S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for CIX:
USA: (AGCIX)   Aberdeen:Gl Fxd Inc;I
USA: (AMCIX)   Allianz:AGIC Micro;Inst
USA: (AACIX)   Am Beacon:MC Val;Inst
USA: (ADCIX)   Amer Cent:Disc Gr;Inst
USA: (TWCIX)   American Century Select Fund Inv
USA: (JMCIX)   Artio US Microcap Fund I
USA: (JSCIX)   Artio US Smallcap Fund I
USA: (BACIX)   BlackRock All-Cap Engy & Res Inst
USA: (BMCIX)   BlackRock US Opportunities Fund Instl
USA: (MMCIX)   BNY Mellon:Sm/Mid Cp;Inv
USA: (SMCIX)   California Investment S&P Small Cap Index Fund
USA: (CLCIX)   Calvert Large Cap Growth I
USA: (CNCIX)   CNI:Corp Bond;Inst
USA: (CCIX)   Coleman Cable, Inc.
USA: (PACIX)   Columbia:Conv Secs;A
USA: (CFCIX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;I
USA: (CPCIX)   Columbia:Pac/Asia;I
USA: (CIX)   CompX International Inc.
USA: (CWCIX)   CWC Sm Cap Aggr Val;Inst
USA: (DGCIX)   Delaware Corp Bond;Inst
USA: (DDCIX)   Delaware Large Cap Core Instl
USA: (DCCIX)   Delaware Small Cap Core Fund I
USA: (DFCIX)   Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (EQCIX)   Equinox:Mkt Nt Com Str;I
USA: (EOCIX)   Evergreen CA Municipal I
USA: (FOCIX)   Fairholme:Focused Income
USA: (FGCIX)   Federated Int Gv/Co;Inst
USA: (FDCIX)   Fidelity Adv Stk SAC;I
USA: (FPCIX)   Fidelity Str Adv Cre Inc
USA: (FRCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Ins;A
USA: (FKCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Int;A
USA: (FCCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Int;C
USA: (FLCIX)   Franklin Large Cap Equity Fund Adv
USA: (GVCIX)   Gabelli Value Fund;I
USA: (GTCIX)   Glenmede International Fund
USA: (GICIX)   Goldman Sachs Structured International Small Cap Fund I
USA: (GCCIX)   Goldman:Comm Str;I
USA: (HMCIX)   HighMark:CA Int TxFr;A
USA: (HWCIX)   Hotchkis and Wiley Diversified Value Fund I
USA: (IOCIX)   ICON:Risk-Mgd Eqty;I
USA: (IACIX)   ING Amer Cent Sm-Md Cap Value
USA: (NECIX)   ING:Em Ctry;I
USA: (IFCIX)   ING:Greater China;I
USA: (PLCIX)   ING:Growth Opptys;I
USA: (VKCIX)   Invesco VK CA Ins TF;A
USA: (JVCIX)   J Hancock III:Lev Co;I
USA: (LGCIX)   Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl
USA: (MECIX)   Managers:Cad Emg Co;Inst
USA: (MGCIX)   Mirae:Asia Great Cons;I
USA: (MICIX)   Munder International Core Equity Fund I
USA: (NBCIX)   Neuberger Berman Large Cap Disciplined Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NPCIX)   Nomura:Greater China;I
USA: (NCCIX)   Nuveen Symphony Mid-Cap Core Fund I
USA: (PTCIX)   PIMCO:Lng-Tm Credit;Inst
USA: (PPCIX)   PNC Small Cap Fund I
USA: (PNCIX)   PNC:Ult Sh Bd;I
USA: (OACIX)   Portfolio Series: Conservative Investor Fund
USA: (TMCIX)   RBC SMid Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (STCIX)   RidgeWorth Large Cap Growth Stock Fund A
USA: (RSCIX)   Roxbury:Sm-Cap Gr;Inst
USA: (SLCIX)   Rydex/SGI Large Cap Value Fund Inst
USA: (RYCIX)   Rydex:Consumer Prod;Inv
USA: (SCCIX)   Scout Core Bond;Inst
USA: (SECIX)   Security Large Cap Value A Fund
USA: (PRCIX)   T Rowe Price New Inc
USA: (TFCIX)   Third Avenue:Foc Cr;Inst
USA: (LTCIX)   Thornburg Ltd CA;I
USA: (TSCIX)   TimesSquare Small Cap Growth Fund Instl
USA: (VMCIX)   Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund Institutional Shares
USA: (VPCIX)   Vantagepoint Cre Bd Ix;1
USA: (VICIX)   Victory:Inv Grade Conv;I
USA: (VGCIX)   Virtus:Global Comm Stk;I
USA: (SFCIX)   WellsFargo:CA LT TF;A
USA: (PFCIX)   Western Asset Non-US;I