S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
QUERY Error:SELECT CompName,date,open,high,low,close,volume,adj_close,dividend FROM Historical_Prices_all WHERE (date BETWEEN date_add(current_date(),INTERVAL -10 YEAR) AND current_date()) and (ticker='AG') ORDER by `date` DESC
Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for AG:
USA: (AGX)  
USA: (JAG)  
USA: (AGCIX)   Aberdeen:Gl Fxd Inc;I
USA: (AGROX)   Accessor Growth;I / Forward Large Cap Growth Institutional
USA: (ADF)   ACM Managed Dollar Income Fund
USA: (AMF)   ACM Managed Income Fund Inc
USA: (ADAM)   Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd.
USA: (AEY)   ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc.
USA: (AGRO)   Adecoagro S.A.
USA: (WMS)   Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
USA: (AGC)   Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund
USA: (AFPC)   AFP Imaging Corporation
USA: (MITT)   AG Financial Investment Trust, Inc.
USA: (AGAM)   AGA Medical Holdings, Inc.
USA: (AG)   AGCO Corporation
USA: (AGCO)   AGCO Corporation
USA: (FEED)   AgFeed Industries, Inc.
USA: (AGIL)   Agile Software Corporation
USA: (AGRX)   Agile Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (A)   Agilent Technologies Inc
USA: (AGYS)   Agilysys, Inc.
USA: (AGIO)   Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ATG)   AGL Resources Inc
USA: (AEM)   Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
USA: (AEMLW)   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
USA: (AGR)   AGR Group ASA
USA: (ADC)   Agree Realty Corporatio
USA: (GRO)   Agria Corporation
USA: (AGU)   Agrium Inc
USA: (ASO)   AIDOS Software AG
USA: (GTAGX)   AIM Mid Cap Core Equity Fund
USA: (AGFCX)   Alger Green Fund C
USA: (AGIFX)   Alger Green Fund I
USA: (AGN)   Allergan Inc
USA: (ANAGX)   AllianBer Gl Bd;A
USA: (AGDAX)   AllianBer High Inc;A
USA: (AGSAX)   AllianBer Uncons Bd;A
USA: (AMO)   Alliance All Market Advantage Fund Inc.
USA: (AIQ)   Alliance Imaging, Inc.
USA: (AGBBX)   AllianceBern Growth Fund B
USA: (NGBIX)   Allianz AGIC Global Instl
USA: (PGWCX)   Allianz AGIC Growth Fund C
USA: (PGFIX)   Allianz AGIC Growth Fund Instl
USA: (PPGRX)   Allianz AGIC Growth Fund R
USA: (NAISX)   Allianz AGIC International Fund Instl
USA: (AILIX)   Allianz AGIC International Growth Fund Instl
USA: (ALOPX)   Allianz AGIC International Growth Opportunities Fund P
USA: (ANMIX)   Allianz AGIC Mid-Cap Growth I
USA: (ASGIX)   Allianz AGIC Small to Mid Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (AEMIX)   Allianz AGIC U.S. Emerging Growth Fund INSTL
USA: (AUMIX)   Allianz AGIC Ultra Micro Cap Fund I
USA: (AOTAX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;A
USA: (AOTCX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;C
USA: (AOTDX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;D
USA: (AOTIX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;I
USA: (AEMPX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;P
USA: (AFOAX)   Allianz:AGIC Fc Opp;A
USA: (AFOIX)   Allianz:AGIC Fc Opp;Inst
USA: (AYBIX)   Allianz:AGIC HY Bd;Inst
USA: (AMCIX)   Allianz:AGIC Micro;Inst
USA: (POPCX)   Allianz:AGIC Oppty;C
USA: (PPRAX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;A
USA: (PPRBX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;B
USA: (PPRCX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;C
USA: (PPRDX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;D
USA: (NAPRX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;Inst
USA: (APRPX)   Allianz:AGIC Pac;P
USA: (PTAAX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;A
USA: (PTADX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;Admn
USA: (PTABX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;B
USA: (PTACX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;C
USA: (PTRDX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;D
USA: (PFTIX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;Inst
USA: (AOTPX)   Allianz:AGIC Target;P
USA: (EUEYX)   Alpine Cyclical Advantage Property Y
USA: (AGD)   Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
USA: (AMAG)   AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (AMAGX)   Amana:Growth Fund
USA: (AOVIX)   Amer Cent:OC VryAgg;Inv
USA: (AAGAX)   American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund AMR
USA: (AAGPX)   American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (AGNC)   American Capital Agency Corp.
USA: (MTGE)   American Capital Mortgage Investment
USA: (TWHIX)   American Century Heritage Fund Inv
USA: (EAG)   American Defense Systems Inc
USA: (AEO)   American Eagle Outfitters
USA: (AEOS)   American Eagle Outfitters Inc.
USA: (RGAGX)   American Funds Gro;R-6
USA: (RMAGX)   American Funds Mtge;R-6
USA: (AGTHX)   American Growth Fund A
USA: (AHM)   American Home Mortage Investment Corp.
USA: (AGP)   AMERIGroup Corporation.
USA: (ASARX)   AMF:Adj Rate Mortgage
USA: (ASMTX)   AMF:Govt Mortgage
USA: (ASCPX)   AMF:Intmdt Mortgage
USA: (AGI)   AmWINS Group, Inc.
USA: (AGL)   Angelica Corp
USA: (NLY)   Annaly Capital Management In
USA: (AGEN)   Antigenics Inc.
USA: (ANH)   Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation
USA: (APAGF)   APCO Argentina Inc
USA: (AGT)   Apollo Gold Corporation
USA: (AMTG)   Apollo Residential Mortgage, Inc.
USA: (AGPLX)   Appleton Group PLUS Fund
USA: (AGTC)   Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
USA: (AICX)   Applied Imaging Corporation
USA: (ADAIX)   AQR:Div Arbitrage;I
USA: (NITFX)   Aquila Narragansett;A
USA: (AEDNX)   Arbitrage Event Driven;I
USA: (AEDFX)   Arbitrage Event Driven;R
USA: (ARBFX)   Arbitrage Fund
USA: (ARES)   Ares Management, L.P.
USA: (AGII)   Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.
USA: (AGNT)   Argonaut Technologies Inc
USA: (APAM)   Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc.
USA: (AGO)   Assured Guaranty Ltd.
USA: (MCGFX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Growth Fund N
USA: (AMCMX)   Aston/Montag & Caldwell Mid Cap Growth Fund N
USA: (AGIX)   AtheroGenics, Inc.
USA: (EARS)   Auris Medical Holding AG
USA: (AGMX)   AutoGenomics, Inc.
USA: (AVGO)   Avago Technologies LTD
USA: (AICQX)   Aviva Inv Cre Ag FI;Inst
USA: (BAGIX)   Baird Aggregate Bd;Inst
USA: (SAN)   Banco Santiag
USA: (BAY)   Bayer AG (ADR)
USA: (SNIVX)   Bernstein Tax-Managed Intl
USA: (BMM)   Bimini Mortgage Management Inc.
USA: (BITI)   Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.
USA: (BSTE)   Biosite Diagnostics Inc.
USA: (BTA)   BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust
USA: (BCAPX)   BlackRock:Agg Gr Ppd;C
USA: (BRAGX)   Bridgeway:Aggr Inv 1
USA: (BRAIX)   Bridgeway:Aggr Inv 2
USA: (BAGAX)   Brown Adv Growth Eq;A
USA: (BIAGX)   Brown Adv Growth Eq;Inst
USA: (BCSIX)   Brown Capital Managment Small Company Fund Instl
USA: (CGL-A)   Cagle's Inc.
USA: (CLMS)   Calamos Asset Management, Inc.
USA: (CAGEX)   Calamos Global Equity A
USA: (COAGX)   Caldwell&Orkin:Mkt Op
USA: (CAMAX)   Cambiar Aggressive Value Investor
USA: (CBEV)   Capital Beverage Corporation
USA: (CMEIX)   Capital Management Mid-Cap Instl
USA: (CMO)   Capstead Mortgage Corporatio
USA: (CSV)   Carriage Services, Inc.
USA: (CRNT)   Ceragon Networks Ltd.
USA: (CHMI)   Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation
USA: (CBI)   Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V.
USA: (CVR)   Chicago Rivet & Machine Co
USA: (CDM)   China Century Dragon Media, Inc.
USA: (CCBEF)   Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation
USA: (RLF)   Cohen & Steers Advantage Income Realty Fund Inc.
USA: (CGPI)   CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (AGBCX)   Columbia:Gl Bond;C
USA: (AGBIX)   Columbia:Gl Bond;I
USA: (AXBAX)   Columbia:PB Aggr;A
USA: (CFAGX)   Commerce MidCap Growth Fund
USA: (GGY)   Compagnie Generale de Geophysique
USA: (CAG)   ConAgra Foods, Inc.
USA: (CHF)   Converium Holding AG
USA: (CHR)   Converium Holding AG (ADR)
USA: (WFAGX)   Credit Suisse Small Cap Value Fund
USA: (CRGN)   CuraGen Corporation
USA: (CWCIX)   CWC Sm Cap Aggr Val;Inst
USA: (CWCRX)   CWC Sm Cap Aggr Val;Rtl
USA: (DAGM)   DAG Media Inc.
USA: (DAI)   Daimler AG
USA: (DCX)   DaimlerChrysler AG
USA: (VAGGX)   Delaware Sel Gro;Inst
USA: (DGEN)   Deltagen, Inc.
USA: (DB)   Deutsche Bank AG
USA: (DXB)   Deutsche Bank AG
USA: (DT)   Deutsche Telekom AG
USA: (DTMIX)   DFA Tax-Managed International Value Fund I
USA: (DFTSX)   DFA Tax-Managed US Small Cap Fund
USA: (DEO)   Diageo plc (ADR)
USA: (DTPI)   Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, Inc.
USA: (DBLE)   Double Eagle Petroleum Co.
USA: (DBLEP)   Double Eagle Petroleum Company
USA Index: (^DJI)   Dow Jones Industrial Average
USA: (DGAGX)   Dreyfus Appreciation Fund, Inc.
USA: (DADXX)   Dreyfus Inst CsAg;Inst
USA: (DMVIX)   Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Value Fund I
USA: (DAGVX)   Dreyfus Strategic Value Fund A
USA: (DTMGX)   Dreyfus Tax Managed Growth Fund A
USA: (DTRXX)   Dreyfus Trs&Ag CM;Inst
USA: (DLNG)   Dynagas LNG Partners LP
USA: (DWGVX)   Dynamic Contrarian Advantage I
USA: (EON)   E.On Ag (ADR)
USA: (EGBN)   Eagle Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (EGLE)   Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
USA: (HRCPX)   Eagle Capital Appreciation Fund A
USA: (HRCVX)   Eagle Growth & Income A
USA: (EHP)   Eagle Hospitality Properties Trust Inc
USA: (HEICX)   Eagle International Equity Fund C
USA: (HTCAX)   Eagle Large Cap Core A
USA: (EXP)   Eagle Materials Inc
USA: (HAGAX)   Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (EGRX)   Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
USA: (ECC)   Eagle Point Credit Company
USA: (EROC)   Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.
USA: (HSIIX)   Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund I
USA: (HSRRX)   Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund R3
USA: (EGEIX)   Eagle Smaller Company Fund I
USA: (EGLT)   Eagle Test Systems, Inc.
USA: (EGBCX)   Eagle:Invest Grade Bd;C
USA: (HMCCX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;C
USA: (HMCJX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;I
USA: (HMRRX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;R3
USA: (HMRSX)   Eagle:Mid Cap Stock;R5
USA: (HRSCX)   Eagle:Sm Cap Growth;A
USA: (EAFAX)   Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Advantage A
USA: (EVFAX)   Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Advantage Adv
USA: (ECFAX)   Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Advantage C
USA: (EAGMX)   Eaton Vance Gl M AR;A
USA: (EVT)   Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund
USA: (EATVX)   Eaton Vance Tax Managed Value Fund
USA: (ETO)   Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Global Dividend Opp
USA: (ETG)   Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund
USA: (ETB)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income Fund
USA: (ETY)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund
USA: (EADIX)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Div Inc A
USA: (EXG)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund
USA: (EACPX)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Multi-Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (ETMGX)   Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund A
USA: (ETIGX)   Eaton Vance Tx-Managed International Equity Fund A
USA: (EDMC)   Education Management Corporation
USA: (AGE)   Edwards A G Inc
USA: (EAGL)   EGL, Inc.
USA: (BAGL)   Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.
USA: (EMITF)   Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd.
USA: (EFII)   Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
USA: (RJA)   ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Agric ETN
USA: (EARN)   Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
USA: (EMAG)   Emageon Inc.
USA: (EEQ)   Enbridge Energy Management LLC
USA: (EPC)   Epcos AG (ADR)
USA: (PAGIX)   ESG Managers Agg Gr;Inst
USA: (EXR)   Extra Space Storage Inc.
USA: (AGM)   Federal Agric Mortgage Corp.
USA: (FNM)   Federal National Mortgage Associatio
USA: (FNMA)   Federal National Mortgage Association
USA: (FAGNX)   Fidelity Adv Energy;T
USA: (FAGAX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;A
USA: (FAGCX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;Ins
USA: (FAGOX)   Fidelity Adv Gr Opp;T
USA: (FLSAX)   Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock Fund A
USA: (FAGIX)   Fidelity Capital & Inc
USA: (FAGKX)   Fidelity Gro Strat;K
USA: (FLVCX)   Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock Fund
USA: (FMAGX)   Fidelity Magellan Fund
USA: (FSLBX)   Fidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt
USA: (FSAM)   Fifth Street Asset Management Inc.
USA: (LASIX)   Fifth:LM Aggr;Inst
USA: (LMAIX)   Fifth:LM Mdt Agg;Inst
USA: (FABK)   First Advantage Bancorp
USA: (FADV)   First Advantage Corporation
USA: (SGOVX)   First Eagle Overseas Fund A
USA: (FEAFX)   First Eagle:Fd Amer;Y
USA: (SGENX)   First Eagle:Global;A
USA: (FEVAX)   First Eagle:Value;A
USA: (FNFG)   First Niagara Financial Group Inc.
USA: (FLAG)   Flagstar Bancorp Inc.
USA: (FBC)   Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (FSR)   Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings Limited
USA: (FLAGX)   Flex-funds:Aggress Gro
USA: (AAGRX)   Forward:Aggr Gr All;Inst
USA: (FCMC)   Franklin Credit Management Corp
USA: (FAGRX)   Franklin Global Real Estate A
USA: (FMS)   Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (ADR)
USA: (HOTFX)   FundX Aggressive Upgrader
USA: (UNBOX)   FundX ETF Aggressive Upgrader
USA: (AJG)   Gallagher Arthur J & Co
USA: (GAGAX)   GAMCO Gl:Vertumnus;A
USA: (GAGCX)   GAMCO Gl:Vertumnus;AAA
USA: (GAGIX)   GAMCO Gl:Vertumnus;I
USA: (GNMK)   GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.
USA: (GYI)   Getty Images, Inc.
USA: (PACK)   Gibraltar Packaging Group Inc.
USA: (GIVN)   Given Imaging Ltd.
USA: (GTMIX)   GMO Tax-Managed International Equity Fund III
USA: (GTMUX)   GMO Tax-Managed US Equities III
USA: (GATMX)   Goldman Sachs Structured International Tax-Managed Equity Fund A
USA: (GSAGX)   Goldman:Asia Eq;A
USA: (GPCB)   GPC Biotech AG (ADR)
USA: (GPK)   Graphic Packaging Corporation
USA: (GBEWX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA International Realty Fund
USA: (GBEIX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA Realty Income Fund A
USA: (GBEUX)   Grubb & Ellis AGA US Realty Fund A
USA: (GGBZX)   GuideStone Funds Agrsv Allocation GS4
USA: (GGBYX)   GuideStone Funds Agrsv Allocation I GS2
USA: (GAGEX)   Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund
USA: (HTWO)   H2 Financial Management Inc.
USA: (HCM)   Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
USA: (HAGVX)   Harbor Global Value Inst
USA: (HMA)   Health Management Associates, Inc.
USA: (HMGN)   Hemagen Diagnostics Inc.
USA: (HTBK)   Heritage Commerce Corp.
USA: (HFWA)   Heritage Financial Corporation
USA: (HBOS)   Heritage Financial Group
USA: (HRTG)   Heritage Insurance Holdings, LLC
USA: (HMCAX)   Heritage Mid Cap Stock Fund
USA: (HEOP)   Heritage Oaks Bancorp
USA: (HCCI)   Heritage-Crystal Clean
USA: (XSFRX)   Highland Floating Rate Advantage A
USA: (XSFBX)   Highland Floating Rate Advantage B
USA: (XLACX)   Highland Floating Rate Advantage C
USA: (XLAZX)   Highland Floating Rate Advantage Z
USA: (HSAFX)   HighMark Small Cap Advantage Fund Fiduciary
USA: (HCMAX)   Hillman Focused Advantage Fund
USA: (HDIX)   Home Diagnostics, Inc.
USA: (HMIN)   Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.
USA: (HBAGX)   HSBC Inv:WS Aggr Str;B
USA: (HTGM)   HTMolecular Diagnostics, Inc.
USA: (HDII)   Hypertension Diagnostics Inc.
USA: (IAG)   IAMGOLD Corporation
USA: (ICGN)   Icagen, Inc.
USA: (DISK)   Image Entertainment, Inc.
USA: (ISNS)   Image Sensing Systems, Inc.
USA: (ISOL)   Image Software Inc.
USA: (IW)   Imageware Systems Inc.
USA: (IMH)   Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
USA: (IFX)   Infineon Technologies AG (ADR)
USA: (IGA)   ING Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
USA: (IAGEX)   ING Global Equity Dividend Fund
USA: (NTKLX)   ING International SmallCap Multi-Manager Fund A
USA: (IRR)   ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund
USA: (IFF)   Internationa Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
USA: (GADAX)   Invesco Global Advantage A
USA: (AGGAX)   Invesco Global Growth A
USA: (AGREX)   Invesco Global Real Estate A
USA: (AGAAX)   Invesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr A
USA: (IVR)   Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
USA: (VKIAX)   Invesco Van Kampen International Advantage Fund A
USA: (JJA)   iPath DJ AIG Agriculture TR Sub-Idx ETN
USA: (AGZ)   iShares Barclays Agency Bond
USA: (AGG)   iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond
USA: (IYT)   iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average
USA: (AOA)   iShares S&P Aggressive Allocation
USA: (ILE)   Isolagen, Inc.
USA: (IVD)   IVAX Diagnostics, Inc.
USA: (IVMAX)   Ivy Managed European/Pacific Fund A
USA: (IVTAX)   Ivy Managed International Opportunities Fund A
USA: (WYTMX)   Ivy Tax-Managed Equity Fund I
USA: (JCWIX)   J Hancock II:Gl Agri;I
USA: (JILAX)   J Hancock II:Ls Agg;1
USA: (JAGX)   Jaguar Animal Health, Inc.
USA: (JMI)   JAVELIN Mortgage Investment
USA: (TAGRX)   JHancock Large Cap Equity Fund A
USA: (JAGOX)   JHFunds2 Core Global Diversification 1
USA: (VMIXX)   JPMorgan:Prime MM;Agcy
USA: (KPPC)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KPPCW)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KS)   KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
USA: (KHD)   KHD Humboldt Wedag International Limited
USA: (KMR)   Kinder Morgan Management, LLC
USA: (KOMG)   Komag, Inc.
USA: (LMGTX)   Legg Mason Capital Management Growth Trust Fund C
USA: (LMOPX)   Legg Mason Capital Management Opportunity Trust C
USA: (LMASX)   Legg Mason Capital Management Special Investment Trust C
USA: (LMVTX)   Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust C
USA: (LMAC)   Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation
USA: (LAGRX )   Loomis Sayles Mid Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (LAGWX)   Lord Abbett Developing Growth Fund A
USA: (LAGEX)   Lord Abbett Global Allocation A
USA: (LAGVX)   Lord Abbett Income;A
USA: (LUM)   Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc.
USA: (MAGS)   Magal Security Systems Ltd.
USA: (MGLN)   Magellan Health Services, Inc.
USA: (MGG)   Magellan Midstream Partners L.P
USA: (MMP)   Magellan Midstream Partners LP
USA: (MPET)   Magellan Petroleum Corporation
USA: (MGIC)   Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.
USA: (LAVA)   Magma Design Automation, Inc.
USA: (MECA)   Magna Entertainment Corporation
USA: (MGA)   Magna International, Inc.
USA: (MAG)   Magnetek, Inc.
USA: (MPG)   Maguire Properties, Inc.
USA: (MGYR)   Magyar Bancorp, Inc.
USA: (MTA)   Magyar Telekom Plc.
USA: (MTE)   Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
USA: (MGCSX)   Managed Account Global SmallCap
USA: (HYF)   Managed High Yield Plus Fund
USA: (TMNG)   Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
USA: (MKPYX)   Managers AMG Chicago Equity Parters Midcap Fund I
USA: (GWETX)   Managers AMG GW&K Small Cap Equity Fund Inv
USA: (MRLSX)   Managers AMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth Fund Svc
USA: (SYIMX)   Managers AMG Systematic Mid Cap Value Fund I
USA: (MBRSX)   Managers AMG:Es SMCG;A
USA: (SKSEX)   Managers AMG:Skyline
USA: (MSYAX)   Managers AMG:Sys Vl;A
USA: (MSYCX)   Managers AMG:Sys Vl;C
USA: (MSYSX)   Managers AMG:Sys Vl;Inst
USA: (TLEIX)   Managers AMG:Tri EME;Ins
USA: (TLESX)   Managers AMG:Tri EME;Svc
USA: (MTGIX)   Managers I:AMG TSCM;Inst
USA: (MTGVX)   Managers I:AMG TSCM;Inv
USA: (MTGSX)   Managers I:AMG TSCM;Svc
USA: (MCATX)   Managers I:CA Intmdt TF
USA: (MFQTX)   Managers I:FQ TM Eq;Inst
USA: (MEQFX)   Managers I:FQ US Eq;Inst
USA: (MSSCX)   Managers I:Frntr SCG;S
USA: (MBDFX)   Managers I:PIMCO Bond
USA: (MFDYX)   Managers II:Fxd Inc;I
USA: (MHHAX)   Managers II:Hi Yld;A
USA: (MGIDX)   Managers II:Intm Dur Gvt
USA: (MIMFX)   Managers Institutional Micro-Cap Fund
USA: (MGITX)   Managers International Equity Fund
USA: (MMCFX)   Managers Micro-Cap Fund Svc
USA: (MRESX)   Managers Real Estate Securities Fund
USA: (MGFIX)   Managers:Bond
USA: (MECIX)   Managers:Cad Emg Co;Inst
USA: (MEMEX)   Managers:Em Mkts Eqty
USA: (MGGBX)   Managers:Global Bond
USA: (MGSEX)   Managers:Spec Eq;Mgr
USA: (MOO)   Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF
USA: (MRAIX)   Marshall:Aggrg Bd;Inst
USA: (MDLY)   Medley Management, inc.
USA: (MTSL)   MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.
USA: (MTH)   Meritage Homes Corporation
USA: (MM)   Metal Management , Inc.
USA: (MAAGX)   MFS Aggr Gr Alloc;A
USA: (MGM)   MGM Mirage
USA: (MGN)   Mines Management Inc.
USA: (TYPE)   Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.
USA: (MFICX)   Monteagle Fixed Income;C
USA: (MGGAX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;A
USA: (MIICX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;C
USA: (MIIFX)   Monteagle Informed Inv;I
USA: (MFGIX)   Monteagle Quality Growth Fund I
USA: (MVFAX)   Monteagle Select Value;A
USA: (MVECX)   Monteagle Select Value;C
USA: (MVEIX)   Monteagle Select Value;I
USA: (MVRGX)   Monteagle Value:I
USA: (MVRAX)   Monteagle Value;A
USA: (MVRCX)   Monteagle Value;C
USA: (MHL)   MortgageIT Holdings, Inc.
USA: (MPSX)   Multi Packaging Solutions International Limited
USA: (IOTS)   Multi Packaging Solutions International Limited
USA: (MMA)   Municipal Mortgage & Equity, LLC
USA: (NBRV)   Nabriva Therapeutics AG
USA: (FIZZ)   National Beverage Corp
USA: (FIZ)   National Beverage Corp.
USA: (NSA)   National Storage Affiliates Trust
USA: (NSM)   Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.
USA: (NDASX)   Nationwide Inv Destinations Agrsv Svc
USA: (NGVC)   Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc.
USA: (NEAGX)   Needham Aggressive Growth Fund
USA: (NMGC)   NeoMagic Corporation
USA: (NETM)   NetManage, Inc.
USA: (NWD)   New Dragon Asia Corporation
USA: (NTR)   New York Mortgage Trust Inc
USA: (NYMT)   New York Mortgage Trust Inc
USA: (NMBL)   Nimble Storage, Inc.
USA: (NKA)   Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC
USA: (NMMGX)   Northern Multi-Manager Glbl Real Estate
USA: (NMIEX)   Northern Multi-Manager International Equity Fund
USA: (NMMLX)   Northern Multi-Manager Large Cap Fund
USA: (NMMCX)   Northern Multi-Manager Mid Cap Fund
USA: (NMMSX)   Northern Multi-Manager Small Cap Fund
USA: (NG)   NovaGold Resources Inc.
USA: (NVS)   Novartis AG
USA: (NAC)   Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
USA: (JLA)   Nuveen Equity Premium Advantage Fund
USA: (NNGAX)   Nuveen Multi-Manager Large-Cap Value Fund A
USA: (NSAGX)   Nuveen SB Growth;A
USA: (FAGSX)   Nuveen Str Gro All;A
USA: (JTD)   Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund
USA: (JTA)   Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy Fund
USA: (NXTM)   NxStage Medical, Inc.
USA: (OMPI)   Obagi Medical Products, Inc.
USA: (OZM)   Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC
USA: (OMAM)   OM Asset Management Ltd
USA: (ONI)   Oragenics, Inc.
USA: (SEED)   Origin Agritech Limite
USA: (OSBK)   Osage Bancshares Inc.
USA: (OVRL)   Overland Storage, Inc.
USA: (PNG)   PAA Natural Gas Storage, L.P.
USA: (POEAX)   Pac Lf:Ptf Op Agg;A
USA: (PAGTX)   Pacific Adv:Lg Cap Val;A
USA: (PKG)   Packaging Corporation of America
USA: (PRGN)   Paragon Shipping Inc.
USA: (PTG)   Paragon Technologies Inc.
USA: (PARL)   Parlux Fragrances, Inc.
USA: (PFTRX)   Pearl Management Company
USA: (PFAGX)   Pearl:Aggr Growth
USA: (PAGI)   Pemco Aviation Group, Inc.
USA: (PMT)   PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust
USA: (PAGRX)   Permanent Port:Aggr Gr
USA: (PREOX)   Perritt Capital Management
USA: (PV)   Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (ADR)
USA: (PGABX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;A
USA: (PGCBX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;C
USA: (PGYBX)   Pioneer Gl Agg Bnd;Y
USA: (PIAAX)   Pioneer Ibbtsn Ag Al;A
USA: (PBF)   Pioneer Tax Advantaged Balanced Trust
USA: (PAGP)   Plains GP Holdings, L.P.
USA: (DBA)   PowerShares DB Agriculture
USA: (DAG)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Dble Long ETN
USA: (AGA)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Dble Shrt ETN
USA: (AGF)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Long ETN
USA: (ADZ)   PowerShares DB Agriculture Short ETN
USA: (PGZ)   PowerShares Dynamic Aggressive Growth
USA: (PBJ)   PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage
USA: (PIQ)   PowerShares Dynamic MagniQuant
USA: (PGJ)   PowerShares Gldn Dragon Halter USX China
USA: (PAGG)   PowerShares Global Agriculture
USA: (POAGX)   PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund
USA: (SAGPX)   Principal SAM Conservative Growth A
USA: (AGOCX)   Pru Jenn Eq Income;C
USA: (AGOAX)   Pru Jenn Eq Income;L
USA: (AGOBX)   Pru Jenn Eq Income;M
USA: (PSA)   Public Storage
USA: (PSTG)   Pure Storage, Inc.
USA: (PAGVX)   Putnam American Govt;A
USA: (PHYMX)   Putnam High Yield Advantage Fund
USA: (PMM)   Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust
USA: (PVOYX)   Putnam Voyager Fund A
USA: (PZN)   Pzena Investment Management, Inc.
USA: (QGEN)   Qiagen N.V
USA: (QUAGX)   Quaker Strategic Growth Fund A
USA: (DGX)   Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
USA: (RP)   RealPage, Inc.
USA: (RM)   Regional Management Corp.
USA: (SAGAX)   RidgeWorth:Ag Gr St;A
USA: (SCATX)   RidgeWorth:Ag Gr St;I
USA: (CVMGX)   RidgeWorth:Agg Gro All;I
USA: (RIMG)   Rimage Corporatio
USA: (RMA)   RMK Advantage Income Fund Inc.
USA: (ROAC)   Rock of Ages Corporation
USA: (RGFAX)   Royce Heritage Fund Svc
USA: (RETSX)   Russell Tax-Managed US Large Cap S
USA: (RTSSX)   Russell Tax-Managed US Mid & Small Cap Fund S
USA: (SGA)   Saga Communications, Inc.
USA: (SAGE)   Sage Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (SGNT)   Sagent Pharmaceuticals
USA: (STX)   Seagate Technology
USA: (SDGDX)   SEI Asset Allc Diversified Agrsv Stk D
USA: (STMSX)   SEI Instl Mgd Tax-Managed Small Cap A
USA: (SAGWX)   Sentinel Small Company Fund A
USA: (SHRP)   Sharper Image Corporation
USA: (SHU)   Shurgard Storage Centers Inc
USA: (SSTK)   Shutterstock Images LLC
USA: (SI)   Siemens AG
USA: (SIMG)   Silicon Image, Inc.
USA: (SSTI)   Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
USA: (EAGLU)   Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp.
USA: (SAMG)   Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc.
USA: (TMLCX)   SIMT Tax-Managed Large Cap A
USA: (PKS)   Six Flags, Inc.
USA: (SIX)   Six Flags, Inc.
USA: (SSS)   Sovran Self Storage, Inc.
USA: (MBG)   SPDR Barclays Cap Mortgage Backed Bond
USA: (LAG)   SPDR Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond
USA: (KME)   SPDR KBW Mortgage Finance
USA: (SRLP)   Sprague Resources LP
USA: (SSAG)   SSA Global Technologies, Inc
USA: (ETFFX)   Stadion Managed;A
USA: (STIR)   STAG Industrial, Inc.
USA: (SSI)   Stage Stores, Inc.
USA: (SMAN)   Standard Management Corporation
USA: (SBAGX)   Stonebridge Sm-Cap Gro
USA: (SGM)   Stonegate Mortgage Corporation
USA: (SDIX)   Strategic Diagnostics Inc
USA: (SLD)   Sutherland Asset Management
USA: (SCM)   Swisscom AG (ADR)
USA: (SAGIX)   Symons Cap App Inst
USA: (SYGR)   Synagro Technologies Inc
USA: (SYT)   Syngenta AG (ADR
USA: (TAG)   Tag-It Pacific In
USA: (TAG)   Taggares Agriculture Corp.
USA: (TARR)   Tarragon Corporatio
USA: (TAGS)   Tarrant Apparel Group
USA: (TKA)   Telekom Austria AG
USA: (TDF)   Templeton Dragon Fund
USA: (AGM-A)   The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
USA: (TGX)   Theragenics Corporatio
USA: (THRM)   Thermage, Inc.
USA: (CRBA)   Thomson R/J CRB Glbl Agriculture Eq Idx
USA: (TMA)   Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.
USA: (TAAAX)   Thrivent Fds:Ag All;A
USA: (TAAGX)   Timothy Plan Aggressive Growth Fund A
USA: (TISA)   Top Image Systems Ltd.
USA: (IMNCX)   Transamerica Multi-Manager International Fund C
USA: (TPAGX)   Transamerica Premier Focus Fund
USA: (TVAAX)   Transparent LC Agg Id;A
USA: (TVCAX)   Transparent LC Agg Id;C
USA: (TVFAX)   Transparent LC Agg Id;F1
USA: (TVIAX)   Transparent LC Agg Id;I
USA: (TPTH)   Tripath Imaging Inc
USA: (GTS)   Triple-S Management Corporation
USA: (ULTA)   Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.
USA: (AGQ)   Ultra Silver ProShares
USA: (RARE)   Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.
USA: (UBVLX)   Undiscovered Managers Behavioral Value Fund Inst
USA: (UAGR)   Union Agriculture Group Corp.
USA: (PAG)   United Auto Group, Inc.
USA: (UHCP)   United Heritage Corporation
USA: (USAUX)   USAA Aggressive Growth Fund
USA: (VSAGX)   VALIC Company I Small Cap Aggressive Growth Fund
USA: (VAGIX)   Value Line Aggr Income
USA: (VKI)   Van Kampen Advantage Municipal Income Trust II
USA: (VTMGX)   Vanguard Tax-Managed International Fund
USA: (VTGIX)   Vanguard Tax-Managed Growth & Inc Inv
USA: (VTMSX)   Vanguard Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund Admiral Shares
USA: (VTG)   Vantage Drilling Company
USA: (VEI)   Vantage Energy Inc.
USA: (VMDC)   VantageMed Corporation
USA: (VPFIX)   Vantagepoint 500Sk Ix;1
USA: (VPSKX)   Vantagepoint 500Sk Ix;2
USA: (VPAOX)   Vantagepoint Aggressive Opportunities Fund
USA: (VPAGX)   Vantagepoint All-Equity
USA: (VPMIX)   Vantagepoint BrdMkt Ix;1
USA: (VPCIX)   Vantagepoint Cre Bd Ix;1
USA: (VPDSX)   Vantagepoint Discovery Fund
USA: (VPEIX)   Vantagepoint Eqty Inc
USA: (VPGIX)   Vantagepoint Growth & Income
USA: (VPGRX)   Vantagepoint Growth Fund
USA: (VPTSX)   Vantagepoint Infl Prot
USA: (VPINX)   Vantagepoint International Fund
USA: (VPLGX)   Vantagepoint L-T Growth
USA: (VPIPX)   Vantagepoint Low Dur Bd
USA: (VPOIX)   Vantagepoint Overseas Equity Index Fund I
USA: (VPSVX)   Vantagepoint Select Value Fund
USA: (VRTA)   Vestin Realty Mortgage I, Inc.
USA: (VRTB)   Vestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc.
USA: (VISG)   Viisage Technology, Inc.
USA: (VBFC)   Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp.
USA: (VLGEA)   Village Super Market, Inc.
USA: (AFTRX)   Vintage Limited Term Bond Fund
USA: (VIRL)   Virage Logic Corporatio
USA: (VTAL)   Vital Images, Inc.
USA: (VG)   Vonage Holdings Corp
USA: (VJET)   voxeljet AG
USA: (VYGR)   Voyager Therapeutics, Inc.
USA: (WAGRX)   W&R InvestEd:Growth;A
USA: (WAGE)   WageWorks, Inc.
USA: (WAG)   Walgreen Compan
USA: (WAC)   Walter Investment Management Corp.
USA: (WAGOX)   Wasatch Global Opportunities
USA: (WAGTX)   Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund
USA: (WAHGX)   Wasatch:Heritage Gro
USA: (WMI)   Waste Management, Inc.
USA: (WM)   Waste Management, Inc.
USA: (WAGFX)   Wegener Adaptive Growth
USA: (SASPX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Asia Pacific Fund
USA: (CBMAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Mid Cap Value Fund
USA: (CBMDX)   Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Mid Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (SLGIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Capital Growth Fund Inv
USA: (STCSX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Common Stock Fund Inv
USA: (EVVTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Core Equity Adm
USA: (EVSAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Disciplined U.S. Core Fund A
USA: (STDIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Fund Inv
USA: (EYGLX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Discp Glb Eq Adm
USA: (NVDEX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified Equity Fund Adm
USA: (SILAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified International Fund A
USA: (STAEX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Endeavor Select Fund A
USA: (SENTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Enterprise Inv
USA: (WLVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Equity Value Fund Adm
USA: (EKGAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opps A
USA: (EHABX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Health Care A
USA: (WFEBX)   Wells Fargo Advantage International Equity Fund B
USA: (WFFAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage International Value Fund
USA: (SCOVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Small Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (EIVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Value Fund I
USA: (EWEAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Intrns Wld Eq A
USA: (EGOIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Core Fund I
USA: (STRFX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Growth Fund Inv
USA: (SGRIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Co Core Inv
USA: (NVLCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Co Gr Adm
USA: (SDVIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Large Company Value Fund Inv
USA: (WFAKX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Lg Cp Apprec Admin
USA: (WFMCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Mid Cap Growth A
USA: (EKJBX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Premier Large Company Growth Fund B
USA: (MNSCX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund A
USA: (WMNIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund Administration Class
USA: (WFSZX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth Fund Inv
USA: (NVSOX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Oppotunities Fund Adm
USA: (SSMVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (ECOAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small/Mid Cap Core Fund A
USA: (SMMVX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Small/Mid Cap Value Fund Inv
USA: (WSRAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Social Sust Adm
USA: (ESPIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Special Small Cap Value Fund Adm
USA: (WFSTX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Specialized Tech A
USA: (ESGIX)   Wells Fargo Advantage Strategic Large Cap Growth Fund Instl
USA: (WBGAX)   Wells Fargo Advantage WealthBuilder Tactical Equity Fund WB
USA: (MHY)   Western Asset Managed High Income Fund Inc.
USA: (MMU)   Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund Inc.
USA: (WMIIX)   Wilmington Multi-Manager International Institutional Fund
USA: (WAAIX)   Wilmington:Agg AA;Inst
USA: (WGO)   Winnebago Industries, Inc.
USA: (WTEAX)   WRA Tax Managed Equity Fund A
INDIA: (ATFL) Agro Tech Foods Ltd.    (500215)
INDIA: (AHMEDFORGE) Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd.    (513335)
INDIA: (ALPHAGEO) Alphageo (India) Ltd.    (526397)
INDIA: (AVAYAGCL) Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd.    (500463)
INDIA: (BAGFILMS) B.A.G. Films Ltd.    (532507)
INDIA: () Bayer Diagnostics India    (506559)
INDIA: (BHAGYNAGAR) Bhagyanagar India Ltd    (512296)
INDIA: () Champagne Indage Ltd.    (522059)
INDIA: () Dhanuka Agritech Ltd    (507717)
INDIA: (FAGBEARING) Fag Bearings India Ltd.    (505790)
INDIA: () Hatsun Agro Products    (531531)
INDIA: (HERITGFOOD) Heritage Foods (India) Ltd.    (519552)
INDIA: () IL & FS Investment Mamagers Ltd.    (511208)
INDIA: (INDIAGLYCO) India Glycols Ltd.    (500201)
INDIA: (JAGAJITIND) Jagatjit Industries Ltd.    (507155)
INDIA: (JAGRAN) Jagran Prakashan Limited    (532705)
INDIA: () JK Agri Genetics Limited    (532518)
INDIA: (MAGMA) Magma Sarachi Finance Ltd.    (524000)
INDIA: () Magna Electro Castings Ltd    (517449)
INDIA: (MTNL) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.    (500108)
INDIA: () Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd.    (524709)
INDIA: (NAGARCONST) Nagarjuna Construction Co Ltd.    (500294)
INDIA: (NAGARFERT) Nagarjuna Fertilz. & Chem. Ltd.    (500075)
INDIA: (PAGEIND) Page Industries Ltd.    (532827)
INDIA: () Pan Packaging Industries Ltd    (532114)
INDIA: (PARRYAGRO) Parry Agro Industries Ltd.    (508184)
INDIA: () Ravalagaon Sugar Farm    (507300)
INDIA: (REIAGRO) Rei Agro Ltd.    (532106)
INDIA: (SAGARCEM) Sagar Cements Ltd.    (502090)
INDIA: (SANWARIA) Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd.    (519260)
INDIA: (SESAGOA) Sesa Goa Ltd    (500295)
INDIA: (SUNFLAGIRN) SunFlag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.    (500404)
INDIA: (WALCHANNAG) Walchandnagar Industries Ltd    (507410)
INDIA: (ZUARIAGRO) Zuari Industries Ltd.    (500780)