S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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USA: (AL)   Alcan, Inc.
USA: (ALU)   Alcate
USA: (AA)   Alcoa Aluminum
USA: (ADHD)   Alcobra Pharmaceuticals
USA: (ACL)   Alcon Inc.
USA: (ALCCX)   Alger:Capital Apprec;C
USA: (ALCO)   Alico, Inc.
USA: (ALCBX)   AllianBer Muni CA;B
USA: (ALCKX)   AllianceBernstein Large Cap Growth Fund K
USA: (ALCRX)   American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund R
USA: (ALC)   Assisted Living Concepts, Inc. New
USA: (BCPC)   Balchem Corporatio
USA: (CALC)   California Coastal Communities, Inc.
USA: (DALCX)   Dean Mid Cap Value Fund
USA: (DUCK)   Duckwall-Alco Stores, Inc.
USA: (EALCX)   Eaton Vance Large-Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (FALC)   FalconStor Software, Inc.
USA: (JALCX)   James Equity
USA: (SHFVX)   Legg Mason ClearBridge Fdmtl AlCp Val A
USA: (LALCX)   Lord Abbett Stock Appreciation Fund A
USA: (MALCX)   Mirae:China Sect Ldr;A
USA: (NLC)   Nalco Holding Company
USA: (QCOM)   QUALCOMM Incorporated
USA: (RAH)   Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
USA: (EGY)   VAALCO Energy, Inc.
USA: (VALCX)   Value Line Convertible
USA: (ALCVX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
USA: (ALCAX)   Western Asset Non-US;I
INDIA: (AVAYAGCL) Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd.    (500463)
INDIA: (GWALCHEM) Gwalior Chemical Iindustries Ltd.    (532764)
INDIA: (HINDALC0) Hindalco Industries Ltd.    (500440)
INDIA: (NALCO) National Aluminium Co. Ltd.    (532234)
INDIA: () Ondeo Nalco India Limited    (524101)
INDIA: (RAINCALCIN) Rain Calcining Ltd.    (532153)
INDIA: (TIRUMALCHM) Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.    (500412)
INDIA: () Walchand Peoplefirst    (501370)
INDIA: (WALCHANNAG) Walchandnagar Industries Ltd    (507410)