S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ATX)   A.T. Cross Compan
USA: (ANF)   Abercrombie & Fitch Co
USA: (AMD)   Advanced Micro Devices Inc
USA: (AUMIX)   Allianz AGIC Ultra Micro Cap Fund I
USA: (AMCIX)   Allianz:AGIC Micro;Inst
USA: (ANCCX)   Ancora MicroCap;C
USA: (ANCDX)   Ancora MicroCap;D
USA: (AMCC)   Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
USA: (JMCIX)   Artio US Microcap Fund I
USA: (ACWDX)   Aston:Crosswind SC Gr;N
USA: (BMA)   Banco Macro S.A
USA: (SSNC)   Banco Popolare Croatia d.d.
USA: (BCV)   Bancroft Fund Ltd.
USA: (BELM)   Bell Microproducts Inc.
USA: (BMCFX)   Bjurman Barry Micro-cap Growth Fund
USA: (BJMIX)   Brazos Micro Cap Fund
USA: (BRMCX)   Bridgeway Micro-Cap Limited
USA: (BUFOX)   Buffalo Micro Cap Fund
USA: (CCMP)   Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (CAMD)   California Micro Devices Corporation
USA: (CAPX)   Capital Crossing Bk.
USA: (CCPCN)   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
USA: (CSCD)   Cascade Microtech, Inc.
USA: (ULQ)   Claymore U.S. Capital Mkts Micro-Trm F/I
USA: (CRO)   Claymore/Zacks Country Rotation
USA: (CROX)   Crocs, Inc.
USA: (CLINX)   Croft Income
USA: (CLVFX)   Croft-Leominster Value Fund
USA: (CEM)   Crompton Corporation
USA: (CRNS)   Cronos Group
USA: (CCRN)   Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (CRT)   Cross Timbers Royalty Trust
USA: (CRDS)   Crossroads Systems Inc.
USA: (XTXI)   Crosstex Energy, Inc.
USA: (XTEX)   Crosstex Energy, L.P.
USA: (CRAN)   Crown Andersen Inc.
USA: (CCI)   Crown Castle International Corp.
USA: (CRWS)   Crown Crafts, Inc.
USA: (CCK)   Crown Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CRWN)   Crown Media Holdings, Inc.
USA: (DFSCX)   DFA US Micro Cap Fund I
USA: (FDM)   First Trust Dow Jones Select MicroCap
USA: (FRMCX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund A
USA: (FVRMX)   Franklin MicroCap Value Fund Adv
USA: (GMEAX)   Gartmore Micro Cap Equity Fund
USA: (GNSS)   Genesis Microchip Inc.
USA: (GLBC)   Global Crossing Ltd
USA: (HITT)   Hittite Microwave Corporation
USA: (HMTPX)   Huntington:Macro 100;T
USA: (IFOX)   Infocrossing, Inc.
USA: (IM)   Ingram Micro Inc.
USA: (IWC)   iShares Russell Microcap Index
USA: (IGWAX)   Ivy:Micro Cap Growth;A
USA: (IGWBX)   Ivy:Micro Cap Growth;B
USA: (JMCRX)   James Adv:Micro Cap
USA: (BOOT)   LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.
USA: (LCRY)   LeCROY Corporation
USA: (LCMMX)   Lotsoff Capital Mgmt Micro Cap
USA: (MACM)   MacroChem Corporation
USA: (MCUR)   Macrocure Ltd.
USA: (MGNX)   MacroGenics, Inc.
USA: (MXIC)   Macronix International Co. Ltd
USA: (DOY)   MacroShares $100 Oil Down
USA: (UOY)   MacroShares $100 Oil Up
USA: (MVSN)   Macrovision Corporation
USA: (MIMFX)   Managers Institutional Micro-Cap Fund
USA: (MMCFX)   Managers Micro-Cap Fund Svc
USA: (MPEL)   Melco Crown Entertainment Limited
USA: (MCTI)   Micro Component Technology Inc.
USA: (MTIX)   Micro Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (MCHP)   Microchip Technology Incorporated
USA: (MFI)   MicroFinancial Incorporated
USA: (MCLB)   Microlin Bio, Inc.
USA: (MLOG)   Microlog Corporation
USA: (MITI)   Micromet, Inc.
USA: (MUSE)   Micromuse Inc.
USA: (MU)   Micron Technology, Inc.
USA: (NOIZ)   Micronetics, Inc.
USA: (MCRS)   Micros Systems, Inc.
USA: (MSCC)   Microsemi Corporatio
USA: (msft)   Microsoft Corporation
USA: (MSTR)   MicroStrategy Incorporate
USA: (MTMD)   Microtek Medical Holdings Inc
USA: (TUNE)   Microtune, Inc.
USA: (MVIS)   Microvision, Inc.
USA: (MFCO)   Microwave Filter Company Inc.
USA: (MCRN)   Milacron Holdings Inc.
USA: (MZ)   Milacron Inc.
USA: (NETL)   NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (NURMF)   NUR Macroprinters Ltd.
USA: (OIIM)   O2Micro International Limited
USA: (OBMCX)   Oberweis:Micro-Cap
USA: (PRCGX)   Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities Fund
USA: (PBMBX)   PineBridge:Micro Cp Gr;I
USA: (PZI)   PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap
USA: (TMVAX)   RBC Microcp Val;A
USA: (TMVCX)   RBC Microcp Val;C
USA: (TMVSX)   RBC Microcp Val;S
USA: (REPH)   Recro Pharma, Inc.
USA: (RFMD)   RF Micro Devices, Inc.
USA: (RHJSX)   Rice Hall James Micro Cap Fund Instl
USA: (RYOTX)   Royce Micro-Cap Fund Invmt
USA: (RMT)   Royce Micro-Cap Trust Inc.
USA: (SATMX)   Satuit Capital Micro Cap Fund
USA: (SCMM)   SCM Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (SMDI)   Sirenza Microdevices, Inc.
USA: (SMSI)   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
USA: (SXE)   Southcross Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (SMSC)   Standard Microsystems Corporatio
USA: (STM)   STMicroelectronics N.V.
USA: (SUNW)   Sun Microsystems Inc.
USA: (JAVA)   Sun Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (SMCI)   Super Micro Computer, Inc.
USA: (TMIC)   Trend Micro Incorporated
USA: (TRID)   Trident Microsystems, Inc.
USA: (TCMI)   Triple Crown Media Inc.
USA: (UMC)   United Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (VELC)   Velcro Industries N.V
USA: (VIMC)   Vimicro International Corporation
USA: (WMICX)   Wasatch Micro Cap Fund
USA: (WAMVX)   Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund
USA: (WTMIX)   Westcore Micro Cap Opportunity Fund Retail
INDIA: () Acrow India Ltd.    (513149)
INDIA: (ASTRAMICRO) Astra Microwave Products Ltd.    (532493)
INDIA: (BESTCROMP) Best & Crompton Engg.Ltd.    (500046)
INDIA: (CROMPGREAV) Crompton Greaves Ltd.    (500093)
INDIA: (EXCELCROP) Excel Crop Care Ltd    (532511)
INDIA: (KERNEX) Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited    (532686)
INDIA: (LOGIXMICRO) Logix Microsystems Ltd.    (532341)
INDIA: (MICRO) Micro Inks Ltd.    (523886)
INDIA: (MICROTECH) Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.    (532494)
INDIA: () Microsec Capital Limited    (508197)
INDIA: (STAR) Strides Acrolab Ltd.    (532531)