S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (GTVLX)   AIM Basic Value Fund
USA: (LCBAX)   AIM Large Cap Basic Value A
USA: (ABASX)   AllianceBern Small-Mid Cap Value Fund A
USA: (EPAX)   Ambassadors Group, Inc.
USA: (AMIE)   Ambassadors International, Inc.
USA: (BAS)   Basic Energy Services, Inc.
USA: (BWTR)   Basin Water, Inc.
USA: (BSET)   Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated
USA: (BASI)   Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
USA: (MABAX)   BlackRock Basic Value Fund I
USA: (BASAX)   Brown Advisory Small-Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (CATB)   Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (SBS)   Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo (ADR
USA: (DSPIX)   Dreyfus BASIC S&P 500
USA: (DIGFX)   Dreyfus BASIC US Mtg Sec
USA: (EBASX)   Eaton Vance As SmCo;B
USA: (FPBFX)   Fidelity Pacific Basin
USA: (GBN)   Great Basin Gold Ltd (USA
USA: (CUBA)   Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Inc. (The)
USA: (IBAS)   iBasis, Inc.
USA: (MDCAX)   Invesco Mid Cap Basic Value A
USA: (IYM)   iShares Dow Jones US Basic Materials
USA: (MBRX)   Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc
USA: (OBAS)   Optibase Ltd.
USA: (PBT)   Permian Basin Rty Tr Unit Be
USA: (DBB)   PowerShares DB Base Metals
USA: (BDD)   PowerShares DB Base Metals Dble Long ETN
USA: (BOM)   PowerShares DB Base Metals Dble Shrt ETN
USA: (BOS)   PowerShares DB Base Metals Short ETN
USA: (PYZ)   PowerShares Dynamic Basic Materials
USA: (PRFM)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Basic Materials
USA: (BMPIX)   ProFunds:Bas Materl;Inv
USA: (RYBIX)   Rydex:Basic Material;Inv
USA: (SJT)   San Juan Basin Royalty T
USA: (SY)   Sybase, Inc.
USA: (UYM)   Ultra Basic Materials ProShares
USA: (SMN)   UltraShort Basic Materials ProShares
USA: (WNC)   Wabash National Corporation
USA: (ICPAX)   Williston Basin/Mid-North America Stock Fund A
USA: (DBN)   WisdomTree International Basic Materials
INDIA: (BASF) BASF India Ltd.    (500042)
INDIA: (CIBASPEC) Ciba Speciality Chemicals (I)    (532184)