)   Old Mutual Focused Fund
USA: (CUP)   Peru Copper Inc. (USA)
USA: (PV)   Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (ADR)
USA: (PBFOX)   PineBridge US Focus Equity I
USA: (CVFCX)   Pioneer Cullen Value Fund A
USA: (PARD)   Poniard Pharmaecuticals, Inc.
USA: (POWR)   PowerSecure International, Inc.
USA: (DBA)   PowerShares DB Agriculture
USA: (DAG)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Dble Long ETN
USA: (AGA)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Dble Shrt ETN
USA: (AGF)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Long ETN
USA: (ADZ)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Short ETN
USA: (DBV)   PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest
USA: (PAGG)   PowerShares Global Agriculture
USA: (PREPX)   Principal Real Estate Securities Fund R5
USA: (PCF)   Putnam High Income Securities Fund
USA: (FUND)   Royce Focus Trust Inc.
USA: (RYFVX)   Royce Focus Value Fund
USA: (RRESX)   Russell Global Real Estate Securities Fund S
USA: (SECUX)   Rydex/SGI:MidCp Gro;A
USA: (SAREX)   SA Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (SCUVX)   Schroder US Opportunities Fund Adv
USA: (SCUIX)   Schroder US Opportunities Fund Inv
USA: (GCS)   Scudder Global Commodities Stock Fund Inc
USA: (BOX)   SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.
USA: (SEARX)   Seascape Focus Growth Fund
USA: (SCUR)   Secure Computing Corporatio
USA: (SBKC)   Security Bank Corporatio
USA: (SCA)   Security Capital Assurance Lt
USA: (SECIX)   Security Large Cap Value A Fund
USA: (SVSBX)   Security Mid Cap Value Fund
USA: (SNFCA)   Security National Financial Corporation
USA: (SWATW)   Security With Advanced Technology Inc.
USA: (SWAT)   Security With Advanced Technology, Inc.
USA: (SMACU)   Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp.
USA: (SSE)   Southern Connecticut Bancorp Inc.
USA: (PCU)   Southern Copper Corporation
USA: (SCU)   Storm Cat Energy Corporation
USA: (STRT)   Strattec Security Corporatio
USA: (FGF)   SunAmerica Focused Alpha Growth Fund
USA: (FGI)   SunAmerica Focused Alpha Large Cap Fund
USA: (SSAAX)   SunAmerica Focused Growth Fund A
USA: (SSFAX)   SunAmerica Focused Large Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (SSSAX)   SunAmerica Focused Small-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (TAG)   Taggares Agriculture Corp.
USA: (TGDFX)   TCW:Div Focused;I
USA: (TGIGX)   TCW:Div Focused;N
USA: (TECUA)   Tecumseh Products Compan
USA: (TECUB)   Tecumseh Products Company
USA: (TMCV)   Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc. (CA)
USA: (AGM-A)   The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
USA: (GCV)   The Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc.
USA: (GWSVX)   The Gabelli Focus Five Fund AAA
USA: (CRBA)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Agriculture Eq Idx
USA: (TREIX)   Thrivent Real Estate Securities Fund I
USA: (TIREX)   TIAA-CREF Real Estate Securities Fund Instl
USA: (TILFX)   Tilson:Focus Fund
USA: (TCUUX)   Tr Credit Un:Ult-Sh Govt
USA: (TPAGX)   Transamerica Premier Focus Fund
USA: (TRIS)   Tri-S Security Corporation
USA: (TRISW)   Tri-S Security Corporation
USA: (TRIV)   TriVascular Technologies, Inc.
USA: (TBCUX)   Tweedy,Browne Global Value II Ccy Unhdg
USA: (UAGR)   Union Agriculture Group Corp.
USA: (UBFO)   United Security Bancshare
USA: (USBI)   United Security Bancshares, Inc.
USA: (UUU)   Universal Security Instruments, Inc.
USA: (VDSI)   VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
USA: (VBLX)   Vascular Biogenics Ltd.
USA: (VBLT)   Vascular Biogenics Ltd.
USA: (VASC)   Vascular Solutions, Inc.
USA: (VGSAX)   Virtus Global Real Estate Securities A
USA: (PHRAX)   Virtus Real Estate Securities Fund A
USA: (EICU)   Visicu, Inc.
USA: (VOCS)   Vocus, Inc.
USA: (UNACX)   W&R Adv:Accumulative;A
USA: (LMCUX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (CEW)   WisdomTree Dreyfus Emerging Currency
USA: (USY)   WisdomTree U.S. Current Income
USA: (WCIFX)   Wright Inc:Curnt Inc;Std
USA: (YAFFX)   Yacktman Focused Fund
INDIA: () Almondz Global Securities Ltd    (531400)
INDIA: (CUB) City Union Bank Ltd.    (532210)
INDIA: (CUMMINSIND) Cummins India Ltd    (500480)
INDIA: (ELDERPHARM) Elder Pharmacueticals Ltd.    (532322)
INDIA: () Hercules Hoists Ltd.    (505720)
INDIA: (OPTOCIRCUI) Opto Circuits (India) Ltd.    (532391)
INDIA: (PFOCUS) Prime Focus Ltd.    (532748)
INDIA: () Yashraj Securities Ltd.    (512167)
INDIA: (ZICOM) Zicom Electronics Security Systems    (531404)