S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for ARC:
USA: (ACTG)   Acacia Research Corporation
USA: (CBMX)   Acacia Research Corporation
USA: (ARC)   Affordable Residential Communities Inc.
USA: (AMRI)   Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
USA: (ARCAX)   Allianz RCM Strategic Growth A
USA: (ARCCX)   Allianz:RCM St Gr;C
USA: (ARCDX)   Allianz:RCM St Gr;D
USA: (ARCI)   Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.
USA: (ARCAU)   AR Capital Acquisition Corp.
USA: (ARCX)   Arc Logistics Partners LP
USA: (ARCW)   ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.
USA: (RKDA)   Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.
USA: (KAD)   Arcadia Resources, Inc.
USA: (MT)   ArcelorMittal
USA: (ACGL)   Arch Capital Group Ltd.
USA: (ARJ)   Arch Chemicals, Inc.
USA: (ARCHX)   Archer Balanced Fund
USA: (ADM)   Archer Daniels Midland Co
USA: (ARINX)   Archer Income Fund
USA: (ARSKX)   Archer Stock Fund
USA: (ASN)   Archstone Smith Trust
USA: (ARCO)   Arcos Dorados Holdings
USA: (ARST)   ArcSight, Inc.
USA: (ACAT)   Arctic Cat Inc.
USA: (ARCC)   Ares Capital Corporation
USA: (HRT)   Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc.
USA: (ARWR)   Arrowhead Research Corporatio
USA: (PGD)   Barclays Asian & Gulf Currency Reval ETN
USA: (AYT)   Barclays GEMS Asia-8 ETN
USA: (JEM)   Barclays GEMS Index ETN
USA: (BCS)   Barclays Plc Ads 4 Ordinary
USA: (BDE)   Bois d.Arc Energy, Inc.
USA: (CAEI)   China Architectural Engineering, Inc.
USA: (FAA)   Claymore/NYSE Arca Airline
USA: (CMRO)   Comarco, Inc.
USA: (CTP)   CTPartners Executive Search LLC
USA: (DFR)   Deerfield Triarc Capital Corp.
USA: (DMRC)   Digimarc Corporation
USA: (DREQX)   Dreyfus Research Growth Fund, Inc. Z
USA: (DRCO)   Dynamics Research Corporation
USA: (EAERX)   Eaton Vance Large-Cap Core Research Fund A
USA: (ERES)   eResearch Technology Inc.
USA: (FDS)   FactSet Research Systems Inc.
USA: (MCIQX)   FDP Ser MFS Research Intl FDP Inv Fund C
USA: (FORR)   Forrester Research, Inc.
USA: (HLEAX)   Hartford Global Research A
USA: (PPTIX)   HighMark:NYSE Arca;A
USA: (IAR)   Idearc Inc
USA: (INCR)   INC Research Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AEGIX)   ING Core Equity Research Fund I
USA: (IAH)   Internet Architecture HOLDRs
USA: (IGO)   InterSearch Group Inc.
USA: (IARCX)   Invesco Real Estate Fund C
USA: (CSJ)   iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Credit Bond
USA: (SHY)   iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond
USA: (TLH)   iShares Barclays 10-20 Year Treasury Bnd
USA: (TLT)   iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treas Bond
USA: (IEI)   iShares Barclays 3-7 Year Treasury Bond
USA: (IEF)   iShares Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury
USA: (AGZ)   iShares Barclays Agency Bond
USA: (AGG)   iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond
USA: (CFT)   iShares Barclays Credit Bond
USA: (GBF)   iShares Barclays Government/Credit Bond
USA: (GVI)   iShares Barclays Interm Govt/Credit Bond
USA: (CIU)   iShares Barclays Intermediate Credit Bnd
USA: (MBB)   iShares Barclays MBS Bond
USA: (SHV)   iShares Barclays Short Treasury Bond
USA: (TIP)   iShares Barclays TIPS Bond
USA: (JARFX)   Janus Global Research T
USA: (JNRCX)   Janus Research Core D
USA: (JNRFX)   Janus Research Fund D
USA: (LRCX)   Lam Research Corporation
USA: (CFIPX)   Legg Mason Batterymarch Global Eq A
USA: (LMGEX)   Legg Mason Batterymarch International Equity Fund C
USA: (LMISX)   Legg Mason Batterymarch U.S. Large Cap Equity Fund IS
USA: (LSR)   Life Sciences Research Inc.
USA: (MCHXP)   Marchex Inc.
USA: (MCHX)   Marchex, Inc.
USA: (MMI)   Marcus & Millichap, Inc.
USA: (MCS)   Marcus Corporation (The)
USA: (MUSEX)   MFS Blended Research Core Equity I
USA: (MRBIX)   MFS Research Bond;I
USA: (MFRFX)   MFS Research Fund A
USA: (MRSIX)   MFS Research International I
USA: (MCRI)   Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc.
USA: (MCBF)   Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (MNRK)   Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MAHI)   Monarch Services Inc.
USA: (NRCI)   National Research Corporation
USA: (NOV)   National-Oilwell Varco, Inc.
USA: (FARCX)   Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund I
USA: (ORCI)   Opinion Research Corp.
USA: (PAE)   Peace Arch Entertainment
USA: (PATMX)   Pioneer Research A
USA: (PNRAX)   Putnam Research Fund A
USA: (REFR)   Research Frontiers Incorporate
USA: (RIMM)   Research in Motion Limite
USA: (RPSE)   ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
USA: (RNO)   Rio Narcea Gold Mines, Ltd.
USA: (SCTY)   SolarCity Corporation
USA: (MBG)   SPDR Barclays Cap Mortgage Backed Bond
USA: (BWZ)   SPDR Barclays Cap S/T Intl Treasury Bond
USA: (BIL)   SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Month T-Bill
USA: (LAG)   SPDR Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond
USA: (CXA)   SPDR Barclays Capital California Muni Bd
USA: (CWB)   SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Bond
USA: (JNK)   SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond
USA: (ITR)   SPDR Barclays Capital Interm Credit Bond
USA: (ITE)   SPDR Barclays Capital Interm Term Trsury
USA: (BWX)   SPDR Barclays Capital Intl Treasury Bond
USA: (LWC)   SPDR Barclays Capital Long Credit Bond
USA: (TLO)   SPDR Barclays Capital Long Term Treasury
USA: (TFI)   SPDR Barclays Capital Municipal Bond
USA: (INY)   SPDR Barclays Capital New York Muni Bond
USA: (SHM)   SPDR Barclays Capital Short Term Muni Bd
USA: (IPE)   SPDR Barclays Capital TIPS
USA: (SSRAX)   State Street Research Aurora Fund
USA: (TRCI)   Technology Research Corporation
USA: (TSAI)   Transaction Systems Architects , Inc.
USA: (TRY)   Triarc Companies, Inc.
USA: (UPS)   United Parcel Service, Inc.
USA: (UTSI)   UTStarcom, Inc.
USA: (WRESX)   Weitz:Research
INDIA: (ARCHIES) Archies Ltd.    (532212)
INDIA: () Merven Drug Products Ltd (Arch Pharmalabs Ltd.)    (524729)
INDIA: (NAGARCONST) Nagarjuna Construction Co Ltd.    (500294)
INDIA: (SAGARCEM) Sagar Cements Ltd.    (502090)