S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (CCG)  
USA: (FCCY)   1st Constitution Bancorp
USA: (ICC)   21st Century Oncology Holdings, Inc.
USA: (WVCCX)   Aberdeen Global Small Cap A
USA: (XLRN)   Acceleron Pharma Inc.
USA: (AXK)   Accelr8 Technology Corporation
USA: (ACCL)   Accelrys, Inc.
USA: (ABPI)   Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ACN)   Accenture Ltd.
USA: (ACCSX)   Access Cap Comm Inv;I
USA: (AIXD)   Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.
USA: (ANCX)   Access National Corporation
USA: (AFBIX)   Access One:Fx Br HY;Inv
USA: (FYAIX)   Access One:Fx HY;Inv
USA: (AUSA)   Access Plans USA, Inc.
USA: (AEMI)   Access to Money, Inc.
USA: (AWWC)   Access Worldwide Communications Inc.
USA: (AGROX)   Accessor Growth;I / Forward Large Cap Growth Institutional
USA: (ABD)   Acco Brands Corporation
USA: (LEND)   Accredited Home Lenders Holding Co.
USA: (ARAY)   Accuray Incorporate
USA: (ACW)   Accuride Corporation
USA: (ADO)   Adecco SA
USA: (AAAP)   Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.
USA: (CLCCX)   AdvisorOne:Amerigo;C
USA: (ALCCX)   Alger:Capital Apprec;C
USA: (PAPIX)   Allianz CCM Capital Appreciation Instl
USA: (AFGIX)   Allianz CCM Focused Growth Instl
USA: (PMGIX)   Allianz CCM Mid Cap Instl
USA: (ARCCX)   Allianz:RCM St Gr;C
USA: (AADDX)   Alpine:Accelerating Div
USA: (AMCCX)   Am Beacon:MC Val;C
USA: (ACCNX)   Amer Cent:Core Plus;Inv
USA: (ADCCX)   Amer Cent:Disc Gr;C
USA: (ACC)   American Campus Cmmunities Inc
USA: (ACCGX)   American Century Capital Growth A
USA: (CCWAX)   American Funds CWBd;5A
USA: (CCWBX)   American Funds CWBd;5B
USA: (CCWCX)   American Funds CWBd;5C
USA: (CCWEX)   American Funds CWBd;5E
USA: (CCWFX)   American Funds CWBd;5F-1
USA: (AMC)   American Morgate Acceptance Company
USA: (APCC)   American Power Conversion Corp.
USA: (ANCCX)   Ancora MicroCap;C
USA: (AMCC)   Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
USA: (ARCC)   Ares Capital Corporation
USA: (AACC)   Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.
USA: (BKCC)   BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporatio
USA: (CCGAX)   BlackRock:Govt Inc;A
USA: (BNCC)   Bnccorp Inc.
USA: (BCC)   Boise Cascade, L.L.C.
USA: (SMARX)   Brandes Inv:Sep Mgd Acct
USA: (BTI)   British American Tobacco PLC
USA: (CCBL)   C-COR Incorporated
USA: (CCBN)   C-COR Incorporated
USA: (CCMP)   Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
USA: (CCVIX)   Calamos:Conv;A
USA: (CCVCX)   Calamos:Conv;C
USA: (CCVRX)   Calamos:Conv;R
USA: (CCC)   Calgon Carbon Corp
USA: (CCAFX)   Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund A
USA: (CCVAX)   Calvert Small Cap Fund A
USA: (CCJ)   Cameco Corp
USA: (CCBG)   Capital City Bank Group
USA: (CCOW)   Capital Corp of the West
USA: (CCPCN)   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
USA: (CCL)   Carnival Corporation
USA: (CACS)   Carrier Access Corporation
USA: (CAW)   CCA Industries, Inc.
USA: (LYV)   CCE Spinco, Inc.
USA: (CCFH)   CCF Holding Company
USA: (CSCC)   CenterSpan Communications Corporation
USA: (CCS)   Century Communities, Inc.
USA: (CCF)   Chase Corporation
USA: (CCCR)   China Commercial Credit, Inc.
USA: (CCIH)   ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.
USA: (CC)   Circuit City Stores, Inc.
USA: (CCU)   Clear Channel Communications
USA: (CCO)   Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CCBEF)   Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation
USA: (MYCC)   ClubCorp Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CCNE)   CNB Financial Corporation
USA: (CCCAX)   Cntr Coast MLP Foc;A
USA: (CCE)   Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
USA: (CCH)   Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co SA (ADR)
USA: (CCOI)   Cogent Communications Group, Inc.
USA: (CCIX)   Coleman Cable, Inc.
USA: (CCIBX)   Columbia:CA Int Muni;B
USA: (CCICX)   Columbia:CA Int Muni;C
USA: (CCABX)   Columbia:CA Tx-Ex;B
USA: (CCAOX)   Columbia:CA Tx-Ex;C
USA: (CCSIX)   Columbia:Conv Secs;I
USA: (NGCCX)   Columbia:Grtr China;C
USA: (RDCCX)   Columbia:Lg Val Qnt;C
USA: (CCMAX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;A
USA: (CCFCX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;C
USA: (CCFRX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;R
USA: (CCMZX)   Columbia:Marsico Flex;Z
USA: (CCTRX)   Columbia:SmCp Vl II;R
USA: (CCW)   Comcast Corporation
USA: (CCZ)   Comcast Hld Zones1
USA: (CCBP)   Comm Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CCBI)   Commercial Capital Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (CCBD)   Community Central Bank Corporation
USA: (CCFI)   Community Choice Financial
USA: (CCRT)   CompuCredit Corporation
USA: (CPCCX)   Comstock Cap Val;C
USA: (CCM)   Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited
USA: (CCUR)   Concurrent Computer Corporation
USA: (CCASX)   Conestoga Small Cap Fund
USA: (CACC)   Credit Acceptance Corporatio
USA: (CCFG)   Crescent Capital Finance Group, Inc.
USA: (CCRN)   Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.
USA: (CCI)   Crown Castle International Corp.
USA: (CCK)   Crown Holdings, Inc.
USA: (CYCCP)   Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc.
USA: (CYCC)   Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ATC)   Cycle Country Accessories Corp.
USA: (DECC)   D&E Communications, Inc.
USA: (DCCIX)   Delaware Small Cap Core Fund I
USA: (DHCC)   Diamondhead Casino Corporation
USA: (DPCCX)   Dreyfus Greatr China;C
USA: (ECC)   Eagle Point Credit Company
USA: (HMCCX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;C
USA: (ECCGX)   Eaton Vance Grtr Ch;C
USA: (ECCPX)   Eaton Vance TM MCG;C
USA: (ECR)   ECC Capital Corp.
USA: (ESCC)   Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation
USA: (EOCCX)   Evergreen CA Municipal C
USA: (MXCCX)   Federated Max-Cp Id;C
USA: (QIACX)   Federated MDT ACC;Inst
USA: (FCCVX)   Fidelity Adv Cnv Sec;C
USA: (FGCCX)   Fidelity Adv MCG;C
USA: (FMCCX)   Fidelity Adv Mid Cap;I
USA: (FCCGX)   Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth Fund C
USA: (FICC)   Fieldstone Investment Corporation
USA: (FAC)   First Acceptance Corporatio
USA: (FCCO)   First Community Corporation
USA: (FRCCO)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FRCCP)   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
USA: (FCCG)   Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.
USA: (FCCIX)   Franklin CA TF:Int;C
USA: (GCCEX)   Gabelli Eq:Eq Inc;C
USA: (GVCCX)   Gabelli Value Fund;C
USA: (GACCX)   GAMCO Gl:Vertumnus;C
USA: (GCA)   Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GMTCX)   GMO Tobacco Free Core III
USA: (GCCIX)   Goldman:Comm Str;I
USA: (GCC)   GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index
USA: (AVAL)   Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores S.A.
USA: (HCC)   HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.
USA: (HCCI)   Heritage-Crystal Clean
USA: (HHCCX)   Highland:Long/Sh Hc;C
USA: (HWCC)   Houston Wire & Cable Compan
USA: (HPCCP)   Huntington Preferred Capital Inc.
USA: (ICCCX)   ICON:Consumer Discretn;S
USA: (IOCCX)   ICON:Risk-Mgd Eqty;C
USA: (ICCC)   ImmuCell Corporatio
USA: (ITY)   Imperial Tobacco Group plc
USA: (IPCC)   Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation
USA: (IFCCX)   ING:Greater China;C
USA: (NLCCX)   ING:Growth Opptys;C
USA: (IDCC)   InterDigital, Inc.
USA: (ICCA)   Internet Commerce Corp.
USA: (IAEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt A
USA: (IBEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt B
USA: (ICEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt C
USA: (IIEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt Instl
USA: (IREMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt R
USA: (IYEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt Y
USA: (ACCBX)   Invesco VK Corp Bd;A
USA: (TCCAX)   J Hancock CA T-F Inc;C
USA: (JRCC)   James River Coal Company
USA: (JNCCX)   JPMorgan:Intl Cur;C
USA: (KTCC)   Key Tronic Corporation
USA: (VLCCF)   Knightsbridge Tankers, Limited
USA: (LSCC)   Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
USA: (LCCI)   LCC International, Inc.
USA: (LCCMX)   Leader Capital Short-Term Bond Fund
USA: (SCCAX)   LM CBA Capital;A
USA: (SCCCX)   LM CBA Capital;C
USA: (LACCX)   Lord Abbett Convert;C
USA: (MACC)   MACC Private Equities Inc.
USA: (MCCVX)   MainStay:Convertbl;C
USA: (MGCSX)   Managed Account Global SmallCap
USA: (VCC)   Manitex International, Inc.
USA: (MNI)   McClatchy Company (The)
USA: (MKC)   McCormick & Company, Incorporated
USA: (MSSR)   McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
USA: (MCCC)   Mediacom Communications Corporation
USA: (MCC)   Mestek, Inc.
USA: (MCCAX)   MFS CA Muni Bond;C
USA: (MHINX)   Mgd Acct Ser:High Inc
USA: (MSUMX)   Mgd Acct Ser:US Mtge;I
USA: (MSCC)   Microsemi Corporatio
USA: (MICC)   Millicom International Cellular S.A.
USA: (MGCCX)   Mirae:Asia Great Cons;C
USA: (MCCGX)   Mirae:Glbl EM Grt Cons;C
USA: (MDCC)   Molecular Devices
USA: (MRCC)   Monroe Capital Corporation
USA: (MOCC)   Moscow CableCom Corp.
USA: (NC)   NACCO Industries, Inc.
USA: (NCC)   National City Corporation
USA: (NECCX)   Natixis:US Dvsfd;C
USA: (NPCCX)   Nomura:Greater China;C
USA: (FCCAX)   Nuveen CA Tax Free;C1
USA: (FSCCX)   Nuveen Sm Cap Value;I
USA: (NCCAX)   Nuveen Sym Mid Cp Cre;A
USA: (NCCIX)   Nuveen Symphony Mid-Cap Core Fund I
USA: (OCNW)   Occam Networks, Inc.
USA: (OXY)   Occidental Petroleum Corporation
USA: (OCCX)   OccuLogix, Inc.
USA: (ORCC)   Online Resources Corporation
USA: (OLCCX)   Oppenheimer Ltd CA;C
USA: (OCCF)   Optical Cable Corporation
USA: (PGCCX)   Pacific Adv:Lg Cap Val;C
USA: (HPCCX)   Parr:USX China;C
USA: (PLCC)   Paulson Capital Corp.
USA: (PCCC)   PC Connection, Inc.
USA: (PCCGX)   Pioneer Mid Cap Val;C
USA: (PCC)   PMC Commercial Trust
USA: (SRCCX)   Principal:CA Muni;C
USA: (PCCBX)   Principal:LC Val;B
USA: (PRCCX)   Putnam Conv Sec;C
USA: (QCCO)   QC Holdings, Inc.
USA: (QCC)   Quest Capital Corp. (USA)
USA: (RCCC)   Rural Cellular Corporation
USA: (RCCSX)   Russell:Comm Strat;S
USA: (SCCIX)   Scout Core Bond;Inst
USA: (RCC)   Small Cap Premium
USA: (SSCC)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporatio
USA: (SSCCP)   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
USA: (SFSF)   SuccessFactors, Inc.
USA: (TBAC)   Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc.
USA: (TCCO)   Technical Communications Corporation
USA: (TICC)   Technology Investment Capital Corp
USA: (TSCC)   Technology Solutions Company
USA: (TNCC)   Tennessee Commerce Bancorp Inc. (TN)
USA: (LTCCX)   Thornburg Ltd CA;C
USA: (TXCC)   TranSwitch Corporation
USA: (TBCUX)   Tweedy,Browne Global Value II Ccy Unhdg
USA: (UCC)   Ultra Consumer Services ProShares
USA: (SCC)   UltraShort Consumer Services ProShares
USA: (LCC)   US Airways Group, Inc.
USA: (VRCC)   Vertical Communications Inc.
USA: (UNACX)   W&R Adv:Accumulative;A
USA: (WBNK)   Waccamaw Bankshares Inc
USA: (WBNKW)   Waccamaw Bankshares Inc
USA: (WSCC)   Waterside Capital Corporation
USA: (SFCCX)   WellsFargo:CA LT TF;C
USA: (WCC)   WESCO Internationa
USA: (TECCX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (ECCAX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (CCTEX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (CCAZX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (MCCMX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (WRLD)   World Acceptance Corp.
INDIA: (ACC) ACC Ltd.    (500410)
INDIA: (AFL) Accel FrontLine Ltd.    (532774)
INDIA: () Accentia Technologies    (531897)
INDIA: (CCL) CCL Products (India) Ltd.    (519600)
INDIA: (AIRDECCAN) Deccan Aviation Ltd.    (532747)
INDIA: (DECCANCE) Deccan Cements Ltd.    (502137)
INDIA: (DCHL) Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited    (532608)
INDIA: (EVINIX) Evinix Accessories Ltd    (532818)
INDIA: (HCC) Hindustan Construction Co Ltd.    (500185)
INDIA: (IMPAL) India Motor Parts and Accessories    (590065)