S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (ASCGX)   Adams Hark Sm Cap Gr
USA: (AMCGX)   Alger Mid Cap Growth Fund B
USA: (AWCGX)   Alpine Eq:Glbl Cons Gro
USA: (ACCGX)   American Century Capital Growth A
USA: (TWCGX)   American Century Growth Fund Inv
USA: (BMCGX)   Apex Mid Cap Gro
USA: (CGX)   Consolidated Graphics, Inc.
USA: (DNCGX)   Dunham:Corp/Govt Bond;N
USA: (EVCGX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ch;A
USA: (EMCGX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ch;B
USA: (ECCGX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ch;C
USA: (EICGX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ch;I
USA: (FACGX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;C
USA: (FCCGX)   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth Fund C
USA: (FSCGX)   Fidelity Sel Ind Equip
USA: (FICGX)   First Inv Eq:Sel Gro;A
USA: (FLCGX)   Flex-funds Quantex Fund
USA: (FPCGX)   Fort Pitt Capital Total Return Fund
USA: (FKCGX)   Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund
USA: (FRCGX)   Franklin Str:Fx Gr;R
USA: (GSCGX)   Goldman Sachs Capital Growth Fund A
USA: (HFCGX)   Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Inv
USA: (JSCGX)   Jacob Small Cap Gro;Inv
USA: (GOCGX)   JHancock3 US Core A
USA: (JICGX)   JHFunds2 All Cap Growth 1
USA: (MECGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;A
USA: (MCCGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;C
USA: (MICGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;I
USA: (OMCGX)   Old Mutual:AA Gro;C
USA: (PSCGX)   Perimeter SmCp Gro;Inv
USA: (PRCGX)   Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities Fund
USA: (PBCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;B
USA: (PCCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;C
USA: (PYCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;Y
USA: (RBCGX)   Reynolds:Blue Chip Gro
USA: (SLCGX)   Saratoga Large Capitalization Growth Fund I
USA: (SSCGX)   SEI Inst:Sm Cap Gr;A
USA: (CHCGX)   The Chesapeake Core Growth Fund
USA: (THCGX)   Thornburg Core Growth Fund
USA: (TMCGX)   Turner Emerging Growth Fund Investor
USA: (TICGX)   Turner International Growth Fund Instl
USA: (USCGX)   USAA Capital Growth
USA: (UNCGX)   Waddell & Reed Advisors International Growth Fund A