S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for ANCI:
USA: (FIFG)   1st Independence Financial Group Inc.
USA: (GLFAX)   Aberdeen Global Financial Services A
USA: (AVNC)   Advancis Pharmaceutical Corp.
USA: (MITT)   AG Financial Investment Trust, Inc.
USA: (AFN)   Alesco Financial In
USA: (ALNC)   Alliance Financial Corporation
USA: (ALLY)   Ally Financial Inc.
USA: (ABK)   Ambac Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (AMFI)   Amcore Financial, Inc.
USA: (ANCI)   American Caresource Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AFG)   American Financial Group Inc
USA: (AFR)   American Financial Realty Trust
USA: (AMP)   Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
USA: (ASRV)   AmeriServ Financial Inc.
USA: (ASRVP)   AmeriServ Financial Inc.
USA: (AFSI)   AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (AROW)   Arrow Financial Corporation
USA: (ASBN)   ASB Financial Corp.
USA: (AF)   Astoria Financial Corp
USA: (ASFN)   Atlantic Southern Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (AFH)   Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AVNU)   Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (BTFG)   BancTrust Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (BFIN)   BankFinancial Corporation
USA: (BKUNA)   BankUnited Financial Corporation
USA: (BWFG)   Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (BFF)   BFC Financial Corporatio
USA: (BFCF)   BFC Financial Corporation
USA: (BKFS)   Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (MDFNX)   BlackRock Global Financial Svcs Inv A
USA: (BSXT)   BOE Financial Services of Virginia Inc.
USA: (BOKF)   BOK Financial Corporation
USA: (BPFH)   Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (OCNB)   Bridge Street Financial, Inc.
USA: (BR)   Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
USA: (BYFC)   Broadway Financial Corporation
USA: (CFFI)   C&F Financial Corporation
USA: (BNK)   C1 Financial, Inc.
USA: (CADE)   Cadence Financial Corporatio
USA: (CAFI)   Camco Financial Corporation
USA: (CBF)   Capital Bank Financial Corp.
USA: (COF)   Capital One Financial Corporation
USA: (CFFN)   Capitol Federal Financial
USA: (CFNL)   Cardinal Financial Corporation
USA: (CASB)   Cascade Financial Corp.
USA: (CLFC)   Center Financial Corporation
USA: (CPF)   Central Pacific Financial Corp.
USA: (TRUE)   Centrue Financial Corporation
USA: (UBCD)   Centrue Financial Corporation
USA: (CHFC)   Chemical Financial Corporation
USA: (CHEV)   Cheviot Financial Corp
USA: (CINF)   Cincinnati Financial Corporation
USA: (CNFL)   Citizens Financial Corporation
USA: (CFG)   Citizens Financial Group,Inc.
USA: (CNA)   CNA Financial Corporation
USA: (CCNE)   CNB Financial Corporation
USA: (CFHI)   Coast Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (COBZ)   CoBiz Financial Inc.
USA: (CNAF)   Commercial National Financial Corporation
USA: (CCFI)   Community Choice Financial
USA: (CFFC)   Community Financial Corp.
USA: (CFC)   Countrywide Financial Corporation
USA: (CRFN)   Crescent Financial Corporation
USA: (CVBF)   CVB Financial Corporation
USA: (RPFGX)   Davis:Financial;A
USA: (DFY)   Delphi Financial Group Inc.
USA: (DFG)   Delphi Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (DFC)   Delta Financial Corporation
USA: (FAZ)   Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares
USA: (FAS)   Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares
USA: (DFS)   Discover Financial Service
USA: (DLLR)   Dollar Financial Corp.
USA: (DRL)   Doral Financial Corporation
USA: (DORLO)   Doral Financial Corporation
USA: (DSL)   Downey Financial Corp.
USA: (ETFC)   E*TRADE Financial Corporatio
USA: (ETFCP)   E*TRADE Financial Corporation
USA: (EPEN)   East Penn Financial Corporation
USA: (EFN)   EGS DJ Emerging Mkts Financials Titans
USA: (EFSC)   Enterprise Financial Services Corporation
USA: (ESBF)   ESB Financial Corporation
USA: (EVER)   EverBank Financial Corp
USA: (FFH)   Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd
USA: (FFG)   FBL Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (FCB)   FCB Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FFCO)   FedFirst Financial Corporation
USA: (FFDF)   FFD Financial Corporation
USA: (FNF)   Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
USA: (FIDSX)   Fidelity Sel Financial
USA: (FNGN )   Financial Engines Inc
USA: (FIF)   Financial Federal Corporation
USA: (FISI)   Financial Institutions, Inc.
USA: (XLF)   Financial Select Sector SPDR
USA: (FBIZ)   First Business Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (FCAL)   First California Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (FCFS)   First Cash Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (FCLF)   First Clover Leaf Financial Corp.
USA: (FCF)   First Commonwealth Financial Corporation
USA: (FDEF)   First Defiance Financial Corp.
USA: (ffbc)   First Financial Bancorp
USA: (FFIN)   First Financial Bankshares, Inc.
USA: (THFF)   First Financial Corporation
USA: (FF)   First Financial Fund Inc.
USA: (FFCH)   First Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (FFNW)   First Financial Northwest, Inc.
USA: (FFKY)   First Financial Service Corporation
USA: (FKFS)   First Keystone Financial, Inc.
USA: (FMR)   First Mercury Financial Corporation
USA: (FNFG)   First Niagara Financial Group Inc.
USA: (FNFI)   First Niles Financial Inc.
USA: (FPFC)   First Place Financial Corp.
USA: (FSTF)   First State Financial Corporation
USA: (FXO)   First Trust Financials AlphaDEX
USA: (FCFC)   FirstCity Financial Corporation
USA: (FED)   FirstFed Financial Corp.
USA: (FFIC)   Flushing Financial Corp.
USA: (FMCO)   FMS Financial Corporation
USA: (FNBF)   FNB Financial Services Corporation
USA: (FRF)   Fortegra Financial Corporation
USA: (FSB)   Franklin Financial Network, Inc.
USA: (FTBK)   Frontier Financial Corporation
USA: (FULT)   Fulton Financial Corporation
USA: (GBTS)   Gateway Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (GNW)   Genworth Financial, Inc.
USA: (GFSI)   Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc.
USA: (GFR)   Great American Financial Resources, Inc.
USA: (GAFC)   Greater Atlantic Financial Corp.
USA: (GGAL)   Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
USA: (BSMX)   Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico, S.A.B. de C.V.
USA: (GSLA)   GS Financial Corp.
USA: (GFG)   Guaranty Financial Group Inc.
USA: (HTWO)   H2 Financial Management Inc.
USA: (HALL)   Hallmark Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (HAFC)   Hanmi Financial Corp
USA: (HBTC)   Harbourton Financial Corporation
USA: (HARL)   Harleysville Savings Financial Corp.
USA: (HWFG)   Harrington West Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (HIG)   Hartford Financial Services Group
USA: (HTS)   Hatteras Financial Corp.
USA: (HTLF)   Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
USA: (HFWA)   Heritage Financial Corporation
USA: (HBOS)   Heritage Financial Group
USA: (HFFC)   HF Financial Corp.
USA: (HMNF)   HMN Financial, Inc.
USA: (HRZB)   Horizon Financial Corp.
USA: (ICFSX)   ICON:Financial;S
USA: (IFIN)   Investors Financial Services Corp.
USA: (IFC)   Irwin Financial Corporation
USA: (IYF)   iShares Dow Jones US Financial Sector
USA: (IYG)   iShares Dow Jones US Financial Services
USA: (IXG)   iShares S&P Global Financials
USA: (SFI)   iStar Financial Inc.
USA: (FIDAX)   JHancock Financial Industries A
USA: (JHFT)   John Hancock Financial Trends Fund Inc.
USA: (KRNY)   Kearny Financia
USA: (KENT)   Kent Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (KFS)   Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
USA: (KFN)   KKR Financial Holdings LLC
USA: (LKFN)   Lakeland Financial Corporation
USA: (LFG)   LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (FLPB)   Leesport Financial Corporation
USA: (LFT)   Longtop Financial Technologies Limited
USA: (LSBI)   LSB Financial Corp.
USA: (MBTF)   M B T Financial Corp
USA: (MFNC)   Mackinac Financial Corporation
USA: (MSFG)   MainSource Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (MBFI)   MB Financial Inc
USA: (MBFIP)   MB Financial Inc.
USA: (TAXI)   Medallion Financial Corp
USA: (MEL)   Mellon Financial Corporation
USA: (CASH)   Meta Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (MFA)   MFA Financial, Inc.
USA: (MFI)   MicroFinancial Incorporated
USA: (MBRG)   Middleburg Financial Corporation
USA: (OSKY)   MidWestOne Financial Group Inc
USA: (MOFG)   MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (MTU)   Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
USA: (MFG)   Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
USA: (MNRK)   Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MSBF)   MSB Financial Corp.
USA: (TFSIX)   Mutual Financial Services A
USA: (MFSF)   MutualFirst Financial Inc.
USA: (NASB)   NASB Financial Inc
USA: (NFP)   National Financial Partners Corp.
USA: (NFS)   Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (NVSL)   Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation
USA: (NBTF)   NB&T Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (NEWS)   NewStar Financial, Inc.
USA: (NXTY)   Nexity Financial Corporation
USA: (NICK)   Nicholas Financial, Inc.
USA: (NSFC)   Northern States Financial Corporation
USA: (NWFI)   Northway Financial Inc.
USA: (NWFL)   Norwood Financial Corp.
USA: (NFI)   Novastar Financial, Inc.
USA: (OAKF)   Oak Hill Financial, Inc.
USA: (BKOR)   Oak Ridge Financial Services Inc.
USA: (OCFC)   OceanFirst Financial Corp.
USA: (OCN)   Ocwen Financial Corp
USA: (OPOF)   Old Point Financial Corporation
USA: (OMEF)   Omega Financial Corporation
USA: (OFSI)   Omni Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (ONFC)   Oneida Financial Corp.
USA: (OFG)   Oriental Financial Group Inc
USA: (ORGN)   Origen Financial, Inc.
USA: (ORIT)   Oritani Financial Corp.
USA: (ORRF)   Orrstown Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (PFGIX)   Pacific Financial International I
USA: (PVSA)   Parkvale Financial Corporation
USA: (PRTR)   Partners Trust Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (PFCO)   PAULA Financial
USA: (PGC)   Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp
USA: (PFSI)   PennyMac Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (PFBX)   Peoples Financial Corporatio
USA: (PBCT)   Peoples United Financial, Inc.
USA: (PFMT)   Performant Financial Corporation
USA: (PNFP)   Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
USA: (PFI)   PowerShares Dynamic Financials
USA: (PGF)   PowerShares Financial Preferred
USA: (PRFF)   PowerShares FTSE RAFI Financials
USA: (PFBI)   Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FNPIX)   ProFunds UltraSector Financials Inv
USA: (PROV)   Provident Financial Holdings, Inc.
USA: (PFS)   Provident Financial Services, Inc.
USA: (PRU)   Prudential Financial Inc
USA: (PFSAX)   Prudential Financial Svcs A
USA: (PULB)   Pulaski Financial Corp.
USA: (PGFFX)   Putnam Global Financial A
USA: (RPFG)   Rainier Pacific Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (RJF)   Raymond James Financial, Inc.
USA: (RF)   Regions Financing Tr I
USA: (RWW)   RevenueShares Financials Sector
USA: (RCKB)   Rockville Financial, Inc.
USA: (ROMA)   Roma Financial Corporatio
USA: (RFF)   RP Financials ETF
USA: (RBNF)   Rurban Financial Corp
USA: (RFL)   Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Financial
USA: (RYF)   Rydex S&P Equal Weight Financials
USA: (SFEF)   Santa Fe Financial Corp.
USA: (SCBT)   SCBT Financial Corporatio
USA: (SNFCA)   Security National Financial Corporation
USA: (SHG)   Shinhan Financial Group Co Lt
USA: (SHBK)   Shore Financial Corporation
USA: (SEF)   Short Financials ProShares
USA: (SIFI)   SI Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (SIEB)   Siebert Financial Corp
USA: (SKYF)   Sky Financial Group Inc.
USA: (TSFG)   South Financial Group Inc. (The
USA: (SSFC)   South Street Financial Group
USA: (SOCB)   Southcoast Financial Corporation
USA: (SCMF)   Southern Community Financial Corp.
USA: (SCMFO)   Southern Community Financial Corporation
USA: (SGB)   Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation
USA: (IPF)   SPDR S&P International Financial Sector
USA: (SQBK)   Square 1 Financial
USA: (SFG)   StanCorp Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (STFC)   State Auto Financial
USA: (STSA)   Sterling Financial Corporatio
USA: (SLFI)   Sterling Financial Corporation
USA: (SSFN)   Stewardship Financial Corp
USA: (SF)   Stifel Financial Corp.
USA: (JNS)   Stilwell Financial Inc.
USA: (BANX)   StoneCastle Financial Corp.
USA: (SMMF)   Summit Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (SLF)   Sun Life Financial Inc
USA: (SIVB)   SVB Financial Group
USA: (SIVBO)   SVB Financial Group
USA: (SYA)   Symetra Financial Corporation
USA: (SYF)   Synchrony Financial
USA: (SYNF)   Synergy Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (SNV)   Synovus Financial Corp.
USA: (PRISX)   T Rowe Price Financial
USA: (TCB)   Tcf Financial Corporation
USA: (TFIN)   Team Financial, Inc.
USA: (THRD)   TF Financial Corporation
USA: (TFSL)   TFS Financial Corporation
USA: (PFG)   The Principal Financial Group
USA: (TIBB)   TIB Financial Corporation
USA: (TMP)   Tompkins Financial Corporatio
USA: (TOFC)   Tower Financial Corporation
USA: (UYG)   Ultra Financials ProShares
USA: (SKF)   UltraShort Financials ProShares
USA: (UMBF)   UMB Financial Corporatio
USA: (UCFC)   United Community Financial Corp
USA: (UBNK)   United Financial Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (UPFC)   United PanAm Financial Corporatio
USA: (UHCO)   Universal American Financial Corp
USA: (VYFC)   Valley Financial Corporation
USA: (VFH)   Vanguard Financials ETF
USA: (VIFI)   Vie Financial Group Inc.
USA: (VPFG)   ViewPoint Financial Grou
USA: (VBFC)   Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp.
USA: (VFGI)   Virginia Financial Group Inc
USA: (VIRT)   Virtu Financial, Inc.
USA: (VIST)   VIST Financial Corp.
USA: (WDR)   Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.
USA: (WSBF)   Waterstone Financial Inc.
USA: (WEFN)   WebFinancial Corporation
USA: (WBS)   Webster Financial Corporatio
USA: (WSC)   Wesco Financial Corporation
USA: (WFSM)   Westborough Financial Services Inc
USA: (WFD)   Westfield Financial, Inc.
USA: (WFBC)   Willow Financial Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (WGBC)   Willow Financial Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (WTFC)   Wintrust Financial Corporatio
USA: (DRF)   WisdomTree International Financial
USA: (WSFG)   WSB Financial Group, Inc.
USA: (WSFS)   WSFS Financial Corporatio
USA: (WVFC)   WVS Financial Corp.
USA: (ZFC)   ZAIS Financial Corp.
INDIA: (FINANTECH) Financial Technologies Ltd.    (526881)
INDIA: (FORTISFIN) Fortis Financial Services Ltd.    (526927)
INDIA: (GEOJIT) Geojit Financial Services Ltd.    (532285)
INDIA: (INDIABULLS) Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd.    (532544)
INDIA: (JMFINANCIL) JM Financial Ltd.    (523405)
INDIA: (M&MFIN) Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.    (532720)