S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for COV:
USA: (TWEGX)   American Century International Discovery Fund Inv
USA: (ARDFX)   Ariel:Discovery
USA: (BCOV)   Brightcove Inc.
USA: (CADGX)   Calamos:Discovery Gr;A
USA: (COVAX)   Columbia:SmCp Vl II;A
USA: (COVBX)   Columbia:SmCp Vl II;B
USA: (COVCX)   Columbia:SmCp Vl II;C
USA: (DVW)   Covad Communications Group Inc.
USA: (CVD)   Covance Inc.
USA: (CVNS)   Covansys Corporation
USA: (CVA)   Covanta Holding Corp
USA: (CVTI)   Covenant Transportation Group, Inc.
USA: (CVH)   Coventry Health Care, Inc.
USA: (COVR)   Cover-All Technologies Inc.
USA: (COV)   Covidien Ltd
USA: (CVST)   Covista Communications Inc.
USA: (DFS)   Discover Financial Service
USA: (DISCK)   Discovery Communications, Inc
USA: (OPOCX)   Discovery Fund
USA: (DISCA)   Discovery Holding C
USA: (DISCB)   Discovery Holding Co
USA: (DSCO)   Discovery Laboratories, Inc.
USA: (DPII)   Discovery Partners International, Inc.
USA: (DRIDX)   Driehaus International Discovery Fund
USA: (DWGDX)   Dynamic Discovery I
USA: (ERII)   Energy Recovery, Inc.
USA: (BEO)   Enhanced S&P 500 Covered Call Fund Inc.
USA: (FAIDX)   Fidelity Advisor International Discovery Fund A
USA: (FDSVX)   Fidelity Gro Discovery
USA: (FGDKX)   Fidelity Gro Discovery;K
USA: (FIGRX)   Fidelity International Discovery Fund
USA: (FSCRX)   Fidelity Small Cap Discovery Fund
USA: (INTLX)   Forester Discovery Fund
USA: (FC)   Franklin Covey Co
USA: (LIDSX)   Laudus Rosenberg Internationall Discovery Fund Select
USA: (MCN)   Madison/Claymore Covered Call Fund
USA: (MUPSX)   MassMutual Premier Discovery Value Fund S
USA: (MSB)   Mesabi Trust By Co. Name in Gogle - Dean WitterDiscover & Co (Inactive)
USA: (MIDAX)   MFS International New Discovery Fund A
USA: (MNDGX)   MFS New Discovery Fund R1
USA: (MNDIX)   MFS New Discovery I
USA: (MNDAX)   MFS New Discovery;A
USA: (MDISX)   Mutual Global Discovery Z
USA: (NCGFX)   New Covenant Growth Fund
USA: (NCICX)   New Covenant:Income
USA: (ODINX)   Oppenheimer Discovery Fund N
USA: (PDFDX)   Perkins Discovery Fund
USA: (PRAA)   Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.
USA: (RIVSX)   River Oak Discovery Fund
USA: (BEP)   S&P 500 Covered Call Fund Inc.
USA: (UMBDX)   Scout International Discovery Fund
USA: (PRIDX)   T. Rowe Price International Discovery Fund
USA: (LDF)   The Latin American Discovery Fund Inc.
USA: (UBVLX)   Undiscovered Managers Behavioral Value Fund Inst
USA: (VPDSX)   Vantagepoint Discovery Fund
USA: (STDIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Fund Inv
USA: (SCOVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Small Cap Value Fund Inv